Out Of Time: A Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction Story

Episode 1:

Side note: If you haven't seen the Voyager two parter Year of Hell and the rest of Season 4 of Voyager, please do before reading this fanfiction. It'll make more sense this way...since this is in an alternate universe setting the Krenim Imperative as the main government of most of the worlds and races involved in most of Season 4. But most of what happened in those episodes still happens…or as much as possible.

On Day Nine…

Captain's log, Stardate 51367.2. We've spent the last three days on the Mari homeworld, trying to recover from our latest retreat from the Krenim Imperative. Interestingly, some places like the Mari homeworld seems unchanged from the aftereffects of the Krenim time ship eliminating the Zahl...except for some enhanced telepathy technology. Since the Mari are telepaths, I wouldn't be surprised if the Krenim are having trouble with putting them into their Imperative. It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to make new friends and the crew seems to be making the most of our stay.

After B'Elanna gets arrested on the Mari homeworld…

Harry Kim reports, "all away personnel have been told to return to the ship as soon as possible."

Chakotay remarks, "so much for R and R."

Tom Paris urges, "Chakotay, we've got to talk."

Chakotay offers, "have a seat."

Tom Paris wonders, "here?"

Chakotay assures him, "I'm sure the Captain wouldn't object. What's on your mind?" Tom Paris sits down uneasily, but gets over it.

He points out, "while Tuvok and the Captain are reviewing the evidence, B'Elanna's sitting in a Mari jail cell waiting for some sort of lobotomy. We can't let that happen."

Chakotay suggests, "what did you have in mind?"

Tom Paris figures, "break her out."

Chakotay asks, "and risk an all-out confrontation with the Mari?"

Tom Paris insists, "they're a bunch of pacifists. They're no match for us."

Chakotay reasons, "you're probably right, but before we start resorting to extreme measures, don't you think we should give the Captain a chance to find a legal solution?"

Tom Paris tries to point out, "by the time that happens, it may be…too late." He then notices a few Krenim warships orbiting the Mari homeworld on the viewscreen.

Chakotay realizes, "is that…?"

Harry Kim uneasily points out, "it's the Krenim. They're charging weapons."

Chakotay concludes, "shields up. Red alert." The red lights and beeping associated with red alert go off. Tuvok and Captain Janeway come out of the ready room as Tom Paris uneasily goes back to his station.

Captain Janeway sighs, "the Week of Hell indeed." She and Tuvok go back to their usual positions on the Bridge. The Bridge shakes as chroniton torpedoes hit Voyager, despite Tom Paris's maneuvering.

Tuvok reports, "no effect."

Seven adds, "shield modifications holding at fifty percent."

Captain Janeway figures, "good work. Return fire!" Voyager's phasers hit the Krenim ships' shields.

Tuvok reports, "their forward shields are at roughly sixty percent."

Captain Janeway orders, "keep firing." Some torpedoes and phasers from Voyager hit the Krenim ships' shields, while chroniton torpedoes hit Voyager.

Seven reports, "shield modifications holding at thirty percent."

Tuvok deduces, "their forward shields are at roughly thirty percent." After another round of this, Tuvok realizes, "their forward shields are down."

Seven adds, "shield modifications…are offline."

Captain Janeway orders, "then let's make this shot count. Target their torpedo launchers. Tom, turn Voyager one hundred degrees to the right."

Tom Paris concludes, "aye, sir." Voyager's phasers hit the Krenim ships, overloading their weapons. Voyager dodges some of the chroniton torpedoes, which instead bump into each other and knocks Voyager backwards.

Tuvok reports, "minor damage to secondary hull." Then, the Krenim ships explode from overload of their weapons.

Chakotay asks, "Ensign Kim?"

Harry Kim reports, "the Krenim ships are gone. No other Krenim ships within five thousand kilometers."

Captain Janeway sighs with mixed relief.

Chakotay urges, "stand down from Red Alert."

Captain Janeway figures, "in the meantime, we'll see what we can do for B'Elanna…and for our shield modifications."

Seven concludes, "I'll get to work on it."

Tom Paris mutters, "that's not all we need to work on."

Captain Janeway urges, "you have something to say to me, lieutenant?"

Tom Paris lies, "no, ma'am."

Captain Janeway sighs, "hail Nimira. Tell her that we found some new evidence."

Harry Kim uneasily says, "yes, sir."

After rescuing B'Elanna from being anagrammatically purged…

Captain Janeway says in her ready room, "come in."

Seven suggests, "I must speak with you."

Captain Janeway offers, "of course. Have a seat."

Seven figures, "I prefer to stand."

Captain Janeway realizes, "I keep forgetting."

Seven points out, "you once encouraged me to express my opinions if I had something relevant to say."

Captain Janeway says, "go right ahead."

Seven tries to explain, "you wish to return this vessel to the Alpha Quadrant, yet you are following Starfleet protocol regarding first contact. The two objectives are incompatible."

Captain Janeway asks, "how so?"

Seven explains further, "your philosophy of exploration exposes Voyager to constant risk…especially with the Krenim. If you maintain a curved course to earth and avoid all extraneous contact with alien species, it will increase your chances of survival."

Captain Janeway remarks, "well, that would make a dull ride home."

Seven inquires, "captain?"

Captain Janeway figures, "we seek out new races because we want to, not because we're following protocols. We have an insatiable curiosity about the universe. But in light of recent events…maybe I should listen."

Seven adds, "it would be efficient. Your chief engineer and security officer were nearly lost today."

Captain Janeway points out, "but what about the time ship? If it continues to eliminate other races…"

Seven concludes, "that is acceptable. They are of no consequence to Voyager." This strikes a bad chord in Captain Janeway.

She mutters, "to you, maybe…but not to me or my crew! Relations with other races give us insights into other cultures...and at heart they are collectives with collective feelings that should be respected."

Seven concludes, "we are in disagreement."

Captain Janeway urges, "our mission is not going to change…and there are some things worse than being assimilated. We are going to stay in Krenim space until we can stop this time ship…and possibly reverse the damage to this timeline. And you are to tell me if the time ship is detected. Understood?!"

Seven concludes, "understood."

Captain Janeway concludes, "dismissed." And with that, Seven walks out on a personally upset Captain Janeway. She sighs into her hands, as the end of a bad day approaches.