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Chapter One

Crippling Desires

Tony watched on in horror as the God gave him a wicked smile, his sceptre moving slowly towards the human's vulnerable chest. Tony was praying that the arc reactor would interfere with the mind altering magic – he didn't wanna end up like Legolas - but couldn't be entirely sure that the metal was thick enough to stand as a strong barrier for his heart. As the metal tip clinked loudly against the arc, the billionaire released a relieved sigh as the light blue glow dimmed and faded out. However he knew that the God would not be pleased with his unsuccessful attempt to control him; this wasn't gonna end well - for Tony at least.

Loki looked on in absent disbelief as he pulled the sceptre away only to thrust it forward with more force, grinding his teeth as the human staggered back slightly, but still remained unaffected. Casting a confused glance at the man of iron, Loki sighed. "This usually works…" His eyes narrowed as they inspected the slight blue tinge shining through the fabric of his t-shirt - what is that?

"Performance issues, huh?" Tony mumbled, feeling braver than he actually was.

The God smirked slightly, his gaze leaving the mysterious light to travel the contours of the cocky Midgardian. "You assume this is my only option?" He cocked his head to the side, green eyes penetrating brown as he released the useless piece of metal, satisfied as he watched the man flinch at the sound of it hitting the ground. He began to advance upon the shorter man, his head tilted so that he could stare directly into his eyes.

Tony's mouth went dry, his heart hammering desperately in his chest, palms sweating and mind screaming that he was in way too deep. "Your glow stick doesn't work; you can't control me, Buddy." His voice gave away his fear as his lips trembled around the words. This only spurred the God on - such bravery for a doomed man. Loki respected that – he would have despised the Midgardian if he were to cower or plead.

Loki clicked his tongue as he brought his hand up toward Tony's face. "That is merely a tool. I never have performance issues, Mr. Stark; would you like to see what I can do?" Tony's eyes widened as a blue flame spread from the tips of the trickster's fingers until it engulfed his entire hand, liking dangerously at the pale flesh. "I came here for a purpose, I plan to succeed. Your mind will be mine."

Tony began to pull away, however long fingers found the back of his neck, holding him firmly in place as Loki's hand moved towards his jaw. His eyes widened as he felt a deep chill flicker across his skin, burning its way up his cheek and twining around him. The cold licked at his veins, coursing through him until a blinding light erupted behind his eyes. Blinking several times, Tony tried to focus on his surroundings, everything seemed disjointed and misplaced. That was until his eyes found bright green. As though seeing for the first time, the world shifted and everything became clear.

"Loki." His voice sounded foreign to his own ears. Without command, his body moved fluidly, his knee hitting the ground and head bowing gracefully. Tony could feel his confusion, he wanted to voice it, to ask questions, but he was trapped inside his mind – he couldn't control his own body. He fought against the restraints, only managing to tense a fist and close his eyes tightly – and merely doing that took far too much mental strength.

Tony felt a hand lay upon his shoulder and heard an involuntary gasp escape his own mouth – he sounded aroused – how was that possible? "Beautiful isn't it?" Loki mused, his voice sending an unwelcome wave of pleasure to course through the Midgardian's body and settle low in his gut, causing his cock to twitch painfully with arousal. What the fuck – Tony thought, his mind reeling as the God continued. "I developed it myself. It causes the affected to become fixated with the user. Nothing in your life will feel nearly as pleasurable as when you are with me; alcohol will not satisfy your thirst, food will not fill you and nobody else will ever be able to please you. Now who will have performance issues, Mr. Stark?"

Tony wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, to kick the living shit out of the God – or die trying. But he remained trapped, his body unable to respond to the most basic of commands. "Oh yes, I also placed a muscle binding spell upon you. It lifts at my command – would you like to speak, Anthony?" Loki's voice was mocking as his hand gripped Tony's shoulder, sending another jolt of bliss through his body. "Very well." Tony felt a long finger tap against his shoulder, another chill vining through his veins and making his lips tingle slightly.

The billionaire opened his mouth, sucking in a gust of air as he tried to move his body. "Hey! I'm not a fucking toy, Loki. Release my body too." His anger piqued, but as his eyes flickered to find the God, he felt himself becoming lost inside the deep green pools. His tongue flicked out to moisten his lips as he felt his arousal growing. Gasping in surprise Tony looked away, ashamed that he couldn't control these carnal desires.

Loki released a low chuckle, "oh, don't hold back; the more you fight the higher your desire." With another tap to the shoulder, Tony slumped forwards – his muscles finally free. Gasping slowly, he remained on the ground, his eyes trained on the floor; too afraid to look up at the God, too afraid to feel the same crippling lust and worse – react to it. Perhaps being frozen by the spell had been better.

