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Chapter 17 – Don't worry 'bout a thing – shedaisy

Dreamweaver wins the prize for correctly guessing what the shiny crystal was!


Oct 18 – morning after ritual

Hermione stifled a yawn as she walked into the entrance hall of whitefalls, she had been up since five in the morning(as had everyone else) after a massive magical shockwave had rattled the city. No one yet knew what had caused the blast, but everyone was worried. All that the cities security had been able to learn was that it wasn't something in the city, or even nearby. Which was on its own a major concern. What could have created a blast powerful enough to knock everyone silly but with the source far enough away so as to not be immediately apparent?

She hoped they figured it out soon, the curiosity would get to her before too long. "Hermione! Wait up!" a voice called behind her. She paused and glanced back, spotting Sarah, another student about a month younger than her who had been working with her on a research project. Clutched triumphantly in the girls hand was a newspaper. Hermione grinned, finally!, Sarah's next words made her close her eyes and sigh in resignation however. "Doesn't your brother go to Snow Point?!" she asked worriedly, brandishing the newspaper at Hermione. Hermione nodded, taking the newspaper from the other girls hand and unrolling it.

Disaster at Snow Point Academy of Magic!

Entire school rendered unconscious in blast!

Late last night local time an unexplained explosion rocked the Drake Passage, the approximate location of the elite Snow Point Academy, which was felt the world over. Locals report having seen a massive beam of white and green magic piece the sky for almost 30 seconds before leaving behind a magical aurora which has yet to dissipate. Due to the nature of the blast several Ex students of the secretive school reported to the hidden island only to be forced to call in the Skyline Hospital when they found every student and teacher on the grounds unconscious from the magical backlash! The source of the explosion is yet unknown, but with the sort of magic's practiced at the school it could truly have been anything.

Currently 221 students and 54 staff are being held in the skyline emergency ward for varying levels of Backlash shock, preliminary reports however state that everyone should recover fully from the effects.

Additional information will be published as it becomes available in a noon special edition.

Hermione refrained from growling, Talyns ritual had been last night. Why did she let that boy out of her sight? She should know better by now! "Hermione?" Sarah asked worriedly, she focused back on the girl and smiled reassuringly.

"Yes he goes there, but it says everyone's fine so I'm not too worried.."Sarah frowned…

"I don't know about that, Backlash shock is pretty serious, it can permanently damage a person's magic depending on the cause. Go check on your brother ill tell the teachers where you went." Hermione hesitated mulling this over, she didn't doubt he was some variant of 'fine' but she still worried about him. She nodded.

"Where is skyline hospital?" she asked, Sarah grinned.

"I keep forgetting you haven't been in real civilization for very long yet." At Hermione's intrigued look Sarah just laughed.


sta . sh/0lsbtqo75mn

Hermione starred in awe from her position on the portkey arrival platform at skyline hospital. Sarah hadn't been kidding when she called it a 'flying island'. The base looked like someone had just ripped a chunk of granite out of the ground and charmed it to fly. The buildings curiously enough looked very modern. Built as they were of shining white limestone. The white and glass made for a brilliant display. The place was easily as big as any of the big city hospitals she had ever seen, a veritable city in of itself with a single tower extending high into the sky from the far side of the island. "Were blocking the platform Hermione." Reulan pointed out mildly; pulling herself out of her thoughts she quickly darted off the non emergency arrival platform and made a bee-line for the front doors.

There were four glaring security guards at the doors for the emergency ward, it was easily apparent why, the horde of reports trying to weasel their way inside certainly warranted it. "a moment and Ill have us inside." Reulan explained as he wove expertly through the crowd before letting out a loud hiss which parted the teaming reporters like the red sea. Hermione tried not to cringe at the sudden attention on her and the Firecat as security barely glanced at Reulan before shooing her through the doors.

"Wow." She muttered glancing back. Reulan smirked as only a cat could before answering.

"You're with me, that's the only credentials' you need." he answered smugly, Hermione followed the cat down the halls, a bit bemused.

"That just seems, odd" she finally answered as they took another turn, Reulan shrugged.

