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Eddi sighed as she waited in line for a cup of coffee, before going on to AAU. Her head was banging, she didn't know how she was going to make it through today's shift. Last night had definitely been a mistake, she hadn't been that drunk in a long time. Eddi grabbed her coffee and plastered a fake smile on her face as she walked on to AAU.

"Howdy partner," a very cheerful Sacha greeted her at the nurses desk.

"Morning" Eddi quietly responded, before taking a big gulp of coffee and two painkillers.

Sacha shot Eddi a worried look but didn't say anything,instead he wandered off to do his ward rounds and left Eddi to go get changed into her scrubs. Once she had gotten changed Eddi went back to the ward and started looking for Max, it looked like her partner in crime hadn't made it in this morning, probably still recovering from last night.
Eddi sighed and went over to where Sacha was dealing with a very Uncooperative patient. She could just tell today was going to be one of those days where she spent her whole shift wishing she was snuggled up in bed.

"So what have we got?" she asked, going over to help Sacha.

"Joan Myers, 27. Suspected appendicitis, however I'm not too sure because she won't let me examine her." Sacha told her, looking frustrated.

"Right Ok then, how about I try?" Eddi asked, before moving to stand in front of the patient. "Hey, I'm Eddi. Listen we really need to examine you,
will you let me?" Eddi asked her in a soothing voice. Joan just glared at her before turning over and burying her head in her pillow, Eddi sighed before turning to Sacha and shaking her head.

"No luck I'm afraid," she told Sacha sadly.

"Damn! We really do need to examine her, sooner rather than later." Sacha moaned frustrated.

"I know Sacha, don't worry I'm sure she'll come round soon." Eddi assured him.

"No thanks, let's just wait and see." Sacha replied before giving her a cheery smile and wandering off to see another patient, Eddi went back and sat down at the nurse's station.

Eddi was starting to feel sick. Sighing she rested her head on the desk, her head was still pounding and she'd taken 4 painkillers since she had woken up this morning severely hungover.

"Oi sis!" Someone shouted across the ward. Eddi looked up intent on telling the person to shut up; her headache was making her moody. Only to be meet with the smiling face of Liam. Her brother! Who was stood smiling at her from the other end of the ward. Liam was here, what the hell was he doing here? He was meant to be in Leeds. Eddi stood up and rushed over to where Liam was, grabbing him by the arm she dragged him into the office.

"Liam" She sighed, rubbing her head. "What the hell are you doing here?" she demanded.

"Mum kicked me out," Liam mumbled looking down at his shoes.

"What did you do this time?" Eddi asked, she'd thought Liam had turned a corner, got his life back on track. Apparently she was wrong.

"What?I've done Nothing, Honest Ed. She was drunk and she started going crazy at me, screaming all kind of rubbish. Then she told me to pack a bag and get out, so I did." Liam told her smugly, for once he hadn't messed things up.

"Oh for god's sake," Eddi sighed, this was the last thing she needed now. "Right, I'm busy we'll have to deal with this later Liam, Here go back to my flat and wait for me there." Eddi told him, giving him a key.

"Can't I hang round here?" Liam asked "I could hang out with Luc, I'll stay out of your way. I promise" Liam pleaded. Eddi turned around so Liam wouldn't see the look that crossed her face when he mentioned Luc.

"No Liam you can't. You'd just cause trouble and anyway I'm afraid Luc's not here,"She told Liam quietly, trying not to get upset.

"Why where is he?" Liam asked confused.

"Luc has left." Eddi told him angrily before storming out of the office and going back to work. Leaving a stunned and confused Liam behind.