A/N - This story is about future Arizona and Alex and their friendship. How far is Alex willing to go, to be a good friend to Arizona? How will this then affect their own individual relationships with their spouses? Arizona/Callie and Alex/Izzie!


The beautifully decorated room was with buzzing with loud music, laughter and excited chatter, as glasses of champagne and expensive looking canapés were passed around freely

"Okay, everyone," Callie yelled, tapping her champagne glass excitedly. "Here comes the cake."

Arizona looked towards the door to see her and Callie's, gorgeous young daughter Sofia walking towards her proudly holding a two tier pink and white birthday cake, with a big perfectly iced sparkly '40' perched on top of it.

"Make a wish," Callie said, grinning at Arizona.

"What if I have nothing to wish for? What if I have everything I could possibly want?" Arizona said, grinning back and gazing lovingly at Callie and Sofia.

"Well, then wish that nothing ever changes," Callie said softly.

Arizona gave her a huge warm smile that instantly made her bright blue eyes twinkle magically. 'Callie's done well,' she thought, as she glanced around, and her face flushed with emotion at all the people that had made the effort to come and celebrate her birthday with her. She knew it was partly due to the effects of the two delicious glasses of champagne she had divulged in. But it was also the sight of her closest friends and family all grouped around staring at her. Her parents, some old family friends and a few people she'd know from med school and her intern days, and then all her friends from the hospital, where the majority of her and Callie's closest friends seemed to come from these days. Cristina and Owen were there, Meredith, Derek and Zola, Mark Sloan and his latest fling, Bailey and Ben with Tuck and their baby girl, Richard Webber, April and Jackson and their two children, and even Alex and Izzie had made the effort to fly back to Seattle with their two young sons to be here with Arizona for the big '40'.

Arizona then felt her smile widen further, as her eyes met Alex's, and he raised his eyebrow playfully at her. Alex, had remained one of her best friends, ever since the days he had trained to be a ped's surgeon under her back at Seattle Grace. Despite him leaving her to further develop his career and chase his own happiness, Arizona knew that she had been the single, most influential person in shaping him in to becoming the great surgeon he was today, and even though he now lived on the other side of the country they still kept in regular contact. But that didn't stop her missing him, like crazy. The place wasn't the same without him, the way he always made her laugh with his endless wisecracks, and how he never failed to surprise her when dealing with their young patients. He really gave a damn and that was so rare to come by these days.


Arizona continued to smile as she blew out the candles and stared down at the cake. But her eyes suddenly told a different story as they glazed over with a subtle sadness. She hadn't been completely honest. There was something she wanted, very badly. A feeling that had completely taken her by surprise and that she had been trying so desperately hard to shut out for the past couple of months. A feeling, that her whole life she had been completely convinced, she would never ever experience. But slowly, as her fortieth Birthday had been approaching, it had been creeping in to her every waking thought. Becoming more than just a passing dream, turning in to a deep-rooted, burning desire that seemed to be consuming her, and she was tired of trying to fight it. Arizona wanted to have another baby, her own biological baby!


Sipping her glass of champagne and running her perfectly manicured, short fingernails through her soft blonde hair, Arizona was starting to feel a little fuzzy and light headed. She needed some fresh air. As she stepped outside she immediately saw Alex sat on the swing in the back yard playing with one of his kids.

Arizona couldn't help but smile to herself. She had always known that Alex, would not only end up as a totally awesome ped's surgeon, but also as a great father to his own kids. Despite how he'd always tried so hard to always act the arrogant badass. He had the biggest heart, and so much love to give. Arizona had never doubted that despite how he'd messed around in his twenties, Alex would wind up in his thirties, married with a beautiful wife and running round playing catch with his kids.

Alex and Izzie had two beautiful young sons. The older of the two boys Daniel, was just like Izzie, he had blond hair, big chocolate brown eyes and lightly sun kissed skin. Whilst their younger son, Will, was all Alex. He had olive skin, dark hair and eyes, and a cheeky, mischievous grin and according to Alex and Izzie, Will, had an answer for everything, just like his father.

As Arizona approached them, Alex put little Will down and he ran noisily in to the house making aeroplane sounds.

