Lake Lima


Santana just finished her junior year in high school, she is sent to live with her Uncle Marco for the summer at a lake in Lima Ohio when her mother caught her sneaking in from a party. Here she meets Brittany and her life changes forever. She falls in love with her but someone else might get in the way. This is a story follows Brittany's and Santana's relationship. Other glee characters as well. (in this I just use the names of places, I have no idea if any of the stuff I say actually happens or exists in those places). I own nothing of Glee or its characters.

Chapter 1

Santana's POV

As quietly as I can I open the front door, I cringe at the squeaking noise that echoes through the dark hallway. I'm soaking wet, and not the good kind. I was just at one of Karofsky's summer parties, I didn't mean to but who just so happens to put a pool where I step. Completely not my fault. I shut the door quietly, or well what I think is quiet any way. Someone clears their voice. I jump back slamming into the door, my hand on my chest.

"Holy crap! You scared me!" I shout whispered

"Hija language! Where were you and why are you soaking wet?" she berated

"I was out" I replied vaguely trying not to slur my words.

"Out where? Tell me right this instant!" Maria demanded

"Stop telling me what to do!"

"I am your mother. You will do as I say! Now tell me where you were?"

"I was at a party" I said shrugging "it's the beginning of summer!"

"Go up to your room and change" she demanded "we will talk about this in the morning"

I started to walk but the alcohol was really taking effect and I stumbled on nothing.

"You can't even walk straight! You are under age, you are not even supposed to be drinking!"

"I'm a teenager! Everyone does it! I can't believe how fucking hypocritical your being! You did stuff like this when you were my age!" I glared at her

"Language! And yes I drank. But not so much I couldn't walk on a flat wooden floor and my parents always knew where I was. I didn't come home at five in the morning soaking wet and unable to walk straight"

"Just fucking leaving me alone!"

"That's it pack a bag you are going to be living with your uncle for the rest of the summer and you will tell me exactly where you were in the morning, you've been reckless recently I won't allow it."


"No questions"

And that is how I ended up on a plane, from LA to boring Lima, Ohio to live at some lake house with my uncle Marco for the rest of the summer. I left all my friends and all of civilisation, to live at a lake. I had no way to contact anyone Mami had confiscated my phone and it was now currently locked up somewhere at home, it didn't matter anyway there probably wouldn't be any service anyway. I was always going to parties, I don't know why this one was different, I guess it has to do with the fact I've been caught sneaking in the last few times.

I stepped of the plane and collected my suitcase. I wheeled it out and I glanced around looking for my uncle. He stood waving at me and I grudgingly walked over to him.

"Santana! How's my favourite niece, I haven't seen you in ages!" he said giving me a bear hug. He took my suitcase from me and we headed out side.

"What did you pack? An elephant?" he laughed, my suitcase was heavy but I had to last the summer.

"Something like that" I grumbled. He tossed my suitcase in the back of his truck with ease and I climbed in the passenger seat. My uncle was hot, to say the least. He Latino, like me, was completely ripped and had hard chiselled features. If he wasn't my uncle, a bit younger and I totally didn't play for the other team I would definitely be into him. Not that anyone knew about that last part. Yeah that would ruin my rep. I've never had a boyfriend before but I do have some guys that i hook up with on a regular basis. I'm it a slut, sorta, I just has an image, you know?

We started the long drive to his house out in the middle of now where. He could have at least lived in Lima but no he had to live at some random lake an hour away. I closed my eyes and willed myself to go to sleep of the rest of the journey. Uncle Marco was cool but I don't think I could stand listening to him talk for an hour with out wanting to jump out of the car window. So I closed my eyes and willed my self to go to sleep.

I was woken up by an annoying tapping on the window. I opened my eyes and I'm pretty sure they fell out of their sockets. In front of me was not some stinky old lake house, it was a fucking mansion.

"Fucking hell! You live here!" I yelled at my uncle who was already out of the car with my bag. I opened the car door and jumped out.

"Hell yeah I do! Not what you were expecting?" he asked. I just shook my head.

"Let's go inside you can choose any room you want, except mine, mine is on the top floor first door on the right."

"This house has like three floors why would you want to have to walk all the way up there?" I asked

"I don't spend much time in my room and it has the best view." he shrugged "welcome to Lake Lima"

I went inside and chose the room on the first floor, second door on the left. I looked at others but this one was close to the ground floor and I'm lazy, it also had an ensuite. Marco brought my suitcase upstairs for me and I unpacked, shoving everything in the drawers and hanging up my dresses and jackets. I kicked off my boots, took of my leather jacket and plopped down on the double bed in the centre of the room; this was going to be a long summer.

