She's The King

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Chapter 1- Not In The Cards

"Come on Rei, I am tired of racing against you! Let's play something else." Usagi protested.

"You are only tired of playing because you keep losing." Rei said as she loosened her grip on the steering wheel in her driver's seat at video game arcade. Usagi slid out of her driving seat thinking for a moment about what to say next.

"Well, if Haruka was here playing with you instead of me, then I'm sure you would be eager to move on to the next game as well."

"It's a good thing you're not Haruka then, isn't it?" Rei chuckled as she got out of her driver's seat.

"You know that was all just practice anyways! I was just going easy on you." Usagi exclaimed.

"Yeah….sure you were Usagi." Rei stated in a mocking tone.

"Why are you always so mean to me Rei?" Usagi whined as she looked up at the raven-haired girl."

"I don't know Usagi. I shouldn't be so mean to you " Rei wrapped her arms around Usagi in an embracing hug and stared into her eyes. "I will try to be much nicer to you from now on."

"Do you mean that Rei?" Usagi's eyes opened with a sign of hope.

"No" Rei mocked in an equally compassionate tone.

Rei laughed as Usagi pushed off of her. "I knew it! You know what Rei? This is the last time I'm racing against you. Just for that you're picking up the lunch for everyone when it's ready!"

"Fine odango atama. By the way where's Minako? She was the one who asked me to take her place racing you while she had to take care of something real quick. It's been ten minutes already."

"Hmmm I don't know. " Usagi glanced around to spot her original racing partner only to find her already sitting down with Ami and Makoto. "Oh there she is Rei!" Minako looked up and smiled as she waved to the two girls.

"Well she at least could have let us known she was going back over there." Rei mumbled "Hey it looks like our food is ready. I am going to go get it now and meet you back at the table."

"Okay Rei! See you real soon!" Usagi said as she spun on her heel skipping back to where the rest of her friends were.

Rei watched her as she skipped back to her table and couldn't help but to smile. Her heart always fluttered every time she was with Usagi which is why she did not mind at all racing against her. Heck Rei didn't even like play racing games too much but because she was racing against the person she was deeply in love with she had a great time. Rei may have been the winner at racing but Usagi was the true winner of her heart.

Rei went to go pick up the meals as she remembered the words Usagi spoke to here just a couple of minutes ago. "Why are you always so mean to me Rei?" the words echoed in her mind. Rei secretly knew the answer to that question.

"I'm mean to you because I love you my princess. It's the only way I can show my affection to you" Rei answered back to herself as she thought about the mock embrace she gave Usagi earlier. She enjoyed every second of the friendly gesture. She wanted so much more with Usagi but knew she could never have her so she just took what she could get even if it was just a simple hug.

"Okay the meals are here!" Rei took on the persona of a waitress as she laid out the plates. "Here are the cheese sticks and water for you Minako, your cheesesteak for you Makoto with your grape soda, the salad with your tea and lemon wedge for you Ami, the sub sandwich and tea for myself, and for you Usagi your two double cheeseburgers with fries, onion rings, and two milkshakes or otherwise everything that was left in the kitchen. Enjoy!"

Usagi raised an eye brow at Rei "Ha very funny Rei." A couple of seconds after that Usagi began scarfing down her meal as the rest ate theirs.

Rei glanced over at Usagi as she was passionately eating her food. She thought to herself how cute Usagi looked when she was eating. She was going to make a joke about her eating like a pig but she refrained from doing that. She figured she had tortured Usagi enough for now and besides from the looks of things it looked as though Makoto was thoroughly enjoying her cheesesteak as well since she heard muffled moans from the tall senshi as she was chewing.

"Sweetheart you should slow down before you get gastralgia." Ami quietly suggested to her lover.

Makoto wiped her face with a napkin and smiled at Ami. "Well that just means that you will get take care of me then right Dr. Mizuno?"

Ami smiled as she let out a small laugh. "It tastes that good huh? "

"Yeah but I can think of other things that taste better." Makoto said with a not-so-innocent smile.

Minako arched an eyebrow at both of them though it didn't seem to slow down their flirting.

"Like what?" Ami continued.

Makoto moved closer to the smaller girl's face and stopped before her. "Your lips." She gave Ami a quick peck on her lips. Ami confidently returned the kiss. "What else?" she wanted to know curiously.

