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In his hidden lair, Shadow sat down and watched as Emily was training with Jayden. He was waiting for the right time for the real fun to begin. He was going to attack the rangers off guard and destroy them all.

"Let the fun begin." said Shadow and he laughed. A small army of moogers appeared out from the shadows and were ready for the fight.


Earlier, the rangers had finished making the phony mirror to replace Shadow's with. All they had to do was wait for the right moment.

Jayden swung his kendo stick, but missed Emily by the smallest hair. She dodged his attack and took a swing of her own. She caught Jayden's butt and she couldn't help but blush and giggle. Jayden turned around and smiled as he saw the look on Emily's face.

"You like that don't you." said Jayden in a very humorous voice. He started walking very slowly towards Emily. Emily stopped laughing and started to back away slowly, but continued to smile.

"Jayden, what are you doing?" said Emily as she dropped her kendo stick and put her hands forward as she backed into the grass.

"Nothing. Just this." said Jayden as he ran towards Emily and she took off running away from them. All the while, they were laughing as Jayden caught Emily and carried her around and the sprinklers came on. He carried her through all the water, but they didn't care if they got wet. Everyone was watching from inside and wondered what they were doing. They decided to leave them alone and let them have their fun.

Jayden set Emily down and they were soaking wet. "That was fun." said Emily as she wrung out some her drenched hair. Jayden smiled and shook his wet hair off and continued to watch Emily.

"I did too." said Jayden as he smiled and took off his wet shirt, revealing his rock hard body. Emily couldn't help but look. She was just astounded by how exceptionally ripped he is. She's seen him without a shirt on before, or clothes for that matter, but each time makes her giddier. Jayden wrung his shirt out and then put it back on. Emily was snapped out of her trance and turned to ask Jayden something.

"What are you doing tonight?" said Emily. She figured her and Jayden could do something alone.

"I have one thing I need to do and the rest of the night, I'm yours." said Jayden and he didn't want to let Emily suspect what he was going to be doing. Emily wasn't upset, but wondered what the 'thing' he needed to do was.

"Ok." said Emily and she just brushed it off. Jayden smiled and then looked to his watch and noticed the time. If he was going to get his thing done, he needed to do it right away.

"I have to go and get that thing done. I will be gone at most an hour if not sooner." said Jayden as he got up and decided that he needed to change his shirt before leaving the house.

"Alright, then I'll see you when you get back." said Emily and Jayden planted a kiss on her before needing to run inside. Emily took her time getting up and went in to change.

Jayden watched out to make sure Emily was in her room. He heard her go into her room and he emerged from the other side of his door. He snuck down the hall and made it into the indoor dojo.

"Antonio." Jayden whispered, but there was no response. "Antonio." this time a head popped up from behind the wall. Antonio quietly got up and looked around and made sure that no one was around.

"Are you ready to hit the road?" said Antonio still whispering. Jayden rolled his eyes. Antonio was acting a bit ridiculous with the whole spy getup. Jayden waved the keys to the SUV and Antonio nodded his head.

"Let's go." said Jayden and they quietly made their way out the front door and into the Samurai SUV. They made sure the coast was clear and they took off. "Remember, we're going there to get what's needed and no one must know." Jayden kept his eyes on the road, but was waiting to hear his best friend respond.

"No problemo mi amigo. Have you known me to blab out a secret." said Antonio and Jayden didn't saying anything. He knew Antonio would spill out secrets, even if it was not intentional. This secret, he had to keep locked up until it was time to reveal it. They arrived at the mall and parked in the parking lot. The mall was full, but what do expect. Everyone comes to the mall in the afternoon or the evening to hang out and what not. They got down and walked into the lower level until they found the store they were looking for.

They walked into the Jeweler's and saw the extensive amount of jewelry they had. "Welcome! May I help you find something?" said the kind elderly lady as she walked around the counter and shook Jayden's hand.

"Thank you, but I'm just looking for now." said Jayden as he smiled and they walked in further.

"Browsing around for a girlfriend, mother?" the lady asked and Jayden knew exactly who he was looking for.

"It's for my girlfriend." said Jayden as he walked over to the display of rings. He looked through them, but none caught his eye. He turned around and in an individual case was a ring that caught his attention. "Ma'am?" Jayden said and the lady came walking over.

"Did you find something to your interest?" she asked and Jayden pointed out the ring. The lady smiled and opened up the case. "Very nice choice." she said and she took the ring from the case and to the other side of the counter.

"Nice choice buddy." said Antonio as they went to pay at the counter. He was happy for his best friend. The lady put the ring on the counter, in its small box.

