This is a fan-fiction, written purely for enjoyment. I do not own Star Ocean.

Demands and Aftermath

Faize woke to unfamiliar surroundings. Naturally, he panicked at first, sitting up and looking around. When he noticed Lymle and Arumat there as well, he settled.

"Faize, your awake." said Lymle. She sighed. "Fayt, why did they make me do it again?"

"Do what?" Faize asked.

"You and Lymle were bred again." said Arumat. He saw the shock on Faize's face, and the shaking hands that went to his stomach. "Fayt got angry with them, and has stolen us away from the facility."

Fayt came over and checked Faize for signs of fever. "Well, your hands are healing well, thanks to some of Lymle's healing symbols."

Faize looked down at his hands. "Oh. But, what about the other children?"

Fayt shook his head. "I couldn't get them. I'm sorry."

Arumat noticed the distant look in Faize's eyes. "They never let you even hold them, did they?"

Faize shook his head. "I saw them taken away. All three of them, gone."

"Three?" asked Arumat. He sat beside Faize. "You poor thing."

"I am glad to see you and Lymle again." Faize said, smiling up at him. "Maybe this time I won't be as sick."

Fayt sighed. He'd managed to hide Faize, Lymle, and Arumat for four months, telling the research lab that if they wanted them back, they had to give in to his demands. Two of those were that they not be separated, and the other was that the children be returned to them. So far, the demands had been refused. But with Faize and Lymle both in the condition they were in, Fayt wasn't going to be able to keep them on the ship for long.

"Mr. Leingod, we have discussed the terms with you, and while we are not liking it, we will give in to your demands. Bring them back on board."

"Yes, sir."

Arumat gathered Lymle close, since she'd been put on bed rest due to the number of children she was carrying. "Why are we returning to the research lab?" he asked.

"They've given in to my demands on your care, and I can't take care of both Lymle and Faize anymore. Both of them are getting very pregnant, and with Lymle on bed rest, it's going to take more care than I can give."

Faize kept his hands cupped under his growing belly, partly for the comfort of feeling the children inside, and partly because he waddled slightly due to size. He hadn't said much during this pregnancy either, but was pleased with the books that Sophia had provided about pregnancy. He was now able to actively help with his care, instead of just letting things happen.

Lymle snuggled into Arumat. The two had grown closer over the past few months, and should things turn out, they were going to be married after this delivery.

Two guards let them into a larger room, where they were going to be kept. Three beds graced the one wall, and a row of cribs were along another. All five children were playing on the floor, but it was easy to tell which two were Lymle's. There was a streak of brown down the middle of their otherwise silver heads. The other three girls were completely silver, save one, who had green tipped hair.

Faize carefully sat down nearby, watching them.

"What is it?" Arumat asked as he lay Lymle on the couch that was in the room.

"I never had names for them." he said, gently reaching out and touching one girl's fluffy hair. "Until now, I've never even seen my daughters."

"That's sad." said Lymle. She looked at Fayt. "Do they have names?"

"Yeah, the researchers gave them names. April, May, and June."

"Which one's which?" Faize asked.

"You have June, the one with the green-tipped hair. April has purple eyes, and May has golden."

Faize smiled. "They're good names." he said. "So, you're my little June, huh?"

The baby stuck her tongue out at Faize and made a raspberry.

Lymle only made it to eight months. Is a sudden cry for help, she grabbed Arumat, who was sitting beside her.

"What is it?"

"Help." Lymle sobbed. "The babies . . . they're coming."

Arumat left to get help, returning with the doctor that had been watching over them. When they arrived, Lymle had already birthed one child, and was well into delivering the second.

Faize watched in horrified amazement as Lymle continued and delivered a total of four children, two of each. But he was scared. He knew that he was again carrying multiple babies, and it frightened him as to what was going to happen. Especially as Lymle's four were taken away for special treatment.

"Faize?" the doctor felt his face, then his stomach. "Faize?"

"What's wrong?" asked Arumat.

"He's gone into shock." the doctor replied. "And he's preparing to birth. Get the wedge and prop him against it."

Faize felt as though things were moving without him. He felt Arumat lean him back on the wedge-like cushion, and he felt the pain. Faintly, he could hear the doctor as she tried to coach him, but his whole body seemed sluggish. He couldn't obey.

"Hold the oxygen to his face, he's not getting enough." said the doctor. "There's the first one." she said softly, holding the baby.

The pressure of the oxygen mask was barely noticed as Faize seemed to drift in and out of consciousness on them as the second passed. He was feeling tired, faint, and just a little dizzy. The third came without much effort from him, and then, it was over. With a slight moan, Faize passed out on them.

"Take them to the nursery and see to it they stay warm." said the doctor. She checked on Faize. "Fatigue. poor creature, doesn't even know they've come. It's probably a good thing you're here with him. When he wakes, let him know the children just need to be kept warm. I'll ask the nursery staff to bring all the babies back once their better."

Arumat nodded and looked at Faize's pale face. He looked calm, which was probably for the best.

"They are of no use." said one scientist. "We can't get a proper base of genetics with only two. Release them. Their species will just have to inter-breed with some other race."

Fayt looked over at the trio that were being released, along with their children. While the twin daughters from this set were actually fathered by Faize, Lymle and Arumat had taken to making sure all were adopted by Arumat when they had married.

Faize, meanwhile, stood with his six, alone. There was no one who wanted to take in the strange creature and his six children.

Fayt sighed. "So, where will you be going?" he asked.

"Depends." said Arumat. "Where are you going?"

"What do you mean?" Fayt asked.

"We heard you were given a ship." said Lymle.

"And that you needed a crew." added Faize. "so, if you don't mind, we'd like to join your crew."

"Well, it is a larger ship." said Fayt. "I don't see why not. There'll be space for the kids, and Sophia's coming along, too, as well as Albel. So, yeah, come on."