Times Get From Bad To Worst

I look around the room and I see chase and Adam near me and Bree at the door way with my dad and Xavier. Leo of course was on the floor unconscious. I had at least a year left enough time to graduate early and do the recital and win all stars this year. I would be 20and chase would be 21 we could marry if we wanted.

"Cleo are you okay why didn't you tell us we love you, your family now we would have understood" Adam whimpers into my hair by a bone crushing hug. I look at chase that has tears in his eyes then he looks at me "I would have done anything to help you Chloe and you know it." Tears fall from my eyes "I have at least a year left let's do the things I want to do like graduate do your recital dad and win all-stars." I whisper the marriage part and chase's eyes snapped up and looked in my eyes. I smile at him and he grins at me.

"We are going to the hospital now and getting you checked" Adam shook his head no "our dad has machines we use when Leo, him or Mrs. Davenport gets sick" says Adam they shook their heads. "No Adam she needs to see her doctor who specializes with what she has." chase says."Isn't it just the flu? She'll be okay right?" they look at him sadly.

My dad and Xavier took me to the limo where we all crowded in. My head on Bree's lap and my feet on chase's lap. Since I was in a dress he covered me with his jacket and Adams.

We arrived at the hospital my dad already called and doctors rushed me inside and took me from chase's and Adam's grip. They took me to the cancer center where I saw my friends Maggie and Nicholas who stays at the center since I found out I had leukemia we had Michael but he died a year ago.

They looked at me sadly and they knew I was going to die soon I hope I have a year or else I'll be so sad.

Mr. Waders my doctor was there he took a blood sample and plugged a IV for some pain reliever. Chase was right next to me tears in his eyes I knew he wanted to spill statistics out but he preferred not to because they were so slim for me to live. I was dying and he knew it I was going to die at 19 maybe 20 but not to have kids. I won't see Ethan and Bree get married or Adam and Leo marry some poor girls. I won't have kids I wanted with chase, and I wouldn't be able to see Xavier get married to Lesley. I wouldn't be able to see Benjamin be happy. I wouldn't see my fans anymore. But I would be with mom and I wouldn't see Penelope anymore.

Chase pov

The doctor says if she makes it pass this year it will be a miracle she had stopped responding to the treatment 2 months ago and she was going to die my heart was dying.

I can't live in a world without Chloe I wouldn't but I had to for the sake of the Earth. It's why my family was programmed for...well Bree and Adam and me.

She had her whole life ahead of her well she went to college and is getting her doctors in cal tech and another degree online in Juilliard.

She had cheerleading, Music, Ballet, School, Family and Friends, The Fans, and Me. If she died I would be nothing I would be broken.

We spent until midnight there and they gave her medicine and care at home and released her.

Two months later

Well Chloe has all of her college credits and as do I so we are graduating when Ben and the year Adam will because Adam has gotten smarter.

Chloe's ballet recital is this week and her performance is flawless her cast was removed 4 weeks ago and she has weekly doctor visits that we go to, and dad has been secretive to me for the pass two months. Adam and Leo got an apartment near both of their schools. Bree and Ethan did the same.

Me and our new "gang" are always with Chloe and we started dating after the whole kiss scene well that night in the music room.

Ben hangs with our group a lot now and our cheerleading squad made it to nationals and it is Sunday. They are singing a duet at the talent show which I don't like the idea of. We got medals for regionals and we the guys will get man bracelets and the girls charm bracelets. The captain will get a cheer necklace custom made which Chloe will get. Our uniforms are black and white but out national ones are black and silver with silver lining. Our bags had our names and our hoodies had our school and names on it and competitions and positions mine says cal tech, chase, and spotter in the front, in the back says boy genius and in small letters the dates and places our competitions were. Chloe's said the same but had captain and flyer music prodigy in the back on top.

I always communicated with my doctor friends online and they told me keep her medicine around and watch for signs of organs failing.

Ben's pov

As I lifted Chloe I noticed she was much, much lighter than she was few weeks ago. I knew she was sick but I had to tell her father and Xavier she shouldn't be here but making the doctors help her.

She was to die the tabloids said in a year she had stopped responding to the treatment and gotten sick at school when the geek of a boyfriend family was with her.

My only love was going to die my heart itself was sick with her dying of the terminal disease leukemia. But I already lost her to the nerd. I was snapped out of my thoughts it was time for ballet with Chloe I would tell her father after the performance tonight. I felt useless.

Everyone thought she was brave I thought she should be at the hospital not pushing herself.

Nationals were tomorrow and the routine was hard and involved a lot of being thrown around already Bree hurt her knee it would need a brace but she still could cheer. Her and her brother were to good it took a lot of practice they didn't have I had no idea how they learned so fast.

There was something wrong with them it's like they are different then us like genetically better and good looking well I'm better looking than chase though. Also I was smart and a actor and dancer I am in the honors program all my life and a good friend of Chloe's.

I was going to be a wreak without Chloe the whole squad would and her classes and her father's class and the school and fans. (There will be more Ben pov's) I just have to sing the duet we are doing with all my heart into it.

Xavier's pov

My sister was dying I couldn't believe this why couldn't it be me she was to young to loved to die.

Father would die of sadness our family practically dying out as it is now she a replica of mom the only part we have of her is dying also.

I would be a mess but I'll be strong I'll name my daughter Arabella after Chloe and I'll start a cancer foundation. I'll make sure our cheer squad makes it to nationals every year. Since I am coach now. I was still in the squad but not really I knew all the routines and sometimes did the competitions.

