I'm Yours and You're Mine

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It was night, and everyone was inside playing a board game. It had been a long day of fighting that nighlok that shot dirt at people.

Emily was outside sitting on the bench, just looking up at the night sky. She was thinking about how she had shown everyone that she was tough, when she defeated the nighlok that caused extreme hunger and thirst. Some of the other told her that she was too nice and not tough enough.

The only person who didn't doubt her was Jayden. He complimented her saying that she was doing great and that she is tough.

Emily has loved Jayden since the day he rode up on his white horse like prince charming.

While Emily was thinking, Jayden saw her sitting by herself. He was thinking about how great she is, how tough she, and how loving, sweet, kind, and beautiful she is. Jayden has loved Emily since the day they met.

After thinking, he walked towards Emily and sat next to her on the bench.

What will happen next.

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