I woke up. It was dark, and I felt something on my wrist and ankles. I was sitting in a chair, with my wrists and ankles bound.

My blood pounded against my temples, feeling as if someone had stuck hundreds of nails into my head and shook it as hard as they could.

My vision was still blurry, and the darkness didn't help.

A light suddenly flicked on beside me.

I blinked at the sudden light.

"Hannibal smith has a secret group." a voice murmured above me.


"his Alpha team! What do they specialize in?" the voice was familiar

"I...don't know..." I muttered.

I felt a blow to my face.

"tell me!"

"I don't know anything!" I shouted.

I heard a match strike and smelled the familiar smell of cigarette smoke.

"lieutenant, you better tell me."

"captain Sanders?" I gasped.

My previous CO emerged from the shadows.

"tell us, Marshall." he growled, his cigarette inching so close to my skin, I could feel the heat.

"I don't know anything!" I shouted.

I screamed as the cigarette burned into my skin. now joining the rest of my scars.

Suddenly, I was pushed off the chair. I fell to the floor, the chair dragging behind me, since I was still bound.

His foot began kicking me into my ribs, and head causing my nose to bleed and my eye to bruise badly.

"Tell me!" He was shouting with each kick.

"That's enough, Sanders. Maybe she really doesn't know anything." Another voice said from somewhere nearby.

I really didn't know anything, but it wasn't like he was going to believe me.

Suddenly the phone rang in a nearby office. "Yeah? Yeah he 's right here. Hey man, the phone is for you."

"Take a message. I'm busy."

"He says its urgent."

Sanders sighed dramatically, and picked up the phone. "What?!" He snapped.

He paused for a few seconds. His face draining of color.

Suddenly a large black van came through the window.

I saw Murdock first. He hoped out of the passenger side and cut open my bonds. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the van while Hannibal shot a rifle out the window in warning.

BA threw the gears in reverse, hit the gas, and they went driving out the way they came.

"You came back." I whispered, tears flowing from my one good eye, the other swelled up like a balloon.

"Of corse we came back, Marshmallow. " Said Face.

"Face, you navigate." Said Hannibal, moving to sit beside me.

"Sure thing, Boss." Said Face, getting up.

Hannibal puffed on his cigar, staring at me.

"Is there anything your not telling me about, sir?"

He looked confused. "No."

I watched the smoke curl around us as BA bumped down the dirt road. He leaned over and threw his spent cigar out the window. Face pointed in a few directions, but I couldn't make out what he was saying.

"Hannibal, I really don't feel good." I whispered, staring down at the ground.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and I leaned into him. He smelled like soap, cigar smoke, and sulfur.

"Almost there, Lizzie." He whispered into my ear. "Then I'll fix you up."

"Than' 'ou, 'Ani'bal." I said, feeling suddenly tired.

"Stay awake, kid. We're almost there."

I grabbed onto his shirt, which was black. His hand gently stroked my hair. "Lizzie?"


"How are you doing?"

"Ma fine." I muttered.

"Face! Stop!" I heard Hannibal say.

The boys were quickly gathered around me, Hannibal barking orders.

I felt tugging on my skin, and water get forced down my throat. I coughed and spluttered.

I felt something cool wipe on my skin, and skillfull fingers prod my arms and legs.

"'Ace?" I murmured.

"What is it, Marshmallow?"

I reached blindly got his hand. A warm palm collided with mine and I smiled. "I'm 'eally ti'ed 'Ace." I mumbled.

My good eye was opened slightly now. I saw a glint of a needle. I jolted suddenly, trying to avoid it.

"Murdock, calm her down!" Said Hannibal.

Murdock was by my side in an instant. "Liz, honey? How ya doin'?"

"Wha' are the' doin' Dock?"

"Givin' ya somethin' for yer pain." He said calmly. I was happy for his Texan drawl to focus on. His hand pushed back my sweaty

hair, and I smiled as he began singing in Spanish. I felt a slight pinch in my arm, then my vision blurred.

"Mm, love...guys."

Hannibal POV

I sat across from my sleeping luietunent. Her eye was swollen, her lip split. She had bruises and burns covering her body, both old and new. Clumps of her hair were missing, and tear stains streaked down her face.

BA sat beside me, watching her as well. "Boss? Why would she be taken and not one of us who worked with you longer?"

He didn't know the poor girls history, but I knew she would tell him when she's ready. "Sanders and Liz have a long history together." I replied. "I'm guessing that-"

"'Ann'bal?" She mumbled.

"Hey, kid. How are you doing?" I asked.

She blinked a few times, looking from me to BA. "Huh? What happened?"

I explained, and watched as her eyes began to water and she silently cried into her hands. BA got up and wrapped his large arms around her. "It's all good, baby girl. You is safe now." He said quietly.

Her sobs turned to hiccups. I smiled, watching the two and lit a cigar. We were a family at last.