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The rangers had returned from a breath taking weekend filled with surprises and fun. Now they were home and back in business. Mentor called all the rangers around the table as he had to tell them that had come up.

"Rangers we have a problem." said Mentor as he looked to his students. They all wondered what could be the disturbance.

"What is it Mentor?" asked Emily as she looked a bit worried at the news.

"Someone is kidnapping brides." said Mentor and the looks on the girls' faces was tragic.

"Who did it?" asked Emily as she wanted to get to the bottom of this. Mia wasn't happy at all with this either.

"From what we know, it's Dayu." said Mentor and he continued. "She is kidnapping the brides on the days of their weddings and is taking them to some disclosed location. She is probably tormenting them to get the Sanzu to flood." Mentor finished explaining to them.

"Those poor brides." said Mia as she just sat there in thought about it. Kevin saw the look of sadness on her face and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Who knows what they're going through, especially on their wedding day." said Emily as this didn't sit well with her. The brides being captured on the day of their weddings, that wasn't right. That day is suppose to be special and memorable not terrifying and torturous.

"It'll be up to us to save the brides." said Jayden as he started. "We're going to have to go undercover and save the brides." Jayden finished.

"Ok, do we have any volunteers to play the bride and groom?" Mentor asked as he looked around and no one wanted to speak up. "Who will be the groom?" as he pointed to the guys and as far as they were concerned, Kevin and Mike looked nervous. They both did not want to play the part. Jayden rolled his eyes and decided to make the call.

"I'll do it Ji." said Jayden and the guys let out a sigh of relief.

"Very well Jayden." said Mentor. Then he turned to the girls. "Girls, which one of you wants to be the bride?" Mentor asked and knew that the girls would be more mature about the situation, unlike Mike and Kevin. Mia looked to Emily and knew that it was best the Emily did it, especially since Jayden was being the groom.

"I nominate Emily." said Mia without another thought. Emily heard her correctly and she smiled.

"Thanks Mia." said Emily as she hugged her best friend and was appreciative.

"Totally." said Mia and then she whispered to Emily. "Besides, it'll give you and Jayden some practice for the real thing." Mia quietly and Emily managed not to let a giggle slip.

"Ok, it's settled. Jayden and Emily, you will be playing the bride and groom. Everyone else, you'll of course be back up and helping the brides." said Mentor as he looked to all the rangers. Jayden and Emily turned towards each other and smiled knowing that this was going to be good. "Before you go about your ways, there is something that we need to do." said Mentor as he grabbed a thick stack of paper bind together and showed it to the team. Everyone's eyes went wide just seeing all the weddings that were happening.

"Wow, those are all the weddings?" asked Emily as she was baffled by the list. Mentor nodded, but there was something else they needed to know.

"Yes these are all the weddings, but I explained to all the parties what was going on and most of them agreed to wait until after the threat was dealt with." said Mentor as he explained and eased the rangers' anxieties. Mentor flipped through the stack and highlighted the only remaining weddings which were two. "There are two weddings to chose from, but one of them is in Napa so that one would be out of the question." said Mentor to the rangers. They all knew which wedding they were going to be subbing in for.

"Ok, we know which wedding it'll be." said Jayden as he knew that this plan was going to work.

"All that's left is to go shopping." said Mia excitedly as she grabbed Emily's hand and dragged her off to the mall.

"We'll be back ASAP guys." said Emily as she managed to get the message out before Mia towed her out of the front door. The girls were out getting a wedding dress for the setup and the guys soon came after. Jayden got a tuxedo and Emily got a dress. They were ready for the plan, all they had to do was put the plan into action.

The team went to the place of the wedding and walked into the room where the where the bride was. Emily and Mia approached her and by the look on her face, she was wondering what was going on.

"What's going on?" said the bride-to-be. Emily could tell that they had only a few minutes before anyone began noticing the bride's absence.

"Everything's going to be ok." said Emily as she looked at her and the bride knew she could trust them. Mia then explained the situation, but not with too much detail. A few moments later, Kevin and Mike came in with groom between them.