Makoto kissed her check and slid up to her ear to whisper to her, "and yo-"

"HEY MAMORU!" Minako sharply shouted intentionally startling the two flirting girls at the cost of also making Rei and Usagi jump in the process.

Usagi finally took her face away from her plate and looked up at her boyfriend.

"MAMORU!" She moved from her seat and clung to his arm.

"Hey Mamoru!" rest of the girls said in unison.

"Hey Mamoru what brings you here? Not that I'm complaining." asked an innocently curious Usagi. "I thought you and Chibiusa were going to hang out together today."

"Yeah well we were on our way to the fair but figured you guys would be here. Chibiusa wanted to play an arcade game before coming over." Mamoru pointed at Chibiusa walking towards the group. Everyone waved and spoke to Chibiusa as she arrived. Usagi motioned Rei to slide down in order to make room for her boyfriend and future daughter.

As Rei was sliding to make room her heart sunk. It was "him"….Mamoru….Usagi's prince….Usagi's king...Usagi's lover for over a millennium. How could she even compete with him? There was no way. Destiny was their ally and Chibiusa and their proof to add insult to injury. Rei didn't hate the guy but she couldn't help but to feel jealous of Mamoru every time he was around and every time Usagi mentioned him which was often. Rei watched with semi-sad eyes as not to attract too much attention as Usagi finished the rest of her meal in a flash and then proceeded to lay her head on her boyfriend's shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her. Damn fate was cruel. Rei tried to focus off the image that made her sad by slowly eating her sandwich sending her into a mindless gaze into the table. It worked for a minute as the continuing conversation between the prince and her princess was muffled to her ears until…..

"REIIIIII Earth to Rei" a small hand waved in front of her face as she was brought back to reality. The hand belonged to Chibiusa.

"Oh sorry about that. Yes Chibiusa?" the raven-haired girl smiled. She loved Chibiusa a lot and treated her like she was her own baby sister or sometimes even mother despite the painful and constant reminder of how destiny was into play.

"Mamoru and I are going to the fair and Usagi decided to weasel her way into coming with us. Do you and the rest of the girls want to come?"

"I would like to Chibiusa but I can't. I have some other things to do. I'm sorry." Rei sadly answered as she saw the disappointed look on the pink-haired girl's face grow.

"Ami and I will go with you, Usagi, and Mamoru!" Makoto said excitedly as she came to Rei's rescue as she grinned at Ami. "Ami you can tell me the probability of winning the bigger prizes and I'll use those statistics to win you a big bear…..and then there's the kissing booth….."

Ami's faint blush came back to her and she stared up back at Makoto.

"Makoto…Chibiusa…." The genius pointed as if she were trying to preserve the young girl's innocence."

"KISSING BOOTH? Oh Mamoru lets go there but before we do we should get something to eat. I am starving!"

The rest of the girls looked at Usagi in horror as those words came out of her mouth.

"Usagi you JUST ate….for TWO for that matter." Rei barked sternly at the blonde intentionally ignoring the kissing booth comment.

"Oh please that was just a snack Rei." Rei just looked dumbfounded at Usagi. It didn't last long before Ami chimed in.

"Minako do you want to join us." Ami asked.

"Nah I think I'm just going to hang out here." Minako replied.

"Are you sure Minako?"

"Yeah you guys go have a good time."

Ami and Makoto slid from their seats arm and arm while Chibiusa placed her hands on Rei's knees and began to speak.

"You're going to make this up to me Rei. I really wanted you to come."

"Hai I will make it up to you Chibiusa. I promise." Rei leaned down to hug the younger girl. "Make sure you give Usagi a lot of heck for me alright?"

"Of course! I will see you and Minako later then!". Chibiusa stood up and pulled Mamoru away from Usagi. "Hey Mamoru lets go to the kissing booth." she teased knowing it would make her mother upset.

"HEY YOU LITTLE BRAT THAT'S MY MAN HANDS OFF!" Chibiusa's trick worked.

"He's not going to want to kiss you while you are porking your face out." Chibiusa stuck her tongue out at Usagi as they began to argue walking out of the arcade. Mamoru, Ami, and Makoto let out a sigh as Usagi stopped the argument to continue talking about what she wanted to eat at the fair leaving Rei and Minako behind.

