She's The King

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Chapter 15- Taking The High Road

Two days had passed since the brightest star was seen. Since then, Rei was admitted to the hospital and was recovering from surgery. Makoto, Ami, and Minako stood in the background while Usagi was sitting at Rei's bedside while she was sleeping.

"How did your mother say Rei was doing?" Makoto asked her girlfriend.

Ami gave her reply while looking at Rei. "She said that Rei's wounds were healing as they operated on her with new skin cells steadily regenerating around her stomach. The other surgeons were fascinated by this, but honestly, it doesn't surprise her though. She knows of our Sailor Senshi identities and our ability to heal relatively quickly."

Minako looked a little shocked. "You told her?"

"I didn't have to tell her. She just put the pieces together over the years. It's a good thing though. Because of her position, Rei now has the best room in the hospital and we have a bit more leeway with visitation. Plus, she said if there's anything we need then don't hesitate to ask."

Makoto grinned. "I guess it's great to have people in high places then. Did she say anything else about Rei's condition?"

"Yes, she did. Rei's fast healing has somehow made her very dehydrated. Rei will be bed-ridden for a few days, but other than that, she will be okay. However, one thing did puzzle my mother. She rewrapped Rei's head wound this morning and can't understand why the gash on Rei's head won't heal as quickly as her stomach wound."

"Rei has had that wound ever since the fight with Fedorion," Minako said. "Trinity's attacks probably agitated it even more. I suppose that wound will heal in time as well."

Usagi remained silent and focused on Rei throughout the entire conversation. Her focus was soon broken when Mamoru and Chibiusa came through the door. Chibiusa went towards Usagi with a solemn look on her face.

"She won't eat anything," Mamoru said with an expression of worry in his voice.

"Chibiusa, what's wrong?" Usagi asked.

"I was so mean to Rei. She saved my life earlier and what do I do? I step on her foot in return. Now she is in the hospital after protecting you and I just feel so horrible. She must hate me by now."

Usagi placed her hands on Chibiusa's shoulders. "Chibiusa, don't say that. One of the last things she asked of me before she "died" was to make sure that you would be okay."

"She really said that, Usagi?"

"Yes, Chibiusa. Rei loves you and she will always love you. You hold a special place in her heart."

Chibiusa looked down at the floor. "Now I feel even more horrible."

"Don't," Usagi said. "She wouldn't want you to feel that way."

Usagi gave Chibiusa a hug. Chibiusa then made her way towards the sleeping Rei. She studied the IV drip's clear fluid coming from the bag and into her arm. Chibiusa raised her hand and placed it in Rei's, being careful not to disturb the IV. Chibiusa soon felt Rei's loose grip around her hand tighten.

"Chibi….usa," Rei weakly said, opening her eyes.

"Rei? Rei! How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, Chibiusa. I'm just very tired."

Chibiusa leaned over to Rei and gave her a hug. "Rei, I'm so sorry for how I treated you!"

Rei wrapped an arm around her. "Don't apologize, Chibiusa. I would have been upset too if I were in your shoes. I really didn't mean to break your family up. I will never forgive myself for that, or for putting Mamoru through this pain." Rei looked at Mamoru. "He's a good man and he doesn't deserve to go through this. Neither of you deserve to and for that, I am truly sorry."

Another silence broke out in the room. Mamoru looked at Rei, carefully thinking of what to say.

"Just…get better, Rei. You're vital to the team…and to Usagi's heart," he mentioned quietly with concern in his eyes. To everyone's surprise, he extended his arm out to Rei for a handshake. Rei extended her own arm to shake his hand.

Mamoru gave a half smile. "You better take care of my Usako."

"I will, Mamoru. You have my word."

Rei looked back at Chibiusa. "Now Chibiusa, tell me why you haven't eaten anything in two days?"

"Um, I was too busy thinking about what I did to you."

