Do you feel it?

This story is a little more on the steamy side and is rated t for a reason. Pretty much going to switch povs between chapters. Dante doesn't want to go to dance class but he needs an elective, also neat Nora is going to be in it. Angie takes it because she wants to be boss at everything. Just a senerio of how they got together and may be rated m in later chapters. –cartoonnetworknerdchick

I'm impulsive

I'm gross

I'm Dante,

And I'm screwed.

This all started when Barbra told me I needed an outlet, and skateboarding wasn't an elective. I walked into class looked at my schedule, scoffed because half of these classes I would most likely not be attending. Waltzing up Dante style to my…. Teacher, don't remember what class this is, I blankly stated.

"I have a blank period in my schedule."

This woman looks up from her papers at me, and takes the paper. "Looks like you need an elective, I'll just phone the office and you can get one right in." She smiles at me and hands me back the paper. Great I just shot my own foot. When the bell rings I jump out of my desk and rush out-side to the cafeteria. I laugh as Philbert slams into a wall, I give him a fist bump as he pulls himself off the floor. "Hey man!" he says wiping a bit of blood from his nose. I pull out a napkin from my pocket. "Thanks man!" "When ever bro! Hey have you seen Angie?" I blush at her name and turn away quickly adding. "And Wyatt and Lyle?" Philbert doesn't notice and casually adds. "Right over there." "Thanks remember no serious injuries when I'm not there to see it!" We laugh and fist bump again. As I strode away my mind quickly leaves Phil and onto Angie.

I got to stop thinking about that girl. No woman. I'm so attracted but I have no idea why. I mean yeah she's hot and beautiful but she's into Wyatt. Right? Angie's just so MEAN. I like mean, I like rude, I like…I like all those things but I just can't like Angie. But I just can't get her out of my head, so I crush on some one attainable. Neat Nora she's into dangerous guys not as beautiful as Angie but she works. I jump on my skateboard and ride over to Angie, Lyle and Wyatt. I do a flip over my board and land on the table. They laugh at me but I only see Angie. I slip off the table and fix my spot in between Wyatt and Angie. "Scoot over!" I say scolding Angie, she laughs and I quickly wrap my arm around her. Lately she's been strangely cool with me and how I hang onto people. "Hey Dante." I turn around and blush at Nora. "Hey!" I say like an idiot, it plays off my whole crush thing. I try to pull out from the table and get my foot caught, falling and landing on my face. Nora, Lyle, and Wyatt laugh at me, while Angie's surprisingly quiet. Hmmm. I ignore the thought and focus on convincing myself I like Nora. I laugh like myself and skip over to Nora. "Yeah?" I ask. "Do you want to walk with me?" "Sure. But are you sure you can handle all this?" I smile with my lady catching smile. Nora laughs and pulls on my arm. "Wow Dante your so…muscular." Nora smiles back at me, waiting for my response. But I'm busy thinking about Angie screaming over at Gus. "Dante?" "Oh Yeah it's something we Ontero's have." I quickly add and walk alongside her. "I heard you don't have an elective." Wow, is she some kind of stalker? "yeah why?" I ask turning my head. "Do you want to take dance with me?" Wait, hold up DANCE? No way. But I respond without thinking.

"Sure baby."

Well, this could be like that dance movie I saw with Angie.

I sit in the office for some, thing other than some illegal thing I did. I run my tongue over my braces and hum. Tapping my foot I earn a good glare from the secretary. Oh is that candy? I lunge out of my chair when Angie's hand claps around my wrist. "No candy Dante that's for her daughter." I flip my bangs out of my eye and smile at her straitening my back out standing at full height. I'm a few inches taller than her, I fight back fireworks from her touch. I can see she can't resist my womanizing smile. "Why are you in the office?" I ask wrapping my hand around her other wrist, pinning us against each other. "I help out sometimes." Angie responds and blushes at our closeness. "How often?" I whisper in her ear. Angie shivers and pulls away. "Why so I can help you get out of trouble?" we laugh and pull away from each other. "You're a freak Dante." Angie insults me, but not maliciously just friendly. "You're the queen of rude land." I respond and we both laugh at my comeback. "One piece." Angie says smiling. "Two?" I say holding up 3 fingers. "Fine but that's it." We lock eyes blush and look away.

About three minute later I waltz out of the office with my new schedule. The day passes uneventfully and soon 6th hour rolls around, I throw on the white tee shirt and sweat pants dance requires and walk into the room. About ten other guys have the same expression as I do at the ten girls of the room.

Wow. That's all I can say.

All of these girls are wearing skin tight shirts with black shorts. Have I died and gone to heaven? My eyes glance over Nora and I'm some what impressed. Nora has no body what so ever but a nice a-

Angie? My mouth drops to the ground.

She looks like sex.

i'm going to hurry up and write the next chapter because i have time but warning there is dirty dancing so caution bros. lots of love plz review -cartoonnetworknerdchick