"Did you inform the groom?" asked Mia as she looked to the guys. Mike nodded and the groom nodded as well.

"Are you ok honey?" the groom asked as he ran up to his bride-to-be and wanted to be sure she was ok.

"I'm fine." said the bride and then she turned to the team. "What happens now?" she asked. Mia opened up a small hidden room to the side and showed the couple in.

"You'll have to stay in here to ensure that you're safe." said Mia and the couple looked to each other and were a bit frightened. Seeing this, Emily wanted to reassure them that they would be ok.

"You'll be fine in here." said Emily and she was being as positive as possible. If their plan went right, then the pair would have nothing to worry about. They nodded and then Mia closed the door. She turned back to the guys and they all still had work to do.

"Did you guys already inform the guests what's going on?" asked Mia. They had the look on their face that they needed to get to work.

"We'll do that now." said Kevin and both Mike and him quickly went out the door. Emily opened up the garment bag and pulled out the dress.

"All that's left to do is get ready." said Emily and Mia knew that they were going to be doing a wedding makeover. The girls got ready and prepared. Emily hid her samuraizer so that no one could find it, except her. A knock came at the door, but they didn't know who it was.

"Who's there?" said Mia as she whispered and put her ear to the door.

"It's me." said Jayden. Mia backed away from the door and let Jayden in. "We're all ready out…" said Jayden as he trailed off. He couldn't take his eyes off Emily. She wore a simple, but elegant wedding dress with thin straps and it had a nearly invisible pattern that flowed from around the waist to the back near the train. Her hair was flowing and some curls bounced on her shoulders as a single strand of hair was left at the side of her face. Emily turned around and saw the look on Jayden's face and couldn't help, but smile. Jayden was stunned and he also knew that Emily looked beautiful without makeup and with makeup. "Emily, you look beautiful." said Jayden as that was one of the only sentences that he could form right there and then. Emily blushed and then eyed him for a second and couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked.

"Thank you Jay." said Emily as she smiled. "You look very handsome." said Emily as they both moved closer to each other.

"Thanks." said Jayden. Then he remembered what he needed to say. "I informed all the guests and the minster. They agreed to go along with it and we're all set." finished Jayden. Emily nodded and grabbed the bouquet.

"I'm going to join the others outside and I'll send both of them back in after we get this started." said Mia as she left out the door. Jayden and Emily were left behind waiting for the music to start. The bride and groom were in the other room and could hear both of them talking. The bride poked her head out and then she couldn't help but smile at the two.

"You two really make a sweet couple." said the bride as she whispered and that caught the attention of Jayden and Emily.

"Thank you." said Emily as she walked up to the bride, smiling. "We're actually together. We just got engaged and we'll be marrying soon." said Emily as she smiled. The bride was happy to hear the news.

"Congratulations." said the bride with quiet excitement.

"Thanks." said Jayden as he walked up behind Emily and put his hands around her waist. The bride couldn't help it, but this was a really sweet and honest pair.

"I'm Heather and that's my fiancée Matt." said Heather as she introduced them.

"It's really nice to meet you Heather. I'm Emily and this is my Jayden." said Emily as she looked up at Jayden and smiled. He smiled back down to her and they both were in bliss.

"Heather, we're going to make sure that you and Matt are safe." said Jayden as he was trying to give the couple a brighter thing to look forward to.

"After all this is over, you guys will be able to get married without any mayhem." said Emily as she was trying her best to reassure them.

"Thank you so much," said Heather gratefully. "When we get married, we would really appreciate it if you would come." Heather said and Matt nodded his head in agreement.

"That's really nice of you." said Emily as she looked up to Jayden. He knew that meant that she really wanted them to go. Jayden flashed Emily a smile that was meant for her and right away she knew. "We'd love to. Thank you." said Emily as she looked back to them.

"Thank you." said Heather. "You guys better get out there before everything starts." said Heather as she was appreciative of what they were doing.

"Ok." said Emily. "Two more members of our team will be coming in and checking on you." said Emily as she wanted to be sure to inform them. Heather and Matt nodded. "You'll be safe in here." said Emily as they were about to shut the door.

