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Nepeta sighed contentedly as she looked at her latest painting. Finally, she had gotten around to it. The smell of paint along with the thought of this ship actually going somewhere was almost enough to intoxicate her. She lay back on her elbows and admired her work. On the wall, a picture of her and Karkat was surrounded by red hearts. She wondered if she would ever have the courage to admit her feelings for him. And if he would have the same feelings for her. Well it isn't going to happen today! she thought, We only just moved onto this asteroid, and there is still a lot to do to get settled in! With that, she sat up and began to collect her painting supplies.

A few weeks later, the trolls began to grow bored. Some were glad to have the chance to relax a bit after the game. But for a certain autistic cat-troll, life on an asteroid was getting purrty boring.

Nepeta paced around the room for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. Equius had told her to stay with him at all times until they knew all the potential dangers that were on the asteroid. But everyone had stopped exploring out of boredom; all there seemed to be were empty rooms and corridors. But still, Equius wouldn't let her leave his side for a moment. Nepeta growled softly in frustration. All he wanted to do was work on his robots! She had made up her mind. As silently as she could, Nepeta got up and slipped out of the room. Hopefully Equius wouldn't notice.

The hallway was empty, as usual. Deciding to explore a bit, Nepeta wandered over to the transportalizer and stepped on. In seconds, she was standing in the main transportalizer room. There were several other pads like the one she was standing on that led to other places in the asteroid. Choosing one at random, she stepped on it and was taken to another empty hallway. It didn't look familiar to her, but since all the corridors seemed to look the same, Nepeta wasn't sure. She wandered around for a while, poking her head into rooms and exploring the large space. Some of the rooms had crates of supplies in them, or pieces of machinery, but most were empty. After about an hour, she found herself at a dead end. There was a single door, and voices could be heard from the other side.

Nepeta put her ear to the door. It sounded like Terezi and someone else, but she couldn't be sure. Carefully, she opened the door a few inches and looked inside. It was someone's room. It was sparsely furnished, and sealed boxes were stacked in various places. Whoever lived here hadn't taken the time to unpack. Nepeta glanced around to find the source of the voices. On the floor, leaning against a wall, Terezi and Karkat were talking. Oddly, Karkat wasn't yelling, which was why she hadn't recognized his voice. Terezi was complaining about how far away Karkat's room was, and Karkat was insisting that it was better this way because no one could find him. The conversation rambled on, and Nepeta began to grow tired of listening. She was about to leave when Terezi leaned over and kissed him. Nepeta's eyes widened. She watched as Karkat's surprised expression relaxed as he kissed her back. The kiss grew more passionate and Nepeta couldn't bear to watch any longer. She felt her chest tighten and her eyes fill with olive-tinted tears as she stood and ran back through the corridors.

She burst into Equius's room, not bothering to be stealth. She darted across the room to her room and slammed the door behind her. She could hear Equius calling to her, but she ignored him and collapsed onto the floor, sobbing.

"Nepeta. Are you alright? Where were you?" Equius asked from outside her door. When she didn't answer, he continued. "Nepeta, I'm coming in, alright?"

Taking care not to break the door, he entered and walked over to where Nepeta lay, crying. He sat down beside her.

"Nepeta, what happened? Where did you go? You see, this is why I told you not to wander off without me." Equius said, concerned.

Nepeta crawled over to him and curled up on his lap before replying. "I'm sorry Equius, I just wanted to explore…" she choked out between sobs.

"As long as you are unharmed, I suppose it's okay. As long as you don't go out by yourself again. But I still don't understand, what has made you so upset?"

"Well, I went exploring, and I didn't really find anything but empty rooms, but then I found a room with things in it, and it was Karkat's room, and he was in there with Terezi, and," she started crying again as she spoke, "and he and Terezi, they were there, together, and… and she kissed him. And then Karkat… Karkat kissed her." With that, Nepeta broke down into sobs once more.

Unsure of what to say, her moirail stroked her, comforting her in the only way he knew how.