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Tori jumped over the limp body of a vampire she had just killed. "Damn it how many vamps does she have working for her?!" She breathed. She wasn't out of breath but all this fighting was tiring her out and she was beginning to become hungry. If she was going to continue on in this fight she was going to have to eat. "Jenna?" She asked pleadingly.

"Ah, no. Nuh-Uh. Sorry sugarcube, I need all my strength ta fight. Sorry but you're on your own." The farm girl responded.

"Jozzy?" Tori whined. The blonde, who had finally managed to find her inhaler, gave Tori a wide eyed look.

"I have to fight too!" She excessively whispered.

Jenna rolled her eyes. "Please. The only thing you've been fightin' is a panic attack."

Tori scowled. She needed blood. And fast. "I have an idea." She said after a minute.

Jenna looked up. "Well let's hear it!"

"You two must be getting tired, right?" Tori asked.

Jenna rubbed her chin. "Well, Ah am getting a little plum tuckered out but Ah'm not so sure about Jozzy." Jozzy lazily rolled her eyes.

"What if I gave you guys my blood?" Tori suggested.

The two sisters before her shared a look. "That's mighty nice of ya, really Tori, but you can't. Vampire blood will do nothing for us." Jenna condoled.

"Huh? Why not?" Tori questioned.

"Werewolves are impervious to vampire blood." A familiar voice behind her answered. She turned around to see it was Beck.

"You!" Tori growled all hunger forgotten. She lunged at her friend.

"It was apart of the plan!" He tried to reason with her. But it was to no avail. Tori was down a road he knew she would never return from: Revenge. Her eyes were no longer the calm brown they've always been but a bright burning hot crimson red. He tried to push her off but couldn't.

Because all her emotions were heightened her strength became unbearable. She started choking him, anger revealing itself on every inch of her face. For the first time in forever Tori was frightening.

"Let 'em go Tori yet hurting him!" Jenna shouted. As much as she dislikes Beck, Jenna just couldn't stand by and let Tori hurt someone. No matter how sleazy he was.

"I don't care if it was! You let them take her!" She growled, throwing him against the wall.

Beck struggled to his feet before Tori's fist connected with his mouth. He fell backwards, Tori overpowering him. She was visibly shaking, and her fangs were seeping venom.

She was pissed.

"T-Tori?" Jozzy asked. "T-That's enough. I think he learned his lesson."

Tori ignored her, picking him up by his shirt. "When this is over, I expect you to be far, far away from here."

She let him go, stepping over him as she went. "Let's go."

"But Tori-"

"I said let's go!" She roared.

The two sisters silently followed after her without a second glance in Beck's direction.

Jade threw herself at the bars of her prison and shook them violently. Dammit. Why didn't she tell him to let her out before she sent him away?!

She sighed, her breathing slowing until she felt the transformation take over her. Now that she knew how to do it, it was like second nature to her. She howled before sitting on her hind legs. Now, how to get out of here like this. She saw that the ground was pure dirt. Maybe she could dig her way out of here.

She began to dig, her concentration fierce. "Dog instincts don't fail me now." She thought.

Tori went to the dining room, and sat at the table. She was going to do this her way. She pulled a leg off the table and started sharpening it with her nails. Beck be damned. She was going to kill that bitch, weather she was her aunt or not.

Jozzy and Jenna watched her in confusion. "You think she's finally lost it?" Jozzy whispered.

Jenna sighed. "Fraid, so."

The click clack of heels could be heard and Tori smirked. It was incredibly frighteningly blood thirsty smirk. One you'd expect to see on a hunting lioness not a sixteen year old girl.

Tatia chuckled. "Oh, you really are your father's daughter. Slaying my men in cold blood like that? Even the way you did it resembled the way he used to." She reminisced.

Tori's eyes lit up at the mention of her father, but were soon replaced with anger and contempt again. "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." She grimaced.

"Indeed it doesn't, dear niece." Tatia agreed. She took a seat across from Tori and picked up an apple from the table. "I wish Beck hadn't told you such,awful things about me." She said dully, staring at her reflection in the fruit.

Tori's grip on the table leg tightened. Beck may not be in her best graces right now, but she knew he was telling the truth. Tatia's sudden laugh snapped Tori out of her thoughts.