"Hey, not so fast," Alex yelled after him, as he turned to Arizona and grinned.

Arizona laughed and her blue eyes lit up, as she sat down next to Alex. It was nearly sunset and breathing in the fresh evening air, she stared dreamily at the beautiful orange and pink sky, looping her arm affectionately through Alex's, as she said "You're such a great Dad Karev."

Alex blushed slightly, even now compliments made him feel slightly uneasy, as he said "Well, they can be quite a handful at times, especially when they're fighting. But I wouldn't change it for the world. They're honestly the best thing I've ever done." He was silent for a moment then, as he contemplated how he had sworn, that he would make sure that his own son's childhoods would be so different to his own.

He then added more playfully "You know, give a little gift back to the world and pass on the fantastic Karev genes."

Arizona giggled a little and nestled herself further against him, she felt so relaxed around him, she always had. She had spent the last two hours making small talk with old colleagues and friends and now she finally had the chance to be on her own with her best friend, and all time favourite, cocky resident. She missed him and their playful banter so much. But he was a hot-shot attending now, at Hopkins of all places.

Then it hit her, hearing Alex talk about his kids, she couldn't help but suddenly feel a small pang in her chest. She thought about her own daughter, Sofia, and as much as she loved her more than anything in the world. When she looked at her, Sofia was 'all' Callie. She had the same dark hair and dark expressive eyes, with the same slightly fiery temperament, and big heart to make up for it. They were two 'peas in a pod', and as much as Arizona knew she was being ridiculous, at times she did feel a little left out and almost as though something was missing from her marriage and family.

She turned back to Alex, he looked so relaxed and happy as he sipped his bottle of beer, looking out on to the beautiful sunset, his shirt collar loosely undone. Despite their relationship only ever having been strictly platonic, Arizona couldn't help but think to herself how handsome he still was. He was a husband and father now, but he hadn't lost that sexy bad boy edge, that had always made all the women in the hospital go so weak at the knees, and he just seemed to be getting better with age. While she felt as though her best years were slowly falling behind her and her marraige.

She swallowed and pressed her lips together, as she said to Alex. "Can I ask you something?... Do you and Izzie…do you still have regular sex?"

Alex laughed to himself, completely unfazed by such a personal question, as a wide boyish grin suddenly spread across his face. Despite his punishing work load at Hopkins that part of his marriage was still very much on fire!

Causing Arizona to chuckle too, as she rolled her eyes slightly and said "You know what, don't answer that….."

She couldn't help but feel slightly envious. The spark had definitely started fizzling out of her own sex life. She was happy for Alex. She knew he deserved all the happiness that he now had in his life. He had hidden it well, but Arizona had always known just how much he had still been 'so' painfully in love with Izzie over the years back in Seattle. When he had finally found the courage to find her again, to tell her how he felt, and to persuade her to give things another shot, it was as though he had become a whole different person.

As she felt lost in her thoughts again, Alex sensed her mood, and he turned to look at her, saying kindly "You know, marriage isn't easy, but nothing that's worth anything ever is, and when you've been though everything that Izzie and I have. You kind of appreciate every moment you have together."

"You're right," Arizona said, forcing a smile back on to her face.

She knew that she and Callie were just as in love, as ever. 'That', she felt sure, would never change. But it just seemed lately as though they were always so damn tired all the time. With the back to back surgeries, late night emergency pages, and then the running around after Sofia all the time, it felt as though they never had time to talk, or spend time together like they used to. Arizona knew that she was a lot to blame for that, and also that she wasn't being completely honest with Callie.

She shivered slightly, as the cooler night air suddenly hit her, and she snuggled closer to Alex, as she said "It was really great of you to come all this way, just for my Birthday."

He smiled at her, and his eyes filled with emotion, as he said "Wouldn't have done it for anyone but you Robbins."

"Really?" she said, her face lighting up.

"Well, that and we were getting slightly homesick, wanted to catch up with everyone back here too," he replied.

"Oh, so I'm not so special after all then," Arizona teased.

She then let out a soft sigh, as she said in a hopeful, slightly high pitched tone of voice. "I can't persuade you to come back and work for me at Seattle Grace again? You know, re-form the ped's dream team," her lips curling up in to her brightest, pleading smile, as her blue eyes sparkled at him.