"Just try and keep quiet so that no one finds you." said Jayden. They both nodded and then he shut the door. Jayden turned to Emily and they were on their way outside.

They walked up to the aisle and then music began playing. Everyone stood up and then turned around to see them walking down the aisle. Jayden kept his eyes forward and Emily tried her best to act as if there was nothing going on. All the guests smiled and awed as they walked down the aisle and to the minster that was there at the end of the aisle. Emily had noticed that Mia was not there, which meant that she was with the bride and groom. Kevin and Mike sat in the back and blended in as best they could. Emily clung onto Jayden's arm as they made the stop at the altar. They stood side by side and couldn't help but smile.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today in celebration of this young couple love for each other." said the minster and he continued on. Just then there were screams coming from behind them and they knew that it was the moogers. Jayden turned around and put his hands up to try and protect Emily. Emily screamed in terror as they were drawing closer. One of the moogers grabbed Jayden from behind and pulled him away from her.

"Help me!" screamed Emily as the other moogers grabbed her threw her onto the carrier. Jayden was pretending to struggle, but then used some force and pushed off the moogers who were holding him back. Jayden ran and in some way he actually did feel worried for Emily, even though they had planned the entire thing. Jayden heard screaming coming from down a path and he followed it. Emily continued to scream and then the moogers got to a crack and sucked her through it. Jayden came around the corner and knew that she was gone.

"It worked." said Jayden out loud. He grabbed his samuraizer and called the others telling them what had happened.

Emily landed pretty hard on the floor, but it didn't bother her. She took one quick glance up and saw Dayu. Emily kept her head down as she didn't want her to see her real identity.

"My my, what do we have here?" said Dayu in a wicked voice as she still kept her back turned to her. "Another bride in my collection." said Dayu as she turned around and walked up to Emily. She circled around her, but Emily didn't budge. In the back of her mind, Emily was a bit worried that Dayu would see through the whole thing. But no matter what, they were going to get through this. "Or should I say, YELLOW RANGER!" shouted Dayu as she pulled back the veil and revealed Emily's face. "I should have known that you pesky rangers were behind this." Dayu said.

"What did you do with the other brides?" Emily asked as she looked up to Dayu and she was trying her best not to show any emotion except bravery.

"Oh them, they're crying their eyes out." said Dayu sarcastically as she pointed to the huge dress-like thing. There were sobs and cries coming from there and it made Emily sad. "This will cause the Sanzu River to flood the earth. It'll also make my perfect wedding dress out of their pathetic cries." said Dayu. Emily turned and noticed the dress on the mannequin. Dayu made the brides suffer for both the purposes. "Since, I can't find the bride you seemed to replace, you'll have to do." said Dayu as she grabbed Emily by the arm causing her to wince in pain. Dayu grabbed her samuraizer and put it to her face. "You're going to call them and send them to the pier." Dayu was demanding.

"No, I won't help you put my team in danger." said Emily as she was beginning to raise her voice. She wasn't going to let her team get hurt. Dayu tightened her grip on her arm and caused her to scream.

"Yes you are or I'll really give those brides something to cry about." said Dayu and Emily was trying her hardest to fight, but Dayu had already called and she had no other choice then to speak.

"Hello." said Jayden.

"Jayden." said Emily as she tried to hide the fear in her voice.

"Emily, are you ok?" said Jayden as he was trying to maintain composure as he knew that Dayu was probably listening in.

"Yes, I found the brides. We're at the docks, warehouse 38." said Emily as she felt like crying.

"Ok." said Jayden.

"And Jayden, please hurry." said Emily and that would have set everything off.

"We're on our way." said Jayden and then they hung up the samuraizers.