"Oh don't tell me you actually believed him? He hates me! He makes each and every excuse up to make me seem like a bad mother!" Tatia was slightly furious, Tori could tell, but she covered it up with dry amusement.

"I mean honestly, who would send their own cousin to murder their mother?" She asked.

The stake in Tori's hand was starting to cut grooves into her palm. She kept eye contact though, never letting up that she had a weapon concealed, and she was waiting for the right moment to pounce.

"Dear, I've been in the game longer than you have. I know all the tricks and trades. Hand over the stake, Princess." Tatia reprimanded, sticking her hand out.

Tori was bad at holding in her apparent shock because Tatia laughed. "Never let an enemy get the best of you. You didn't even know I was bluffing. Now I know you really do have a stake." There was a blur and before Tori knew it she was pinned against the wall. "You are still a child, Tori. You have no idea what you're doing."

Tori tried to move but couldn't. It was scaring her how the roles were reversed. Now she realized what she was doing. Here, standing in front of her was not only her aunt, but her doppelganger. Her doppelganger that was dangerously close to killing her. Is this what she looked like to other people when she was angry? She thought.

"Looks like you're going to have to learn a little discipline." Tatia sneered, picking up a fork off the table. She stabbed Tori in the stomach with it, making her cry out in pain.

Jozzy took a step forward but Jenna shook her head. This wasn't their fight anymore.

Tori winced, then gasped when she saw the stake in Tatia's hands. "What a shame. I saw real potential in you, Victoria." She patted the side of her face. "Too bad my son got to you before I did." Tori didn't respond, but instead gritted her teeth when she felt the fork dig deeper into her abdomen.

"It's really such a shame. You could have become my understudy, my successor. You've could have been just like me!"

Tori spat up blood. "I'll never become like you! You're a monster!"

Tatia frowned. "I'm the monster? Let's look back shall we? Who was the one who started killing innocent people? Who was the one who threatened her own best friends for her demented enjoyment?! Huh?!"

Tori was quiet. She looked away ashamed. Tatia was right, she had really done all those things. She had no right to call someone else a monster.

Tatia laughed. "That's what I thought."

Tori was frustrated. Her own aunt was playing with her emotions. And to make matters worse, everything she was saying was true. Tori was a monster. She was a malicious, manipulative, unmerciful monster. She really had no right to call anyone that word. Tears started to form in her eyes. She didn't know what to do.

Jade panted as she finally made a hole big enough for her go crawl through. Howling with pride, she trotted over to a guard and attached him, ripping right into his vampire flesh and tearing his head off with her razor sharp canines.

After this she turned back into her human form rolling her shoulders. "Okay, one down, god only knows now many more to go." She decided going out there naked was a bad idea, so she put on the guards clothes. He definitely didn't need them anymore, and it would help her blend in.

She expected there to be a ton of guards posted outside the dungeon, but it was completely unprotected. That was odd. When the goons that had thrown her in there left, she saw them take their post at the door before it closed.

She walked a little farther, and became confused as to why there were vampire body parts spread everywhere. It didn't bother her, but it was pretty gruesome, even for her. And she liked that kind of stuff.

Her only guess was that it was Jenna, but as strong willed and short tempered she was she was never this...violent. Beck had been long gone, and the wounds looked fresh. Someone, or at least something, bolted through and destroyed every living thing in it's path.

But why didn't it come for her though? If it really wanted to kill something supernatural why didn't it come after her too? Maybe it only liked to kill vampires and not wolves? She didn't want to stick around to find out, so she continued on, jogging past the mangled corpses.

Cat was somewhere, she didn't exactly know where, but she was somewhere in this huge house. She was chained to a pipe, and heavily drugged. The boys told her it would "lighten her up" and "Help her cause less trouble". The truth was that it was now causing her trouble. She couldn't think straight, and therefore couldn't focus her powers on finding the auras of Tori and Jade.

She knew they were there, she just couldn't pinpoint exactly where. Just like she couldn't exactly pinpoint where she herself was. She crossed her legs and heaved a sigh before attempting to focus her attention on an abandoned soda can on top of what she assumed was a boiler.

