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Accidentally shooting Hibari with an experimental bullet, he turns into a cat.

Reborn and Tsuna wander everywhere looking for him, only to give up, Hibari looked like every other cat anyways.

Yamamoto meanwhile, picks up Hibari and starts to take care of him.

Things only get weirder for Tsuna when Reborn makes special glasses that allow him to see Hibari even while in cat form.

He will never view cats, Hibari, or Yamamoto the same way again.

I haven't decided if it's going to be a pairing or not yet...




He was drenched by the blasted rain.

He ducked into an alley, the overhangs keeping him a bit dryer than before.

Hissing at an alley cat, he attempted to shake the water off his fur.


Finding a small box, he used it for shelter, a paw rising to get the water off his fur.


"Hm? Wah, what a beautiful cat."

Hibari looked up, surprised to see one of the students from his school looking down at him.

"Really?! Wow you're right." A girl joined her friend, both held large floral print umbrellas.


Lucky, he thought, flicking his tail back and forth.


"Doesn't look like a stray at all."

Her friend shrugged, "you don't know that, a stray that gets food is always groomed well."

"You think maybe it lost its owner?"

Hibari's fur bristled at the statement.

Him? Having an owner?

How absurd, he hated being tied down more than anything, including that illusionist.

"I don't think it likes that."

"Should we take it home with us?"


Hibari refused to even look in their direction, if he could speak; he would have called them 'stupid herbivores.'

"That cat has a lot of pride…. I don't think it wants to be a pet." The girl said, noticing the 'high and mighty' aura.

"Hm… okay. Well, I guess it'll be fine on its own right?"

The girl lightly patted Hibari's head, "bye kitty!'

Hibari swiped at her hand, clearly displeased with the touch.

The two girls just laughed and walked away.


Wiping the drops of rain from his face, he heard more footsteps.

The box was tilted upwards, causing Hibari to fall on his back.

Moving from such a degrading position, he moved so he was lying on his side.

He shot a glare at the person, or rather the deadliest glare a cat could give.

"Huh? A cat?"

'Yamamoto Takeshi' He felt the box dip again, sending him sprawling back on all fours.

When he returned to normal, he would bite him to death.


A large hand slid over his back, and gently pulled him out of the box.

Hibari dug his nails into the skin of his savior's arm.

"O-ow! Hang on little guy! I'm not trying to hurt you." Yamamoto said, letting go of Hibari and checking his arm for injuries.

He let out a whistle; there were claw marks on his arm, though the cat's claws did not manage to penetrate skin, and only left red trails.


Such a useless form, unable able to draw blood with his claws, much less hurt anyone.


Yamamoto looked back over to him, a gentle smile on his face.

"Are you lost?"

Turning around, Hibari ignored him. Why should he explain himself to a lowly herbivore?

Then again, it wasn't as if the herbivore could understand him…


A rather annoying laugh broke through his thoughts.

"You're a feisty little cat aren't you?"

He froze, feeling himself being picked up and having an arm wrap protectively around him.

"Ah! You're soaked! Come on, I'll dry you and get you some food to eat. Good idea?"

Looking up, he noticed the younger boy was smiling, holding an umbrella in one hand while he held Hibari to his chest with the other.

Hibari hissed angrily. He did not need to be pitied!

He was not just some stray cat you could pick up and bring home!

Yamamoto merely laughed again, "I'll take that as a yes- hey stop scratching!"

Hibari continued to leave red lines over Yamamoto's arms even as the latter carried him home.



"REBORN!" Tsuna yelled pacing back and forth, his hands pulling and tugging at his hair.

Perhaps that's why his hair always looked so disoriented…

"what is it Tsuna?' Reborn asked nonchalantly, lying in a small hammock.

"I cant believe you! We need to find Hibari-san! I can't believe we lost Hibari-san!" He buried his face in his hands.


The arcobaleno shrugged, "I'm sure he's fine."


"Besides that…" he took out his gun to inspect it. "That bullet, I forgot I loaded that."

"ha? How could you forget?" Tsuna sat down; knowing reborn probably wasn't going to do anything about Hibari anytime soon.

"I loaded it five years ago."

"F-five years?" Reborn put the gun away.

"The original effects were not simply turning your opponent into a cat… I guess over time the chemical changed and caused this to happen."

"It would have been fine if you didn't try to shoot Hibari-san!" he yelled exasperatedly.

"Well, I'm sure it'll work itself out." He looked over, "Is dinner ready yet?"




Hibari nudges the hands away, too tired to claw.

Yamamoto chuckled, glad that the cat he picked up has finally tuckered itself out.

It was probably a good thing since there was barely a place on his arm that the cat did not leave scratches.


The cat's black fur is dry, but cool to the touch.

