Avatar: The Legend of Wright

Maya: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Long ago many people known as benders could control one of

these four elements through the art of bending; however there was one who could bend all four

elements, the Avatar. The Avatar kept the world in balance and harmony. When one

Avatar's time in this world would end, like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar

would begin anew. But the Avatar was no longer needed in this world so the cycle ended and the

Avatar vanished from the world. Over time bending disappeared from this world as well. The

world moved on and bending fell into the realm of myth and legend to be forever forgotten… until now…

Book 1: Fire

Elements of the Turnabout

Location: Kurian Village

Time: 6:00 pm. December 25, 2026

The train had finally come to a stop. Phoenix smiled as he looked out the train window fondly remembering his previous trips to this place. He turned over to Apollo and Trucy; Apollo had fallen asleep on the ride over and Trucy was playfully flicking the spikes in his hair.
"Hey Polly! We're here!" Trucy shouted in the young defense attorney's ear. Apollo jolted up from the shear shock.
"Could you please not do that Trucy!? I almost had a heart attack!" the young defense attorney said as he placed his hand over his heart.

"Ahhh, don't be such a baby Apollo. Besides, she's right we are here." Phoenix said with a smirk as he rose from his seat adjusting the beanie on his head. The trio made their way out of the train. Apollo looked around the environment and observed the snowy area. He was rather taken back at how old the place looked.

"So… Where is here Mr. Wright?"

"Kurain Village. It's always been a beautiful place; so peaceful, so majestic, so quiet…."


"Ok, maybe not that last part." Phoenix turned to look for the source of the gleeful voice. The source of the noise came from none other than the village's master herself, Maya Fey. Not much had changed about her in those long seven years; sure she was taller, more mature, and wore her master's talisman instead of the amber colored magatama that she wore as an acolyte but she was still the same ol' Maya Fey. She ran up and wrapped her arms around Phoenix, Phoenix has to spin with her momentum otherwise he'd have his backside firmly planted in the snow. The two greeted each other with a heartfelt laugh.

"Nick! I'm so glad you could make it!" The spirit medium said with a huge smile on her face. "Oh! And you must be Trucy and Polly. Nick's told me so much about you two. Merry Christmas!" Maya giggled as she gave one of Apollo's spikes a quick flick.

"Um… Actually m'am my name's…" Apollo responded meekly before getting interrupted by Trucy hyperactively hopping around Maya.


"You bet she is!" A voice sounded from off in the distance. The group turned their heads to see a teenage girl in a pink acolyte robe walking towards them.
"Hey Pearls! It's been a while hasn't it?" Phoenix said as he ruffled his hand through Pearl's hair.

"Too long Mr. Nick." The sixteen year old responded with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Well Pearls I promise things will be different now. All thanks to this horned beast right here." Phoenix chuckled as he wrapped his arm around Apollo's shoulder while Apollo just stood there smiling sheepishly.

"Pearly, why don't you take Polly and Trucy inside? Nick and I will catch up."

"Yes, Mystic Maya! I'll leave you two alone so you can be lovey dovey!" Pearl beamed as she took Trucy and Apollo by their hands and led them inside the wooden building.

"It feels good doesn't it? Not to have to meet in secret anymore while wearing some silly disguise." Maya said as she turned her head to Phoenix.

"Silly? That fake moustache really suited you." Phoenix said with a chuckle as Maya playfully slapped him on the arm. "Yeah, it really does… Everything's finally behind us. No more secrets, no more illegal investigations, and most importantly, no more Kristoph. He's locked up for good. I don't have to worry about him hurting you anymore."

"Nick, I'm sorry I haven't gone by and visited in the last three months. I really wanted to be there once I heard that your name was cleared. It's just that the elders found some stupid old scroll and we've been spending the last three months trying to figure out what it means…"

"I should be the one apologizing Maya. Seven years… For seven years I distanced myself from both you and Pearls… Sure, you and I met in secret once a month in the city but the both of you deserved better than that… I was just being paranoid." Maya placed her hand on Phoenix's face and looked into his eyes.

"It's all in the past now. We have a bright future ahead of us. Now c'mon let's go inside and eat, I'm starving!"

