She's The King

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Chapter 18-Choices

Artemis and Setsuna spent the next hour discussing the Moon Kingdom. The topics about the Moon Kingdom included the lives of the senshi, the queen, and funny memories about their previous life. The conversation soon however, turned into a serious one.

"So I told Minako a brief summary of Serenity and the Prince's history," Artemis said while drinking his tea.

"And how did that go?"

"It went very well. Minako may be a goofball at times, but she is very intuitive. I also told her that I have a strong feeling that Usagi's life will be in danger. Those feelings are getting stronger as I speak. I made Minako aware of what will happen to Rei if my feelings come to pass. However, what Minako doesn't know is that the Prince may go after Luna after she's done protecting Usagi. That is another strong feeling I am picking up, but I hope that it's not true. Setsuna, what is going to happen in the future?"

While it appeared as though Setsuna was intently focusing on him, he knew that she was actually seeing the near future.

"Your intuitions are right, Artemis. Usagi's life will be in immediate danger," Setsuna said, ignoring the second part of Artemis's question.

"And what about Luna?"

Setsuna placed her hands on the table. "The Prince…is going to kill Luna."

Artemis sat there with his lips slightly parted. "Setsuna, we cannot let this happen."

Setsuna stayed silent. Her lack of immediate words concerned Artemis. "Setsuna?"

"My orders are to watch over Usagi and the Prince as well as to reveal the truth about what really happened on the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity never said anything about protecting Luna."

Artemis couldn't believe what Setsuna had just said. "Y-you can't be serious."

"I am very serious." Setsuna then stood up and left the lobby.

Artemis followed her outside, grabbing her arm. "Setsuna, Luna can't die!"

"And why not? Her actions started a war on the Moon Kingdom. As far as I'm concerned, it was Luna, not Beryl, not the Shintennou, not the entire Dark Kingdom, but Luna, that destroyed the Moon Kingdom."

"But, Setsuna!"

"But nothing. You know I'm right. In my opinion, Luna is a murderer. Luna killed the senshi. She killed Serenity. She killed the Prince….and she killed my queen, Artemis," Setsuna said, choking up at her last statement. "She killed my queen. Luna took my happiness away that night. For that, I want her blood spilled on the pavement."

"No, Setsuna!"

"Yes, Artemis! She is the entire reason why you and I had to suffer all of these years. Give me one good reason why she shouldn't pay for her crimes!" Setsuna yelled. It was the first time Artemis had seen her so upset. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Because I still love her! Yes, after everything she put us through, I still love her. Losing everyone back then was bad, but if I lost Luna, I don't know what I would do. Please, Setsuna," Artemis pleaded. "Don't take Luna away from me."

The argument soon turned back into a conversation as Setsuna sat on the outside steps. "You're a better person than I am, but I don't know, Artemis. I really don't."

"Artemis sat beside her and leaned his head against her shoulder. "It would be the same as you losing Queen Serenity. I don't condone what Luna did back then, but the Prince killing her isn't the answer. It wouldn't change anything. Luna is to me what Usagi is to Rei. Even though we may fight, I still love her."

"What is it about Luna that you love so much?"

"Well, she may seem a little stiff on the outside, but on the inside, she has a big heart. She is very caring and loving, even if she doesn't show it often. I am just naturally attracted to her. You know, Luna told me that Rei strangled her after she caught her in bed with Usagi."

"It seems that Rei retains some of her Martian characteristics from her past life."

"Setsuna, I love Luna."

"I know you do, Artemis."

"I don't want her to die."

"I know you don't."

"Queen Serenity meant a lot to me as well. I didn't just see myself as one of her advisors. I saw her as a friend. I don't like that she died any more than you do, Setsuna. What happened back there wasn't right. However, just ask yourself this: Would Queen Serenity want Luna to die?"

Before Setsuna could regrettably answer that, she and Artemis saw Minako making her way up the steps. Minako noticed the two sitting down together with Artemis casually resting his head on Setsuna. This confused her.

"Hey Minako, what brings you back here?" Artemis asked curiously, refusing to move his head."

Minako could not answer his question. She honestly did not know why she came back.

"I don't know why exactly. I just felt like I needed to for some reason. I know Rei and Usagi are probably asleep by now, but something inside of me told me to come here."

"Minako, you currently have more insight into Rei and Usagi's past life than the other senshi," Setsuna said. "You probably have figured out by now that Artemis and I didn't come here for just a simple visit. We hold the truth to the past."

"I know. You two are being very clandestine when it comes to Rei and Usagi. Artemis told me that everything will be revealed in time."

"It will, but your intuition has paid off. Usagi is having an interesting dream at this time. Artemis, go show Minako that dream. I need to be alone right now."

Artemis stood up. "Very well, but please consider what I said earlier."

"I will."

Artemis then focused his attention on Minako. "Come with me."

Minako followed Artemis inside and to the elevator. While on their way up to the next floor, Minako couldn't stop thinking about intimate Setsuna and Artemis appeared to be. She just had to ask.

"What that between you and Setsuna out there? Are you two an official couple now? What about Luna?"

Artemis calmly answered her. "Setsuna and I are very close, but we don't love each other that way. My heart belongs to Luna."

"Then what makes you two very close?"

"Because we had to suffer. We should have died a long time ago."

Minako was even more confused now. "What are you talking about?"

Artemis however, said nothing more on the subject and got off of the elevator when they got to their intended floor. He slowly opened Rei's door and guided Minako to where Usagi was sleeping.

"How is it even possible to show me someone else's dream?" Minako whispered.

Artemis laced his fingers with Minako. "The power of touch is very strong, Minako. I was given the ability to see dreams and through my touch, you can see them too."

"What is Usagi dreaming about?"

"She's dreaming about the first time she met the Prince." Artemis then touched Usagi's arm. Minako doubted that this would really work until the hospital room faded from her eyes. She realized that she was now seeing a vision of the Moon Kingdom.

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