Rainbow's POV

Rainbow! Are you awake? Rainbow! I heard the voice get clearer and my eyes started to flutter open. I looked up and saw Scar pawing me awake. "Finally. I thought you would never wake up." Scar said. I yawned and stood up slowly. My stomach growled and I was very hungry. "Need food…or…will die…" I fell dramatically with my tongue lolling out. Scar smiled and gave me the scraps of meat. I sniffed the air and jumped up, even though the meat didn't smell all too good. I looked up at Scar. "Aren't you going to eat anything?" I asked. We didn't steal a lot, only a few strips of beef. "You have it, you need your strength." He stated. "You, too. No?" I said matter-of-factly. "I'll go hunt later, these woods look untouched so there's bound to be plenty of deer and rabbit." He said. I grabbed half of the meat in my mouth (which wasn't a lot) and dropped it in front of him. He glared at me and I scowled back. The showdown was just like that for a few minutes before he sighed and started to eat the meat. I turned and ate happily. The meat wasn't fresh and tasted a little spoiled, but it would have to do for now.

"So what do we do now?" I asked. He looked at me and wasn't very happy about the question. "Look, Rainbow, I shouldn't have agreed to do this… I have to go back, with the war going on, the Guardians need all the help they can get. Please don't be mad Rainbow, but I can't run away with you, not like this, not now. Maybe after this whole thing we could figure something out that is reasonable." He said. "I understand. I was surprised when you had even agreed to do this. I knew you would turn around, because you told me yourself you would never run away from anything. We'll go back after lunch, okay?" I said half-heartedly. He smiled and rubbed his black mane against my neck. "I guess we will. I'm glad you understand. I'll go get lunch. With that he trotted towards the woods. I sighed and looked at the dying leaves of the trees. It was almost winter, so we wouldn't have been able to stay on our own anyway. I was pretty crazy that day so I guess I didn't really think any of this through.

Growling, barking, and snapping is all I heard. I shot up and I ran into the woods. Scar must be fighting something. The noises got louder as I ran faster. My throat burning for water. I panted and slowed as the noise was close by. "What are you doing here?" I recognized Scar's angry voice. "I think I have the same question for you as well." I heard another wolf's voice say. Scar growled and it scared me to death. I turned my head slightly and looked over the bushes I was hiding in. A male white wolf was circling Scar. Thank goodness he wasn't a Vampire wolf. Scar never stopped looking at the wolf. I noticed something else. The wolf had chains on his feet. "All I wanted was to ask you a question and you attacked me!" The wolf snapped. "What was your question then?" Scar asked, not letting his guard down. "I was going to ask you did you see a female wolf pass by here. She also had chains on her feet." I leaned closer and fell out of the bush, into the open area. The white wolf stared at me and looked back at Scar. "You know this wolf?" He said slyly. "Yes, I was just getting some game then take her back to her pack. And about the female wolf, I've never seen are smelled a trace." The white wolf had a pang of hurt and worry in his eyes, but he quickly recovered. "Thank you…" he said and ran off without another word. "Do you know him from somewhere?" I asked. He turned to look at me as if I had just gotten here. "Yes, his name is Kevin. He was taken by the Vampire wolves with this other wolf, Snowflake. They were slaves in a way and had to do the Vampires' biddings are suffer the consequence of death.

"I'm guessing they escaped, because the chains were broken. Don't worry, let's just find some game and go back home, okay." He said not looking my way.

We walked through the almost silent woods searching for food. We ran across some rabbits, but they were too fast and got away. "Stay low. Don't move." Scar whispered. I did as I was told and stayed put. There were three deer grazing in front of us. The tall and wild grass hid us from the deer. Scar tucked his wings as tight as he could and slowly stalked the deer. One deer raised his head and sniffed the air and turned his head, surveying the area. Scar froze like ice his eyes only focused on the hunted. Scar pounced on one of the grazing deer, scaring the others. They ran while Scar hung onto the deer he was on by the neck. His powerful jaws crushing the deer's wind pipe. The other deer got farther and farther as the deer Scar was on got slower and slower. The deer's eyes were wild with fear, his long tongue hanging out of his mouth. The deer collapsed and stopped moving. I walked up and sniffed it. It was dead as a rock. It always scared me when the pack would go hunting, because all the noises made me nervous. Scar ripped the deer open with one single swipe of a paw. "Wow that never gets old…" I said amazed. "Huh. It should, how many times you've eaten kill." He said smiling. We both got one liver, since that was the most nutritious and fought over part of the meal. If I was eating with my pack, my dad would get the liver no matter what since he was the boss and all.

It was late afternoon and after that big meal we decided to take a nap and then set off tonight. It was getting colder and we huddled closer tonight. The grass was so soft I fell asleep instantly.

Scar POV

I woke up and realized we had over slept. "Rainbow, wake up!" I said. Her eyes opened and then winced at the sunlight. "Five more minutes…" she said. I nipped her ear and she yelped a little and got up. "Sorry." I said. She scowled in a playful way and yawned. "We have to leave right now it's already morning!" I said quickly. She nodded and got on my back and held onto my neck. I didn't have time to get a running start so I just jumped off the near cliff. Rainbow was a little startled and screamed. I spread my wings and we started to soar higher and higher into the clear blue sky. "What the hell? I could have fallen off! And don't you think you're going too fast?" she yelled. "No and calm down before you spasm out or something." I said back. She huffed and held tighter.

We were passing over the pack so I landed softly. Rainbow jumped off excitedly and licked the earth beneath her. Some of the wolves saw us and ran where the Alphas and Guardian wolves were. Soon I saw Eldred walking toward us quickly. "Where have you been?" he said first. "Well, Rainbow here went wandering off into the woods at night so I followed to make sure she wouldn't get hurt. She went very far until I finally came forward and asked where she was headed. She said nothing and told me to leave, but I followed her still and finally said we should go back. We were going back but then we decided to camp out farther from the Vampire wolves so they wouldn't find us.

"Then I went hunting, because we were starving the next day. It was late noon by the time we finally ate and we fell asleep and when we woke up, I realized it was morning so I hurried to fly back before you guys got worried." I finally breathed. It was literally the worst lie I've ever told. I would be surprised if Eldred actually believed the fib. Of course, I was one of Eldred's most trustworthy.

"Hmmm. Alright then. We need to go get Trixie and that tracker dog back. Carol!" he ordered. Not more than a minute, an out of breath Carol came running. "Sir." He said. "Go get the fastest wolves and trackers to go find Trixie and Tracker Bert." Eldred said. "Yes, sir!" and with that Carol was off again, huffing even more.

"As for you two, go elsewhere!" And so we did.

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