Apollo, Trucy, and Pearl were already seated at the table. Apollo sat there bored resting his elbow on the table with his chin dug into his palm while Pearl and Trucy were making arrangements for Phoenix and Maya's wedding. Maya walked in and took her seat at the head of the table. Phoenix walked over to the coat rack and removed both his beanie and jacket revealing that he was wearing his signature blue suit with his old attorney's badge pinned on his lapel. He hung his jacket on the coat rack and took a seat next to Trucy and Maya.

"Now that your name's cleared you don't have to go around dressed as a hobo anymore Nick." Maya joked as she took a sip from her water.

"Haha, yeah. I was worried this old thing wouldn't fit anymore. Luckily for me it still does." The server then walked into the room carrying a large, expensive looking tray. He placed the tray in the middle of the table.

"As requested by Master Fey…" Phoenix shot an impressed look to Maya and mouthed the word "Master" while Maya just grinned and mouthed back "Isn't it great!". "…Cooked to elegant perfection your cheeseburgers… Are served!" The server dramatically removed the tray's lid revealing a monstrous pile of cheeseburgers.

"Alright everyone, dig in!" Maya announced cheerfully as she immediately scooped up two cheeseburgers. Everyone sat around the table enjoying their dinner, laughing, and talking until the air was made tense as one of the Kurain Elders entered the room. True to her title she was an elderly woman who stood hunched over on her cane.

"Mystic Maya, we have important news regarding the scroll in the treasure room."

"Can't this wait Mystic Ellen?" Maya inquired as she wiped her mouth with her napkin trying her best to look elegant.

"It is very important news I'm afraid… If your friends are done eating they may wait for you in the treasure room while we discuss the matter in the treasure room's sacred chamber."

Maya rose from her seat, "Fine, I'll be back soon. Just don't go and open the Christmas presents without me ok!" Maya exited the dining hall at Mystic Ellen's side.

Phoenix rose from his seat as well and fixing his tie, "I'll be in the treasure room if any of you need anything." Phoenix then proceeded to leave the room as well. Apollo looked around for a bit, shrugged his shoulders, got up and followed Phoenix while Trucy and Pearl continued to plan Phoenix and Maya's wedding. Phoenix and Apollo entered the sacred treasure room and began to observe to ancient relics that covered the room's walls in awe.

"This place is giving off a weird vibe Mr. Wright." Apollo said as he slowly turned and examined the room.

"Yeah… Hey Apollo check this out!" Apollo stopped looking at a strange, green, seven branched sword and walked over to his boss. "This must be the scroll they were talking about… Let's see… It says 'Water, earth, fire, air. These are the four elements that the Avatar must master in order to bring balance and harmony to the world. Although the Avatar has long since vanished from our world he will return to it once this scroll has been found…' Huh… Pretty weird, sounds like one of those cartoons Maya would watch." Phoenix said as he placed his hand on his chin and tapped his cheek with his index finger.

"Wow, I didn't know you could read… Uh… Whatever language that is Mr. Wright… Looks like Chinese…" Phoenix cocked an eyebrow at Apollo.

"What are you talking about Apollo? It's in plain English. See…" Just as Phoenix tapped the scroll with his index finger his mind began flooding with various images such as a bald acolyte with strange markings on his body wielding a staff and a dark skinned girl riding what appeared to be a polar bear dog through the snow. Phoenix closed his eyes and grasped his head in pain as he fell to his knees while the images bombarded his mind.

"M-MR. WRIGHT ARE YOU OK!?" Apollo yelled as he crouched down and grabbed Phoenix's shoulders. Phoenix rose to his feet and let out a scream of pain which caused the scroll to burst into flames. Apollo just backed away in fear and watched as Phoenix finally opened his eyes and released a tremendous blue glow. The glow finally died down and Phoenix returned back to normal breathing heavily. "M-Mr. Wright are you ok?" Apollo asked timidly.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine… I don't know what came over me." Phoenix's head still throbbed but the pain had subsided. He rubbed the back of his neck and turned to look at the scroll. "Apollo?"

"Yes, Mr. Wright?" Apollo replied meekly.

"The scroll's on fire…"

"Yes, yes it is."