Tony slowly raised his head, his eyes instantly landing on the God's crotch, mere feet from his face. To the billionaire's utter shame his mouth began to water, heat building in his body as he attempted to restrain himself. Beads of sweat formed on his brow as he fought the heat rising within him, twisting his stomach almost painfully.

Gritting his teeth, Tony forced his eyes upwards until he was looking the God in the face. Another painful twist of heat coiled through his stomach. "So what, you gonna torture me with pleasure?" Tony ground out between clenched teeth, "I gotta say, that doesn't sound all that bad." His face twisted in pain as the heat intensified, liking mercilessly at his insides, raging through his veins and flooding his pounding heart.

Loki released a harsh burst of laughter, his eyes creasing with mirth. "Oh, Anthony you are extremely amusing. The simple truth of how torturous my spell, is clearly written upon your face." The God took a few steps forward, causing Tony to sag back slightly; trying to maintain as much distance as possible. "You fight the urge. You're making this far harder than needs be." Tony shivered as long fingers curled under his chin, tilting his head effortlessly. "I could make your choice for you." Tony saw the blue flames once again liking at the God's other hand. "I could 'up the dose'." Loki smirked as he brought his hand closer to the quivering Midgardian.

Tony's eyes were wide with apprehension as he watched the hand stop mid-air, the God cocking an eyebrow in question. Did he really want more of this magic fucking with his mind? He knew what the God wanted him to do? He wanted it too – that much was clear if his strained pants and pounding heart was any indicator. But giving into the God – it was exactly what Loki wanted. Did Tony really want to appear so weak?

Looking from the blue flames to those mischievous green eyes, Tony's body moved as he made up his mind – telling himself repeatedly that this was his decision and nothing to do with the amount of need running through him. Allowing the floodgates to burst open, Tony gripped the back of Loki's head, taking him by surprise as he pushed his body backwards, thrusting the God into the ground and pinning him there with his forearm firmly placed across his slender neck.

Loki recovered quickly, his lips twisting into a wicked smirk. "Ah, so you prefer it rough, Stark?" He kept his arms at his sides, body completely relaxed, however knowing that he could easily destroy the Midgardian but wanting to see where this was going first. A fun game of God verses ant.

Tony ignored Loki's snarky comment, his eyes fixated on those smirking lips. He craved the touch, the taste, the whisper of them and most of all the promise of the notorious silver tongue lying in wait. The grip on his morals was slipping quickly, thoughts of Pepper, S.H.I.E.L.D. and what was right and most certainly wrong, soon abandoned him.

Loki noticed the moment the man's mind was decided, his body relaxing and head moving closer. He had him. The God allowed Tony's hands to ghost over his armour, moving from his throat to his arms before roughly grasping his wrists and holding him still – though he showed no sign of moving. Loki narrowed his eyes as the billionaire moved ever closer, breath fanning over his face. A wide smile broke out across his face. "You didn't think it would be so easy did you?"

Tony watched in absent horror as the God of Mischief dispersed into a cloud of green smoke, leaving his body to slump to the ground painfully. He released a growl of frustration, slamming his fist into the ground where the tricksters head laid moments before - that little fucker. Rolling onto his back, Tony released a long sigh, waiting for the crippling pain to resurface. He remained still a moment longer, soon realising that the painful lust filled haze wouldn't return. With a frown, he glanced down at his crotch, noticing that he was completely flaccid – how was that possible; moments ago he had been so hard it was painful.

Sitting up slowly, Tony took note of himself. He not only didn't have a hard on anymore, but he felt strangely empty. The calm voice of Jarvis cut through the air, effectively silencing Tony's mind. "You may want your suit, sir; the Chitauri have arrived through a portal over New York." Nodding numbly, Tony stood slowly and felt his legs carry him toward the balcony; toward his suit.

"What the fuck was that, Tony?" The billionaire only just managed to dodge the book as it flew towards his head. The angry red head stood, chest heaving, hair a tousled mess and bottom lip quivering as she tried to hold the tears at bay. "You could have died."

Pepper had obviously seen his little stunt on the news. Tony wanted to tell her that he had acted upon bravery; wanted to save New York from the blast and defeat the Chitauri; wanted to save her. But he couldn't, because that wasn't why. Tony remembered the hollow feeling when he saw the bomb and thought of her; he hadn't felt anything when thinking of Pepper, his fucking girlfriend. Tony had jumped onto that bomb, knowing that he may not survive and not caring because he felt so much hatred toward himself. He loved Pepper; he knew that, but he didn't feel it.

