Ch 6-



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Tekie Scythe- Gokudera definitely cannot understand what Hibari is saying. Everyone just hears him meowing.

Gokudera just seems to have really good instincts.

KaleXerxas- that's a compliment right? I'll take it as such. :) I just wanted to write a story I would have wanted to read.

But as expected, such a story didnt exist, so I ended up writing it.

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Sque-Fangirl- such a rare cat would be easily identifiable though. It definitely doesn't look like any other cat that's for sure.

I think they said Hibari looked like he belonged to someone rich because of his beautiful fur coat, and temperament.

Kinda regal and calm. Hibari isn't a very large cat though.



"Ko? Kou?"

Hibari rolled over, too tired to get up.

"hm… no… Ku?"

What was the herbivore trying to do now?


"Maybe…Sho? Er…Hae?" he shook his head. "Ite? Kyo?"

Yamamoto scratched his head, "ahh… I want a simple name…"

Hibari lifted his head up and turned to stare at the boy who sat on the ground, scribbling something on a paper.

'Today is Sunday…'

He settled back down and crawled under the covers.

he was going to leave the idiot to his own devices.



Tsuna pulled at is hair, "Reborn! Mukuro said he hadn't even felt Hibari-san's presence! This is horrible!"

Reborn nodded, "It is strange. Normally the two can sense when the other is close by. That would mean Hibari isn't around Mukuro."

Tsuna groaned and shoved a pillow into his face, "then where is Hibari-san?"

Despite the fact Hibari was the strongest of Tsuna's guardians, he was still worried that something had happened to Hibari .



Reborn jumped off from the windowsill, "I'll see what I can do."

"Eh? Reborn?"

"It might take a while though."


"Just pretend you don't know what is going on."

"You make it sound like we've committed a crime!"

"No one will be able to find out any information about this 'Hibari' you're talking about."

"Don't kill him off for the sake of convenience!" he yelled as his tutor disappeared out the window.


'ah…I guess I could go shopping…That might take my mind off things…'

'I mean… Hibari-san wouldn't be hurt… right? ….I hope he's okay…'




"hahaha, come on little guy."

Tsuna looked up from the fruits aisle. "Eh? Was that just…"

"maa, you're so cute~"

Tsuna sighed, 'definitely Yamamoto…'


Peaking around the aisle, he saw Yamamoto facing the frozen foods.

Yamamoto held up his cat, nuzzling it lovingly.

The cat let out a displeased meow, placing its paws on the boys face and trying to push him away.

"No, that's really expensive, so I can't buy you that."

The cat seemed to frown at that, giving a piece of meat a longing look.

Well, he assumed it was, the cat seemed to show very few emotions and Tsuna wasn't an expert at reading people, or cats for that matter.


Turning its head, the cat met Tsuna's eyes.

"Yamamoto!" He called out, walking over to the boy and cat.

Yamamoto smiled, "yo Tsuna!" He pulled at his cat's paw, "the little guy says hi too."

The cat stared apathetically at him, as if thinking of the best way to kill the boy holding him.

'Somehow, I doubt that.'


"What are you doing here Tsuna?"

Tsuna smiled and lifted his basket, "Shopping."

"Oh? What a coincidence, us too."

'You included your cat? Is that even allowed?'

Yamamoto shifted his cat in his arms; the cat turned to stare at the meat, and seemed to sigh.

'What a strange cat…'


Hibari sighed, he hadn't eaten that in a long time… he was very looking forward to it, but apparently his owner was too poor to afford that.

He looked over to Tsuna's basket, an eyebrow rising at seeing a pineapple in there.

People actually liked the fruit? Hm…

He flicked his tail.

Ever since meeting a certain illusionist, he had hated the fruit.

Only buying the fruit to carve it into pieces, imagining it was his enemy instead, it was strangely therapeutic.

It was also not worth the effort it took.


Slowly he crawled onto the boy's shoulder, finding it much more preferable to his previous arrangement.

"Steak…" He poked Yamamoto's cheek with his tail.

Yamamoto rubbed his cat's head, "sorry little guy. But I can't afford it. We need to buy more food ya know."

He heard a laugh and turned to see Tsuna giggling at the two's antics.

"You two…" he stifled a chuckle. " Get along so well."

Yamamoto flushed lightly, laughing as well. "Do we really?"

Hibari moved his tail, slapping it against Yamamoto's face. 'We do not.'


Tsuna smiled, "why don't we shop together?"

"That would be great! Do you know where I can get some cat milk?"

"Huh? Cat milk?"

"Milk for cats or something, Gokudera told me about it."

"Then it would be in the other aisle right?"



"Yamamoto, how did you get your cat in here anyway?" Tsuna asked as he reached up to grab a pack of pasta.