"WELL DON'T JUST STAND THERE! HELP ME PUT IT OUT!" Phoenix panicked as he searched around the room. His eyes met with a water faucet in the corner of the room, he jolted over to the water faucet "Apollo, grab that bucket of water so we can fill it up." Apollo quickly grabbed the bucket and rushed to Phoenix. "Ngh, the darn handle's stuck." Phoenix grunted as he attempted to turn the rusted faucet knob. "Ok, c'mon turn you stupid handle…" The old rusted handle finally gave way and snapped off causing water to spray out. Phoenix closed his eyes and lifted his hands to shield his face from the water. Something was off however… He wasn't getting wet. Phoenix opened his eyes and saw Apollo just standing there staring in disbelief with his jaw dropped. Phoenix looked towards the faucet and saw that the water that had sprayed out at him looked as though it were frozen in time. He turned and saw that Maya and Mystic Ellen had recently entered the room as well; both of them wore shocked expressions on their faces. Phoenix then broke the silence with a sheepish reply,"Uhhh… I can explain… You see… Ummm… Apollo did it!" Phoenix pointed accusingly towards Apollo which unfroze the water causing it to spray on Phoenix.

"What!? No I didn't! You touched the scroll and it just consumed itself in flames!" Apollo replied pointing back to Phoenix. Maya just stood there with a concerned look on her face while Mystic Ellen stared at her. Mystic Ellen then turned to Phoenix.

"Mr. Wright, Mr. Justice… We need to talk… Now." She spoke with an urgent tone in place of the angry tone Phoenix was expecting.

"Mystic Ellen you don't think that…" Maya's question was interrupted by Mystic Ellen turning to her and nodding.

"How else would you explain it Mystic Maya?" Maya didn't know how to answer Mystic Ellen's question.

"Mystic Ellen, I'm sorry about the scroll. I don't know what happened I was just reading it and…" Phoenix was quickly interrupted by Maya before he could finish his apology.

"Wait! You were able to read it Nick!?" Maya's expression grew more concerned as she stepped towards Phoenix. "What did it say?" Phoenix looked around in confusion and thought to himself (Why's everyone so surprised I was able to read it!? It was in plain English!).

"It said something about some Avatar person who was supposed to master all four elements and bring harmony to this world, and that he was supposed to return… Honestly, it sounded like one of your Saturday morning cartoons Maya." Before Maya was able to speak Mystic Ellen chuckled and spoke.

"Incredible… Absolutely incredible." Mystic Ellen smiled and walked up to Phoenix. "Do you realize what this means?" She said as her frail old hands took hold of Phoenix's hand.
"What? That I can read?" Phoenix answered as he cocked an eyebrow.

"Nick, the scroll was written in an ancient form of Chinese that had been lost over the years. Mystic Ellen here had just finished deciphered what it meant during our dinner. So either you took a class on lost, ancient Chinese languages back at Ivy University or the scroll presented itself to you." The Kurain master looked at the elder for confirmation of her theory. The elder nodded and spoke.

"Tell me young man, when you touched the scroll. What exactly happened?"

"…I don't know. My head started pounding and images of different people started to flood my mind."

"Could you describe at least one of these people?"

"There was one who kind of stuck out. He was bald, had an Abe Lincoln beard, but the thing that stuck out the most was the blue arrow he had tattooed on his head."

"The Avatar Aang…" The elder whispered to herself.

"The who?"

"One of the previous Avatars. He was the Avatar who ended the 100 year war and ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity… All when he was only 12 years old." Mystic Ellen explained as she looked up to Phoenix.

"…Right… And this is important because…?"

"Because you ARE the Avatar… The scroll was revealing to you your past lives!" The elder said excitedly.

"Because I'm the what!?" Phoenix asked while recoiling back in shock.

"Mystic Ellen we don't know that for sure." Maya interrupted placing her hand on the elder's shoulder. "What are the chances that my best friend's the Avatar?"

"You witnessed him use waterbending to prevent himself from being sprayed by the faucet Mystic Maya, we all did! And the scroll didn't ignite itself in flames; Mr. Wright's abilities had kicked in when the scroll was showing him his past lives."

"Now that you mention it the scroll did ignite as soon as Mr. Wright screamed…" Apollo added before Phoenix shot a glance at him. Apollo smiled apologetically at Phoenix.

"I'm sorry Mystic Ellen but you're going to need more proof than tha…" Phoenix was interrupted mid sentence by Mystic Ellen throwing a stone at him. Phoenix reacted quickly much like he did when the water sprayed at him by lifting his hands in front of him and recoiling back. Phoenix looked in shock as he saw that the stone Mystic Ellen had thrown at him stopped in its tracks.

