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Chapter 8 - Take to the Skys - Owl City


Talyn sighed and pushed his chair back, it had been four hours, and he now had at least a rough idea of what he wanted to do. Now he just needed to have one of the professors sitting around the room test his magic to make sure he was capable of actually participating. The only classes that needed testing that he had picked were death magic and blood magic so hopefully this wouldn't take to long. Heading across the room towards the professor with blond hair and purple eyes, he had to wonder what the hell the guy was, humans didn't have eyes that color. He Stopped in front of the table where the man was reading an ancient looking book. "So how does this testing work?" He asked to get the man attention, the professor glanced up at him, a distinctly bored expression on his face.

"What classes?" He asked

"Blood magic and Death magic." Talyn answered promptly not wanting the man to get irritated with him, he didn't want a repeat of the never ending bullshit with Snape.

"Hold this for a few seconds, if it changes colors it means you have the potential to use death magic, as long as its some shade of grey your good." The man answered holding out a gray crystal sphere. Talyn took it and nearly dropped it as his hand felt like it was simultaneously freezing and burning, the sphere took only a moment to turn stark black.

"Um..." Talyn tried not to wince, the professor had said grey not black, why did he get the feeling he'd done something he shouldn't have again? The professor in question stared at the crystal blankly for a long moment before holding out his hand. Talyn obligingly handed the crystal over, once in the professors hands it lightened to a soft grey. The professor frowned and set it down, it turned clear, then grey once more when he picked it up again. Talyn wanted to sink into the floor when the crystal was held out to him again, taking it his hand burned/froze for a second time before turning black.

"And here I thought it was broken." The man drawled shaking his head before fixing Talyn with a razor sharp look. "have you ever had any near death experiences? He asked, Talyn nodded, fighting the urge to sigh. The professor nodded, chuckling grimly, and took the sphere back. "Well kid, better be carful when you decide to take that class, it won't take much for you to graduate to all the way dead." He answered. Talyn stared at him puzzled.

"What do you mean?" He asked confused. The professor raised and eye brow.

"Don't worry about it, you'll learn what it means in class. But unfortunately with a reaction like that, you will be required to take death magic whether you want to or not." Talyn grimaced, not liking the sound of that, and nodded. The professor studied him for a moment before nodding as well. He snagged a small roll of parchment off the table and unrolled it. Waiting the ends down he waved to the concentric circles and lines that arched across the page. "The runes used in black Blood magic are based greatly on instinct, this is an extremely simple ritual matrix for a first level blood spell, I want you to tell me at least in the vaguest sense what it does. You'll be able to tell if your capable of it. If it just looks like a bunch of squiggles to you, say so, you won't do yourself any good by guessing." Talyn nodded glad to have something to concentrate to take his mind of the professors ominous words on death magic.

He stared at the diagram thoughtfully, eyes tracing the curves and swirls, not entirely sure what he was supposed to be looking for. The deigns looked fluid, each one swirling into the next without any sharp angles or dead ends. "um...er, something to do with speed?" He hazarded tilting his head to the side. "agility?" he asked, the professor raised and eye brow.

"Not bad, you were close. I was half expecting you to give me a detailed synopsis of everything it does after your last test." Talyn gave him a sour look making him laugh. "Oh don't look at me like that, you passed this test as well, not the best first try at nor the worst. This deals with increasing reaction times. So speed and agility aren't bad." He snagged a small sheet of paper and scribbled several things on it in langue Talyn didn't know. "Put this with you class picks when you turn them in tomorrow, its your clearance for death and blood magic." Talyn took the paper and was only to glad to flee back to his friends table


Hogwarts Sep. 12th

The last week had been, interesting, no doubt about that. Dumbledore was still desperately searching for Harry (and failing miserably). Her journal had been filling up with little notes until yesterday when Harry had told her that the race to the school was about to begin and he wouldn't be calling her until sometime on the 12th if he made it.

She'd been biting her nails all day, Ron had stared at her like she had suddenly announced she was one of Luna's snorkacs when she had distractedly informed him that she didn't have any tranfiguations notes for him to copy. Understandable really, he probably thought the world was ending. Her? Hermonie Granger NOT taking notes? Inconceivable!

Lunch had arrived and she was munching distractedly on an apple when the first sign of trouble came her way. She almost yelped when Mcgonagall tapped her on the shoulder after she failed to hear the professor calling her. She looked up, chagrinned at her obliviousness. "Yes, Professor?" She asked embarrassed. Minerva quirked an eyebrow up before speaking.

"The Headmaster would like to speak with you Miss. Granger, the password is peppermint sticks." Hermonie nodded trying not to show her worry on her face. She had been acting oddly she knew that, but surely it hadn't been bad enough to get the headmasters attention! Did he find out that she had helped Harry run? Theories chased each other back and forth through her head, each more absurd then the last. Standing up as Minerva walked away, she snagged her bag and headed out of the hall.

