She's The King

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Chapter 14- The Brightest Star

"Where am I?" Sailor Mars asked herself as she looked around at what resembled woods. She was encircled by trees and various plants. To her right, lay a crystal clear body of water with a waterfall attached to it. She stared at her reflection in the water and noticed fish looking right back at her. Rei also noticed through the reflection that her stomach still had the hole through it, though she felt no pain.

"This must be the afterlife. It's beautiful." Rei kicked off her high heels and laid on the bed of luscious grass beneath her.

"I'm sorry, Sailor Moon. I really wish that I could be with you, but I know you can defeat Trinity. I believe in you."

Rei placed her hands behind her head and looked up at the woods. She continued to have a conversation with herself.

"For this place to be the afterlife, it feels strangely familiar to me. Oh well, at any rate, kick Trinity's ass, Sailor Moon, just like we kicked destiny's ass."

Rei heard a female chuckling in the background.

"You two never defeated destiny. It was just correcting itself."

Rei then heard a male in the background.

"And this place is not the afterlife, Rei. You're not getting off that easy. There's a reason why this place feels familiar to you."

Rei stood up and saw Setsuna and Artemis in his human form.

"Setsuna? Artemis? What's going on? Where am I and what do you mean by "destiny correcting itself"?"

"You are in the realm of your subconscious, Rei," Artemis said.

"Artemis and I were ordered to watch over you and Usagi ever since the fall of the Moon Kingdom."

"But why, Setsuna?"

"Because your mind, along with Usagi's, has been tampered with. There has been so much damage done to your memories about what truly happened on the Moon Kingdom, that it has only been suppressed deep inside your subconscious. This is why you and Usagi have been having those "blackouts". It's time for you to know the truth about your memories," Setsuna explained.

Rei was confused. "Hold on. Why wait so long?"

"We were specifically instructed not to interfere until you and Usagi fell in love without the knowledge of your true past lives," Artemis said.

Before Rei could ask another question, Artemis and Setsuna knelt before Rei. Rei looked forward and saw the former queen of the moon walk in the space created between Artemis and Setsuna. The queen spoke.

"And now that you and my daughter have fallen in love, I will give you your true memories back, if you desire."

"I desire my memories back, my queen."

"As you wish, close your eyes," Queen Serenity ordered.

Rei did as she was told and felt the queen's hands around her face with her thumbs gently pressed against her eyes. Rei's mind became flooded with memories about her past life.

"I remember so much now! Serenity and I were lovers on the Moon Kingdom. I was her prince. Our love was "forbidden" so we met secretly in this forest. We also took the soul-eternalization bond together."

Queen Serenity's hands then went to Rei's stomach. Rei could feel the hole in her stomach partially close up.

"I heard my daughter's scream after your death. It's a scream that I am too familiar with. That is part of the reason why I will NOT allow you two to be separated again. I can't fully heal you, but I can heal you just enough to get back into the fight. My daughter needs you."

When Rei opened her eyes, Artemis and Setsuna were standing. Queen Serenity moved closer to the water. Rei stood next to her.

"Tell me, Sailor Mars. What is one of your favorite memories about being here?" the queen asked.

"Well, now that I remember, one of my favorite memories is when Serenity pushed me in the water."

Queen Serenity looked over to Setsuna. Both women smiled at each other. Queen Serenity then looked back at Rei.

"My daughter and I share a lot of the same tendencies," the queen chuckled.

"What do you mean?" Rei asked.

"Like mother, like daughter," the queen mentioned. Without further warning, Queen Serenity placed her hands on Rei's back and pushed her into the water.

"What the-" was the last words Rei said before she fell in. Her vision became darker as she sunk to the bottom. Everything faded to black. Sharp pain returned to her stomach. In the midst of everything, she could hear a conversation through clogged ears.

"Give up yet, ladies? I'm starting to get a little bored of absorbing your attacks. It has been an hour already."

"No, I promised that I would avenge Sailor Mars and that is exactly what I will do. I don't care how long it takes."

"Sailor Moon, there is good news. My mirror is revealing that our attacks are starting to take a toll on her body. In her current state, she cannot take distractions very well."

"Neptune is right, Sailor Moon. My computer is telling me that her mental stability is steadily declining as I speak. We need to use that to our advantage and distract her."

"But how can we distract her, Mercury? She can see all of us and know every attack we are going to make?"

"I don't know, Jupiter, but we will just have to do the best that we can. At any rate, she's not going to last long."

Rei's sight finally came back to her. She realized that she was back on Earth, and that the senshi and Trinity were still engaged in battle.

"Your strategies are useless!" Trinity yelled. "I'm tired of playing games. It's time to finish the rest of you ladies off for good! Vardon is going to be very pleased with me."

Trinity raised her hand and another deadly electric-entwined sphere appeared.