"That proof enough for you sonny?" Mystic Ellen replied with a chuckle. "What you did just now is called earthbending, the ability to control the earth that lies beneath our feet. What you did when you stopped yourself from being sprayed with water is called waterbending, the ability to manipulate water. And when you accidently set fire to our scroll that is called firebending, the ability to create and manipulate fire. All you need is your airbending but that should kick in sooner or later…"

"Uhhh, Maya? Apollo? How about we open those Christmas presents now?" Phoenix inquired as he turned his head to both Maya and Apollo.

"You don't believe me?" Mystic Ellen asked.

"I'm sorry but it all seems a bit farfetched… I'm just a defense attorney. I'm no mystical hero."

"I understand Mr. Wright. But you were destined for great things… You'll come to realize this soon enough." Mystic Ellen said as she left for her quarters. "Merry Christmas Mr. Wright, I hope you enjoy your stay." With Mystic Ellen gone Phoenix, Maya, and Apollo all stood in an awkward silence in the treasure room.

"…Sooo… About those presents…" Apollo said finally breaking the silence.

"Oh yeah! Trucy and Pearls are probably getting tired of waiting…" Phoenix added.

"So what are we waiting for? C'mon! The presents are in the Sacred Hall." Maya said enthusiastically as if nothing happened.

Everyone sat around the Christmas tree in the Sacred Hall looking through the presents trying to find their own gifts. Phoenix found one for him from Maya. He smiled as he opened the gift to reveal a coffee mug that read "World's Best Lawyer" Phoenix chuckled at the gift "Thanks Maya, I love it. Oh and better luck next time Apollo…" Apollo merely sighed as he unwrapped his present from Trucy.

"Hair gel?"

"Yeah! For your antennas!" Trucy laughed. "Merry Christmas Polly." She said as she hugged Apollo.

"It's ok Apollo. We can't all have hair as natural as mine." Phoenix chuckled to himself. He turned and saw Maya searching franticly through the pile of presents looking for one with her name on it. She squealed with delight when she found the one marked to her from Phoenix. She brutally ripped off the wrapping paper and starred at her gift in utter shock and disbelief.

"T-the limited edition 10th anniversary Steel Samurai action figure signed by Will Powers! Nick, how much did this cost!?" Maya yelled with excitement. Apollo just cocked an eyebrow in confusion wondering to himself how the wise master of an entire village could get so excited over a children's toy.

"Ohhh you know… $150…" Phoenix said under his breath. "And that's because I actually took it to Mr. Powers for him to sign it." Maya lunged at Phoenix and ensnared him in a giant hug.

"Oh Nick! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! This almost tops the locket you gave me seven years ago, almost." She said with a smile as she opened her master's talisman and pulled out a gold locket that had a burger engraved on the front of it.

"Aw man, and I thought this one would do it for sure." Phoenix replied with a smirk.

Everybody finished unwrapping their presents; Along with the coffee mug Phoenix got a new toilet brush and a new tie, Apollo got hair gel from Trucy and a pudding cup from Phoenix, Pearl got a new teddy bear from Maya and a fairy princess book from Phoenix, Trucy got a deck of cards from Apollo and a new wand from Phoenix, and Maya got her Steel Samurai figure, some shampoo from Pearl, and a beanie that said "Mama" from Trucy. Once everyone finished opening their Christmas presents they went to their rooms and went to sleep, everyone except for Phoenix, who was outside looking out onto the frozen lake.

"Is what happened inside the treasure room still troubling you?"

Phoenix turned and saw Maya walking towards him. Her long, black was loose and she was in her Pink Princess pajamas. She placed her hand on Phoenix's shoulder and looked out onto the lake with him. It was a silence that wasn't uncomfortable but instead it was a peaceful silence that Phoenix never thought he'd be able to experience with Maya around.

"No, it's not." Phoenix said finally breaking the silence.

"Really? Because you're revolving two pebbles around your hand." Maya asked pointing to his hand. Phoenix looked down and saw that he was subconsciously using earthbending to make two pebbles revolve around his hand. He released a frightened gasp and shook his hand, causing the pebbles to fall lifelessly to the floor. He fixed his gaze back onto the frozen river.

"Maya… Who am I?" He asked without breaking his gaze.