Lightly putting his hand on the cat's back, the cat raises it's head to him, gives him a halfhearted glare, and settles back down.

Grey eyes closing and snuggling deeper into the blanket.


"Hey~ that's my bed." He teases, giving the cat another ruffle before going to take a shower himself.

Hearing the door close, Hibari opened his eyes and looked around the room tiredly. 'So this is the room of a normal teenage boy…'

It was decently clean; books laid out on the desk nearby, the trash can halfway full.

Wet clothes left in the hamper outside the room, in the hallway.

His school uniform carefully hung up on the wall beside his door.

The shelves on an opposite wall was filled with trophies and books.

A poster of a baseball player of some sort hung on the back on the door.


He frowned in distaste of the calendar, a swimsuit model of some sort posing on it.

He yawned, shivering just a bit from the window the herbivore had left open.

Slowly getting up, he padded over to the pillow, settling down on it.

Yawning, he pulled the blanket so it wrapped around him.


Mm. Much better.


Walking out of the shower, he sighed happily. "Ah, now if only I could get a glass of milk."

"Hm?" he noticed the mass of black fur on his pillow and leaned over smiling.

"So cute~" he cooed, a hand brushing over a furry ear.

The cat let out a strange sound and shifted slightly before settling again.

"Haha, I wonder if I can convince dad to let me keep you?" Sitting down he ran his fingers through the soft black fur.

"Hm… I have Jiro, and Kojiro, but I don't have any experience with cats…"

He gave the cat a scratch behind the ears and got up to turn off the light.

"Wonder what I should call him…hm.. oh well, that doesn't matter right now."




Mm… tired…

"hahaha, don't worry dad." Ah… It was that loud annoying laugh again.

"Oh! Shoot, if I'm late Hibari will bite me to death! Bye dad!" Even as he said it, it seemed like he was not worried in the slightest.

Upon hearing his name, Hibari immediately shot up. He was still in Yamamoto Takeshi's room.


His empty stomach demanded attention.

Turning his head from the door to the open window, he considered his options.


One, walk down the stairs and politely ask the herbivore's father for some food.

Two, ignore his stomach and follow that herbivore to school.


He decided on the second, the thought of his school being left unattended for even a day unsettled him.

He would have to leave a note to Kusakabe telling he would be 'preoccupied' for a while, he would return once he returned to normal.

Stretching he leapt off the bed and padded over to the open window.


Had he been in his 'usual' appearance, such a jump would not affect him however…

The ground looked rather far away from him at the moment.

Not to mention he had not yet gotten used to his new (but temporary) form.


Perhaps this time, he would take the stairs.




"Oi~ Tsuna! Gokudera!" Yamamoto called out to the two as he ran up to them.

"Yamamoto." Tsuna paused, noticing his mood seemed happier, "did something happen? You seem really happy."

"Ha? Isn't he always like that?" Gokudera asked running a hand through his hair.

Yamamoto grinned, "Oh! Is it that Vongola Hyper intuition?"


Tsuna's cheeks turned a light pink, "I don't think so… So what happened?'

Yamamoto smiled, crossing his arms behind his head, "You see I found this really cute cat-"

"You picked up a stray?" Gokudera frowned, lighting up a cigarette. "Strays are bad news you know."

"Haha, yeah, but if you show them love and care, they're bound to love you back right?"

"… If you say so baseball idiot."


Yamamoto took this as a confirmation to continue.

"So I bought the cat home with me," he laughed, "it's so cute and fluffy! You should've seen it."

"I never would have thought you were a cat person Yamamoto."

Yamamoto scratched his chin, "neither did I."



Hibari sauntered on the raised white walls, finding it much easier to see and to avoid being trampled on.

A few girls squealed in delight a few feet away.

"What a pretty cat!"

"I wonder what breed it is."

"Do you think it's a stray?"

"No way! A cat that beautiful must belong to some really rich owner."

"Do you think it's lost?"


Humph, to think that he, Hibari Kyoya could possibly get lost in his own town?




Turning his head to see the girls, he noticed their short skirts.

The girls continued to talk as if he couldn't hear them.

"That cat is looking this way!'

"Wow, its face is beautiful."

"I want a cat like that."

'When I come back, all girls' skirts must be below their knees, no exceptions.'

Turning his head forward, he started to walk a little faster.




Tsuna smiled as Yamamoto continued to rattle on about his new cat.

Well, his father hadn't agreed yet, but he had a feeling Yamamoto would end up keeping it anyway.

"So that's why your arm is covered in scratches?'

Yamamoto laughed, "Yeah. Such a pretty cat, can't believe it has such a bad temper."

"Kinda like Hibari." Gokudera mumbled, as they approached the school gates.

"Hm… that's true… Hibari definitely doesn't look like he could defeat a whole gang by himself."