Chase was a good kid I knew Chloe would want to marry him before she died as do Ben I mean yeah he was nice and smart and good looking but he wants Chloe for her body I suppose and her fame it would help him land more roles.

Well today after ballet I was going to take Ben and Chloe to the talent show to sing the duet they practiced during breaks for the past 3 months. Which is a mash up of crazy and you drive me crazy ( crazy/you drive me crazy from glee it so good :D my characters Ben and Chloe sound like this Chloe is portrayed by the actual female singer Melissa Beonist and Ben by Benjamin stone.) They sound pretty good I know they will win.

Chloe's pov

Xavier picked me and Ben up. In an hour was the talent show we were excused from our classes' right after Ballet. I knew we were going to be great but I'm still nervous.

I changed into webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10901&storeId=10051&langId=-1&categoryId=12265&parentCategoryId=12265&topCategoryId=12203&productId=964407&seq=02

And a blue jean jacket with a feather necklace and brown boots with a love ring a diamond ring from chase.

I was ready.

Ben's pov

I change into a white button down with a navy tie with white dots black dress shoes and black leather jacket my hair windblown. I fingered the ring box in my pocket.

Today I was going to do it finally tell my darling Chloe I love her and kiss her and do whatever the moment leads up to she will be mine chase be damned. I was planning on making her my bride before she dies. She was my soul mate my soul basically.

I walked to the door and drove to Chloe's house more like mansion like mine was. It was April in a few weeks we would graduate. After that in the summer she would be put in the hospital her father demanded. I rang the door bell Penelope answered and smiled 'hello Ben how are you doing' she said with her accent I smiled politely 'fine Penelope where's cutie at?' she shooked her head at me probably she knew what I was going to do ' In music vroom that girl is always there' I nod and bid goodbye. I make my way to the elevator the mansion had 4 levels one for each of the people who live here but mostly for Chloe.

I hear her voice from the room that was a basically a studio with every instrument imaginable in racks in their cases but the piano.

She was singing a verse

Here am I am, feels like the walls are closing in

Once again, it's time to face it and be strong

I wanna do the right thing now

I know it's up to me somehow

I've lost my way.

Then I did the stupidest thing and I knocked over some cymbals and I fall into the doorway on the floor. She laughs 'Way to be sneaky klutz.' I roll my eyes. We had to go Now to the talent show for warm ups and to check in and to check out the competition.

We left and said goodbye to pen. 'Bye babies break a leg or something' Chloe laughed. We got into the limo and drove to Lancaster where the school has it at.

I grab her hand and squeezed it. We did our warm ups it was 3 our recital at 7 the talent show would end at 5. Then it was here the same place where our recital was held what luck. The whole squad was here and the ballet class to see us. We had this in the bag everyone was okay we were amazing we would win.

It was our turn on stage now.

we walked on stage me with a guitar and a ear set so I could sing and Chloe a ear set to so she could move freely.


Baby, I'm so into you

You got that somethin, what can I do

Baby, you spin me around

The Earth is movin, but I can't feel the ground (Chloe walks to me slowly)


That kinda lovin'

Turns a man to a slave

That kinda lovin'

Sends a man right to his grave

(I grab her hand)

Ben & Chloe:

You know I'm crazy

Crazy, crazy for you baby

Crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby

(We faced each other)


Tell me, you're so into me

That I'm the only one you will see


Tell me, I'm not in the blue (Ben:Oooh)

That I'm not wastin, my feelings on you (she looks into my eyes)


Every time I look at you (I look at her and grab her arm) : gives guitar to a musician for him to play so they can dance

Ben & Chloe:

My heart is jumpin, what can I do?

You drive me crazy,

(I spin her around and lift her)


Crazy (Chloe: I just can't sleep)

(Puts her down then we are face to face)

Ben & Chloe:

Crazy I'm in too deep

You know I'm crazy

(I hold her hand)


Crazy (Chloe: but it feels alright)

(I cup her face and wrap an arm around her)

Ben & Chloe:

Baby thinkin of you keeps me up all night

You know I'm crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby

Crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby

(I twirled her then dipped her at baby) the curtains close

The applause through the curtains and we hear hooting and yelling.

I leaned down and kissed her lips. I pull away after 3 seconds 'I love you Chloe I have since I knew you will you marry me?' she steps out of my grasp she shook her head 'I can't Ben I can't I love chase he asked me to marry him last week I'm going to its what I want your my best friend and I love you but not like that' she was turning away.

'Wait I still want you to have this please' I gave her the diamond ring 5 Carate ring. images/site/canary_diamond_ring_expensive_15cm_

She tried to give it back but I left before she could.

Chloe's pov

I sat there on the steps with two engagement rings one on my left finger from chase and one in my palm from Ben. Chase's ring was beautiful and cost 79 grand . /_

Ben's cost almost more than a million and he gave it to me like it was nothing it was the perfect ring.

Chase's pov

I went back stage and saw Ben wearing a sad expression. He looked at me and his face turned mad. I went to find Chloe I found her on the stairs sad with a ring in her palm.

'Ben he asked me to marry him chase what am I suppose to do I love you and he's my best friend I'm confused I already said yes to you. I broke his heart and he told me to keep the ring just to remind me I broke it. She started to cry it broke my heart I went over and kissed her head 'I'll be back.'

I went over to Ben and punched him just as the curtains came up and announced Ben and Chloe winners and it made me look bad.

He pushed me to the ground and Chloe came from the stairs with a look at disbelief in her eyes. They got trophies and flowers and took a picture.

Chloe walked away from me with Ben grabbing her hand. She was now gone but I would see her recital because I love her even if she's mad at me, But it didn't help that my heart was aching a lot it was breaking.