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It had been a couple hours since the incident played out. It was late afternoon and it everything was calm. Emily was sitting outside in the garden, playing her flute. She played with grace and profoundness. Jayden sat in front of her on the grass and watched her play. He smiled and couldn't take his eyes off her. He loved hearing her play it was something that he loved about her. Emily slowly stopped and set her flute down on the bench.

"Did you like it?" said Emily as she smiled at Jayden.

"I loved it." said Jayden as he knelt down next Emily and took her hands in his. "You are amazing." Jayden leaned up and kissed Emily and Emily kissed him back. He meant what he said about her playing, he truly loved. Every kiss had so much love poured into it. They slowly broke the kiss and smiled at each other. Jayden got up and sat next to Emily. He wrapped his arms around her waist and Emily leaned into his embrace. A few moments later, there were footsteps heard from behind them. Jayden turned and his expression stiffened.

Mike came towards them and stopped a couple feet before. "I wanted to apologize. Emily I'm sorry for what I did to you." said Mike as he continued on with his apology. "You didn't deserve what I did to you. I guess I was angry that you were doing better than me and I kind of lost it." Emily remained turned around, but Jayden was turned and watching with attentiveness.

"I hope you can forgive me. I never meant to act that way." said Mike. Emily slowly turned around and got up. She smiled and hugged Mike.

"I forgive you Mike. You should talk to us instead of bottling it up." said Emily as she forgave.

"Thank you so much. It won't happen again." said Mike as he let go. Emily sat back down with Jayden and he wrapped his arms around her. Mike then turned to Jayden as he was about to continue.

"Jayden, man I'm sorry for what happened." said Mike apologetically. "I didn't mean any of what I said. I also shouldn't have acted the way I did. You are my leader and I shouldn't have had outburst." Jayden listened to what his teammate had to say.

"My actions were not acceptable. I would never mean any harm to Emily or anyone. Can you forgive me?" said Mike as he extended his hand to his leader and waited for his response.

Jayden couldn't hold a grudge on anyone, especially his team. He knew that he was truly sorry and wanted things to be right again. "Yeah." said Jayden as he shook Mike's hand and still held onto Emily with the other.

"Are we still friends?" said Mike as he smiled.

"Of course." said Jayden as he smiled and the two fist bumped. Everything was right again and that was good.

"Well, I leave you two alone. Mentor has me doing some work." said Mike as he began to leave.

"Don't work too hard." said Jayden as he joked around with his friend.

"Don't count on it." said Mike as he walked inside. Jayden and Emily laughed at the comment. Jayden turned to Emily and smiled and Emily returned the smile.

"I'm glad everything's right again. I don't think the team would have lasted with tension." said Emily as she rested her head on Jayden's shoulder. Jayden kissed Emily's head and then rested his head on hers.

"Yeah, plus if Mike tries that again, I'd kick his ass." said Jayden chuckling at the thought. Emily giggled a bit and knew that everything would be fine. They sat there and watched as the sunset. It was beautiful and it was always cherished, especially with the one you love by your side.

"I love you Em." said Jayden as he turned to her and smiled. He thought she looked so beautiful and she would always be his.

"I love you Jay." said Emily as she looked up to him and smiled back. She thought he looked very handsome and he would always be hers. Forever. They shared a kiss and the sun made the mood all more romantic. The kiss felt like fireworks going off, it was explosive and magical.

The evening came and everyone was asleep. As Emily slept, she dreamt a dream. This dream was unusual like her other dreams. It was off and that wasn't good.

It was dark and raining. Emily saw Jayden battling a nighlok and he was managing. The others were fighting off groups of moogers. Emily turned and faced her group. She sliced through them and they were falling. There was a scream and Emily turned around and saw Mia clench on stomach. A nighlok had slashed her and she fell to the floor and demorphed, then she began to fade and then disappeared.

"Mia!" yelled Emily as he best friend had just disappeared. Emily looked over to where the others were and noticed that they were all still there. She was caught off guard when a mooger hit her from behind. Emily fell to the ground and turned to see the swarm running at her. She was preparing for the worst, but it didn't come. She looked up and saw Jayden blocking her and fighting them off. Jayden slashed the group down and turned back Emily.

"You ok Em?" said Jayden concerned. Emily nodded and got up with help from Jayden.

"They got Mia." said Emily as she cried.