They paused, realizing that for once, the prefect of their school Hibari Kyoya, was not at the gates.

In fact, the other disciplinary committee members seemed to be very uneasy.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed a black shadow creeping on the sides of the gates.


"We should get going; the bell is going to ring."

"Yeah, who knows when that battle manic is going to show up."

"Haha, that's true."


Useless the lot of them, Hibari thought to himself as the members of the disciplinary committee, his disciplinary committee, looked like it was about to fall apart.

One member had finished chewing his nails and had started chewing a pencil instead.

Another member's eyes kept flickering back and forth from student to student, uneasy.

He would be sure to reprimand them later.

Jumping down from the wall, he headed into the school, his presence overshadowed by the crowds of students.




"Hey, is that cat glaring at us?"

Tsuna jolted up, having been dreading the kick that he would no doubt receive for getting a 37 on his English test.

Turning he saw a rather beautiful black cat staring at him.

It was hard to tell from afar but… those eyes reminded him of someone.


He flinched, feeling the intensity of the glare grow stronger.

What had he done to invoke the wrath of a cat?!

Maybe he had accidentally stepped on its tail or something…

He always had bad luck… maybe he should buy it some food to apologize for… whatever it was he did.


"Ah!" Yamamoto stood up and pointed at the cat. "You followed me to school?!"

Gokudera's eyebrow rose, "that's the cat? Hm… I guess it is pretty nice looking. That breed… I think it's a-"

Yamamoto didn't hear the end of that sentence, dashing out of the classroom to retrieve said cat.




Hibari flicked his tail, having seen the baseball herbivore run out of the classroom.

However, the other herbivore and Sawada Tsunayoshi continued to watch him.


Looking down, he saw the after mentioned herbivore directly below his spot on a tree branch.


"How did you get up there… no, more importantly…"

He held out his arms, "jump down! It's dangerous up there."

Hibari merely upturned his head and flicked his tail to the side.


It had taken him a while to climb up the tree, an experience he would rather not repeat mind you.

Having to claw his way up the bark since he could not jump high enough was rather degrading.

He directed a pointed stare at the boy below.

'You expect me to jump into your arms? How ridiculous.' The stare seemed to say.


Yamamoto looked at the reluctant cat and sighed.

"You're going to hurt yourself. Come down from there."

The look the cat shot him seemed to say 'not a chance in hell.'

"Well if you're not coming down to me…."

Hibari yelped, as the tree shook, turning his head, he saw the herbivore attempting to climb up the trunk. The branch he rested on jolted.


"You're going to fall at this rate!"

'Those are my words herbivore!' he hissed angrily, raising a paw to swipe at the boy's head.

"I'll get you some sushi later okay?"

Ah… that's right… he didn't have a chance to eat…


He briefly considered the option, eyes looking over at the pleading look in the boy's eyes.

Well, sushi would be preferable to the disgusting cat food he would no doubt get later.

He supposed that was a fair enough trade.


With the grace only a cat could manage, he jumped off the branch and landed on Yamamoto's shoulder.

Yamamoto sighed in relief, and slowly slid back down to the ground.

"Geez, you scared me." He lightly patted the cat, stroking the soft black fur beneath his fingers.

Hibari hissed, twisting away from the hand and jumping away from the boy to wander off on his own.


He still needed to leave a note to Kusakabe.

Yamamoto watched as the cat sauntered off, before laughing to himself. "Such a weird cat."

"Yamamoto!" Tsuna called out, his head sticking out of the window of their classroom.

Yamamoto suddenly remembered he had run out of class.

"Shoot!" running faster than he ever had before, he was determined not to be late for his next class.




Hibari apparently likes to enter and leave houses by using windows. The thought of him actually using stairs is quite amusing now.

I feel like I haven't got a really good grasp on Hibari's personality, so any tips will be appreciated.

Well, any tips for writing the other characters would be of help too, considering I have never written a KHR story.


Hibari cat- I would assume he looks like a regular cat, but only with longer than normal fur. The longer than normal fur being his clothes (?)

As for what type of Cat Hibari is… erm…. Common black cats seem to be Bombay(s?)

But… after thinking about it… I think Hibari would look great a sleek black Birman.

Averge sized house cat, males being 8-12 pounds, and have blue eyes, which in this case, shall be grey.

Birmans are intelligent and loyal as well as curious. Of course, they're rather fond of people, but hey, not every cat has that temperament right?

Hibari isn't exactly a cat either so…


Birman or Bombay? Or maybe another breed entirely?

The breed should either be able to have completely black fur, or a tuxedo pattern, and be average sized cat.

Tuxedo pattern being as if Hibari's clothes actually had some affect on him being a cat. Well, I'm probably over thinking it.

You decide.