Out Of Time: A Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction Story

Episode 26:

Over the course of eleven days, according to Kes's perspective…

Kes sighs with partial relief, "good. But, why do I see the possibility of an attack…from Captain Kathryn?"

Chakotay wonders uneasily, "why didn't it work? The timeline should've reset by now."

Kellin suggests, "we had hoped that the temporal core could be disabled…but we didn't get the chance to make sure of it."

Captain Kathryn challenges, "is the timeline restored?"

The second Tuvok suggests, "we wouldn't be having this conversation in a escape pod if the timeline was restored."

Captain Kathryn concludes, "I thought as much. We gathered all our forces together…only to end up without anymore ships to fight the Krenim with."

The second Tuvok suggests, "yet we have survived."

Captain Kathryn reasons, "Kes wouldn't have rescued us unless… There must be a way to restore the timeline…and the solution could very well be on that Demon class planet."

He points out, "temporal core fragments."

Tom Paris points out, "but the time ship was nowhere near…"

Kellin realizes, "if this Kes is as powerful as you say…anything's possible here."

The second Seven explains, "if we make multiphasic shields around six Nihydron ships to surround the temporal core as it overloads…"

Kellin realizes, "we could have a chroniton explosion concentrated on one area of subspace...causing a tear in the space-time continuum big enough to reset this timeline."

The first Seven comments, "efficient. How did you…?"

Captain Kathryn suggests, "there may not be enough time to explain it, but it sounds like we have one more shot at undoing the Krenim's mistakes."

The alternate Chakotay urges over combadge, "Kes just appeared before us."

The alternate EMH doctor sighs a little in Sickbay, "very well…but you can relax. Kes just seems to be…physically exhausted."

Kes asks, "what happened…to me?"

The alternate EMH doctor points out, "you've been asleep for two days."

The alternate Captain Janeway sighs a little, "I have a feeling that this is more than just a visit. Kes…what's going on?"

Kes reveals, "there's an entire crew from another quantum reality that is in trouble from Species 8472…and looks just like all of you. It's hard to explain, but there are non-corporeal members of Species 8472. If I don't help this Voyager go to that reality in five days, all of reality will most likely be destroyed."

Kes figures, "so the attack I was anticipating…was targeted at me?"

The possessed Captain Janeway sighs a little, "we should've realized sooner that you are an impurity."

Kes figures, "right now, Species 8472 is planning to use the temporal core pieces that I gathered to end all of reality as we know it. While my abilities are returning, we need a plan to find out who among the duplicates is possessed…and how to stop them."

The alternate Chakotay reasons, "so subspace is weakened in that quantum reality to the point of being close to the breaking point?"

Kes figures, "exactly. If subspace in that quantum reality is ruptured any further, all reality as you know it will be destroyed."

The alternate Captain Janeway realizes, "hold on. Didn't we have a non-corporeal alien take over one of us years ago?"

The alternate Tuvok recalls, "the Komar."

The alternate Captain Janeway figures, "exactly. What if we carried handheld magneton scanners around?"

The alternate B'Elanna concludes, "that could take some time…but it could work. I'm just surprised I didn't think of it sooner."

The alternate Seven deduces, "I wasn't informed we had that technology available."

The alternate Captain Janeway chuckles a little, "now you know."

Kes concludes, "I knew I could count on you."

At the present time, on the relative Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight…

Most of the alternate Voyager senior officers and some Security crew members are on the Bridge, watching the bluish green barriers of the space-time continuum bend in reaction to Kes's acceleration of the alternate Voyager. After a seemingly long eight seconds, the alternate Voyager appears above the Demon class planet. Kes points out, "we're here."

The alternate Chakotay urges, "life signs?"

The alternate Tuvok reports, "shields are holding."

The alternate Harry Kim reveals, "I'm picking up two hundred twenty life signs on the planet…and five incoming Krenim warships."

The alternate Seven concludes, "confirmed. Eight thousand kilometers…and closing."

The alternate Tom Paris remarks, "and not the good kind."

The alternate Chakotay comments, "since when are warships good?"

The alternate Tom Paris adds, "it sure would be nice to find some that don't attack us."

The alternate Chakotay figures, "true."

Kes urges, "we may not have much time." Six Nihydron vessels are moving to the right of the Demon class planet, surrounding a rebuilt temporal core with the Nihydron version of tractor beams.