"Chica get out of your room!" Marco shouted from downstairs, I didn't move. "Get down here now or I'm coming up to get you!" he shouted again. I didn't believe him so I just shut my eyes, I didn't think he would actually come and get me until I felt two large arms warp around my stomach and I was flung over his shoulder.

"Let go of me!" I screeched

"Nope, you didn't listen now your gonna pay for it" he said seriously as he walked down the stairs. I didn't like the sound of that. I pounded on his back and kicked my legs but it didn't seem to have any effect. I instantly regretted choosing a room so close to the bottom floor then. He walked outside into the back garden, his step never faulting, I was strong and fit because I was an avid runner but I couldn't do any damaged to him. He continued walking and when he got to dock he kept going. I really didn't like this now, I thrashed harder but once again it failed.

"This is for you own good Chica" he threw me. SPLASH! The water wasn't cold really it was actually quiet warm and nice, but Uncle Marco was definitely not knowing that, at least the water was clear and clean. I burst through the surface and looked up, uncle Marco was in fits of laughter.

"What the hell! You're supposed to be the fun uncle!" I screamed

"That was definitely fun" he said bent over from laughing to much. I swam over to the dock and pulled myself up. Great, now my clothes are soaked.

"Yo me vas a matar!" I shouted (I'm gonna kill you!) "Soy de Mar Vista! ¿Sabes lo que pasa allí? Cosas malas!" (I'm from Mar Vista do you know what goes on over there? Bad things!) I started my regular rant.

"Shut up" he said hitting me on the arm "stop pretending you come from the bad part of LA, you grew up in the Beverly Hills". Damn I forgot he was my uncle. "Your Mami said no staying in your room, downstairs or outside only"

"Do you have to listen to her?" I complained

"No but I agree, you can't just stay locked up in your room the whole summer" he explained. I sighed; I wasn't going to win this argument.

I trudged up to my room, showered and got changed; it was only five so I was going to go on a long run. I couldn't think of anything else to do, so pulled on some running shorts and a sport bra and not bothering with a top. There were only like thirty other houses so not very many people, plus I was hot so who cared. Thankfully my mom did confiscate my iPod so I put in the earphones and slipped it into my pocket. I went downstairs and shouted I was going on a run before heading out the front door. I stopped at the road and stretched for a few minutes. I finished stretching and I started a quick jog, after a while I realised that the road just went around the whole lake in like a loop, so I decided to follow that, I didn't want to get lost. The lake was a weird shape, kinda like an eight looking sorts shape but it had chunks missing and bumps coming off of it. It took me about 25 minutes to run around the whole thing so I guessing it's about 2 and a half miles around. I passed a lot of houses and most of them were bigger than Marco's, which means they are gigantic, cause Marcos house was huge. I haven't looked around properly yet but I know Marcos house has three floors and I don't think there's a basement. There's a driveway up to the house, a front yard and a back yard. At the lake there's a dock and a boathouse, which I'm assume had a boat cause I didn't see one when I was thrown in the lake. The houses were only around the water, on one side of the road, so there weren't that many, from what I can see every house has a dock and a boat, which would make sense considering these were lake houses. On the other side of the road there were trees. That's it, nothing else, just trees.

I had almost finished my third lap of the lake when I heard someone laughing. It was really light and bubbly. I looked around trying to find source of the laugh. Then I saw her, she was beautiful. Stunning even. She had blonde hair and was taller than me but only by a little bit. She was wearing denim shorts and a white top, which you could see her bikini through. She was to far away for me to see but I imagined her eyes being a bright blue. She was kneeling on the ground playing with a large fawn mastiff dog, throwing a tennis ball for it. Then I did something I only thought happened in movies.

I tripped.

I don't even know how I tripped, but I did. When did I get so clumsy? This really wasn't my day, first getting thrown in a lake and now falling over in front of a beautiful girl.

Oh saw me. She's coming over here. Right now. Shit. She knelt down beside me.

"Are you okay?" she asked her voice full of concern.

"I uhh" I stammered. I don't stammer, I Santana fucking Lopez! Where did that come from?

"Oh can't you speak? Are you winded?" she asked her eyes looking over me to check I was alright.

"Uhh" I stammered again. Fucking hell! Get a grip Lopez!

