Sonic and Rainbow Dash

By Teja Savoy

Hey everyone! To celebrate Sonic's 21st birthday, I'm writing a story about him ft. The best MLP character EVER! Hope ya like it! Ps, BROHOOFZ! /)

It was a Sunny Afternoon in Green Hill Zone. Sonic had turned 21 yesterday, and still, he didn't feel right. He always thought to himself, 'I wonder what it would be like if I actually met a Pegasus pony that's as fast as me?' The royal blue speedster has thought about this ever since he met Jet. "Jet seems as a good racing friend, but a Pegasus woulda been cool!" The Speedy Hedgehog said, still jogging in Green Hill Zone.

"Maybe someday.."

Then all of a sudden, he heard a weird noise.. Falling from the sky! He looked up and noticed something blue.. Something with Rainbow hair.. Something with wings! "Is that what I think it is?!" Sonic thought, staring at the falling thing. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Yelled the falling Pegasus pony. "Uhh.. D-don't worry pony! I gotcha!" yelled Sonic, opening his arms. "I gotcha..I gotcha.. I... GATCHA!" Sonic yelled. The blue Pegasus pony fell in Sonic's arms.

"W- where am I?" the Pegasus spoke. Then she looked up and noticed a royal blue hedgehog, with a peach colored muzzle, an ink black nose, and emerald green eyes. Sonic was just SHOCKED! He was actually holding a blue Pegasus pony in his hands! "H-hi there.." Sonic spoked. "Hi.." the Pegasus replied. "Could you please put me down for a sec?" "Sure!" Sonic said, putting her out of his arms. She then got up and unexpectingly gave him a fast BIG handshake. 'Wow.. This is so cool! ' Sonic thought.

"My name's Rainbow. Rainbow Dash. You call me Dash, Dashie, Rainbow, or R.D!" Rainbow Dash introduced. "My name is Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! Im the Fastest thing Alive!" Sonic replied, giving R.D a thumb up. "No way! So am I!" Rainbow said, with a smile. "Your'e fast too?" Sonic asked. "Yeah!" Rainbow replied. "Wow! I finally found someone else as fast as me!" Sonic said. "Say, ya wanna tour around Mobotropolis?" "Sure!" Dash replied.

And with that, Sonic and Rainbow Dash raced through Mobotropolis. " Wow! You are pretty fast!" Dash said, as the both of them stopped at the Emerald coast shack. "Thanks!" Sonic replied, as he got out his wallet. "You wait here,while I get us some cotton candy!" "ok!"

Sonic walked up to the Cotton candy Shack and ordered 2 cones of cotton candy. One for him, and one for R.D. "Thank you!" "Your welcome!" said the cashier. As Sonic walked back to Dash, she looked up and pointed at the sky, with an 'O...M...G' face. "What's wrong, Dashie?" Sonic asked. Then he looked up and noticed.. EGGMAN! And Discord! Then someone ran to the intercom and announced, "Attention citizens of Mobotropolis! A big fat guy riding an EGG shaped pod and a weird looking monster is attacking the city! I repeat! A big fat man riding an EGG shaped pod, and a Weird looking monster is attacking the city!"

"Eggman!" Sonic yelled.

"Discord!" Rainbow yelled.

"For goddness sake, we're gonna take 'em down before they TOUCH this place!" Sonic said, with anger in his eyes.

"ALRIGHT SONIC! IT'S GO TIME!" yelled Dashie.