The alternate Captain Janeway adds, "set course for the temporal core. Warp 8."

The alternate Tom Paris confirms, "aye, captain." The alternate Voyager pulls ahead, but the six Nihydron warships catch up.

The alternate Captain Janeway figures, "is their multiphasic shielding online?"

The alternate Tuvok reports, "no, captain."

The alternate Captain Janeway suggests, "open a channel. Attention, all vessels within range. This message is from a Captain Janeway from another…" Suddenly, static comes across the viewscreen. It goes back to a view of outer space and the six Nihydron vessels.

The alternate Seven adds, "our transmission was terminated. There wasn't enough time to refocus it."

The alternate Captain Janeway realizes, "who among duplicates of us would be able to react that quickly?"

The alternate Seven reasons, "duplicates of myself, Tuvok, Tom Paris, the Doctor, and Lieutenant Torres."

The alternate Captain Janeway thinks out loud, "and from which ship was the transmission…?"

Kes reveals, "I know which one. It's the one above the temporal core."

The alternate Captain Janeway turns to her, "are you sure?"

Kes figures, "positive. There's a ninety percent chance of stopping Species 8472 on that ship."

The alternate Harry Kim figures, "sounds like we found our intruder."

Kes sighs, "it's worse than that. It seems like most of the crew are possessed…if not fully."

The alternate Captain Janeway sighs, "we need at least five of our senior officers to handle possessed duplicates."

The alternate Chakotay points out, "and we still need as many senior officers as we can get to stay on Voyager and protect the temporal core from the Krenim."

The alternate Captain Janeway comments, "if a possessed Janeway is anything like me, I should go."

The alternate Chakotay urges, "but Kathryn…!"

The alternate Captain Janeway insists, "that's an order. We don't have time to argue about this."

The alternate Chakotay offers, "at least let me go with you…to ensure your safety. Tuvok can command Voyager while we're gone."

The alternate Captain Janeway figures over combadge, "very well. Seven, Tom, B'Elanna…you're with us. We got to face reality." The alternate Captain Janeway, the alternate Seven, the alternate Tom Paris, the alternate Chakotay, and Kes start to head off the Bridge.

The alternate Tom Paris remarks, "seems like we're double dating."

The alternate Chakotay chuckles a little, "don't you start."

The alternate Tom Paris mutters, "can't blame me for trying." They take two turbolifts, then meet up with the alternate B'Elanna in the same corridor.

Kes suggests, "I can walk us there."

The alternate B'Elanna turns to her, "why can't we just pop in?"

Kes sighs a little, "my abilities involve phasing in one form or another…not transporting. Unless it involves falling to a safer place."

The alternate Seven figures, "a subspace corridor."

Kes figures, "yes. We have to hurry."

The alternate Captain Janeway figures, "probably the fastest way."

The alternate Tom Paris comments, "yeah. We could lose our…"

The alternate Chakotay urges, "we'll follow."

Kes calls out, "for your own safety, you should." She starts walking through a bluish green portal, which the alternate away team follows her in. They find themselves running across a bluish green corridor of warped space, struggling to keep up with Kes. But as soon as it starts, it's over. They find themselves on a Nihydron Bridge, with hide like plating and treadmill like machines with buttons. Kes figures, "you all right?"

The alternate B'Elanna mutters uneasily, "both stomachs feel sick."

The alternate Captain Janeway uneasily says, "I got such a headache."

A possessed B'Elanna comments, "you impurities will fall before us!"

Kes mutters, "not going to happen." The away team is surrounded by possessed duplicates armed with duplicated phaser rifles, but the away team also has phaser rifles. The possessed duplicates start firing at the away team, but they tumble out of the way in two directions to get most of the duplicates to nearly hit each other. Many treadmill like machines explode as a result.

The alternate Chakotay turns to the alternate Captain Janeway, "now what?" The away team is behind the wreckage of some treadmills, firing shots back at the incoming possessed duplicates. They fall one by one, but fourteen duplicates remain. These duplicates keep dodging phaser fire, despite Kes redirecting them like little missiles.

The alternate Captain Janeway figures, "we keep fighting." A possessed Captain Janeway duplicate slams her phaser rifle into the side of the alternate Tom Paris's side, knocking the wind out of him.

He coughs and clutches his side instinctively as he fires a phaser blast to stun her in time.