Ten minutes late she was standing in front of the gargoyle, she hesitated, then called out the password. The gargoyle animated and leapt out of the way revealing the staircase. Heading up Hermonie braced herself for the interrogation she didn't doubt was coming. Reaching up to knock on the inner office door she jumped when the headmaster called out for her to come in. Opening the door uncertainly she stepped into the room. As usual the vast number of clinking and tinging devices filled the room with a sound like wind chimes.

"Wonderful of you to join me Miss. Granger!" Dumbledore announced with a smile, his eyes twinkling brightly. Hermonie wanted to wince. "Tea?" He asked gesturing to the pot on the desk, a steaming cup already sitting, half empty, next to him. Hermonie nodded glad he had offered, she needed something to calm her nerves before she snapped and started throwing curses around. Hermonie would later claim, in her defense, that she hadn't thought the headmaster would have the arrogance to think he could spike her tea with truth potion and get away with it. She didn't notice anything was wrong when she first took a drink, the tea tasted completely normal.

Even as observant as she was she didn't have even a moment to panic before the calm daze of the truth potion washed over her. Dumbledore watched her intently for a long moment before smiling. "Lovely tea isn't it Miss. Granger? Now for the reason I called you here, do you know where exactly Mr. Potter has run off to? I'm most worried about getting him safely back to school. I'm sure you agree that missing anymore school will be terrible for his grades." He finished. Hermonie felt a distant sense of vague offense that the headmaster thought she was that shallow, but that faded as the truth potion continued to take effect, her thoughts turning to Harrys location. Where was harry? Well, he was somewhere in south America or thereabouts, but exactly where..? She opened her mouth to answer.

"I don't know exactly where he is." She answered distantly, the headmaster frowned sharply, he had been sure they were in contact!

"You haven't spoken with him since he ran away?" he asked annoyed.

"No..." and indeed she hadn't spoken to him since he had left. Even under the effects of a truth potion Hermonie was nothing if not exact and to the letter when it came to answering questions. Dumbledore growled softly to himself, ignoring Hermonie for the moment, he had to find that damn boy! He would have bet his favorite socks that Granger knew where the boy had vanished to! But apparently not, he would have to pursue other methods of finding the brat. Tugging a drawer in his desk open he removed a small bottle filled with a soft blue liquid, he sighed, glad he hadn't wasted a stronger potion on the girl. Leaning forward he poured a few drops in Hermonies tea before casting a mild spell to compel her to drink it. Hermonie drank down the rest of the glass the antidote taking quick effect. She blinked confused as the fog of the potion left her mind, wondering what had just happened.

Her conversation with the headmaster seemed oddly distant, as though she had dreamed the whole thing, had he done something? "Miss. Granger?" She snapped her eyes up to look at the ancient wizard.

"Um, yes headmaster was there anything else you needed?" She hazarded, thinking hard about what they had spoken about, the headmaster had asked where harry was hadn't he? But that was all right she had told him she didn't know just as she planned to. She must have just been nervous, it wasn't like she had told him the truth!

"No thats quite all right, you may go. You should have just enough time to reach your Charms class if you hurry." He answered with a smile. Hermonie cursed and grabbed her bag off the floor before tearing out of the office. Dumbledore snorted, honestly that damn girl needed to relax a bit before she ran herself into an early grave.


It was late now and she was nervously watching her journal, waiting for it to glow, indicating it held an unread message. The curtains were pulled tightly closed around her bed so no one would comment about her continued odd behavior. Shortly after charms had finished the true magnitude of what had happened in the headmasters office had finally occurred to her. She would have realized sooner but, her memory of the actual conversation was foggy, all she really remembered were her answers. When she hadn't answered anything correctly she hadn't assumed any foul play.

After a moment of righteous fury at the headmaster audacity, the cold reality of the situation had sunk in. There was no way she could tell anyone what Dumbledore had done. No one would ever believe her! She could barely believe it! She had really wanted to believe that the headmaster was at least in part a good person. That maybe he was just going way over the top in his efforts to keep harry safe and 'innocent', but the longer she looked at everything the more she came to the conclusion that either the headmaster had less then honorable intentions in general or he was finally going senile. She would bet her life that 'going senile' wasn't the issue.

The only question now was what was she going to do now that she knew what the headmaster would try to get her to talk, he would believe her for now, but how long until he dosed her with something stronger and tried again on the off chance harry had contacted her later on?

A soft glow distracted her from her thoughts. Snapping her eyes down she saw that the journal was indeed glowing. She quickly snatched it up glad to have a temporary distraction to the unfortunate reality of her situation. Flipping the journal open she quickly turned to the newest message.

Well, I made it in one piece! It was hard but not as bad as I thought it would be, we had to get past a few creatures including a pair of Roc's. There was also some unauthorized creatures that interfered with the race that apparently eat magic, the headmistress contacted us though and distracted them so we could get away. Kira and Soren say their called Wrysa. Only 26 people have made it here so far, but we were the first to arrive for once! We got here on the second day. I would have messaged you sooner but flying across the ocean in a blizzard was tiring and I slept like a rock. I'm sure you'll be happy to know I already made a new friend as well! Vera is a gryphon, they really tell us nothing at Hogwarts do they? I would have never guessed that gryphons were intelligent or that they could talk! I'm picking my classes right now so ill send you another message when I figure out exactly what I'm talking. I have to go now, times almost up and the headmistress probably won't appreciate me scribbling while she's talking.