She squinted, the strain starting to hurt her eyes, but she pushed on. The can began to move but before it made it to the floor she screamed out in pain. Sweat dripped from her forehead; she was panting fast and raggedly, her head throbbing with the force of a jackhammer.

Whatever those men gave her was no joke.

Tori must have prayed at least a thousand times before Tatia stuck a knife into her side. Tori gasped with pain, her eyes wide with shock and pain, tears spilling out silently. Oh sure she'll heal once she got out of this- if she got out of this, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

Jozzy squirmed under Jenna's grip, tears in her own eyes, dying to help Tori. Jenna just held her and watched in silence hoping Jade would somehow escape and come to save her in time.

"It can end. I can stop. I really don't want to hurt you, Tori." Tatia cooed, caressing the side of Tori's cheek. Tori turned away from her. Anger boiled in Tatia and before Tori knew it Tatia had slapped her. "Figures. I should have known you would be as stubborn as your father." She snarled.

Tori was beginning to lose consciousness, she tried to move but she couldn't. She was in so much pain that it actually hurt to think about it. She sighed, deciding to give up. This was all her fault. Putting her friends lives at risk, just to save her own ass, being hurtful to Jade. She deserved to die. At least they'd better off without her. Sure they'd all probably miss her The heaviness of the urge to lull into the sedated state overcame her finally, and she blacked out.

Jade skidded around a corner before making a complete stop. She could smell something. Something like...blood? But whose blood was it? She sniffed again and then gagged. It wasn't human, but vampire. Was it Beck's? Tatia's? One of her minions? No, it wasn't rancid like theirs. It was sickeningly sweet, and repugnantly pure. It was, she gasped, Tori's.

Cat gasped when she felt an aura disappear. "Someone is dying." She whispered to herself in disbelief. "I can't tell who it is but their dying. Their aura is diminishing." She struggled to her feet, but crashed back down when she felt a sudden dense feeling weigh her down. She cursed, banging her head against the pipe she was chained to. Someone, one of her closest friends, was dying. And there was nothing she could do about it.

Tori couldn't hear anything but the sound of Tatia's laughing. It was sinister, evil. She was coming in and out of consciousness, not being able to make out anything.

But then, she saw a dark figure. And heard a deep growl. The growl sounded familiar and Tori realized the dark figure was Jade. "Nnh..Jade..?" she slurred.

The other girl didn't hear her. She was engulfed with rage. How dare she. How dare Tatia do that to Tori. She didn't care about what Tori had done to her any more. That was all in the past. She had tried to be nice, she had tried to correct her mistakes, and then, and then here she was, dying for no reason. No, she wouldn't let that happen.

Jade lunged for Tatia who dodged. "How were you able to get out?!" She growled.

Jade grinned. "Let's just say I had to do a little digging."

Tatia threw a punch at Jade but the pale girl jumped out of the way in time and landed a left hand jab at the vampire's jaw. Tatia stepped back rubbing her chin. "Do you know what I can do to you?! Do you know who you're dealing with, you mutt?!"

Jade laughed dryly. "You're right. I don't know what I'm dealing with." She rolled up the sleeves of the shirt she was wearing. "But I do know you hurt Tori." She took a fighting stance, all the training that they had done in the field for those two days flooding back in her mind. "And I can't let you get away with that!"

Tatia chuckled and shook her head. "Ah, young love I see. You're in love with my incompetent niece. You were once in love with my son too. Isn't funny how such a pale girl could be interested in vampires when she looks like one herself?"

Jade didn't respond.

"But you're not a vampire, you're a wolf. Heh. I should have known you were related to that woman's hick daughter." Tatia continued. Jenna's eared perked up.

"What are you talking about?!" Jade demanded.

"Oh yes well, I was the cause of the girl's mother's untimely death." Tatia deadpanned.

Jenna nearly fell out. Her family...they had told her it had been a car accident. But she knew it couldn't have been that. Her neck was snapped, and she was sucked dry of all her blood. She knew...she just didn't want to believe it.

"Oh my god." Jozzy whispered.

"You bitch!" Jade roared as she ran blindly at Tatia. The original just simply stepped aside and let Jade tumble to the floor. She could almost hear Tori's annoying voice now, "I told you not to be blinded by your anger. See what happens when you let anger control your actions?"