The alternate B'Elanna calls out, "Tom!"

The alternate Tom Paris coughs, "I'm…all right. Just…keep blasting!"

The alternate Captain Janeway mutters, "I don't like being messed with." With help from Kes's redirection of phaser fire and slightly phasing floor sections under the possessed duplicates, the away team blasts the remaining duplicates to unconsciousness. Non-corporeal Species 8472 members leave the duplicates behind on their way out. The alternate Seven though notices something on the Nihydron grid like viewscreen.

She points out, "the warship is on a collision course for the temporal core. We need to be more efficient."

The alternate B'Elanna mutters, "why don't you go back to your little alcove and…!"

The alternate Chakotay insists, "enough, B'Elanna."

The alternate Captain Janeway realizes, "what we need to do is stop this collision course from happening. How much time do we have?"

The alternate Seven calculates, "seven seconds."

The alternate Captain Janeway realizes, "even you can't react that fast. Kes, can you make this vessel fall past the temporal core?"

Kes realizes, "yes...but I'd need to concentrate. Hold on!" She struggles to make a big enough bluish green portal to put the entire vessel into a subspace corridor. It almost doesn't work, but Kes makes the vessel fall straight through the Nihydron vessel formation and the temporal core. The falling vessel stops moving in space. Not long after, the temporal core explodes in a tighter Nihydron vessel formation with multiphasic shields.

At the same time…

Captain Kathryn, Chakotay, and Kellin on the Bridge of one of the Nihydron vessels grab ahold of treadmill machines in reaction to their shields buckling under stress of the temporal core explosion. Captain Kathryn calls out, "report!"

Kellin calls out, "we just lost shields!"

Chakotay urges, "I recommend we go to warp."

Captain Kathryn figures, "attention, all Nihydron vessels! Get out of range!" But it seems too late, as a wave of temporal energy starts to overtake the Nihydron vessels.


The alternate Tuvok and the alternate Harry Kim on the alternate Voyager's badly damaged Bridge grab ahold of the railing nearby in reaction to their shields being pierced through by chroniton torpedoes. This is despite Kes giving the alternate Voyager crew the temporal variance necessary to have their shields hold out against five Krenim warships for this long. The alternate Tuvok in the captain's chair says over noises, "report!"

A random crew member at Tactical points out, "we won't survive another…!" An explosion knocks the random crew member against the floor unconscious. The Bridge shakes. The alternate Tuvok retakes his position at Tactical, with a big hole where the viewscreen used to be. Beyond it is the temporal shockwave that is engulfing all six Nihydron vessels around the exploding temporal core.

The alternate Harry Kim adds, "a temporal shockwave…coming right for us in all directions!"

The alternate Tuvok urges, "targeting the temporal core."

The alternate Harry Kim insists, "what could that do? We lost!"

The alternate Tuvok figures, "if this doesn't work, none of us will survive. Firing torpedoes." As scenes from a hellish past echo across the temporal shockwave, the alternate Voyager further damages the temporal core with its torpedoes. The shockwave bursts into bright white light, just as both the fallen vessel and the alternate Voyager get engulfed in the shockwave.


The alternate Chakotay calls out on the fallen vessel's Bridge remains, "Voyager, come in! Voyager?!"

The alternate Captain Janeway urges, "we did our best." B'Elanna and Tom Paris embrace each other in anticipation of the end, teary eyed. The rest of the away team looks at the temporal shockwave, expecting to be erased.

Kes assures them, "it was good enough."

In a third timeline, at an earlier time…

Captain's log, Stardate 51352.3. The past couple of weeks have been uneventful, but we've made excellent progress on the new Astrometrics lab.

Not long after…

An alternate Chakotay urges, "Tom, plot a course around Krenim space."

An alternate Tom Paris adds, "aye, sir."

The alternate Chakotay suggests, "so what do you think? How about a groundbreaking ceremony for our new lab?"

An alternate Harry Kim figures, "sounds great."

The alternate Captain Janeway suggests, "I think I'll replicate a bottle of Saint Emillion for the occasion. 2370. I hear that was a good year."

Outside of this fourth Voyager…

Kes is floating above the fourth Voyager. She decides a little shaken, "some things should just stay in the past." And with that, Kes disappears from Voyager's sights…knowing now that she can always come back to Voyager.

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