Dayu shoved Emily and caused her to fall to the floor. "That was easy." said Dayu as she smirked. "When they get there, they'll be locked in the warehouse and a bomb will explode. Your entire little ranger team will be dust." said Dayu as she laughed a wicked laugh and Emily was on the verge of tears. Emily tried to get up and go at Dayu, but she was stopped by the moogers. "Throw her in the corner, I don't want her near the brides." said Dayu and the moogers through Emily to the corner. Dayu had timed the explosion and moments later an explosion came from the pier and it could be heard. "Bye bye rangers." said Dayu as she knew what happened. Just then, the door to the small building was broken down and the lion zord flew in and attacked Dayu and the moogers. Emily grabbed her samuraizer off the floor and then pulled out her spin sword. She slashed the container the brides were in and set them free. The brides came running and knocked over Dayu's dress, trampled over it as they scurried away.

Jayden, Kevin, Mia, and Mike walked in and the lion zord went back to Jayden. "You alright Em?" said Jayden as Emily ran up to his side and smiled.

"I'm ok. Thank you for getting here when you did." said Emily as she looked to everyone and then back to Jayden.

"How's this possible? You were in the explosion." said Dayu as she was confused and angry.

"We're not stupid. We tracked Emily's samuraizer and found out where you had her and the brides. When you called and forced Emily to tell us that you were at the docks, we knew it was a trap. We sent decoys to the warehouse and that's who you thought was there." said Jayden and then he continued. "The bride who you were try to take, was hidden with one of our rangers." Jayden finished. Dayu was fuming and looked like she was going to explode.

"You rangers have gotten on my last nerve." said Dayu as she fled and the rangers went chasing after her. They all morphed and surrounded Dayu in the little opening in the forest.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here to put a stop to Dayu's plot." said Mia as she came out from behind a tree.

"Rangers together!" yelled Emily as she came out from behind a little red shed.

"Samurai Forever!" yelled everyone in unison.

"Your day of torment is over Dayu." said Jayden as he and the other rangers encircled her but kept a distance. All Dayu did was smile creepily, but deep down she was a bit scared.

"Moogers!" Dayu yelled and out came the group as they were attacking the rangers. The rangers were fighting back and were managing.

"You moogers are don't know when to leave do you." said Jayden as he slashed at one and kicked the other.

"Who wants a taste of my fan." said Mia as she slashed her fan through the air and caught some of the moogers. She fought through her group, all the while keeping her cool. On the opposite side of the group, the others were on the fight.

"Hydro Bow!" yelled Kevin as he shot at the incoming moogers. They fell to the floor and Kevin was still on the defense.

"You moogers are like ants." said Emily as she slashed and fought her way through them. "Never knowing when to bug off." said Emily as she slashed out a few moogers. She was proud of herself and she continued with the fight.

"Another day, another chance to take all of you down." said Mike as he faked a yawn and then fought off his moogers. Everyone finished up and they were all proud to fight for the good.

"Hey, where'd Dayu go?" said Emily as they all met in the in the small clearing and looked around.

"She must have run off." said Mia and then a glimpse of something caught the corner of her eye. "There she goes." exclaimed Mia and they all followed where Mia pointed to. Kevin was quick to run behind her and the others followed. They were out of the forest and into an open dust space.

"Stop there Dayu." said Kevin as he and Mia were behind her. She stopped in her tracks and turned to the rangers.

"You pathetic rangers think that you can take me out, well I have news for you. Not going to happen." said Dayu with a hiss.

"What's the matter with you Dayu?" said Mia as she wondered why Dayu was the way she was. Dayu just laughed and that caused the two to become concerned.

"You rangers are." said Dayu and then she fired a few blasts and they headed straight for them. The blast never hit them; instead Jayden, Emily, and Mike jumped in front and blocked the blasts from hitting them.

"You guys ok?" asked Emily as she turned to her clad teammates and checked on them.

"Yeah." said Mia as they all stood in formation and faced Dayu. Tension was in the air and it was growing. Jayden stepped up and began slashing and fighting Dayu. Dayu's rage and Jayden's determination was driving this battle the limits. Jayden had landed a strike on Dayu and she was on the floor.

Jayden whipped out the beetle cannon and everyone launched their discs into the slots. "Five disc beetle canon!" Jayden yelled and then the others yelled out 'fire'. The blast was sent Dayu's way, but then it was blocked off by Dekker. The explosion set a blaze and it left a gasp in the air by all surrounding.