Tony knew he should have felt something right then and there, watching her face contorted in worry – he should feel remorse, pain or even guilt for causing her so much pain. But he didn't. He just felt empty when looking at her, like he didn't even know her anymore; as though his heart had forgotten her. The pain that flashed across her face said it all – she wanted reassurance that he didn't have some kind of death wish; that he cared whether he came home to her or not. He couldn't find it in himself to lie to her, not after everything she had done for him.

Tony was surprised when she rushed over and enveloped him in her arms, whispering words of reassurance and love into his ear. She must have assumed he was in shock after his near death experience. Furrowing his brow, he released a long sigh; he needed to fix this.

"I need to go to bed." Even his voice had changed. In the back of his head he knew what it was; knew why this was happening to him – but he couldn't find it in him to admit it. "I'm sorry, Pepper." Detangling himself from her, he rushed toward his bedroom, quickly closing the door and pressing his back against it. He was beginning to panic – which was good, at least it was something.

In his haste, the billionaire neglected to notice the hurt look distorting the woman's features, tears breaking loose from their confines and leaving a salty trail down her cheeks. She had thought their relationship had strengthened, but she could feel that he was still holding back; hiding things from her.

"You have had thirteen missed calls from, Director Fury, Steve Rogers and Pep-"

"Shut up, JARVIS."

His phone had been ringing non-stop since Tony had forced JARVIS to put the tower on lockdown, not allowing anyone – especially Pepper – to enter. He couldn't take the looks she gave him, but most of all he couldn't handle the fact that he felt nothing for her – only emptiness.

Tony was sat slouched in his chair, his workbench before him, untouched for days. A bottle of whiskey clutched in his hand and a full glass in the other, also untouched. He couldn't bring himself to drink the amber liquid, knowing full well that it would not bring him any relief – any pleasure. Neglecting his work was also new; he usually enjoyed tinkering into the late hours, but not anymore.

With a low growl of frustration, Tony stood from his seat, spinning on his heal and throwing the bottle of whiskey against the wall, watching with slight satisfaction as the glass shattered, raining down upon the floor. Goddammit – why was this happening to him? Loki had no fucking use for an alcoholic philanthropist. Well that was it, he needed to resolve this; he needed to find a way to break this fucking curse.

"JARVIS, I need you to check my vitals; look for anything different; anything that shouldn't be there." Tony's voice was filled with authority as he barked out instructions.

"Yes, sir." Tony watched on as the machines lit up, making small noises as they came to life. He stood perfectly still as a blue light flickered over him. "For accurate results, I will need to run a 24 hour scan, Sir."

"No problem, I'm going back to bed. Shout if you find any-" The words died in his throat as he saw the same shade of green smoke flash in his peripheral vision. His whole body seemed to ignite, liquid desire coursing through his veins and burning in his chest and coiling in his stomach. Shit.

"Miss me?" Tony's jaw clenched painfully as the God sauntered over to him, only to turn and brush past him as he made his way to the bedroom. The shorter man stared on in mild fascination and confusion as Loki called over his shoulder, "aren't you coming? I thought you were going to bed."

Tony stood motionless for a few moments as the watched the Norse God disappear through the doorway with an air of arrogance. His mind finally seemed to catch up, his feet moving without command as he followed suit. Upon entering the room, his breath caught in his throat, watching as the armour upon Loki's chest glowed brightly before disappearing in a flash of bright gold. The God was left looking strangely ordinary in his simple leather pants – that clung to his form, leaving nothing to Tony's imagination – and a dark green tunic.

"You won't find anything." Loki's steady baritone broke Tony from his obvious ogling, forcing him to give the God a confused look. Their eyes locked, the sheer intensity in those green eyes causing Tony's knees to weaken as the fire running through him intensified. "My magic won't leave traces within your body; you are wasting your time searching for something that isn't there."

Tony chose to ignore the warning; he was gonna look anyway – he had to find something, anything. His muscles were aching as he tried to hold himself in check; he didn't need his stupid desire controlling him like some kind of hormonal teenager. "What are you doing here?"

Loki narrowed his eyes slightly, that smirk sliding into place. "Well it's been a few days since I placed the spell upon you. I thought you would be pleased to see me." Tony's stomach clenched as he spoke that fucking word. Fucking hell.

Gritting his teeth, Tony continued his questioning, trying in vain to ignore the growing hardness in his pants. "I mean, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be running from your big brother?" That caught his attention. The God's smirk was soon replaced by a deep frown, hands clenching at his sides, that blue flame flickering slightly over his fingers. Perhaps he had pushed his luck a little too far this time.

"My brother is not known for his intelligence, Mr. Stark; it is rather easy to evade him." A cocky smile graced his features as he took a step towards the billionaire, an arm's length away. "The most important question though – I think – is why haven't you raised the alarm? Why am I here?" Loki took another step, eliminating the space between them as he stared down at the man of iron, his face sure and confident.