"I'm Marva. Is there anything else I can do for you?" said Marva with a friendly smile.

"Do you do engraving?" Jayden asked. He wanted the ring to hold even more significance than it already did.

"Yes we do. What would you like me to engrave?" said Marva and Jayden wrote down on a piece of paper and handed it to her. She saw it and nodded, then went to the back of the store. She came back a few moments later with the ring and Jayden got to see the engraving first hand. He was very pleased and he paid for it right away. "That is one lucky girl you have."

Jayden smiled and felt like he was the lucky one. "Thank you." he said and they walked out of the store.

"Thank you and please come back soon." said Marva as she went back to her counter.

Jayden and Antonio arrived back at the house and had noticed that they hadn't been gone an hour. Jayden put the box in his jacket pocket and walked into the house. "We're back." said Jayden as they walked further into the house. "Hello?"

"In here." said Mia and they went for the living room. They found Titanic on and the girls crying. Emily turned around and saw Jayden. Tears were streaming down her face and she was sniffing.

"Hi Jay." said Emily as she got up and hugged him. Jayden was wondering why she was crying, especially after he only left an hour ago.

"What's wrong Em? Why are you crying?" he asked as they both sat down and he rubbed her shoulder.

"Jack and Rose are standing at the bow of the ship. They look so happy." said Emily as she grabbed another tissue and dried her tears and dabbed her nose. Jayden didn't think it was silly, but didn't like seeing his girl cry. They let out another wave of tears as the next scene came on. Emily buried her face in Jayden's chest and he held onto her.

"Don't cry Em." said Jayden and Emily just clung onto his shirt even more. He pulled her closer and wanted to stop her tears.

"It's just so beautiful. They love each other so much." said Emily and a few more tears streamed down her face.

"It's ok Em. Do you want to watch another movie?" said Jayden as he didn't want her to be crying. She wanted her to be happy and to have a good night.

"Ok, plus I don't think I want to be crying all night." said Emily and Mia nodded in agreement. As they were switching the DVDs, there was still a sound of sniffling and everyone turned to see Kevin sniffing at the side of the wall. He noticed all the eyes on him and just looked at them.

"What? I have something in my eye." said Kevin and Mia stood up and patted him on the shoulder.

"Kev, it's ok to cry. It is a sad and loving movie." said Mia as she hugged him. Kevin hugged her back and brushed off that everyone saw him doing what he was doing.

"So, what are we watching?" said Kevin as he sat Mia and himself down on the couch.

"Taken 2." said Jayden as he had the remote in his hands and Emily tucked into his side.

"Action movies I can do." said Kevin. Everyone got comfy and cozy as the previews were on. Kevin moved the table over and threw a few pillows on the floor. Mia joined him on the floor and they threw a cover of themselves. Antonio sat on the floor against the wall and Mike came in a few seconds later and pulled up a chair. Jayden and Emily curled up on the couch and the movie began. Everyone got through the first half of the movie, but then Emily, Mia, and Antonio fell asleep. Jayden, Kevin, and Mike stayed awake, in an attempt to finish the movie. They still had about an hour to go and they all were knocked out. Mentor Ji came in and noticed all his rangers were asleep, but didn't wake them up. He grabbed some covers and pillows and let them sleep in the living room.

The next day came and everyone was outside training. They may have not finished the movie, but they did have a good time. Mentor came running out of the house and looked worried.

"Everyone, inside quickly." said Mentor as he gestured for them to follow him inside. Everyone looked to each other and didn't know what was going on. They ran inside and gathered around the table.

"What is it Ji?" said Jayden as they looked to Mentor, but didn't understand.

"Our gap sensors got interrupted and are now offline." said Mentor. This was bad, if they gap sensors weren't on then they wouldn't know where any disturbances would be.

"When was the last transmission?" Jayden asked. This could give them some clue to where they could find the cause of the problem.

"The last transmission came from Sea Crest Park about 2 minutes ago. Then the sensors went offline." said Mentor and he looked to his rangers.

"Let's go guys. Whoever is causing this, we're going to stop them." said Jayden and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Right!" they all said and ran out of the house. At Sea Crest Park, the nighlok that messed with the sensors and that was causing all the chaos was none other than Shadow.

"Yes, yes run around like the humans you are." said Shadow as he extended his long misty arm and picked up a scared little girl.

"HELP!" yelled the little girl. She had nothing to do with Shadow, yet he decides to hurt her anyways. He laughed and lifted the little girl up higher in the air causing her to scream even louder.

"Scream all you want child. No one is going to save you." said Shadow and then suddenly something hit him and caused him to stumble backwards, but not let the girl go.