"Where does that girl's stomach end?" Rei asked herself and Minako as she left her seat to walk back into the arcade section of the building seeking to relieve her stress. She looked at the racing game that she had just played. No….that wasn't going to relieve her stress. If anything that was going to increase her stress knowing that her and Usagi once sat there in a competition. Rei then looked at a game that would test her strength. Yes that is what could curb the stress of her broken heart….at least for the time being. She grabbed the oversized hammer and began taking hits at the circular target not even bothering to insert a coin into the machine.

"Her passion for food is almost intense as your passion for her." Rei felt a hand move on her shoulder as the words were said. "I don't know what you're talking about." Rei replied not even looking back at the owner of the voice as she continued to hit the target.

Minako took a more assertive stance as she grabbed the oversized hammer temporarily. "You know exactly what I'm talking about Rei. What exactly did you have to do so important that you couldn't accompany Chibiusa to the fair? "

Rei sighed as she looked at her friend. "I can never put anything past you can I? Am I right to assume that you took your sweet time never coming back for a reason while Usagi and I were racing?"

"Nope you never could. I am the Goddess of love after all and yes you assume correctly." Minako proudly stated before going into a more serious tone. "You really love her don't you?"

Rei put her head down and confirmed Minako's words. "Yeah….but she's with….him."

"That doesn't mean anything, Rei."

"That doesn't mean anything? What do you mean, "That doesn't mean anything?". They are in love!"

Minako ignored Rei's question and tilted her head up looking outside of the arcade window where Mamoru, Usagi, and the other two senshi had departed earlier.

"Rei, if you stay silent then she won't fall in love with you. You should let her know."

Rei just looked at her friend studying her face. "Seiya wasn't silent and look what happened to him..." was all she could get out at the time. "she chose Mamoru over him every time. Besides look at who is talking….why don't you take your own advice and follow your heart after Makoto? I saw the way you squirmed around in your seat earlier becoming agitated at her and Ami's affection for one another. You're not the only one who can pick up on feelings."

Rei was right and Minako couldn't deny it. Minako had slowly fallen for Makoto though she wasn't sure when it happened. There was something about the taller senshi that made Minako's own heart skip a beat. Seeing the brunette with the Ami did hurt her at times but she tried her best not to show it in front of the others. It worked for the most part…..or at least she thought it did until Rei proved to be the crack in her fort just now.

"It's different….they belong together," was the only thing Minako said.

Rei blinked her eyes questioning Minako's logic to herself. "And Mamoru and Usagi don't? Have you forgotten about their past and future together? The Moon Kingdom? King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity? Mr. and Mrs. King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo and their daughter Chibiusa…..Small Lady? Have you forgotten about those factors?!" Rei looked at Minako as she had officially lost her mind.

"I know I know!" Minako defended herself. "Call it intuition or just experience from being the original Sailor V but something just isn't right between those two….I can feel it."

Rei looked at her with a confused look. "What do you mean?"

Minako took a minute to get the words out. "I don't know….but it's like Usagi is trying too she's trying to fit a puzzle piece where it doesn't belong. I think there's more to this picture that we just aren't seeing but I can't prove it. It's a strange nagging feeling that I keep having."

Rei just looked at Minako and gave up on figuring out her statements. "You're a strange puzzle piece Minako."

"Yeah I know. I'm just that great aren't I?" Minako said sarcasticly.

"Well it doesn't matter." Rei said with a defeated heart. "Usagi is with Mamoru and their "picture" seems fine to me." Rei started to bash on the target harder and grunt between every other word as she spoke.

"It…really….hurts….when…you…love…someone…YOU…CAN'T….HAVE!" Rei let out a final large grunt has the base of her oversized hammer broke off from the middle causing the top to fall back barely hanging from the rest of the stick as it showed the extent of the pain and heartache she had.

Minako looked in shock as to what Rei had done. She took the broken sticks from her and hid them back into it's sliding compartment. She grabbed Rei's arm. "Unless you want to pay for that put that anger on hold for a moment and lets book it! Rei agreed and they both ran out of the arcade as fast as they could before anyone can link them together with the now destroyed property that was left behind.

End of chapter 1

Well this is my first chapter so I hope it wasn't too bad.

Odango atama= dumpling head