While laying on her back, Rei quickly reached for an ofuda.

"Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen! Akuryou Taisan!" she whispered, throwing the ofuda at Trinity's back. The sphere disappeared from her hand as she struggled to move. All of the senshi gasped when they saw Sailor Mars struggle to her feet.

"Sailor Mars!?" Sailor Moon called out to her.

Sailor Mars picked up the nearby glove on the floor and slipped it back on her hand. She then walked towards Trinity and faced her with a smirk on her face. The red eclipse made her look even more dangerous.

Trinity panicked. "No…this can't be. You're dead. This can't be. I killed you! I SAW YOU DIE! YOU'RE DEAD!"

The ofuda's paralyzing was starting to wear off. She flailed her arms around in an attempt to move her feet. Sailor Uranus grabbed onto Trinity's left arm while Sailor Neptune grabbed the right one. They stretched her arms out.

"Hurry up Sailor Moon! Now is your chance!" Sailor Uranus yelled.

"Sailor Moon, you said you wanted to avenge me. Let's do this together," Sailor Mars suggested.

Sailor Moon nodded and she and Sailor Mars backed up.



A fiery tiara was created from the combination of both attacks. Trinity's eyes widened as the attack was aimed for her stomach. The burning tiara sliced through her stomach and eventually made its way back to Sailor Moon. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune let go of her once they realized she was going to collapse. However, Trinity grasped onto Sailor Uranus's fuku and brought her down as well.

"Sailor Uranus," Trinity coughed and gurgled. "It looks like you will be seeing Tritus soon enough. Tritus may be an idiot, but he's a very dangerous man. He is also mentally unstable. If you want to take him down, then you must not get caught off guard."

"Caught off guard?" Sailor Uranus questioned.

"Yes, caught off guard. I'll just leave it at that."

Trinity released Sailor Uranus from her grip and the blonde slid away from her. Trinity called out to the man she loved.

"Vardon," she said weakly.

It wasn't before long until a tall male who had a humanoid appearance arrived. He was well-clothed in grey dress pants and a white dress shirt with suspenders. His blue hair wrapped in a ponytail matched the color of the cape that he was wearing. He ran towards Trinity and held her.

"Trinity…TRINITY! No, this can't be happening!"

"Oh Vardon, I couldn't defeat them. I'm so sorry that I failed you."

"You could never fail me, Trinity."

Trinity traced her fingers along his smooth, tanned jawline. "We had a good run together; conquering planets, making fun of your brother, watching you become a leader, just being around you, but I don't think I will make it this time."

Tears feel from Vardon's emerald-colored eyes. "Don't leave me, Trinity!"

Trinity looked into his eyes. "Vardon, you have the most beautiful eyes that I've ever seen. I will never forget them. I will never forget you. You're the only person I truly cared about. I love you, Vardon."

Trinity stopped breathing. Vardon closed her eyes and whispered to her.

"I love you too Trinity."

He picked the fallen youma up in his blood-soaked arms and silently glared at the senshi, branding their appearances in his head. The senshi also participated in the wordless battle of stares. Vardon was the first to cave in, turning his back to the senshi and disappearing. The senshi attention was quickly diverted as Sailor Mars collapsed and passed out. The senshi crowded around her. Sailor Mercury placed her ear to Sailor Mars's chest.

"She's still living, but her heartbeat is faint. She needs to get to a hospital quick," the future doctor determined.

"How is she still living and how did her wound close up so much?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"It doesn't matter," Sailor Moon told the senshi of thunder. "The only thing that matters is that she's alive."

Sailor Moon knelt before Sailor Mars and cradled her. The moon princess let out a slight gasp and opened her eyes wider. She looked at Sailor Mars while the rest of the senshi looked at her with concern.

"My memories about the Moon Kingdom…I see them through your eyes, Rei. I'm remembering what really happened. We were together on the Moon Kingdom. You were my prince, my lion. We were happy and in love. We took the soul-eternalization bond, but ever since we arrived on Earth, our bond has been suppressed. I can't feel your presence within me anymore, but don't worry. This will be corrected."

Sailor Moon tightly laced her fingers with Rei's and looked up at the sky.

"Mother, please reawaken the bond I shared with my prince!"

Sailor Moon leaned down to where the unconscious Rei was and kissed her. As soon as her lips touched Rei's, the eclipse from the planet Mars separated itself from the moon. Mars and the Moon glowed with the burning intensity of their respective colors. At the same time, a white aura radiated from every inch of Sailor Moon. The brightness was so intense that the senshi had to back away from the couple. Sailor Moon's fuku dissolved, leaving her nude and unashamed as wings emerged from her back, extending far beyond an arm's length. She had taken her pure angel form used during the battle of Galaxia. When Sailor Moon parted from the kiss, Rei's eyes opened.


"It's me, Rei."

