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Rory's POV

I hope Gale is satisfied. I am now in a suit and tie which Gale and Vick are also in. Posy is in a little pink dress with a bow in her hair. And mom, she is in a big poofy greenish bluish tealish dress. And her hair is all brushed and shiny. The only thing that is giving me satisfaction right now is the fact that mom made Gale wear a tie that is corresponding with the color of Katniss's dress.

Finally, when the torture of getting ready is finished, we go help mom finish up dinner while Katniss plays with Posy. Just as we are sitting down to our dinner of fish, strawberries and a special treat of real bakers bread, we hear a shy knock on the door. Mom gets up to get the door, I can't see who it is but I hear mom laughing and a young girl talking with her. When mom walks in, she says something, that I can't make out because I am mesmerized by the girl behind her. The girl is Prim. She is wearing a lavender dress with ruffles on it. Her blond hair is in small ringlets of curls. She looks amazing.

I am in shock that Prim is here. Her eyes find mine right away, and I'm sure my mouth is hanging open because I see her giggle a bit before sitting down across from me. When Prim sits down I see Katniss glaring daggers at her and I bet it's because of the way Prim made her dress, but then, I notice that Prim isn't even looking at Katniss, she's looking at me.

Katniss's POV

The Hawthorne's just finished getting ready! Hazelle looks beatiful! I have never seen her so dressed up and Posy was so cute! Even Rory looked nice. But Gale, he looked amazing! He was wearing a black tux and a tie! His hair was even combed, but I'll admit I like it better messy like it is in the woods! Gale smiles at me and goes to help Hazelle in the kitchen. Then when we are all finally sitting down to dinner, there is a knock on the door. I assume it's someone Hazelle washes clothes for and they need their clothes right away, but then, when Hazelle comes back in, there is someone trailing behind her. That someone is Prim. Now I am about to strangle that girl. She made me dress up in this clown suit and now she is here! I hear Hazelle say that my mother was stuck at someone's house healing a child with a very bad fever, and Prim could of course not cook her own dinner so she is eating with us. I am glaring at her, but she doesn't even notice, she is too busy watching her crush, Rory.

Finally, I speak. "So Prim, mom's stuck with a patient?"

She clears her throat. "Yes, she had a very bad fever and couldn't come home for dinner!"

"Then how come this morning you told me the patient was much better?" I ask suspiciously.

"Umm…ummm…" Prim stuttered. "that was a different patient!"

"Oh I see!" I know that she is lying, people have been very healthy lately except for that one fever. Prim is probably telling the truth that mom is stuck with a patient but she lied to me this morning so she could have an excuse to come to this dinner.

The rest of the evening is endless chatter about nothing! That's why I love Gale's family so much, because they are so fun and easy to have fun with! I mean they have 3 boys, they can get very crazy, I wish my mother was more like Hazelle. I mean Hazelle has gone through the exact same thing we have, except she had a baby the week after her husband died and she has twice as many mouths to feed. I don't understand how my mother can be so different. Either way the evening is fun and light, until Hazelle has to go and bring laundry over to someone's house, so she leaves and Posy and Vick are already in bed. So it is just me, Gale, Rory, and Prim left in the living room! Rory and Prim are talking while me and Gale are talking.

Then Gale says something that catches me off guard. "Katniss, can I talk to you in private?"

I am surprised he would ask that but I still say "sure"

As Rory and Prim watch behind us, Gale leads us to the room that he and Rory share. We sit down on the bed. "Katniss have you ever thought about us?"

I don't quite understand the question. "Gale, what do you mean?"

He sighs, I can tell he doesn't know how to say what he wants to. "Well, we are hunting partners right?"

"yes" I answer. "And Best Friends"

"Exactly!" He says. "The thing is—you're gonna think I am crazy but—I don't know, I feel like—I mean I really—I don't know how to say this. It's just, Katniss. I love spending time with you, I love the way you are. You are the only one that I can be myself with."

I couldn't believe it! Gale was confessing his feelings! But the strangest part is, he seems to be thinking the exact same thing about me as I am about him! I can't believe it! "Gale, what are you getting at?"

"Katniss I think—I think that I may…be in love with you" He looked down when he said those last few words.

I waited a minute to speak and I saw him glance up to judge my reaction. I chuckled. "I think I may be in love with you too!"

"So, where does this leave us now?" He asks.

"Umm, I don't know. That kinda depends on the next thing you say."

"Katniss, will you be my girlfriend?"

I couldn't believe it! Gale, my hunting partner, my best friend, my crush, was asking me to be his girlfriend. I looked up into his stormy grey eyes "Yes, I will gladly be your girlfriend!"

He then slowly leaned towards me. My heart was beating so fast, then, he stopped so his lips were centimeters from mine, then he kissed me. It was an innocent kiss, but it was still my first and my best. Then he pulled away and smiled.

"This went a lot better than I planned!"

"Well, it definitely wasn't what I expected."

Then I heard giggles coming from the door. "Gale…did you hear that?"

He cursed under his breath. "Rory, Prim get in here." Another round of giggles. "NOW!"

The two little eavesdroppers walked into the room very slowly. "Yes?" Rory said way too innocently.

"How much did you hear?" Gale asked.

"Everything from the first sentence." Rory said smugly.

My face starts turning bright red! I can' believe it! Prim heard all of that!

"Prim, please don't tell mom! You know how she will act if she finds out!"

"Don't worry Katniss! I know how mom acts! And plus I like Gale, he is a great first boyfriend for you!" Prim says excitedly.

I am still a little mad, but I start laughing anyways, and eventually everyone joins in! Even though I am wearing this ridiculous outfit, and Prim and Rory were eavesdropping, this has still been a perfect night!

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