"I am an avatar of a God, child. People do what I tell them to because they know I wouldn't be ordering them about unless it was important. And those that lack respect for my rank have no such feelings about my ability to set them on fire if necessary" Hermione nodded hesitantly. Even after years of magic, she was having a hard time thinking in terms of Gods and Spirits, it just wasn't the sort of thing that happened. "It is a bit dramatic, I'll admit, don't worry you'll get used to it eventually." She huffed, annoyed, but accepted that. Reulan was older than many countries, she supposed he would know.

"Now fair warning, your brother is indeed fine, but that's not to say he came out of that ritual…. Unchanged." This brought Hermione up short; she glared at the Firecat darkly. Reulan paused and turned back to face her. In his thousands of years if he had learned one thing it was never have your back to a pissed off female.

"And WHAT exactly, is that supposed to mean?" she growled, Reulan steeled himself and got ready to duck if necessary.

"When the horcrux was removed it released all of the pent up power that had been allowing your brother to resist the fragment so completely, it was suffice it to say, a lot of power. Too much for a human body to survive without tempering. So his magic pulled on a distant fragment of nonhuman heritage that he held to help him survive. Only it, overcompensated. Instead of him gaining a few more of the traits he already possessed it resulted in a complete change. My Lord had not predicted that outcome."

"Wait, so what did he turn into?" Hermione finally asked once she had picked her jaw up off the floor. Reulan hesitated.

"It is better to show you then try and explain." He finally answered before darting off down the hall far quicker than before. Hermione cursed and ran after him, more than slightly annoyed and worried now. Why did these sorts of things always happen to Harry? "Here." He slid to a stop a few moments later, a frowning nurse eyed then from down the hall before heading their way. Reulan waited regally in front of the door while Hermione glared at him.

"Are you looking for someone?" the nurse asked politely. Hermione nodded and gestured to the firecat.

"He says my brother is in this room, he was at Snow Point." Hermione explained, the woman eyed them oddly.

"Your brother isn't human? How did that happen?" she asked, Hermione's eye twitched.

"This morning apparently, the explosion was him." The nurse blinked.

"Your serious?" she asked, slightly dumbfounded, at Hermione's nod the nurse hummed thoughtfully before giving Reulan another long look before shaking her head. "I can't let you in the room if that's true," she held up her hands to ward off Hermione's angry tirade. "That doesn't mean you can't look in on him from the observation windows. The room is specially shielded due to the fact that he's showing signs of being an extremely powerful Adept mage. Which is even more dangerous if what you're saying is true. He is liable to panic when he wakes up. We can't have what happened at Snow Point occurring here if we can help it." Hermione was never one to deny good logic no matter how much it annoyed her and nodded reluctantly. The nurse smile reassuringly. "He is alright as far as we can tell, even if his magic is unstable right now."

Hermione sighed and nodded again as she was led to the next door down from the one Reulan had indicated. It took a long moment for Hermione to comprehend what she was looking at when she caught her first glimpse through the enchanted wall that acted as a sort of one way mirror. Her first thought was green the second was snake. And thirdly does that thing have wings? She blinked, and blinked again. The serpentine form laying on the padded floor of the room held nothing of a human form to it. The coiled body was only about a foot in diameter at its widest point. But the sheer number of coils she could see put the snake at maybe fifteen or twenty feet. The thing that stuck out to her beyond the acid green color with purple diamonds like a rattlesnake down his back, was the feathered wings. Her well trained memory went into overdrive riffling through everything she knew about magical creatures to find something like him.

It took only moments for her to remember. A Quetzalcoatl or simple 'Coatal', literal 'winged serpent' both the name of an incredible rare species South American magical winged serpent and that of the God they were named for. Some myths claimed that the serpents were the mortal children of the God. Many fantastic abilities attributed to them, not the least of which was an ability to shapeshift if the serpent was powerful enough. Which she supposed was how Harry had ended up related to one of the snakes. But…. She remembered reading something in the Whitefalls library about crossbreeds. After about five or six generations, the more visible traits of any nonhuman ancestry wouldn't show up under any circumstances but minor magical abilities could persist in a bloodline for centuries. Which explained his parseltongue. The Potters certainly hadn't had any giant magical snakes in the family tree, at least not anytime recently, and the Evans were a muggle family they couldn't have retained a magical ability like that. She hesitated at that thought, thinking back on the brilliant color of the winger serpent and those bright green eyes of Harry's, the green eyes he had inherited from his mother. Maybe the magic could persist in a muggle bloodline.

