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Emily had to rest for the next couple of days, but recovered quickly. Mentor had her training with the team. Jayden was practicing on the dummy and the others were paired up. Kevin worked with Mia and Mike worked with Emily. Mia and Kevin were progressing well. They went a few rounds and Mia was keeping Kevin. Mia sweep kicked Kevin to the floor. Kevin looked up and smiled at Mia.

"Good job Mia. You might be better than me." said Kevin as he admired his team mate and his girlfriend.

"Thanks Kev. I just want to do my best." said Mia as she handed Kevin a towel.

"Well, I think you got that down pretty well." said Kevin. They went to sit down on the steps and watch the others. Mike and Emily were sparring and so far Emily was doing really well. She hit Mike and caused him to fall to the ground.

"Nice work Emily." said Mentor from the side. Jayden stopped for a moment and turned to see Emily doing well. He smiled and returned back to his personal training.

Mike quickly recovered and struck at Emily, but Emily was taking care of business. She dodged his attack and gave him a quick hit.

"Doing good Emily." said Mike as he got up.

"Thanks." said Emily. She dodged a kick from Mike and managed to kick him in the back. Mike fell to the floor again, but got up.

"Emily why weren't you fighting like this when the nighlok captured you?" said Mike.

"What do you mean by that?" said Emily. That question was caught her off guard and confused her.

"If you had been fighting like this then the nighlok wouldn't have captured you." said Mike in a bit of a harsh manner.

"I didn't know he was going to get me ok. I'm sorry." said Emily as she felt upset and just turned her back.

"We're not done training." said Mike as he was getting mad. Emily didn't say anything and without warning he kicked in the back and she fell to the ground in pain. She landed on her wrist that was still healing from the sprain. Kevin and Mia ran to try to stop the situation from escalating. "Why aren't you fighting back? We still are training." said Mike in a bit of a sarcastic tone. Jayden turned around hearing the confrontation and saw an injured Emily on the floor and a pissed off Mike being held back by Kevin.

"Emily!" yelled Jayden as he dropped what he was doing and ran over to her side. Mia was sitting next Emily as she tried to help her. Jayden took Emily in his arms and was worried about her. "Emily are you ok, what's wrong?" said Jayden in a panicked tone.

"My back and my wrist." said Emily as she felt the need to cry. Tears began to fall from Emily's eyes and Jayden wanted to know what happened. A few minutes ago she was practicing and happy, and now she was upset and hurting.

"Would someone like to tell me what the hell happened?!" said Jayden with a bit of anger. He looked around. "Mia what happened?" said Jayden as he looked down to Emily and back up to the others.

"Emily and Mike were sparring, he said something to her that upset her. Then, I saw Mike kick Emily in the back. Then he said 'Why aren't you fighting back?'." explained Mia. "That's when Kevin and I ran and tried to stop the situation from escalating." said Mia and she wasn't too pleased with Mike's attitude.

Jayden looked to Mike with angered eyes. "What the hell is the matter with you?! Why did you hurt her? She's still barely recovering from her encounter with Xandred?!" said Jayden as he was frustrated with his behavior.

Kevin continued to restrain Mike just to be safe. "If she can fight like this, then why didn't she do it to save herself?" said Mike as he was yelling back at Jayden.

"You're mad because she was doing well in training. It's not her fault she got captured." said Jayden. "Mia can you take care of Emily for a minute?" asked Jayden and Mia nodded. Jayden got up and got in Mike's face. "You don't hit anyone if they are not armed or training, especially a girl. What the hell's the matter with you Mike?!" said Jayden as his temper was rising.

"Don't blame me, I'm not the one who got captured." said Mike beginning to sound cruel.

"It's not her fault!" said Jayden as things looked like they were getting out of hand. Just then, Mentor came out and saw what was going on. He ran up to the two rangers and separated them quickly.

"What's going on here?" said Mentor in a very serious tone. "Jayden?"

"Mike hit Emily while she wasn't training. She stopped training and then attacked her." said Jayden as he glared at his team mate.

"Is that true Mike?" said Mentor as he looked to his student. Mike just glared back at Jayden. "Mike?" said Mentor repeatedly.

"Yes." said Mike as he turned to Mentor.

"Is there anything else I should know?" said Mentor looking to all his rangers.

"Well, he told Emily something that upset her and that's how the incident happened." said Mia as she was still on the floor helping Emily.

"Is she alright?" said Mentor as he saw his youngest student

"She says her back hurts her and she landed on her sprained wrist." said Mia as she informed Mentor.

"Jayden take her inside to the infirmary, I'll be in shortly." said Mentor. Jayden nodded and turned to Emily and gently lifted her up and carried her inside. Jayden set Emily on one of the beds very carefully. Emily looked to Jayden and saw sadness and anger in his eyes. Emily reached for Jayden's hand. Jayden turned to Emily and gave a weak smile.

"Em, I'm so sorry that happened." said Jayden as he sat next to Emily.

"It wasn't your fault Jay." said Emily as she tried to reassure him and calm him down.

"How are you?" said Jayden as he slowly calmed down for Emily .

"My back hurts and I'm pretty sure my wrist isn't better." said Emily as the thought and the pain hurt her.

"You'll be ok, I promise." said Jayden as he kissed Emily n the top of her head. "Mentor wasn't too happy and I don't know if he'll punish Mike."

"Let's not think about that right now." said Emily as she pushed that thought out of her mind.


Kevin let Mike go after Jayden took Emily inside.

"What has gotten into you?" said Mentor as he was not pleased with behavior of Mike.

"I was just mad that she was beating me today." said Mike as he looked to Mentor. "I didn't mean to hurt her or what I said."

"You shouldn't have done what you did Mike." said Mentor Ji. "You don't just attack people because things don't go your way. Apologize for your actions." said Mentor.

"Ok." said Mike, but was not off the hook.

"Your punishment will be two weeks of kitchen duty and video games cut down to an hour a day." said Mentor as he set the punishment.

"But, that's a bit unfair." said Mike as he was protesting.

"What you did to Emily was unfair, plus you did the crime you do the time." said Mentor. "Understood?"

"Yes." said Mike in defeat. He sat outside while the others went in. Mentor walked into the infirmary and found Emily and Jayden sitting.

"How do you feel Emily?" said Mentor in a caring voice. He came in and checked Emily's wrist.

"My back and wrist now bother me." said Emily as the kick from was hurting her and landing on her wrist wasn't too good.

"Well, it looks like your wrist might be re-sprained. You'll need a brace for it." said Mentor as he grabbed a black wrist brace from the side table drawer. He gently put it on Emily.

"Your back will probably be sore and possibly bruise, but you should be ok." said Mentor as he reached for some aspirin and water. Emily graciously took it. "Go back to your room and rest."

"Thanks Mentor." said Emily as Jayden picked her up and took her to her room. Jayden took Emily into her room and laid her down on her bed.

"Need anything?" said Jayden.

"Just you." said Emily and Jayden smiled. He laid down with Emily, but shut the door before doing so. "Thanks for sticking up for me Jay."

"You're my girl. I'll always be there for you." said Jayden as he pulled Emily closer to him. "I love Em." said Jayden as he closed his eyes along with Emily.

"I love Jay." said Emily and the two drifted to sleep. Someone was going to have to do some apologizing very soon.

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