Rei let out a weak chuckle. "Hehe, y-your naked."

Sailor Moon softly chuckled along with her. "Haha, I am, aren't I? Do you remember our past life, Rei? Do you remember what we shared on the Moon Kingdom?"

Rei stared into her lover's hollow blue orbs and cupped her cheek. "Yes, I do, Serenity. You were…my love…my sweet lioness."

Too weak to say anything else, Rei moved her arm back down and rested in Sailor Moon's embrace.

Sailor Moon smiled and whispered.

"My prince."

Sailor Moon picked up Rei and carried her away from the rest of the senshi. The crescent moon symbol blazed on Sailor Moon's forehead and the yellow light beam shot its way through the ceiling, severing a good portion of the clear glass. She used one of her wings to shield Rei from the shattered, falling glass. She then flew out of the building through the gaping hole. The senshi looked at each other with confused looks.

"What the hell just happened?" Sailor Uranus asked.

The next question came from the senshi of thunder.

"Soul-eternalization bond? What is that?"

The other senshi shrugged. They looked at the door and saw Mamoru and Sailor Mini Moon running towards them, stopping at the broken glass.

"What happened? Where's Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars?" Tuxedo mask questioned.

"Great news Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mars is alive!" Sailor Venus exclaimed.

A smile appeared on the pink-haired girl's face. "She is?!"

"Yeah, but Sailor Moon flew off with her," Sailor Jupiter mentioned.

Tuxedo Mask had a contorted look on his face. "She flew off with Rei?"

"Indeed. That's why that gaping hole is in the ceiling. Some bright light came from Sailor Moon and she grew wings. She and Rei started talking about their love on the Moon Kingdom and called each other by animal names. Afterwards, she took Rei, broke the ceiling and flew off," Sailor Uranus said.

Tuxedo Mask looked even more confused. "What?"

"We don't get it either," Sailor Mercury quietly mentioned. We all know about what happened on the Moon Kingdom, so this doesn't make sense."

Sailor Neptune looked up at the gaping hole. "Moon Kingdom aside, do you think they are coming back?"

The rest of the group looked through the hole. They saw no sign of Sailor Moon or Sailor Mars.

Sailor Uranus came to a conclusion. "I think it's safe to say that they will catch up with us later. I don't see them coming back here anytime soon. Does everyone agree about that?"

Everyone nodded.

The senshi of wind and her lover took steps towards the exit. "Good, let's get out of here them," Sailor Uranus said, slightly exhausted.

Tuxedo Mask called out to her.

"Sailor Uranus."

"Yeah, Tux?"

"The night is still young. Why not race back into town?"

"Really, Tux? You're thinking about racing, even after everything that just happened?"

"Yeah, if we are going to leave, then why not make it a bit more exciting?"

While Sailor Uranus's reasoning sounded logical, Sailor Neptune saw right through her and spoke up.

"Sailor Uranus is just mad because you emasculated her in the last race."

The racer widened her jaw and placed her hand across her heart. She pointed at her lover.

"I am NOT "emasculated". There is nothing wrong with my masculinity, or my femininity for that matter. I am perfectly "masculated"."

"Oh, but I thought you never turned down a challenge?" Tuxedo Mask mocked in a deeper-than-normal voice.

"You're pushing it, Tux, and I don't. If you want to race me, then let's go." Sailor Uranus destransformed in to her racing suit. It can be Michiru and me in my car against the rest of you all in his, just like it was when we came up here."

"Ooooh, the Outers vs. the Inners!" Sailor Venus squealed.

Tuxedo Mask and the rest of the senshi detransformed back into their civilian clothes.

"Chibiusa, are you ready for this?" Tuxedo Mask asked, smiling at the young girl.

"Yeah! Let's show them which team is better, Mamoru!"

Haruka smirked. "The future princess is quite feisty. Enough talk. The rematch is on!"

Above the city of Tokyo, an angel spoke to a fallen warrior.

"I nearly lost you back there, Rei. I won't let it happen again."

Sailor Moon pushed Rei close to her body. The soft white glow of her life energy penetrated Rei's mass. Sailor Moon could feel Rei's heartbeat getting stronger. Rei lightly squirmed into her touch.

"You're warm, Usa," was the only words Rei could mumble before drifting off into a deep sleep.

"I'll get you help, prince. Just rest."

Back on the ground, only a white cat and a gatekeeper of time witnessed what appeared to be the brightest star in the sky at the time.

"We have our prince back, Setsuna."

"Yes we do, Artemis. Their bond has been reawakened and their true memories reestablished. However, her dark past will also reemerge because of this."

"I know. We will just have to play that one by ear, but for now, let's celebrate the return of our prince."

Setsuna took Artemis's advice and continued to watch the brightest star. For now, they just enjoyed the peace of the sight, while it lasted.

End of chapter 14

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