"I know. We've got to continue fighting or they'll be no one left." said Jayden as he looked to Emily. She nodded and they continued fighting. Moogers just kept appearing out of nowhere. Kevin, Mike, and Antonio were fighting off a group of moogers with a nighlok leading them. The nighlok hit Antonio to the ground and went for a strike, but was blocked by Kevin's spin sword. Mike hit the group of moogers, but then was knocked down from behind. The number of moogers was rising and there just wasn't enough of help. Antonio kicked the nighlok from behind and got its attention. The nighlok charged at Antonio and knocked him to the ground, then sent explosions Antonio's way. Sparks flew from Antonio and he demorphed and disappeared like Mia.

"Antonio!" exclaimed Emily as she saw another one of her friends disappear before her eyes. "Jayden they got Antonio." Emily yelled and Jayden hit his nighlok and turned to Emily.

"Damn it." said Jayden as he yelled and struck the nighlok out of anger. They continued to fight, but it was getting nowhere.

Kevin and Mike fought the nighlok and the moogers. Everyone was fighting nonstop and the battle seemed endless. The raining continued to pour and thunder crackled. Kevin and Mike fought the nighlok, but were sent flying back. They hit the ground and struggled to get up. The nighlok sent a blast their way and caused them to stay on the floor. They were injured very badly but managed to get up. They felt so weak and it was getting harder and harder to fight.

Jayden and Emily were fighting the nighlok and his moogers. They had been fighting for so long and it felt like they were getting nowhere. Emily felt tired, but kept fighting on. She was power ranger and would not give up. Jayden was holding up, but he was in banged up condition. All the hits the nighlok gave, Jayden took them and returned his own attack. Emily was surrounded by nothing but moogers and Jayden was dealing with the nighlok a few feet away.

A few moments later there were two shrieks that were heard. Mike had been hit to the ground and Kevin was trying to cover him. Kevin blocked off the attacks, but was thrown to the floor. The nighlok shot a blast and it hit the two rangers. They disappeared and that was the last of them.

"NO!" cried Emily as the last of her friends had been taken. Emily was so upset and angered that she began hitting and fighting even harder. She had to fight for Jayden and for her friends. She managed to take out her group of moogers, but in the distance more were coming. Jayden hit his nighlok and it exploded. It didn't go mega which was weird, but it would be a help.

"HA HA HA!" came a voice laughing an evil laugh. Jayden and Emily turned around and saw none other than Master Xandred. Fire was behind him and it soon encircled them all. Jayden and Emily huddled closer to each other as the wall of fire came around them and Xandred.

"All of your pathetic team is gone. Now all that stands is you two." said Xandred in an evil tone and he laughed again. The fire grew higher up as he laughed.

"You'll pay for what you did to them." said Emily as she was preparing for what could be their last battle.

"I'll make this whole world pay! I will rule this world once and for all!" yelled Xandred as he stared down the last of the rangers.

"Emily I love." said Jayden as he looked to Emily.

"I love you Jayden." said Emily as fear washed over her. Jayden ran up to Xandred and began fighting him. Xandred hit Jayden, but Jayden recovered quickly. Jayden struck Xandred, but it only made him angry. Xandred kicked Jayden and sent a blast his way. Jayden was on the floor writhing in pain. "JAYDEN!" Emily yelled and turned to find Xandred coming towards her.

"Red ranger, I'll destroy you, but first." said Xandred as he looked to Emily. "I'll destroy the one you love in front of you."

"Don't you touch her!" yelled Jayden as he struggled to get up. Emily had her spin sword out and ready for the attack.

Xandred ran up to Emily and began attacking her. Emily could only block so many attacks, until she was hit hard. Emily fell to the ground and demorphed in pain. She was banged up from the battle and now from Xandred. "Good bye Yellow ranger." said Xandred as he raised a sword to Emily. Jayden ran as fast as he could and blocked Xandred from hurting Emily. Jayden hit Xandred and momentarily immobilized him.

"Em, I'm here." said Jayden as he looked down to Emily.

"Behind you!" yelled Emily as Xandred was sneaking up behind Jayden, but Jayden countered his attack. Jayden slashed Xandred across the chest multiple times and sent him flying.

"You hurt everyone I care out Xandred. It's time you get a good serving justice." said Jayden as he stared down his powerful enemy. Xandred got up and held his chest and continued fighting. Jayden felt like it had been hours of fighting. He struck Xandred, but then Xandred slashed Jayden across the chest. Jayden fell to the ground demorphed and was seriously hurt.

