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Emily had woken up and noticed that Jayden wasn't there. They had fallen asleep, after the meeting of Shadow. Emily yawned and stretched and noticed it was about 6:30 pm. She must have been tired to sleep a few hours. She got up and went to her room and grabbed a change of clothes. She walked down the hall and noticed that no one was there. She looked out of the window and saw Jayden meditating on the porch. Emily couldn't help but smile. She quietly came up behind Jayden and got him in a hug.

Jayden laughed and knew whose arms were wrapped around him. He turned and caught Emily and scooped her into his lap. Emily laughed and gave Jayden a quick peck on the lips. Soon, they found themselves kissing again and deepening it. They paused for a moment and just looked into each other's eyes.

"Why are you out here by yourself?" Emily asked as she looked up to Jayden. Jayden smiled and got up and set Emily down on her feet.

"Just meditating." said Jayden as he looked to Emily and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Emily leaned in and felt so warm around Jayden.

"Where is everyone else?" Emily asked as she noticed that the others weren't around the house.

"They all went out for pizza and to the movies. I didn't want to go, it wouldn't be fun without you" said Jayden. He truly was sweet. Emily smiled and was touched. It was rare that everyone, including Mentor, were out of the house.

"You stayed for me. You're so sweet Jay." said Emily as she smiled and kissed Jayden's cheek.

"Well, we have the whole house to ourselves, what do you want to do?" said Jayden as he looked to Emily with a curious look on his face.

"I was going to take a nice hot shower." said Emily as she slid her hand across Jayden's chest and walked past him slowly and went into the house. She smiled a seductive smile and Jayden was drooling at the mouth. She walked ever so slow down the hall and then Jayden came trailing behind her. Emily went into the bathroom and got into the steaming shower. Moments later, she heard the bathroom door open and then shut. Emily smiled and knew who the figure was on the other side of the glass door. Emily kept her back turned as the door opened. Jayden closed the shower behind him and put his arms around Emily. He began kissing Emily's neck and then down her shoulders. Emily smiled at the feeling of Jayden's lips on her bare skin. She turned and looked up to Jayden and they began kissing. The kissing became even deeper and the hot water was making everything more, heated.

"I love you Em." said Jayden in between kisses. He kissed her lips and then down to her neck and back up to her lips.

"I love you Jay." said Emily as Jayden reached her lips again and it got more intense. They continued kiss and Jayden was now working his way from Emily's shoulder down further. They made love in the shower and boy was it hot. It was pure bliss for them.

After their shower, they got dressed and ate dinner. They were in the kitchen when suddenly they heard voices coming from the entrance. Jayden and Emily smiled and continued eating. The team and Mentor came into the kitchen and they all were talking about how the movie was.

"Hey you two." said Mia as she looked to them eating dinner. Everyone came in and just settled down.

"I see someone's awake." said Antonio as he walked in and greeted his friends.

"What did you guys do while we were gone?" said Mia as she sat next to Emily. Jayden got up and did their dishes and sat back down after. Emily paused for a moment and thought what she could say. She wasn't just going to say, 'Yeah, me and Jayden had sex and that was it.'

"Just relaxed a little bit and dinner." said Emily as she hid her expression and tried to look unsuspicious. Mia looked to Emily and didn't know, but knew something was up. Mia just brushed it off for now, but would ask later.

"The movie was awesome. It was all alien action and gore." said Mike as he had a cheery action on his face. Mia had a disgusted look on her face. Through the whole movie, there was nothing, but blood and aliens vaporizing and chopping people's heads off. The only thing that was good was that Mia got to hide her face in Kevin's shoulder. Kevin of course was glad to hold her.

Jayden and Emily looked to each other and then decided it was time to turn in. "Well, sounds like you guys had a good time." said Jayden as he and Emily took a step near the hall.

"Yeah, we're just going to turn in." said Emily as they took another step and no one had noticed yet.

"I'll be there in a few Emily." said Mia as she wanted to talk to Emily. Jayden and Emily looked to each other with a confused look. They shrugged it off and continued to back away.

"Good night." they both said and they left the kitchen before they sat through the drama of the whole movie. They walked down the hall and couldn't help but laugh.

"Do you think they suspect anything?" Emily asked as she turned to Jayden and they paused.

"I don't think so." said Jayden as thought about it. No one was suspicious of them, but it didn't hurt to think.

"I don't know, but I think Mia thinks something is up." said Emily. Jayden didn't know what to say.

"It's ok. They found out the other times and were fine with it, this time shouldn't be any different." said Jayden as he tried to ease Emily's mind. Emily did feel a bit better and they went stopped at their doors. They kissed and said goodnight, then went. Emily stayed awake for a little while until Mia came in. Both girls were already ready for bed, but Mia needed to ask something.

"Hey Emily?" said Mia as she turned to her best friend and saw that she was reading a book.

"Yeah?" said Emily as she looked up from her book. There was a seemingly long pause, but then Mia spoke up.

"What did you and Jayden do while everyone was out?" said Mia as she was wondering. Emily froze for a second and just looked down in the direction of her book. Emily knew that this question was bound to be asked. Emily set her book down and turned to Mia.

"Nothing just hung out and dinner." said Emily as she tried to hide that she was lying. She kept cool and calm, but she was losing the grip on it.

"Are you sure, because you and Jayden were a little hesitant back there." said Mia as she questioned Emily. She knew something was up not only because Emily wasn't a good liar. Emily was honest and she knew that she wouldn't lie. Emily didn't say anything, but look around hoping Mia would drop it. It took Mia a few moments to figure out what really had happened. Her eyes widened and a huge grin was popping out on her face. Emily tried to hide the smile that was begging to be let out. "You guys did it, didn't you?" said Mia as she smiled and made sure to keep her voice down. All Emily could was smile and nod. "I knew it!" said Mia as she shouted it out.

"Mia, shush." said Emily as she shushed her friend and laughed. "I want to keep this private." Emily whispered and all Mia could do was smile.

"Was it good?" said Mia as she wanted details, except for the really private info.

"What?" said Emily. She couldn't believe that she was being asked this question.

"Yes or no?" said Mia straight forward.

"Yes ok." said Emily as she let out a sigh of relief. Mia just smiled and wanted to scream. "Can we please stop talking about it, let's get some sleep." said Emily as she giggled and turned off the light and curled up in the covers.

"Goodnight Emily." said Mia.

"Goodnight Mia and when you and Kevin get more serious, I'll be badgering you." said Emily as she giggled. Mia laughed and both the girls were out like lights. For Jayden and Emily, this day couldn't get any better, but there was a surprise on the way.

So, there was steamy moment between Jemily. They have been through so much lately and now they did something that they enjoyed. When everyone returned from the night out on the town, Mia was suspicious of Jayden and Emily. She of coursed interrogated Emily about it later, but in private of course. Mia finally found out about what went on.

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