"You're Phoenix Wright, Defense Attorney… One plus one equals two."


"It's what I do to make sure I don't have amnesia. 'My name is Maya Fey, one plus one equals two'"

"That's not what I meant… when I said 'Who am I' " Phoenix chuckled "This whole Avatar thing it's so… Surreal… My life had just finally gotten back to normal and then this happens…"

"Nick, your best friend is a spirit medium, and both your apprentice and your daughter have super eyeball powers… Your life is anything but normal, Avatar or not." Phoenix laughed at the realization.

"Yeah I guess you're right about that… But still… Am I really the Avatar? From what that scroll said the Avatar is supposed to be this hero who represented strength and power! I-I'm just a normal guy who just got his job back." Maya turned and looked at Phoenix, she clutched her Master's Talisman.

"Nick, do you remember the significance of the Master's Talisman?" She opened her talisman and brought out the locket Phoenix got for her seven years ago. She held the locket up to Phoenix and opened it revealing a picture of Phoenix and Pearl from before Phoenix lost his attorney's badge. "In the talisman we hold the pictures of the people we hold the closest to our heart, our pillars of strength. Nick, you are the bravest and most heroic man I've ever met. I didn't feel worthy to lead Kurain Village… I still don't… But I looked up to you as one of my pillars of strength to give me some of your strength and determination to help me lead this village."

"Maya, you've revolutionized Kurain. You brought it back to prominence, you rebuilt it from a dying village blinded by tradition turned it into something great. You tore down generations of needless family bloodshed and turned Kurain into a democracy where instead of the title of master being passed down from mother to daughter, people can choose who they want to lead them."

"And I wouldn't have been able to do that without you Nick. I would've given up if I didn't keep looking to you for inspiration. You keep moping over how you weren't able to be here for me for the past seven years but you were Nick! You were always with me! …Right here." Maya said as she clutched her locket "So if anyone is Avatar material Nick… It's you." Phoenix smiled with a tear falling down his eye; he turned to Maya and wrapped his arms around her.

"Thank you Maya…" Maya smiled and hugged Phoenix back.

She patted his back reassuringly and chuckled, "Was that a tear? You big baby…" Phoenix and Maya released each other from their grasp. "I'm going to sleep it's getting late." Maya said with a yawn as she walked back inside.

"Alright I'll see you in the morning Maya." Phoenix turned and looked at the pebbles he was messing around with earlier. He focused on them while lifting his hand, the pebbles rose with his and Phoenix swung his arm and flung the pebbles into the distance with his newfound earthbending. "…Hmmm…" Phoenix mumbled to himself as he walked inside not knowing that he was being watched from the distance by Mystic Ellen who simply smiled to herself and walked back to her chambers.

Location: ?

Date/Time: ?

"W-where am I?" Phoenix groaned as he rubbed the back of his head and rose from the cold, hard earth beneath him. Phoenix looked up and saw that the sky was on fire due to a massive comet that consumed the night sky. The comet's light grew brighter and brighter until it blinded Phoenix. Once Phoenix regained his vision he saw that the comet had disappeared from the sky and that he was all alone in a dark room. Phoenix heard footsteps walking towards him; Phoenix looked around to try to find the source of sound and called out "Trucy? Maya? …Apollo?"

"Hello Avatar…" the gravelly and baritone voice spoke from the darkness. "…I told you that I would destroy you…" A masked, hooded figure leapt out from the darkness and engulfed Phoenix in said darkness. Phoenix screamed in terror as he awoke in a cold sweat and found himself back in bed at Kurain Village.

"Bad dream?" Phoenix looked up and saw that Mystic Ellen was in his room with a hot cup of tea. "I leave all of our guests a nice, hot cup of tea in their room for when they wake up." (But wouldn't the tea be cold by the time they wake up?) Phoenix wondered to himself as he got out of bed.

"Thank you Mystic Ellen." Phoenix said as he accepted the cup from the elder.

"Oh please no need to thank me."

Phoenix starred into his cup. Mystic Ellen smiled and proceeded to walk out of the room before Phoenix spoke "Mystic Ellen earlier you said that I was destined for great things… What did you mean by that?"

"I meant that you will be an excellent Avatar…" Mystic Ellen responded with a smile "They always are." She added before finally leaving the room.