Alex shifted uncomfortably at being put on the spot, as he said "Maybe, one day. But you know, I think there's only room for one Ped's God per hospital, don't you?" and they both laughed. Arizona knew he was rocking it at Hopkins. He had exceptional talent, and once she had forgiven him for leaving, she embraced how proud she was that he had been recognised by one of the country's leading hospitals.

Alex stopped laughing then, as he said in a more serious tone "Everything I've achieved. Where I've got to today, that's all down to you Arizona. You never stopped believing in me. You made me realize, I could really be something."

Arizona rubbed his forearm affectionately, as she said gently, "I may have shown you the way to go, opened your eyes to all the possibilities available to you. But the person you are today, the talent you have. That was always there, Alex. You just had to believe it yourself."

Their conversation was interrupted then, as the sound of heels cluttered nosily down the path towards them, and they were hit with a sharp waft, of sweet musky perfume.

"There you are," Callie said, with a perplexed look on her face and slight frustration in her voice.

"People are leaving, and want to say goodbye to you," her eyes then flashed curiously, as she wondered just what Arizona and Alex were talking about out here on their own.

Alex picked up on the tense vibes, and stood up saying quickly "I'd better go and find out what my little monsters are up to."

"Make sure you don't leave without saying goodbye." Arizona called out after him, as he walked back in to the house.


Later that night, after everyone had gone, Callie was sat up in bed rubbing perfumed moisturizer furiously in to her hands, as Arizona leaned over and kissed her tenderly.

"Thank you, for giving me such a wonderful birthday," she said, as she gazed at Callie, thinking how everything about her was just so perfect.

"Did you see Webber throwing some dodgy moves on the dance floor?" Callie suddenly laughed, as Arizona giggled and added "What was going on with Kepner too? I mean, she was seriously letting her hair down. How many glasses of champagne did she have? Avery had to practically carry her out."

Arizona then stopped laughing, as she said "Did you see Baileys baby? I mean, was she not just the cutest thing?"

Callie turned and looked at her open-mouthed, as she said "You, think a baby is cute?"

Arizona just nodded then, as she said "Yep."

"No, no….you like operating on babies and saving their lives. You don't like cooing all over them."

Arizona looked slightly hurt, but she knew she couldn't blame Callie for thinking like that. That was exactly how she had felt her whole life.

Callie went to change the subject, when she noticed a familiar look in Arizona's eyes. The look that she was about to say something intense, but wasn't quite sure how to go about it.

"What is it?" Callie said.

"I've been thinking," Arizona said slowly and nervously, as she fiddled with a loose strand of her hair. Another sign to Callie that she was about to broach a taboo subject.

"I want us to have another baby."

"Really?... You really want us to have another baby?" Callie said, half in astonishment and half in relief that, that had been what Arizona had wanted to say.

Callie then raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, as she said "Because it might not be that easy. I mean, I'm several years older now and we'd have to find a suitable donor."

"No. I think you've misunderstood me. I want to be the one having the baby, Callie. I want to give birth to a baby this time. I want to grow a tiny little life inside me. Feel the fluttering of its little legs kicking and sense its heart beating. Then I want to see a miniature version of myself growing up in our family, alongside you, me and Sofia."

Callie was lost for words. She had seriously never thought she would see the day, when Arizona would say she wanted to have another baby herself. She loved Sofia but she had always been so certain that she didn't have those maternal urges to want to fall pregnant herself.

But then a big smile broke across Callie's face, as Arizona's words sunk in, and she grabbed her hand and babbled furiously "Okay, okay, if that's what you want, let's do it. I mean, you know it's not going to be easy, but I can contact Addison, get a referral to the best fertility specialist in the state. Then we can look for a donor, and…"

"Callie," Arizona suddenly said sharply, causing her to stop mid-sentence. "I don't want to visit a fertility clinic. I already know who I want the donor to be. Sofia, was fathered by your best friend and well I want this baby to be fathered by my best friend….so….." She gulped, as she said "I'm going to ask, Alex."

Callie's jaw dropped in astonishment. "Karev," she stammered. "You want Alex Karev to be the father of our child?…."

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