"JAYDEN!" cried Emily as she ran to Jayden's side and held him in her arms. Emily cried and Jayden was cringing in pain.

"I love you Em." said Jayden weakly.

"I love you Jay. Hang in there." said Emily as tears streamed down her face. Moments later Jayden was gone. He didn't disappear like the other, his body remained.

"NO! JAYDEN!" Emily cried as she held onto Jayden's limp body. "Please come back."

"The red ranger is gone and now time to finish you." said Xandred as he approached Emily and Emily quickly jumped up. She slashed Xandred.

"This is for Jayden, my team, and all you hurt." yelled Emily as she struck him. Xandred stumbled back but then changed at Emily. He struck Emily across the chest and she lay on the floor.

"I rule the world!" said Xandred as he shot explosions at Emily. Emily then disappeared.

Emily cried in her sleep. "NO! JAYDEN! NO!" cried Emily as tears streamed down her face. Mia quickly turned the lights on and went to her best friend's side.

"Emily!" said Mia as she tried to shake her to wake her up. Seconds later, Jayden ran in the room followed by the others.

"What's wrong?" said Jayden as he looked around the room and saw Emily crying. "Emily." said Jayden as he lightly shook her. Emily opened her eyes and saw Jayden. "Emily are you ok?" said Jayden as he pulled Emily close to him. Emily continued to cry into Jayden's chest.

"It felt so real." said Emily and Jayden looked to her and felt bad for her.

"What felt real?" said Jayden as he was trying to understand what had happened.

"The dream. It was so horrible." said Emily as the thought of it made her shed fresh tears. Everyone stood around and felt sorry for their fellow teammate.

"What happened?" said Jayden as he sat Emily on the bed and he sat next to her holding her.

"We were in the middle of a battle and there were moogers and nighlok everywhere. Everyone was there and one-by-one everyone got killed." said Emily as she sniffed. Her eyes were still watery and full of fear. "First Mia, then Antonio, then Kevin and Mike. The nighlok got to them and killed them." As everyone heard this, they felt sorry for her.

Emily looked to Jayden and continued. "Me and you were left and then Master Xandred appeared. You fought him and then he came after me. You saved me and then it got worse. Xandred got you and I ran up to you. You told me you loved me and then I told you I loved you. Then…" said Emily as she trailed off. She began to cry again and Jayden held her close.

"…You died in my arms. You didn't disappear like the others, you stayed. Xandred then attacked me and I was about be gone too. Just before that the dream ended." said Emily as she sobbed through the very last part. Jayden felt so sorry for Emily. No one should have to experience what she did, especially her.

"I'm here Em. I'm not going anywhere, I promise." said Jayden as he held her close and let her cry it out.

"It felt so real." said Emily in Jayden's chest.

"It was a bad dream. I won't let anything like that happen." said Jayden as he kissed the top of her head. Emily looked up and Jayden wiped away her tears. She calmed down a bit, but not all the way.

"We're so sorry Em." said Mia as she came up to them and hugged Emily.

"I hate dreams like that." said Emily as she hugged her friend back.

"Tell me about it." said Mia as she made Emily laugh a little.

"I think everyone needs to get some rest." said Jayden as he looked and saw the tired expressions on the team's faces.

"I'm going to go with Kevin. Will you be ok?" said Mia to Emily and she nodded her head. "Ok get some sleep." said Mia as she walked out with Kevin and went to sleep in his room. Everyone else followed and returned to their rooms.

"Do you want to stay in my room Em?" said Jayden as he looked to Emily. Emily nodded and they both got up. Jayden turned out the light to the girl's room and held Emily. They walked into Jayden's room and he closed the door. Jayden laid down and Emily laid next to him. She snuggled close to his chest and felt safe.

"I love you Em. I'll never let anything like that happen." said Jayden as he wrapped his arms around Emily and kissed her on the lips.

"I love you Jay." said Emily as she kissed Jayden back. She was still afraid, but she calmed down and let it go. Emily fell asleep quickly and Jayden smiled and went to sleep as well. The rest of the night was peaceful and was rid of bad dreams.


A mysterious nighlok figure sat down with a mirror in front of him. He watched the dream he forced on the yellow ranger play out. He smiled wickedly and laughed.

"Sleep tight yellow, because there's more to come." said the mysterious nighlok as he re-watched the dream and enjoyed the pain it inflicted on the yellow ranger.

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