She groaned softly and rubbed her face before looking imploringly at the nurse "This is going to be one of those days, isn't it?"

sta . sh/01lmb2uu7s93 (talyn-sketch)

sta . sh/01ln3d7z3fcu (talyn-sketch)

sta . sh/04bk3bqn4dk (Talyn-color)


Oct – 19th

Consciousness was slow to return, pain stinging along her nerves as she tried to remember what had happened. What exactly had she gotten herself into this time? She remembered her office, and the piles of never ending paperwork therein, then. Then what? She strained her mind to remember farther, not an attack, no, than…. Oh.

Memories of the ritual to remove a parasitic soul fragment from one of the first year students filtered back into her mind, but, but the ritual had gone fine. She distinctly remembered now that the magics had shut down as they should. Nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. So….ah, yes. She sighed tiredly. Murphy just loved that kid didn't he? The boy had been completely right, something had gone wrong. However it wasn't the ritual, or even the soul fragment that had caused the explosion, it had been Talyn Ashton himself that had.

Damnit! She was the headmistress of Snow Point! Expect the unexpected! Instead she had overlooked something that had been right in front of her face the whole time, and now had the bruises to prove it. This was absurdly embarrassing.

"Headmistress Corwind?" A quiet voice questioned, she snorted and cracked an eye open only to hiss in pain as the light from the open window stabbed into it like knives. She clamped her eyes closed with a growl, only now registering the splitting reaction headache that was muddling her thoughts. "Sorry, I should have closed the window," the light shining through her eye lids dimmed noticeably. She cracked them open again; when no additional pain greeted her she opened both of them and glanced around for the speaker. She recognized where she was instantly. The aptly named Skyline Hospital. The healer smiling wryly down at her took only a few moments to place. A snow point graduate, Emily Caid 10 years ago, if she remembered correctly.

"Well, I appear to have all my limbs so it can't have been too bad." She huffed, at the healers wince; she gave an internal sigh and wondered if Talyns luck was catching. "Well? Enough looking grim, what happened?" she demanded. Emily smiled faintly.

"Well, first off no one died, so there is always that. Second you're lucky that blast was seen all the way on the mainland, and someone came to check on you lot, because the backlash knocked out everyone on the island." Adriana knew her jaw was hanging open but couldn't really bring herself to care. Everyone? My god. She thought, horrified.

"Serious injuries?" she demanded sharply. Emily shook her head.

"Nothing to bad all the same. The rooms shields did their job before collapsing and channeled

the vast majority of the blast upward. We have 51 cases of outright backlash shock, mostly those

who were closest to the bloodmagic wing including yourself so please don't try and use your

magic . All of them should be fine in two or three weeks. Everyone else is down with varying

levels of reaction headaches, as well as assorted broken bones and bruises from falling in

inconvenient places."

"I suppose it could have been worse, what happened to Ashton?" she asked after a long moment of thought.

"No one could get into your office for the student records, were not really sure who everyone is. Your just lucky there's so many of us from snow point on staff who could get through the wards."

"The student who myself, Sierra, and Devaran were worked an extraction ritual on." She explained, Emily grinned.

"Oh! The Coatl! He's fine, still unconscious, but if you had any plans on keeping his power levels a secret you're out of luck, one of the nurses was talking where a reporter could hear her, it's all over the news now." Adriana starred for a long moment.

"Ashton is human," she said after a long moment. Emily gave her a blank look.

"My apologies I forgot you didn't know, his sister turned up with a Firecat and explained more or less what caused the transformation if not the how or why of it." She finally said, before pulling out a small square sheet of crystal and tapping it before handing it over. Adriana sighed and looked at the picture almost afraid of what she was going to see. It was the security feed from an observation room. Curled up in a rough coil on a cushioned mat was a violet, black, and acid green snake with long similarly colored wings. She closed her eyes tiredly.