"That's no excuse. If you are really sorry then you can make it up to me by eating. Will someone take Chibiusa to the cafeteria and get her something to eat?" Rei asked.

Minako raised her hand. "I will!" She took the young girl and led her out the door. "Let's go see what they have."

"Ami, I'm a little hungry myself. We should go see what they have down there ourselves," Makoto said.

"I wouldn't mind getting something to eat either," Ami said, poking her lover's chest. "Granted, their cooking won't be as good as yours."

"Aw, stop it before you make me blush, Ami."

Once Makoto and Ami left, Mamoru made his way out the door to follow. Usagi however, stopped him in the hallway.

"Make sure she eats, Mamoru," the blonde softly demanded.

Mamoru nodded and tried to leave again.

"Mamoru…." Usagi called out to him, stopping the man again.

"Yes, Usako?"

Usagi tightly wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you," she whispered. "I'm sorry that I'm putting you through this."

Mamoru returned the hug and lifted up her chin. "My heart will heal in time." He kissed Usagi's forehead and finally went on his way.

Usagi went back into Rei's room and sat down.

"I really do feel bad about this," Rei started. "The last thing I want to do is hurt Chibiusa. I do want her to exist in the future."

Usagi brushed Rei's temple. "You're not the only one at fault here. I made the choice to love you and I don't regret it. Who knows? Maybe Setsuna will find a way to preserve her."

Rei pondered that thought for a moment. "It's very possible that she could have. She also has a soft spot for Chibiusa. I've always wondered why that is so."

"Me too," Usagi pondered. "If anything, I know Setsuna just won't let her disappear now that I think about it. The thought of that makes me happy."

"Guess what makes me happy, Usa."

"What is that, Rei?"

"Knowing that…." Rei motioned her hand for Usagi to come closer. When Usagi was closer, Rei put her lips to the blonde's ear. "we have a past life together," Rei whispered while smiling.

Usagi gave her a huge grin. "Yes, we do have a past life together…my prince." She pressed Rei's face close to hers and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Oooh that feels good, do it again," Rei playfully demanded, squirming to the touch of Usagi's lips.

Usagi happily obliged. "My prince," she said again, pressing her lips against Rei's cheek once more. She ended this kiss with a larger smack than before.

Rei squirmed even more. "One more time," she begged.

Usagi gently cradled Rei's head with both of her hands.

"My prince," she whispered. Usagi closed her eyes and gave Rei a moan-filled kiss that lasted longer than the previous two. Rei had a goofy smile on her face by the time Usagi was finished.

"One more time!" Rei quietly exclaimed.

Usagi playfully slapped Rei's shoulder. She loved how her soulmate could be so silly, despite being in the hospital.

"Artemis, where have you been these last few days?"

"I've been busy, Luna. What's going on?"

"I caught Rei and Usagi in bed together. They were naked…and kissing!"

"That's what happens when two people love each other. It's called 'making love'," Artemis calmly stated.

"I know what making love is, Artemis, and that was not making love. That was Rei lusting after the princess. That was Rei manipulating Usagi, destroying her and Mamoru's relationship in the process Rei actually had the nerve to strangle me after confronting them."

Artemis gritted his teeth and turned his head. "First off, the prince would never manipulate her princess. Second, maybe Rei wouldn't feel the need to strangle you if you actually let the princess decide for herself who she wants to love for once."

Luna glared at the white cat. "Don't you ever refer to Rei as a prince. Rei is NOT a prince and she will never be one. Mamoru was the better choice for Usagi on the Moon Kingdom, and he is the better choice for her now."

Artemis glared right back at Luna. "Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Luna." He then made his way out of the alley. "I'm out of here."

"Where are you going?" Luna asked.

"I'm going to see the prince at the hospital. The prince got injured badly protecting her princess. You should visit her too."

"I'm not going anywhere near REI anytime soon after what she did to me."

Artemis shook his head and continued on his way to the hospital.

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