"Right, excellent Avatar…" Phoenix said to himself as he starred at his own reflection in the tea. He put the cup down and got out of bed. Phoenix washed up, changed out of his blue pajamas into his usual blue suit and left for the dining hall. There he saw everyone already seated at the table ready to eat. He took a seat next to Maya and sat down. After everyone finished eating their breakfast Mystic Ellen entered the room with a suitcase. Maya rose from her seat and went to greet the elder.

"Your bag Mystic Maya." The elder said as she placed the suitcase on the floor and left with a bow.

"Thank you Mystic Ellen" Maya said as she lifted the suitcase.

"Are you going somewhere Miss Fey?" Apollo asked while wiping his mouth with a napkin.

"She's coming with us to the city and staying at the office for a while." Phoenix answered.

"Don't forget that ordeal going down at Granite Towers tonight Nick. You're my plus one." Maya said pointing a finger to Phoenix.

"Wait! You two are going to Granite Towers!? As in Granite Enterprises? As in Richard Granite, the most successful business man in the country?" Apollo asked in shock.

"Yeah he's holding some party slash press conference and he invited a bunch of government bigwigs which, believe it or not, Maya counts as." Phoenix chuckled at the realization that Maya's technically a politician and government figure.

"I'm going because there's going to be free food." Maya said with a huge smile on her face.

"Alright, well the train's going to depart in 15 minutes, so let's grab our bags everyone." Phoenix declared while looking at his watch. And so everyone rose from the tables and proceeded to grab their bags from their rooms and headed off to the train station where Mystic Ellen bid them farewell.

Location: Wright Anything Agency

Time: 6:48 pm. December 26, 2026

"Maya are you ready yet? The party's about to start!" Phoenix shouted up the stairs in his office where he had a bedroom should he ever need to stay the night at the office.

"Nick, the party don't start 'till I come rolling in!" Maya laughed as she slid down the stairs' railing. "So? How do I look?" Maya asked as she gave a twirl to show off her long purple dress. Phoenix raised his eyebrows, he hadn't seen Maya wear anything but her robes… Well aside from the waitress uniform she wore when she worked as Tres Bien that one time.

"Y-you look good" Phoenix stammered as he rubbed the back of his neck, blushing a bit. (Man, I hope Trucy didn't notice that… Don't need to add more fuel to that fire.) He thought to himself. Phoenix then cleared his throat and mocked Maya by performing a similar twirl "What about me, huh? Pretty good if I do say so myself."

"Meh, I preferred your hobo look." Maya and Phoenix both chuckled as they made their way to the door.

"Trucy, I want you in bed by nine. You and Apollo both need your rest if you're both going to be investigating tomorrow." Phoenix commanded sternly.

"Have fun on your date you two." Apollo said as he looked over his case files.

"I-it's not a date! W-we're just friends." Phoenix and Maya stammered in unison. Apollo just smirked as he read over his files.

"Bye Daddy! Bye Mommy!" Trucy yelled happily as she was practicing some new magic tricks. "Hey Polly, can I saw you in half for one of my tricks?"

"No." Apollo said blankly without moving his eyes from the files in front of him. Phoenix and Maya laughed as they left the office.

Location: Granite Tower

Time: 7:23 pm. December 26, 2026

"Wow…" Phoenix stated in utter awe as he looked upon the giant skyscraper that pierced into the night sky. Phoenix turned his attention to a giant statue of a sharply dressed man who held the world proudly in one hand and had the other hand hidden behind his back. "Not even Edgeworth is this narcissistic… Although if he could I bet Edgeworth would have a statue of himself in his office." Maya giggled at Phoenix's joke.

"Nah, he'd totally get one of the Steel Samurai instead." She replied.

"Yeah, he is a closet fanboy isn't he?"

Phoenix and Maya approached the entrance of the tower where a butler wearing a monocle was standing with a list. Maya approached the man and said "Maya Fey plus one" with a smile on her face.

"Of course Madame Fey. I hope you and your date enjoy the evening." The butler said as he opened the door. Phoenix raised his finger to object to being called her date but instead walked in with Maya. The place was remarkable, it was filled to the brim with rich celebrities and powerful politicians, and a giant golden chandelier hung over the room casting a powerful presence.

"…Where's the food?" Maya asked, completely ignoring her beautiful surroundings.