Tony felt the air leave the room, his lungs resting uselessly inside his chest. Heart beating an entirely new song as it pounded listlessly against his ribcage. His eyes scanned the God's as his mind tried helplessly to discover the answer. "I-I don't know." Tony's voice broke slightly, his eyes closing tightly as he tried to regain control over his body. It was no use, his entire being seemed to fucking sing for the Deity; blood pounding through his body, hairs standing on end, eyes trailing hungrily over the pale flesh at Loki's neck. "P-please."

A small smile lit up Loki's face – not condescending or cruel, simply a smile. Those long fingers came up to caress the slight stubble at Tony's jaw, causing the shorter man to release a groan of both frustration and slight relief at finally having some kind of physical contact with the God. "Please what, Tony?"

Tony's eyes opened slowly, dark brown meeting menacing green. "Make it stop." The words were barely a whisper as they escaped his parted lips, hoping that the man before him had even an ounce of mercy.

Loki seemed to study him for a moment, his eyes darting across the shorter man's features – as though trying to find something that would decide his fate. Tony jumped slightly as the same gentle fingers became cruel, cutting into the flesh of his neck as the God flung Tony onto the bed with ease. "As you wish." Tony barely registered the softly spoken words as Loki appeared before him, his eyes dancing with mischief as he ran a pale finger over Tony's bottom lip. The fire seemed to engulf his entire being, igniting sparks behind his eyes and sending a painful twitch to his pulsating cock.

He acted upon impulse, his body was not moving through force, but need. Tony knew these weren't his needs, not entirely – but at this moment in time he didn't care. He simply needed to fulfil them. His hand roughly grasped the front of Loki's tunic, pulling him forcefully until their lips finally met, the relief of it causing a whimper to erupt from the billionaire's throat.

Loki took full advantage, his tongue plunging forward to taste his newly acquired slave. Tony gasped slightly as he felt the God's tongue slide against his own, the addictive taste sending a bolt of lust to his groin, making him even more uncomfortable in his tight jeans. He only felt slight shame, knowing somewhere in his mind that this was wrong however, not caring quite enough to put an end to it. Tony only wished he was having the same effect on the Deity's body – probably not, but a man could hope, right?

The kiss became rougher as Loki's hand gripped the back of Tony's head, painfully reminding him that he was not the one in control of this encounter. The shorter man was perfectly content to lie there and allow the God to dominate him – it was certainly a nice change from the norm. For once Tony could lie back and allow someone else free rein over his body. "I thought you would put up a decent fight, Stark." Loki murmured against his lips, those long fingers gripping the edge of his ACDC t-shirt before ripping it roughly from his torso and throwing it onto the ground. "I almost feel bad for taking advantage of such an easy target." Those words alone should have caused Tony to come back to his senses – but they only seemed to fuel the ever burning fire inside him.

With a low growl, Tony pushed himself up, gripping the base of Loki's neck and wrapping his leg around his hip, flipping them quickly so that Tony was leaning over the God, smirking in triumph. "What was that about an easy target?"

The God simply raised his hand, curling his fingers slightly. Tony felt as though his body was tethered to an invisible force, dragging him down until his body was inches from Loki's. "You are an easy target, Stark – I control you." His voice was menacing as he unclenched his hand, causing the playboy to fall ungracefully upon his chest. Those words should frighten, but they didn't. He wanted it; wanted to be controlled – in every way imaginable. His every fibre craved it.

Tony's sexual frustration got the better of him, his mouth – as usual – opening before his brain had time to analyse the words. "Well whatever you're gonna do to me, just fucking do it already. You wanna fuck me? Then fuck me. You wanna kill me? Go ahead!" His cheek was pressed against the God's, his breath hot against his ear.

He heard the growl rumble from deep within Loki's chest before he flicked his wrist, sending Tony's body flying through the air until he finally came into contact with the far wall. Not a very soft landing. He could already feel the bruises forming as his body remained pinned to the wall, a few feet from the floor. "I am a God you insignificant fool; you do not get to make any demands. I did not place this spell upon you for sexual gain; this is torture – get used to it." Loki had slowly moved forward until he was directly in front of Tony, their eyes level as his words cut through him. Those vibrant green eyes appraised him once more before his hand roughly grasped his still clothed erection, causing Tony to gasp with surprise and arousal. "I want you to suffer; I want to hear you beg. This ends when I'm done with you, not when you can't take anymore. Remember your place, Stark – and I may allow you to live when this is over."

Tony snarled as the God crushed their lips together, his teeth scraping painfully over his bottom lip before the pressure dissipated as the God vanished into the same green smoke as before, leaving Tony to drop like a lead balloon to the unforgiving floor.

This wasn't going to end well.