"Aside from somehow being turned into a Coatl, is there anything wrong with him?" she asked tightly. Emily hmm'ed about that for a moment.

"Well, yes. We had to put a limiter on him when we found him. He was sparking like a short circuit! Honestly, I understand Snow Points secrecy, I went there myself! But to not tell the Council that there was another Sorcerer Adept?" The headmistress's mind ground to a halt at those final two words.

"What?" she demanded, Emily blinked.

"You didn't know?" she asked, mystified.

"That boy was a master class mage before he walked into that room, I knew the removal of that parasitic soul fragment would increase his magic to Adept level, but, Sorcerer Adept?" she all but hissed. The last Sorcerer Adept had been An'desha! Nearly 8000 years ago! And before that Urtho, and the Dark Adept Ma'ar. It was thought that with the breaking of magic, power like that would be a thing relegated to myth, but not it would seem, anymore.


Oct 21st

The Lamia's name was Alexis, if he remembered right, she had been here for several hours now translating for him. Waking had been, unpleasant. Abruptly discovering you now lacked arms and legs and the transformation was likely permanent was not a great way to start the day. Add into that a migraine of epic proportions due to something called 'backlash shock' and he was not in all that great of a mood. Alexis had been very patient with him though and had been helping him with figuring out how to move in his new form. After two hours of trial and error he could carefully circle the small room and sit up with his body coiled up more or less neatly without getting his wings twisted up. But all of that still paled in the face of the fact that IT was gone! The disgusting oily feeling he had never really known was there was gone. His mind felt lighter as did his magic. Even with the limiter on he still felt like he had been holding his breath his entire life and could finally breath.

"You're doing quite well you know." Alexis pointed out amused, Talyn hissed wordlessly, his head resting on one bright green and dark purple coil as he stared moodily at the door. Alexis couldn't really hold the teen's surly attitude against him. His situation warranted quite a bit more than a bit of grumbling, he could glower at the door all he wanted in her opinion.

"You said that the Headmistress would be able to talk to me today?" he finally asked, Alexis nodded.

"Indeed, she had things to take care of with the school." Talyn shot her a look of faint annoyance.

"Why won't you tell me what happened anyways?" he asked, frustrated. Alexis laughed softly, grinning.

"She wanted to tell you what happened herself. Something about wanting to see the look on your face and record it for posterity." she drawled, Talyn cringed internally wondering just how much trouble he had caused. A knock at the door made him look away from the snickering lamia and back to the door which opened a moment later.

"I see you're awake Mr. Ashton, feeling any better?" the Headmistress asked amused, her left hand was wrapped in bandages and the right, although uncovered, showed the shiny skin of freshly healed burns.

"Well enough, what happened?" He answered; Adriana smiled faintly once Alexis had translated.

"Well, as you've probably figure out the ritual went off without a hitch, you're now free of the parasitic fragment, but we did indeed overlook a few things and as a result you're going to be having difficulties. If you remember a while back Devaran told you that the reason the fragment couldn't control you was because your magic was almost completely being taken up by forcing the intrusion back correct?" at Talyns nod she continued. "Think of it this way, the fragment had been pushing on a revolving door with your magic pushing the other side pushing back, when we removed the fragment your magic didn't just stop pushing, and all the force that was being exerted against the fragment was released in only a few moments. Suffice it to say that ended up being a great deal more magic then we had ever considered. The rituals containment magic directed most of the blast upwards, but it still rendered the entire school unconscious." The headmistress was grinning now, at the horrified look on the snakes face. "No one was seriously hurt however, there are a few dozen cases of relatively mild backlash shock, but they should be fine in two weeks or so. I've called a temporary vacation and school will not be reopening for three weeks. So you also have plenty of time to recover and get back to what classes you can."

