"It was the weirdest dream ever!" Elizabeth told Teyla. "Time was a short little green man, and some long-haired freak was ruling the wraith!"

"It indeed sounds strange." Teyla agreed. "You and Colonel Sheppard had been unconscious for several days before we found you."

"I'm glad you're back on your feet." Carson Beckett said. "Rodney's been driving us all crazy."

"Have not!" Rodney protested.

"I'm sure." John grinned at his comrades.

"And you don't remember anything?"

"No." John and Elizabeth said in unison. They shared a glance. Truthfully, they almost remembered something. Elizabeth unconsciously closed her hand, remembering the dream of holding John's hand.

"Well," Teyla said, "let us hope that nothing like this happens again."

They all agreed. The sun outside slowly faded until nothing but the stars were seen.

Thank you all for sticking with me until the end, and I'm terribly sorry for any dips in your IQ that may have accompanied it!