Genre: Angst, Hurt.

Length: 450 words.

Pairing: One-Sided!BatFlash(for now I guess), + Team Bonding, & John/Shayera.

Rating: Teen/PG-13.

Summary: wally doesn't know who wally is anymore. wally only knows flash. it's scary, because wally's alone. and everyone else is gone, gone...just gone. and wally doesn't like being alone. it makes him feel useless.

Author's Note:

This was something that came up, when I was trying out a much darker style, a style that I don't use much, but I like a lot. And I'm sorry that I keep writing Wally with so much angst, I can't help it. JLU made me feel that way about Wally, and so did Wally's actual back-story. So I hope you all enjoy!

And Kyer, this story is for you. Since you wanted a story where Wally's dad wasn't abusive, and I liked the idea. I hope you don't mind BatFlash much~

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Chapter 1: loneliness is sometimes scary...

someone's holding a knife. someone stabs him. again. and again. it hurts.

the blood doesn't stop flowing. it keeps coming.

he chokes on silence and blood.

he doesn't know which hurts more...

the pain, or the silence.

He wakes up feeling like shit, before rushing to the bathroom to throw up. There's blood in the toilet bowl. He grits his teeth, looks away, and flushes the toilet. He sees his reflection in the mirror, pale skin, red eyes, and pale-dry lips. He doesn't know who he is anymore.

He wants to remember who is Wally West. He can't. It terrifies him, until he remembers he can smile and pretend to be Flash. He knows who the Flash is, everyone probably does. He's a hero clad in a red spandex suit that has a lightning symbol on it, with bright grins, and corny jokes. He's a metahuman with the ability to outrun both a cheetah and a jet. He's a member of the Justice League.

Yet it sometimes seems like he's not needed. Like he's an unnecessary addition. Like he's a kid trying to play dress-up to fit in with the grown-ups. He remembers Barry. He remembers his father's big arms wrapping around him. He remembers the booming laughter of Rudolph. He remembers Mary's sweet words. He remembers Iris's big smiles, and Barry's teasing.

He remembers they're gone.

He opens the tap water, washes his mouth, and doesn't look at the mirror again. 'I'm not worth looking at anyway' he thinks sadly.

He traces the outlines of a photograph. His fingers caressing the picture gently, as if touching any harder would make it break. It doesn't. But Wally still touches it gently. He misses Christmas Eve. But now, there's no one there...

His heartstrings are pulled at, hard, when he remembers pale blue eyes, ebony hairs, a strong jaw, and a weary face. He shakes his head. But still his mind thinks of the lips belonging to the face, of the large hands, touching him, cupping his cheeks, and he flushes against the blood-red and black sheets.

He's turned on by the fantasy of a man. A man who doesn't even take him seriously at times. He wants to cry, but he does the opposite instead. Instead; he silently laughs at himself. And ignores the cold tears that caress his cheeks almost instantly.

He's in pain. But pain doesn't bother him anymore, not now, not ever.

He tries to smile, but it hurts his jaws to even move his lips. He closes his eyes, and dreams of laughter, hugs, and happy endings. He doesn't realize it. But in reality, tears are still streaming down his cheeks.

He's still alone, even then.

End of 1st chapter.