Jade grunted as she got to her feet. If she hated Tori so much, why was she fighting for her? Why was she so concerned for her? She should just go find Cat and take her sisters and leave. Tori has put her through so much it was migraine inducing. She had every right to leave her to die. But she couldn't. Because she wouldn't. Because if she really wanted to, she would have done it by now.

Tatia laughed. "You can't even control your emotions during a heated fight! How can you think you could ever defeat me?!"

Jade ripped a piece of iron off of the stairs behind her and smirked. "Well now, let's see and find out." She said as she charged at her.

Tori heard shouting, but due to her extreme loss in blood she could not lift her head or open her eyes entirely. She was too tired and exhausted to do anything. She had failed. And everything was all her fault. She couldn't help but feel sorry for herself. Maybe Tatia was right. Maybe she was a monster. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Cat's words from a few days ago rang through her head. "The secrets you withhold, will come to light and are bound to be told. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, for those are the ones that will save your life later."

Her eyes shot wide open. That's what Cat meant! Cat meant that the person that wasn't exactly her friend was going to save her life! And here Jade was, doing exactly just that! She smiled. Maybe she hadn't lost her friends.

Cat banged her head against the pipe she was chained against before trying to stand up again. She's been trying to get up for the past hour. She wanted to know whose aura was dimming. Though, something odd happened. The aura stopped flickering, and began to glow again. Not as bright as it usually is, but it was becoming more steady with each moment. She sighed. At least no one was dying- yet. She knew from the short time that she has spent with the original about how violent she can be.

She blushed at the thought. She was violent alright. In some ways more than others. Cat sighed again. She really needed to get out of here. Well, wherever here was- and go help her friends. It was her fault they were here risking their lives for her. If she had just gone back to the group as it was getting dark, she wouldn't be in this mess. But no, she had to stay and finish the spell she was working on because it was so important to her. And now look where she was. Chained up in a basement drugged and watching her friends die. She snorted. This was just wonderful. She thought for a moment, then tried to stand up again. She sighed in relief when she was actually able to stand up steadily.

She then sighed again, to prepare herself to actually break herself free from her restraints. She focused all her power again, feeling it course through her body this time. With a deep breath and a grunt, the chains broke and Cat was finally free. She smirked. Now to find Tori and the others.

Jade charged at Tatia, who side stepped her and landed a punch at her side. Jade stumbled a bit before regaining her composure. "Maybe if you stayed still I could land a hit." She jokes dryly.

Tatia smirked. "Now what kind of fool would I be if I did that?"

"A fool that doesn't pay attention to what's going on around her." Jenna said behind her.

"What?!" Tatia barked.

Jenna took the stake from off the floor and quickly stabbed Tatia through the heart with it. She gasped, and with her last breath she smiled. "You're right. I am a fool. I raised a son who grew up to betray me, and then let him team up with his cousin and friends to slay me." She laughed weakly, the color in her features starting to fade. "Well, you tell my niece and my son that I'll be expecting them in Hell." She smirked as she the light finally disappeared from her eyes.

Jade sighed. "Well, that's the end of that."

"Oh god, Tori!" Jozzy exclaimed, and Jade suddenly remembered her friend was staked to the wall and started to run over to her too.

Tori was still weak and could barely make out a thing. "Blood? Please?" she asked pleadingly.

"Sorry sugarcube. But you can't have lycan blood. It'll kill you." Jenna explained sadly.

"Well then maybe I can help." A voice croaked.

The three girls turned around to see it was none other than Cat Valentine limping towards them.

"Cat!" They screamed running up to her. Jade breathed a sigh of relief. Cat was alive, and so was Tori. Everything had worked out fine. But one thing that she noticed was that Beck was nowhere to be found. He couldn't have just left. That wasn't like him. Jade shook her head. There was no need to dwell over that. Beck was his own person. If he had chosen to leave then that was his choice. There probably wasn't anything she could do about it anyway.

"Are you sure you're well enough to do that?" Jenna asked.

Cat nodded. "Yeah, just prop her up and let me handle the rest."