"Of coarse you're winded. You just fell" she said to herself "oh my god! You're bleeding!" she exclaimed

"I am?" I questioned sitting up

"Oh! You're speaking that's good. Don't sit up" she said pushing me back down

"I'm fine really" I said quickly standing up. I immediately regretted it; just then I noticed a burning sting in my right knee. I looked down. There was blood pouring from my knee where I fell on it. I may have exaggerated a bit, but it was dripping down my leg. I stumbled; almost falling backwards and onto the ground again but a pair of slim strong arms grabbed hold of me under my arms.

"I told you not to stand up, I'm Brittany by the way, Brittany Pierce" she informed me

"Santana Lopez" I said cringing as I took weight off my leg

"Come on Santana I'll help you get cleaned up" she said as she started to lead me towards her house.

"It's fine," I said "I'm just going to that one," I pointed to a building two houses away.

"Oh! Your related to Marco! I knew I recognised your name!" she said excitedly

"Yeah he's my uncle, I'm staying with him for the summer"

"That's awesome! We should totally hang out," she said

"Okay" I agreed hesitantly, I don't know why but I didn't want to upset her.

"Yay! Now come on let's get you all bandaged up," she said leading me again

"No it's really okay" I didn't want her to see me all sweating and bloody

"Don't be silly, you can barely walk by yourself," she continued to lead me to her house and I let her. She was right after all.

Her house was bigger than Marcos, but not by a lot, it had the same number of floors but it was just slightly wider.

She lead me through the front door and down a hallway, we passed two open doors, one was a living room and the other was a office. We walked through the third door that leads us into a large kitchen. It had black marble counters that went around most of the room and a wooden table in the middle of the room. All of the equipment and utensils were a matching shiny silver colour.

She lead me to the table and pulled out a chair for me which a gratefully sat down in, then she pulled out another and carefully rested my foot on it; luckily it was tiled floor in here so I wouldn't bleed on anything.

" There you go" she said "I'll just get the first aid kit" she went over to a cabinet under the sink and pulled out a bag. She came back over to me and placed it on the table before unzipping it. She then went over to the sink again and dampened some paper towel and got some dry paper towel and walked back over to me.

"I'm just gonna clean the blood away" I nodded proceeded to watch as she did just that. She also gently pressed it over the actual cut and removed some of the blood, it was about three fingers wide and covered most of my knee, her touch was so soft and carful that it didn't even hurt much, then she dried it with the other paper towel. She went over to a trashcan, which was disguised as a cabinet, and threw away the bloody towels.

She ripped open a antiseptic wipe "this might sting a little bit" she warned. She lied. It stung like a bitch. But I didn't show it and my leg only flinched a little bit. "Sorry" she said. She finished removing all of the dirt and most of the blood, and then she took out some sort of cream and spread it over the cut before pressing a square of gauze to it and wrapping a bandage around my knee. It made it look a lot worse than it was but what ever, it definitely hurt a lot less now.

"Thanks" I breathed

"No problem" she said cheerily as she cleaned up all of the first aid equipment. I took my foot off the chair. It was definitely a lot better now.

"Do you want some water?" she asked

"Yes please" I never say please. Weird. But I am thirsty, I was just running. Oh god, I was just running, I'm only wearing really short shorts and a sports bra. How did I only just remember this? I mean I know I have a rockin' body, I even have abs, but I don't want her to think I'm weird. I like her. Oh god, where did that thought come from? Damn it, I like her. Stupid life! Stop being confusing! Brittany placing a glass of water on the table for me interrupted my thoughts; she sat down on the chair my foot was just on sipping her own glass of water. I chugged mine down, I didn't realise how thirsty I was. I placed the empty glass on the table.

"Do you want any more?" she asked

I shook my head, "no thanks" I replied, "thanks again for helping me"

"Not at all, I love helping people," she said

"Your really good at it" I complimented her

"Thanks, I was really clumsy when I was younger so I was always having to do that myself" she explained, "so why are you at Lima Lake?" she asked

"I was sent here by my mom cause I was caught seeking in from a party" I told her truthfully laughing a bit, now that I think about it I wasn't as quiet as I thought I was being. Brittany smiled, she's has a nice smile.

"Where are you from?"

"California" I replied

"I've never been there. How long are you staying?"

"All summer I think" I said shrugging my mom hadn't really given a specific date that I was returning.

