The secrets of Ayano's lost memory

A Kaze no Stigma story! Hope you guys like it!~

"Kazuma! Get back here you little twit!" Ayano yelled while running after Kazuma.

"Not gonna happen Ayano." said Kazuma.


"Ayano! Kazuma!" called Ayano's dad.

"What'd you do Kazuma!"


"Yes father? What is it?" asked Ayano.

"Something very special. Will you be joining us Kazuma?"

"Huh?" said Kazuma with a bored face. "What's going on?"

Ayano's father sighed. "The Sacred Festival. It's almost time."

"Oh the Sacred Festival! I totally forgot!" said Ayano.

"No thanks." said Kazuma.

"Come on Kazuma! It'll be fun." said Ayano.

"No thanks."

"I hear if you don't wield fire, your powers get even more stronger and I can also pay you more to add extra for helping Ayano study for her test." said Jugo said.

"Alright then." said Kazuma. "Sounds good."

"Is there anything, you won't do for money." said Ayano sighing.


"Greedy guts. You'll get up alone if money is the only thing you care about." said Ayano and there was a strong breeze. And Ayano held down her skirt and said.

"Pevert." said Ayano and Kazuma smirked. And Jugo sighed.


"Can you believe it Ren? It's time for the Sacred Festival. I hope we go to our Villa this time. We haven't been there in a longtime." said Ayano.

"I know, I hope it's fun." said Ren.

"Fun? Ya, it'll be fun if Ayano doesn't ruin everything." said Kazuma.

"HEY! What that's suppose to mean!" yelled Ayano. "Also why are you coming you womanizer. You said yourself, 'I'm not a Kannagi anymore'. So why are you even coming!"

"Oh Ayano, what if it was that I wanted you all to myself, how bout that?" Kazuma said smirking.

"Y-you, you, you. PERVERT! GET OUTTA OF MY ROOM!" screamed Ayano and kicked him out.

"Geez Princess. I was just joking." said Kazuma laughing.

"Oh ya right Kazuma. So you're not allowed in my room. And guess what."

"What dear Princess."

"I HATE YOU!" said Ayano and slammed the door.

"Hey, hey Ayano, c'mon! Open up!" said Kazuma knocking.

No reply~

"Ayano! Open up!"

Still no reply~

With Ayano and Ren

"See Ren, I told you we'd get away. Now we can enjoy ourselves at that new cake shop without Kazuma looking down on us." said Ayano smiling.

"Um Ayano, you think tricking Kazuma like that was ok? Won't he get mad at us when he finds out we're not in your room and Uncle Jugo told us to take Kazuma with us the new Cake shop?" asked Ren.

"It's alright, I'll just tell Father I forgot to tell Kazuma since he pissed me off, 'k. And we can eat as many as we want. I sweet talked the cashier the other day." said Ayano.

"Ayano, won't we get in trouble?"

"Don't worry, all I told Father was that there was a new Cake shop and I was taking you. I never told him where it was." said Ayano winking.

"Oh, that might work or not. Kazuma may still find us." said Ren sighing.

"Don't worry Ren, we're going to a lot of places today. And since it's almost Sacred Festival time, we're also going shopping!"

"Do you have enough money, Ayano?"

"Of course I do. I took about 200 dollars from Kazuma."

"Whhhhaaaaattt?! You could get in trouble with Kazuma!"

"Don't worry, I've been monitoring him. He doesn't even know."

"I hope so." said Ren sighing.

Back with Kazuma

"Jugo! Where are Ayano and Ren? They were in Ayano's room and now they're not." said Kazuma.

"Hmm...Ayano said she was going to this Cake shop with Ren, didn't she tell you?" asked Jugo.

"No, she kicked me outta her room and after 5 minutes I spent knocking on the room and then I opened the door, they were gone."

"Why did she kick you out of the room in the first place, huh Kazuma?" said Jugo smiling.

"You don't wanna know." said Kazuma. "I'll go find them. Later Jugo."

"Yes, goodbye Kazuma." I will find those two and put them in their place and yell at them for tricking me! thought Kazuma.