Talyn was pulled out of his shock by her final words. What classes he can? He asked as much the headmistress sighed. "I had wanted to run a few more tests before telling you about this, but I suppose I can't put it off. Your magic was damaged in the blast, or was already damaged and the fragments removal just uncovered it. we're not sure of the extent but higher magic might be out of reach for you for a while. The damage is likely fixable. There is some good news though. You see magic isn't simply one blanket ability that everyone has. There are a number of what are called 'Gifts' of which what you would think of as 'magic' is known as 'mage gift.' In the core there are a number of channels, each channel is dedicated to a gift. The 'width' of the channel determines the power of the gift your mage gift was mostly if not almost completely blocked by the fragment and we never had an accurate measure of your power. The reason you knocked everyone out with a blast that could be felt the world over, is because you are a sorcerer adept. It's the highest known level of magic without being considered a demigod. There have only been perhaps a dozen such Mages in known history. The most recent was An'desha Shen Jor'etha who was born just before the second cataclysm. We had thought that because magic was damaged by that second blast, that sorcerer adepts couldn't exist anymore, something you have proven wrong." She paused and considered the slightly glazed look in the snake's eyes before sighing.

"Talyn?" she called, the snake twitched and focused back on her sharply. She smiled apologetically. "But that sadly is not the end of it. "The snake made a faint noise that sounded suspiciously like a whimper. "There is a relatively rare side effect of blacklash shock of the sort you experienced, however you got lucky, and you're not the most dramatic example of this to be seen. That title inarguably belongs to a Herald many thousands of years ago. " she paused looking frowning at Talyn who had made an odd choked hiss, the lamia started giggling. The headmistress quirked an eyebrow up. "Something you'd like to share with the rest of the class?" she asked drily. The Lamia snickered again before answering.

"He said 'Finally! Someone weirder then me!'" she answered her eyes glinting with amusement, the Coatl just glared at this, annoyed. Adriana sighed, faintly exasperated. Given what she knew of Talyn's past as Harry Potter she could understand the sentiment, but this wasn't the time for this.

"Indeed, but that doesn't mean you got off lightly." She drawled, Talyn looked at her with an expression of despair, no doubt dreading what was to come. "Unlike the Herald I mentioned who had every single naturally blocked channel in his core blasted open, he had something on the order of thirty documented gifts before his death. You appear to only have blasted four. One of them is proving a little difficult to identify but as far as we can tell you've gained a very powerful Healing gift, as well as Mindspeech and Empathy. Empathy is usually found paired with Healing and Mindspeech is as common as the leaves on the trees. So no one is going to look at you funny for those, but the unidentified gift is proving hard to pinpoint. Whatever it is has been blasted open to nearly the same extent as your mage gift so we are rather hesitant to take that limiter off until we can get an idea of what you're dealing with." Talyn stared at her for a long moment before letting his head fall back to rest on his coiled body with a faint thud and a far to human sounding groan.

"Don't worry kid, it'll be fine." Alexis reassured only for Talyn to hiss viciously at her, his eyes a bit wild.

"DON'T JINX IT!" He all just shrieked at her.


Half a world away, a certain old man watched a news report on a crystalline screen. He thought very little of the muggle influenced magical device, but he wasn't the sort to let a source of valuable information escape him simply because he didn't like the format it came in. The blast of powerful magic had nearly knocked him to the ground that afternoon, and he was desperate to find out what was going on. The explosion hadn't originated in Britten and he was at a loss at to what could have caused it. perhaps Voldemort was up to something, Snape had reported that the Dark Lord hadn't been seen since the day before, who knew where he could be and what he was doing!

so he had turned to the international news to see what he could learn, and it was far worse then he had thought, the blast had been felt everywhere. Such terrible power couldn't be allowed to exist, whatever had caused it must be contained or destroyed for the good of the entire world.

The current news was on the supposed source of the blast, now found to be a school of magic somewhere in South America. the reported was going on about the entire school being rendered unconscious as he spoke in front of the main entrance to the hospital where the students and staff had been brought. Something caught his eye behind the reporter, a girl with bushy brown hair and a massive red and white cat at her side. A glint entered his eyes. well, what do we have here? It would appear that miss. Granger wasn't as good at hiding as he had thought. And if she was at the hospital, perhaps Harry was as well?


update - there has been a lot of people worried that Talyn is stuck as the snake, i mentioned that Coatls are shapeshifters for a reason, he will regain a human for in relatively short order. please stop panicking.

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