"Wrong answer Shadow." said Jayden as the ranger's folding zords returned to them. Shadow stood there and just grinned.

"Well, I see you got my little message." said Shadow and then he tightened his grip on the little girl causing her to scream in pain.

"Let her go." said Emily as she took a step forward and raised her spin sword, ready to attack.

"You really think that intimidates me?" laughed Shadow. "Not so." He sent off a few blasts and caused the rangers to back up. Moments later, Jayden emerged with both his and Emily's swords.

"Spin Sword! Raging Storm!" yelled Jayden and swung both swords and caused lightening to strike and hit Shadow. Shadow released the little girl upon being hit and Emily was quick to notice.

"I've got you." yelled Emily as she ran and made her way to try and catch the girl in time. Jayden noticed what she was doing and he ran to help her. The others knew that they needed to hold off Shadow while they saved the little girl. Jayden and Emily both made it in time to catch the little girl. She landed in their arms and they gently put her down.

"Are you ok?" Emily asked as she looked to the little girl and she nodded. "Hurry and get somewhere safe ok." The little ran off and Jayden and Emily turned back to the fight.

Shadow used unimaginable power to fight the rangers with. In his hand, he held the mirror and they needed to find a way to switch the mirrors.

"It was a nice effort, but you know you're going to be defeated." said Shadow as he sent a wave of energy and knocked the rangers off their feet. They lay on the floor in pain. Jayden came up from behind and slashed Shadow causing him to fall on the floor. The mirror was on the floor, but Shadow didn't bother to notice. Jayden had given the mirror to her earlier and now was the perfect time to perform the switch. She grabbed the really mirror off the floor and quickly dropped the other one on the floor. She quickly went back and helped the others up off the floor. Jayden swung at Shadow and the others joined in on the help. Shadow dodged all the attacks and blasted the rangers with more mystic powers. The rangers were on the floor and in pain. Emily managed to sneak the mirror into Jayden's hand without Shadow knowing. "I've had just about enough of your antics." said Shadow and went to look for his mirror.

"What's the matter Shadow? Don't have any more tricks?" said Jayden as he managed to sit up but was still sore all over.

Shadow found the mirror and picked it up off the floor. "I think it's time to give your little yellow ranger a dose of pain." said Shadow as he raised the mirror and attempted to conjure something up. Nothing happened and he looked at the mirror in disbelief. "What's going on here?"

"Looking for this." said Jayden as he raised the mirror and Shadow's face almost instantly fell to the floor. "You don't have the power to hurt anyone any more, especially Emily." Jayden threw the mirror on the floor and caused it to crack.

"NO!" yelled Shadow as a break of light shined threw him. With each break and crack of the mirror, Shadow was being destroyed. Emily stood up and stepped on the mirror. Shadow screamed even further.

"Would you like to finish it Em?" said Jayden as he looked to Emily and she would make this come to an end.

"Yes please." said Emily and she took one last hard stop on the mirror and caused to shatter completely. Suddenly, a bright shining took over Shadow and burst. All that was left was shimmering small specs floating off in the air. All the rangers looked around and they knew it was ok.

"It's over?" said Mike as he looked around and didn't see anything around them. They all got up and just stood there and let it sink in.

"It's all over." said Mia as she turned to her team mates and they all began cheering and yelling in joy. Emily turned to Jayden and jumped in his arms.

"He's gone." said Emily as she was glad this was over.

"No one's ever going to hurt you again, Em." said Jayden smiling and Emily buried her face in his chest and let a few tears slip. He pulled Emily closer and kissed the top of her head.

"I still have one question though." said Kevin and everyone turned to him. "Why didn't he go mega on us?" That was strange how he didn't fight mega. They began making their way back to the house

"Considering that the mirror is what gave him power, shattering it just eliminated him." said Jayden as he explained on the walk home.

"Ok. Let's get back before Mentor thinks we've gone M.I.A." said Mike and everyone laughed. It was good to have things back to normal. As they got back, Mentor was outside and proud and relieved to see his rangers all safe.

"I'm proud of all of you. For all the work you've been through, I think everyone deserves a well needed break." said Mentor and everyone looked to each other in awe.

"Are you sure Ji? What about Master Xandred?" said Jayden and everyone was curious to what he would do.

"I think this victory for you guys has sent Xandred a message. You guys defeated a nighlok you never have seen before and that had indescribable powers. Xandred will definitely take that as a hint." said Mentor as he laughed and the others were in an agreement.

"Thanks Mentor." said Emily as she went up to him and hugged him. Mentor was touched, Emily was like a daughter to him and he could see how happy she made Jayden. He also could see that Jayden would do anything for Emily.

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