"Caviar Madame?" A server with a tray full of caviar asked right on cue.

"I don't know what it is but sure!" Maya replied excitedly scooping one off of the server's tray and stuffing it into her mouth before spitting it onto the ground in disgust. The server offered some to Phoenix but Phoenix politely declined.

"Maya, don't be rude…" Phoenix remarked as he watched Maya continue to spit her caviar onto the ground.

"It's not my fault that it was gross…" Maya replied while still desperately trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you both for attending my banquet…" A deep, imposing, and baritone voice announced over the intercom. As soon as the voice spoke the ceiling opened up and revealed two large television screens that displayed a sharply dressed man sitting in his desk. The man had broad shoulders, wore a black business suit, had his hair tied back in a ponytail, and wore a fine goatee around his bright smile. Much like the voice the man was definitely imposing despite his friendly demeanor. "As you all know my name is Richard Granite, owner and founder of Granite Enterprises. I won't be able to join you all tonight I'm afraid. Some very important business has come up that I simply cannot ignore."

Phoenix leaned over to Maya and whispered, "What can be more important than a bunch of important political figures?"

Maya simply shrugged, "I don't know, but look at the size of those TVs! Just imagine watching Steel Samurai on there!"

"But enough about me…" Granite continued, "Allow me to show you the future of unmanned warfare." Granite proceeded to press a button on his desk and out from the ceiling a pedestal that held a gargantuan mechanical monstrosity was being lowered onto the floor. "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you… The Mechatank. A twelve ton self automated tank-like vehicle. As you can see the Mechatank has what appear to be two arms; one arm has a massive drill mounted on it for destroying obstacles in its path and the other arm fires two electric wires that ensnare its opponent and sends an electric shock that non-lethally incapacitates its target… Would anyone like to volunteer for demonstation?" Granite added with a chuckle. Just as Granite said this the Mechatank became operational. Granite's stone cold face quickly gained a concerned expression, he looked past the camera he was speaking into as he listened to an unseen party explain the situation to him. "Then don't just stand around telling me the problem! Fix it!" Granite barked in anger at the unseen person. Granite recomposed himself and addressed the camera again "I'm afraid we have encountered a problem with the software used to control the Mechatank and I'm afraid that I'm going to have to ask everyone to vacate the premises immediately." As soon as Granite said this the Mechatank swung one of its massive arms towards one of the pillars in the building and completely shattered it with its monstrous strength. Granite stood from his chair and left to remedy the situation on his end.

"C'mon Maya!" Phoenix said as he swiftly grabbed Maya by the hand and ran with the crowd to escape the building from the malfunctioning machine. Once everyone made it outside Phoenix reaches for his pocket and pulls out his cell phone.

"Nick, what are you doing?" Maya asked.

"Calling the police…" Phoenix replied as he dialed 911on his phone.

"I think everyone else has that covered…" Maya replied as she looked around at the various people who were on their cell phone. Before Phoenix could reply a panicked man ran out of the building.

"Somebody help! My boy's trapped in there!" The man screamed while he pleaded to the crowd for their help. Phoenix looked at his phone for a few seconds before putting it away in his pocket.

Phoenix put his hands on Maya's shoulders, "Maya, stay here… I'll be right back." He quickly ran off into to the building before Maya could say anything.

"Wait! Nick! NICK!" Maya shouted at Phoenix as he ran. She clutched her Master's Talisman and whispered to herself, "Be careful…"

Phoenix looked around in the building and saw that the Mechatank was still causing quite a bit of damage. "Hello!" Phoenix called out, "Is anybody here!?" He shouted while searching amidst the rubble.

"Help… me…" A small voice weakly replied. Phoenix turned and saw a small boy who had his leg trapped in the stone debris.

"It's ok, just hang it there alright…" Phoenix said to the child. He looked at the debris and sighed. "Just promise me that you won't tell anyone, ok?" The child nodded. Phoenix then cracked his knuckles and took a deep breath. Phoenix thrust his arms out in front of him. Nothing happened. Phoenix tried again and again but nothing happened. "C'mon rocks, move! …Bend! …Avatar powers activate! …Shazam! …Power of Earth! …Yip yip!" Phoenix said as he kept thrusting out his hands. Just as Phoenix was about to give up he envisioned a dark skinned girl clad in what looked like blue winter clothing, she slammed her foot into the ground, thrust both of her arms forward, and lifted her hands which caused a chunk of earth to rip itself out from the ground. Phoenix didn't know why, but he instinctively followed the girl's motions step by step. Once he did so he saw that the stone debris was finally starting to move, but just as he was about to lift the debris he saw the kid's eyes widen in fear.