Yamamoto grabbed it and handed it to him, "My dad and I shop here pretty frequently, you know, since we're a sushi restaurant. So as long as the little guy behaves himself, he's allowed in."

Tsuna took the pasta and put it in his basket, "eh? Really?"

Hibari wrapped his tail around Yamamoto's face, "H-hey!"

He shifted from his place on Yamamoto's shoulder, not wanting to fall.


Yamamoto lifted the tail out of his way, noticing the cat pawing at a bottle of herbs.

"Oh right! We need that too. Thanks little guy." He took the bottle and put it in the basket. He gave the cat's fur a little ruffle and turned to look around the aisle.

Tsuna smiled and followed, "what else are you looking for?"

"Well, we need to get the little guy some cat food."


Hibari scowled, hitting Yamamoto with his tail again. "No cat food."

Yamamoto pushed the tail away, "The little guy seems picky though."

"Well, what have you been feeding him?"

"You know regular food. Beef, eggs, rice, fish."

"Well, that seems fine enough right?" He watched as Yamamoto's cat gave him a glance.


"Hm… guess so…"

Tsuna smiled playfully, "would you eat cat food?"

Yamamoto laughed, "Good point. But I still want to get him some cat milk, or whatever it's called."



His cat yawned, its tail swishing behind Yamamoto's head as the boy looked over the cat food.

Tsuna dropped the package of milk into Yamamoto's basket. "You don't have to get cat food. I heard it gets pretty expensive after a while."

Yamamoto looked at the two tins of cat food in his hands, "yeah, this is too complex for me." He turned to Tsuna and held out the two.

"What's the difference between this beef flavored cat food and this beef flavored cat food?"

Tsuna pointed at one of the tins, "One of them costs more."

The cat flicked its tail against Yamamoto's cheek. "I don't want them."


Yamamoto put the two back, "hm… I think we still need something." He looked over to his right, remembering his cat was on his left. "What else do you need Tsuna?"

Tsuna pulled out a list from his pocket, "um… some more oil, vinegar, and soy sauce. Mom also told me to pick up something sweet for Lambo and I-pin."

"Then let's go!"

Tsuna shrieked as he was pulled along, "w-wait! Yamamoto!"



Tsuna sighed in relief, the shopping trip was almost over.

It was almost over.

'ah… when Yamamoto started throwing those apples to me, I thought I was going to die.'

He cracked a smile when he remembered how Yamamoto's cat had clung on when the boy grabbed the apples.

Yamamoto was only able to throw one before he stopped because his cat was digging its claws into his shoulder after nearly falling off.

He turned to see Yamamoto apologizing sweetly to his cat, the two in the frozen foods aisle.


"I'm sorry little guy, I didn't mean it." Yamamoto smoothed his cat's fur down and moved the cat from his shoulder onto the ground.

"Wait with Tsuna okay? I'm going to get something."


Hibari waited for the boy to leave before jumping up and rummaging through the food.

Tsuna slowly approached the cat, "um…"

The cat looked up at him, a package of meat under its paw.

"Do you… want it?" Tsuna picked up the package, 'this one isn't too expensive.'

The cat meowed, and jumped down.


Tsuna shook his head, "I don't have enough money to buy this though, I only have enough for my groceries."

The cat gave him a stare.

"….You want me to… sneak it in Yamamoto's basket?"

Perhaps the boy wasn't as dumb as Hibari thought.

Tsuna sighed, "well… only this once okay?"



Yamamoto came back, his basket full with his groceries, "sorry it took so long, I had a hard time choosing between the vegetable oil and-"

Tsuna nodded and started walking, Yamamoto walking beside him.

The cat yawned and stretched out from its place in Yamamoto's shopping basket.



As they checked out, Tsuna waved goodbye to his friend.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye Tsuna!"

The man at the register scanned the items. "is that your cat?"

Yamamoto looked down and saw his cat had climbed on the counter, a package of meat next to it.

"You really don't give up do you?"

The cat stared blankly at him.

He picked it up, looking at the price, "guess we could buy this one." He handed it to the man who scanned it.


"Because you were good today." He said as he paid.

The cat jumped onto his shoulder as he picked up the bags.

"It isn't a treat if it is below my standards. Be happy I picked one within your budget."

Yamamoto petted his cat, "You sound really happy!"


Yamamoto winced as his cat's paw hit against his head.

"Shut up." Hibari paused before removing his paw. "I expect lunch to be ready after my nap."

"I'm helping out at the shop today, so I won't be able to play with you." Yamamoto grinned, "I'll try to give you some of the sushi though."




Ko (happiness)

Kou (happiness/peace) (alternate spelling for Ko)


Sho (to fly)

Hae (fly) constellation Musca

Ite (archer) Sagittarius

Kyo can be written in different ways, one being Apricot.