Jenna and Jozzy shared a look, before lifting the semi conscious vampire to a sitting up position. "Yes. Keep her just like that." Cat instructed as she picked up the iron stake Jade had had in her hands moments ago. She cut a small wound into her arm before putting it up to Tori's mouth. "C'mon Tori. Drinky, drinky." She cooed.

Tori's eyes open to slits, and started faintly sucking on the wound before her strength started to return and she gripped Cat's arm tightly. When she saw the discomfort on her friend's face decided to stop.

"Oh god I feel so much better." She sighed. She then took the time to look around to see Tatia's body on the floor. She stared at her friends, mouth agape. "When- How- Who-"

"Mighty long story, but Ah think we could catch up on it back at the other hide out. This place is starting to smell bad." Jenna explained. Tori nodded and accepted her hand before they all walked out.

"Whoo-wee!" It's been a long week!" Jenna shouted.

"You're telling me." Cat mumbled.

Jozzy sighed. "I'm just glad all of this is over."

Tori and Jade hung in the back so that they could talk in private. "Aw, look at you, coming to my rescue like that." Tori teased.

Jade rolled her eyes. "I only did it because I felt like you redeemed yourself enough to be worthy of my friendship."

Tori beamed. "Really?!" She asked, hopping up and down.

Jade snorted. "Okay yes, now stop acting like a five-year-old."

Tori chuckled but stopped. "I kinda have something to tell you then. If you know, we're gonna be friends and all."

"Oh?" Jade prods.

"Yeah. I um, I'm in love with you." Tori confessed, feeling heat rush to her cheeks. Its a good thing vampires couldn't blush because she would have been beet red by now.

"I guess it's your lucky day, Vega." Jade sighed as she held out a hand to make Tori stop.

Tori did stop, and in confusion. "Huh?"

"I'm not exactly as infatuated with you as you are with me, but yeah, I'm digging you. I'm digging you a whole lot." Jade told her smirking amusedly.

Tori's eyes lit up as she gasped and hugged Jade. When she let go, Jade raised a brow. "What?! What is it?!" Tori panicked.

Jade snorted. "Isn't this the part where we're supposed to kiss?"

Tori laughed then bit her lip. "Yeah, yeah it is."

Jade rolled her eyes again before pulling the vampire close. Their lips met with great passion and long waited satisfaction. Tori gasped at the embrace then pulled the dark haired girl closer tangling her fingers in her dyed curls.

"Looks like everything worked out for them." Jenna chuckled, tipping her Stetson towards the couple.

Cat grinned. "Aw yeah! You owe me 20 bucks, Joz."

Jozzy groaned. "What?! Really?!"

Just then, Robbie, Andre and Trina emerged from the hideout and saw the make out scene. They weren't as banged up as everyone else, but not exactly fine to say the least.

"Well, how much did we miss?" Andre asked jokingly.

"A surprising lot from what I can tell." Robbie responded.

Trina gagged. "Ugh! Gross! I don't want to watch my sister make out with Jade!" She then walked over to Cat to start up a conversation.

"Tori?" A voice asked.

Tori broke the kiss begrudgingly to see it was Beck. She growled. "What do you want, Beck?"

He held up his hands in surrender. "A second chance. I know I messed up. But Tatia is dead and, now that she's out of the way I could help you find your father."

Tori's ears perked up. "I'm listening."

Beck took a step forward then said. "I talked to a vampire a few days ago about him and they said that he was somewhere in New York the last time they saw him. If you gave me another chance, I could help you find him."

Tori thought for a moment. "Fine. But you're on probation."

He nodded. "Fair enough."

Jade walked over to Jenna. "You alright? I know you heard-"

Jenna stopped her. "Yeah, Ah'm fine. It's okay. My mama was someone special and Ah'm glad she was able to raise me before she died."

Jade patted her on the back. "I'm still sorry though."

Jenna shook her head. "Don't be. She may be gone, but Ah still got you, Jade. And Jozzy and all our friends. And that's all this country girl is ever gonna need."

Jade hugged her sister before she heard Tori calling her name. "What is it?" she asked.

Tori had the brightest smirk Jade had ever seen plastered on her face.

"How do you and the girls feel about a road trip to New York?"

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