"Thats so great!" she exclaimed

"Really? It doesn't seem like there is much to do"

"You just have to be creative," she told me "there's a lot to do if you think about it" she started

"Like what?" I asked genuinely interested, it really didn't seem like there was much to do

"We'll," she began "there's a lake, obviously, so you can swim, go on boats, jet skis, you could go boating. There's also a lot of teenagers so there are party's sometimes, maybe not as intense as in California but still parties, then you can have barbecues, bonfires, you could go walking in the forest, or running like you were, but you know maybe you shouldn't cause of your knee and all. Also there's a restaurant bar place right by the lake, it's really popular cause its basically the only one and you always know everyone cause there's like under 100 people living here. Also there's another lake east from here that massive compared to this one like 45 minutes away that's more like a beach and there's a town south called Findlay with a mall and a cinema and other stuff. There's a shop on the other side of the lake but that's just food and other necessities. Also every weekend one family here plays a film on a projector thing against their house and it's like everyone goes to it and socialises" she finished. I was impressed. Not by the fact that she came up with that much stuff to do but the fact that she took like two breaths that whole time.

"Wow, there is a lot to do here. I don't even think that there is that much to do in LA," I said, and it was true, I never did anything in California. She had a huge smile on her face, happy that she could answer the question properly. It was so adorable.

We talked for a bit longer but then I excused myself cause I needed to shower, I was sticky from sweating when I ran.

"I'll help you," she offered. I stood up and was about to decline but when I stood up I almost fell again.

"Okay" I agreed bashfully. She wrapped her arm under my arms and gripped the side of my body, supporting some of my weight. My skin tingled from where she arm was touching my bare skin and where her hand was holding me. I wondered if she felt it to. I limped back to my house as i tried not to put too much weight on Brittany, I didn't want to seem like a wuss. We walked up to the front door and we walked inside. Marco came to see who it was.

"Santana! What happened Chica!" he exclaimed with a worried look in his eyes

"I just fell over" I shrugged, I was trying to act casual but Brittany's was still holding me and it was incredibly distracting.

"Hi Brittany, thank you for helping Santana" he said addressing Brittany

"Like I said to Santana, it's no problem" Brittany said "are you still coming over for dinner tonight?" she asked

"Yes I think so, unless Santana doesn't feel up to it"

"I'm fine" I said maybe a bit to harshly, they were only looking out for me.

"Okay see you both tonight" Brittany responded ignoring my tone "bye Santana " she said finally realising her grip on me, she turned around and walked out the door with a slight wave

"Bye Brittany" I said

Marco came to support me. "Still clumsy i see" he joked

"Hey!" he just laughed

"Do you need help getting upstairs? We are leaving to go to Brittany's in an hour and a half"

"Yeah and how come you never mentioned we were going to go to hers for dinner?

"I never go the chance, you unpacked and then went straight out running" he explained as he picked Santana up bridal style. He carried me to my room and told me to dress casual for dinner before he retreated back downstairs. I showered carefully not getting the bandage wet, I did my hair and make up and I dressed in some red shorts and a black v-neck top and some flip-flops. The whole time i only had one thought, Brittany.

Brittany's POV

I was getting ready for when Santana and Marco came over. But really who was I kidding; it was really Santana I was getting ready for. I showered and got changed into white shorts and a light blue top and sandals. It's strange how people can just drop into your lives how she did. One moment I was playing with Faith, our dog and the next I see a girl lying on the road. I immediately went to help and even before I realized she was bleeding all I could see was her beauty, even when she was all sweaty and had messy hair she was gorgeous. She had big deep brown eyes, long dark brown hair and naturally tanned skin. And oh my god, her abs! I tried just to make sure she was okay but it was really difficult to ignore how amazing her body was. I swear there must be tons of hotness genes in the Lopez's blood; Marco was good looking for a guy but Santana, just wow.

No one knew I liked girls, I found out about a year ago but because everyone knew everyone around here, I kept it to myself; it would spread like wildfire around the lake. I knew my parents would be fine with it I just wasn't so sure about everyone else.

I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen to see if my mom or dad needed anything or any help with the barbecue. I already mentioned to them that Santana was coming over as well in case they didn't know, they didn't but they said it was fine and just prepared a bit extra food. My mom was making salad and my dad was preparing meat to be cooked. After asking and being told they had it under control I went into the living room where my little sister, Kayla, was watching Dora the Explorer. She was only five and was the cutest thing ever.

"Hi Britty" she said "don't talk this is a good part" she demanded

"I wasn't talking" I laughed

"shhhh" she demanded again. I just stopped talking; okay maybe she wasn't cute all the time, but mostly. We sat watching Dora for a bit, and then the bell rang. I shot up from my seat so I could greet them at the door. I was kinda nervous but I brushed it off, it was only a barbecue. I walked to the door and pulled it open.

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