I figured I would upload a sneak peek of Astarte's latest story for you all to give you a taster of what is to come. Hope you lot enjoy.

She had run away. It was what she had always done when things went wrong. And as she sat watching this new pope, who had taken everything she valued in Assiah from her, torture Rin she contemplated running away again. She sat and watched the torture, trying so hard to block out Rin's screams of agony and she waited. His brother would appear soon to save him. Her dreams said so. Yet he did not show. Where was he? Her dreams were never wrong and she thought they said he would save Rin. Unless…. "I made the wrong assumption." She murmured. Her eyes widened in the realisation that she was the one who had to save him. Her dreams had never said his brother would be the saviour she had merely assumed it. Astarte stared at the scene as it all sunk in. She had to save him. This pope was sacrificing Rin for no reason. She had to stop this.

Before she could even think about her actions or their consequences, her mouth opened and she yelled one word. "STOP!" The word had passed her lips before she could even think to stop it. They all looked around in confusion, the screams of pain from Rin providing an eerie back-track to their movements. She opened her wings and flew to the roof of the academy. "Ah, the abomination is finally here." The pope snapped as he looked at her with utter contempt on his face. He was disgusted by her existence but that was nothing new to her. "You're killing him!" She snarled at him. "Why would you care, demon? You are a monster to all." She glanced back at Rin then glared at the pope. "He will die if you don't stop." "He will die a martyr in the destruction of Gehenna and all demons." Astarte narrowed her eyes in anger. The look was soon replaced by one of concern as Rin groaned behind her. "He won't open a gate for you. His blood isn't pure enough." "So?" "So use me instead." They stared at her.

"I can summon complete gates like my father. Release Rin and use my blood instead." The pope began to laugh. "Very well. All the rumours say your blood is the purest of the spawn of Satan so you'll be a better sacrifice." She never bothered to put up a fight as they grabbed her and dragged her to the cross Rin had been chained to. He was released and moved away whilst she was chained up. Her blade was removed from her back and handed to the pope who turned it over in his hands. "Such an ugly thing, demon blades. But it'll serve its purpose soon." He unsheathed the blade, causing her form to reveal itself. As her flames embraced her, the pope grinned. "And so with the blood of its angel, Hell shall be destroyed." He stabbed the blade into the ground and stepped back as electricity crackled and shot towards her. The last thing Astarte could recall was a blinding white pain that shot through her body and caused her to shriek in agony.

So, I hope you liked that taster. The first chapter of this story should be uploaded soon. Until then, sayonara