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Late evening turns to full on night as a pale girl with alluring aquamarine eyes made her way through the streets of LA as swiftly as she could. She was only a teenager, and she barely knew the ways of the neighborhood she was in. Granted, she looked older then she really was, mainly because of the fact she was so developed for her age.

Long slender fingers gripped at the light hoodie that encased the upper half of her body, showing that she was both cold and afraid.

Not that Jade West was ever afraid of anything. But something about this particular part of town made her uncomfortable. It could be the four unsolved murders of girls late at night on this block that made her a little jumpy.

She wasn't one to get killed though. Jade knew every horror movie like the back of her hand. Even the bad ones. She knew what to do in a situation like this.

Don't listen to music while walking down a deserted street.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Don't assume someone will let you go just because you're pretty.

Ok, the last one didn't apply to her, but she always kept it as a mental note for Cat. The girl was as conceded as she was dumb. But Jade had to hand it to her though. She was smart for a ditz.

Something from above moved quickly, casting a shadow over a dimly lit store, whose neon lights were still buzzing long after the owners had closed shop.

Jade noticed this, and despite her human instincts, she stopped. She skimmed though the part of the street she was on, seeing that there was no one there.

Shaking her head at her own paranoia, she continued down the road, her boots sloshing in the freshly fallen rain.

A gust of wind flew past her, making her jump. It wasn't windy, and there weren't any signs of a fan anywhere.

"Who's out here?" She demanded, looking in all directions. Of course, no one came forward, so she started walking briskly. Faster than she was before.

Her breathing sped up, and soon she started running. Her head whipped behind her every few sprints, until she was running with her head behind her.

She regretted doing it though, because she ran into something hard, knocking her to the ground.

When her vision refocused, she found herself having a staring match with deep brown eyes. She couldn't put a face to these eyes, but she knew it was female. Her skin was tan and her hair was almost if not a darker shade of brown then her eyes.

These eyes, she was beginning to discover, were just as tantalizing as her own. The girl who still had no name stared down at her, her jaw jaunt; hands clenched at her sides.

Jade tried to speak, but couldn't find the words. Before she could speak, the mysterious girl was gone.

The next day, Jade wordlessly got ready for school thinking about the girl she seen the night before. The more she thought about her, the more she realized the girl looked like Tori.

But that couldn't be possible.

What would prissy little Tori be doing in a neighborhood like that so late at night?

She didn't know, and she didn't want to know.

Grabbing her stuff she walked out her house and got in her car. Cranking the radio to full volume, she sung all the way to school not caring that she was probably damaging her ears.

Once she got there, she slumped down in a chair next to Cat's in Sikowitz's class. "Where have you been? You're ten minutes late!" The redhead scowled. Jade shooed off the ditzy girl's scolding. She stretched, and yawned before she spoke.

"Give me a break; I didn't get any sleep last night." She watched ad Beck and Andre made their way into the room, giving the girls a small wave.

"What happened? Did you have a dream? Oh! I had a dream! I dreamed I had pushed my brother off a building and the police thought I killed him but-"

"I saw Tori last night." Jade cut Cat off.

Cat's head tilted. "In that scary neighborhood Rex dared you to walk through?" Jade nodded. Thinking back to it now, she was pretty sure the girl she saw was Tori.

"What would Tori be doing in a place like that?"

That was a good question. There was no reason why Tori would be in a rundown place like that. Unless she was buying drugs or prostituting. Which Jade knew Tori would never be balls enough to do.

"I have no idea, Cat." Jade sighed, her theory getting more ridiculous by the minute.

The door to the classroom swings open and Tori comes in looking disheveled and irritated. Jade made brief eye contacted with her before she sat down, and now was really sure Tori was the girl she had seen last night.

Now if only she could get the girl to squeal.

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