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The sun was bright outside, and the flowers were in bloom. It was a beautiful day on Lemuris, and yet, he was unable to enjoy it.

Faize lay on his side, clutching his middle, he was in so much pain. It had begun the night before, and now felt as though someone had stabbed his sword through him. To make matters worse, he was bleeding, and didn't understand why. There was no explanation for it except one; he was probably dying.

His house-mate, Arumat, looked over. He'd been awake with Faize since the pain had begun, and was worried about how the younger was doing. He'd tried any number of healing potions, and now he was getting desperate. Gathering his friend in a blanket, he hurried off to where the oracle studied and taught.

Lymle looked up as Arumat pushed the heavy door open with his back. "Hi, Mattie." she said. She noticed Faize, lying limply in the other's hold. "What happened?"

"He's bleeding, and ill." Arumat replied. "I've tried treating him, but it keeps going. I was hoping you might have a healing symbol that could help him."

Lymle picked up her staff. "I can try." she said. But as she drew out the symbol, she made a minor mistake, and it activated on its own. A wind picked up around them, and then, they were frozen in crystals, like iceicles, all three.

Some 300 years or so later . . .

Fayt Leingod yawned. The planet Lemuris had reached the ability for space exploration, and he had been chosen to go on an expedition to check out some of the ruins and the civilization. His research team included himself, Maria Traydor, and the two Klausians, Mirage and Cliff. He'd wanted to bring Sophia along, but she was insistent on not leaving the station after finding out that her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant.

The ship landed close to an old citadel, in the snow, and by Fayt's guess, it hadn't been used in years. Looked like as good a place as any to begin looking.

As they entered, the torches lit on their own.

"Hmm, must be some kind of symbology." muttered Fayt. He led the small group into the citadel, which he noticed was almost completely abandoned. Aside from small vermin scuttling about, there wasn't much there. Only three odd icicles.

Mirage got close to one of the icicles and tapped on it. "Looks like something's trapped inside." she said.

Just then, the person inside opened his eyes.

"They're alive!" Mirage cried.

The figure tried to move, and the icicles began to crack. With a crash, they shattered, dropping their frozen cargo to the floor.

Two of the figures coughed and gasped as they tried to get up, but the third only lay there, shivering.

"Who are you?" the silver-haired one demanded. He was wearing battered purple armor, and had scars gracing his body. His piercing yellow eyes stared at Mirage.

"Huh?" asked Cliff.

The stranger took out a small circular device and adjusted something. "Who are you?" he repeated. This time, they understood him.

"We're a research team." said Fayt. "We were sent to check the ruins."

"Ruins?" asked the girl. "But Lemuris has no ruins."

The third moaned from where he lay on the floor and tried to sit up. The blanket he'd been wrapped in was stained with blood.

"Is your friend hurt?" asked Maria.

"Yes." said the first stranger. He thought a moment. "What year is this?"

Fayt answered. (I'm honestly unsure of the date in SO3, so that's why there's no real answer)

"No wonder they said ruins. It's been years since I brought him here." The stranger looked back at his ailing friend. "Would you be able to help him?"

"We'd have to take him back to the research ship to find out what's wrong." said Maria. "In fact, all three of you should come. There have been a lot of changes since you three were born here."

"Actually, only Lymle was born here." said the sick one as he tried to stand. He stumbled and ended up leaning on his friend. "We were born on another planet and came to live here after it was destroyed, throwing away almost all technology we had so as to not disturb the natural course of the planet's growth." He coughed, holding his middle.

"Let's get you back to the ship." said Fayt.