"Look out Mister!" Phoenix turned as the kid shouted and saw the Mechatank charging at both of them. Phoenix managed to jump out of the way of the Mechatank's massive drill arm just as it slammed it into the ground. Phoenix knew he couldn't get the kid out safely if he didn't take care of the mechanical beast that loomed over both of them. Phoenix used his earthbending to rip out a chunk of earth from the ground and slammed it into the Mechatank.

"Target is a threat, must be terminated immediately." The Mechatank spoke in a robotic monotone voice. The Mechatank lifted its other arm and fired electrified bolos at Phoenix. Upon reaction, Phoenix earthbended a dome for protection over himself, the bolos wrapped around the dome and sent an electric shock that coursed through the rock that shielded Phoenix leaving him unharmed. Phoenix then ripped the protective dome from the ground and flung it at the Mechatank. The dome crumbled apart on contact with the Mechatank's steel hide. (This isn't working. I'm not doing any damage to it.) Phoenix thought to himself as he backed away from the tank. Phoenix then thought of an idea quickly, he just needed to get the Mechatank to chase him for a bit. Phoenix quickly began to run away while flinging small rocks at the Mechatank to get its attention. The Mechatank chased Phoenix while dragging its drill into the ground, ripping the floor apart. The tank quickly began to gain speed as it pursued Phoenix. Phoenix then stopped in his tracks completely and thrust his arms forward and raised a chunk of the ground upward, causing the Mechatank to flip over and fall forward. As the machine fell forward Phoenix raised a pillar from the ground. The tank fell upon the pillar, causing the pillar to rip through the Mechatank causing it to shut down.

Phoenix looked over to the little boy, who was watching in awe, and lifted the debris off of the child's leg. Phoenix walked over to the boy and lifted him from the ground and carried him in his arms. The child looked up at Phoenix and asked, "Are you a superhero Mister?"

Phoenix chuckled at the question and replied "Nope. I'm just a lawyer." Phoenix carried the boy out the building and delivered him back to his father. Phoenix turned and was quickly embraced in a hug by Maya.

The pair separated from their hug, Maya looked up at Phoenix and said "Never do ANYTHING like that again old man!"

"Hey! I am the Avatar aren't I? It's in the job description isn't it?" Phoenix replied. Both he and Maya chuckled.

"Y'know this technically makes you a superhero right?" Maya said with a smile.

"Yeah, well… Just don't expect to be seeing me in tights anytime soon…" Phoenix retorted.

"Trust me Nick… No one wants to see you in tights." Maya chuckled. "C'mon let's go back to the office…" Maya was swiftly interrupted by her stomach growling, "On second thought… Let's go grab some burgers! I'm starving!" Maya said as she grabbed Phoenix by the hand and dragged him along to go to their usual burger joint despite his objections.

Location: ?

Time/Date: 10:00 pm. December 26, 2026

The room was dim with the only source of light being a screen displaying the security footage of the incident at Granite Towers. "As far as the general public knows the Mechatank was hacked by an outside source sir… It's a shame the machine was clumsy enough to impale itself on one of your pillars before you were able to label it as faulty and sell it to your 'friend', sir." The voice was that of the monocle wearing butler who stood outside of Granite Tower working as its bouncer.

"Live and learn, Albert, live and learn. Besides, I can always build more. Just so long as we have the media fooled into thinking that none of what transpired that evening was any of my doing then we're fine…" Granite said as he took a sip from his wine glass while watching the security footage, "However I am concerned as to how my machine was able to impale itself on one of my pil…" Granite stopped and focused more intensely on the security footage. "Stop the tape Albert" Granite rose from his seat and walked towards the screen. "Impossible…so… that nut job was right…" Granite said as he looked intensely at the screen.

"Ahh, your 'friend'… What was he right about sir?" Albert asked.

"So it's true… Bending has returned to this world... " Granite said as he looked at the screen that revealed Phoenix using his earthbending to fling stones at the Mechatank.

Episode 1 "Elements of the Turnabout" End.