"Dekker." whispered Dayu in joy. Her love saved her and she was trying her best to keep her bad person composure.

"Not now Dayu." said Dekker as he stared down Jayden. Dayu went quiet and knew that he was being serious. "Red Ranger, our duel is still pending." Dekker pointed put and then pointed his sword right at him. "My sword Urmasa thirsts for the fight of war." Dekker said. He took Dayu in his hands and they flew up to the top of a rocky hill.

"Come back Dekker." said Jayden as he yelled. He thought that Dekker was running off and was afraid to fight him. Every meeting with Dekker turns into a warning and no such fights.

"Moogers." said Dekker as he summoned giant sized moogers that came out from an open gap. He looked and saw as the rangers just looked up at the rangers. "We'll duel soon ranger, soon." said Dekker as he whispered to himself and then fled with Dayu. All the rangers summoned their zords and were on the attack.

"We gotta take these moogers down." said Jayden as all the rangers controlled the zord and were in the middle of the fight. They kept fighting and chopping at the moogers. It felt like they weren't getting too far with this and so they needed to step up their game. 'Let's finish this off guys." said Jayden and all his team nodded in agreement.

"Right." they all said in response. They took out their katana sword and swung at the moogers each one of them falling to the ground. One last mooger stood and the team had to keep fighting.

"Let's do this team." said Jayden and everyone was in position for their final strike.

"FINAL STRIKE!" yelled all of the rangers in unison. The mooger was struck and stumbled backwards before he landed on the ground and explosions were coming from it.

"Victory is ours." said Jayden as he stood there and his team celebrated as usual. After the entire ordeal, the team was walking in the city and talked about the battle. Kevin and Mike were up ahead talking. Jayden was behind Emily as she and Mia talked about the whole day.

"It's so sad what happened to those brides." said Mia as she seemed a little down. Emily looked to her friend with concern. "Maybe Dayu had some unresolved anger and that's why she acted out." Mia finished. Emily knew what Mia meant.

"We saved the brides and now they'll get to have their weddings without the fear of being terrorized." said Emily as she tried to cheer her friend up. "What Dayu did was unacceptable, but we helped them all." said Emily.

"Someday, I hope I can play the bride." said Mia as she smiled as she looked to Kevin and he turned and smiled back at her.

"You will. I'm positive you will." said Emily as she smiled and then something caught her eye. "Look a bakery. There's nothing like a cupcake to make you feel better." said Emily as she smiled and saw the smile coming to Mia. They walked and all the while, Jayden was smiling. He stopped for a moment and thought about how Dekker had popped up and saved Dayu. He wondered what that could have been all about. Emily noticed that Jayden was falling behind and she smiled and ran back to him. She snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Come on Jay, have a victory goody." said Emily as she smiled and Jayden smiled to her. Emily put her arm up and stretched it out. "Power rangers, cupcakes are ours." said Emily smiling as she cheered to Jayden. He smiled and couldn't say not to her or her enthusiasm.

"Why not, as long as we save the wedding cake for our wedding." said Jayden as he bent down and made her smile. They walked side by side to the bakery. As they were entering the bakery, Spike and Bulk were walking out. Jayden and Emily were trying to go in and Spike and Bulk were trying to go out. Everyone tried to move around so that they were going their ways. They finally got into the bakery and went up to the counter and ordered what they were wanted.

So what did you think? Did you like it? I didn't make it like the episode, because I changed it up a bit. I tried to stay along the same lines as the episode, but it was not the same thing. Emily and Jayden played the couple and they loved doing it. They found the brides and saved the day. It had bothered Jayden when he saw Dekker and Dayu lined up, because he didn't know what that was all about. After the entire day, they all had a calming end to a day with cupcakes. In the episode "There Goes the Brides", when Emily is telling Jayden to go have a cupcake, I changed what Jayden says so that it was different from the episode. They are engaged and they want to save the wedding cake for their wedding. I thought it was cute.

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