Hermonie put down the journal and stared blankly at the curtains of her bed for a moment before face palming with a groan of frustration. Why the hell did she let him out of her sight? Roc's where class XXXX dangerous magical creatures the only reason they didn't have 5 X's was because they were rare and hadn't killed enough people to warrant it yet! And if that was what her idiotic brother was mentioning out of all the things he had run into, she could be certain that everything else was a whole lot worse! And Wrysa? She had never heard of them before, but anything that ate magic couldn't possibly be good! She would have to look them up in the library tomorrow or the curiosity would kill her.

As for the gryphon...she distinctly remembered reading about them in her care of magical creatures book, it had claimed they were beasts with the ability to occasionally mimic voices like a parrot! If one was a student at Harrys new school though that was doubtful, not that she hadn't discovered by second year that info on magical creatures was suspect at best. She had been ordering books from America since that summer! Far more reliable though difficult to get as most books on magic from outside the country were banned. Her mother had said the rant about 'book burning heathen barbarians' that followed that discovery had been a thing of beauty.

But whatever happened now Harry had at least arrived safely. And with only 26 students in his year class sizes probably wouldn't exceed 5 or 6, the whole school couldn't be more then around 200 students. So training would be far more personalized then Hogwarts and allow for more in depth study. Hermonie shook her head with a faint smile. Maybe in a year or two she could try to go to Snow Point as well. She doubted he parents would allow it though even if her father had been happy to help harry escape the country, not that she had told them the trip was completely unauthorized. Dan had just thought that one of her wizarding friends needed to travel the normal way, and didn't had the slightest clue how to buy a plane ticket (which was true).

A sudden horrible thought occurred to her. What if dumbldore asked her parents if they had seen harry? Her dad wouldn't know any better to not tell the headmaster anything! And her dad knew Harrys final destination in Argentina! Forcing herself to calm down she assured herself that it was unlikely the headmaster would ask them, not when he had dosed her with apparently ineffective truth potion, Harry wouldn't have gone to her parents without her helping him. If she didn't know anything then they wouldn't.

Hermonie groaned softly in aggravation. Why did everything have to be so bloody complicated? Huffing softly she picked up her journal and started writing a short response. No mention was made of the headmaster dosing her with truth potion, or of her other worries. If Harry thought his escape was putting her in danger he would blow his cover in an instant to race to the rescue and she couldn't allow that. Not right now. It wasn't like she was incapable of taking care of herself, she was no firsty any more! She could handle it.


Adriana stared thoughtfully at the large 3 dimensional map that had yet to be moved back to its room. Why hadn't they seen what was going on right under their damn noses? This was Snow Point, shit like this DIDN'T happen. The door creaked as Nicolae entered. Adriana didn't look up.

"Whats the problem?" He asked curiously, none of the students had started having issues yet, so he saw no reason for the headmistresses tenseness. Adriana didn't even blink.

"I set out a team to deal with those Wrysa, they were unable to find any trace of them, so I took a look through the recordings from last night to try and track where they went." She glanced up at him, her expression completely flat. "Look at the marked recordings for sections 504, 27, and 432." She finally said grimly. Nicolae frowned, but turned to the map and tapped several crystals on the side. And image popped up over the map showing a small clearing with a tent and one of the potential students on watch. He frowned once more and glanced at the read out next to the image. The first night section 27. For a long moment nothing happened. The teen shuddered suddenly and collapsed. A moment later a sleek black form darted from the shadows of the trees and dragged him off. Another glance at the read out showed the teen was merely unconscious, rather then dead. Another 3 forms shot into the tent and dragged out another two, before hauling them away as well.

Nicolae was completely still, staring at the screen in shock. Quick as lightning he changed the recording to the next, then the one after that. 20 minutes later the last recording of section 504, only 4 hours ago, played out showing more of the same. "Adriana?" he asked shakily after a long minute of silence.

"I'v already sent the teams back out to check the sites. Theres no sign that any of those taken are dead. Although the recordings are undamaged, the alarms in the area were drained of all magic. The only reason they didn't get our first arrivals was because that one boy would probably wake up if a mouse sneezed on the other side of a football field, we just happened to be watching that area and saw the flare. Nine potential students taken, none of them confirmed dead. What does that tell you?" she asked flatly. Nicolae could only stare at the map in shock. Six? Had they gotten the other team it would have been 9, this, what the hell was going on?

"Someone must be controlling the Wrysa?" he asked, she shook her head.

"Black Wrysa, they would just absorb any control spell cast on them." She countered, he frowned, not liking where this was going.

"If their not being controlled?" He trailed off, she just smiled grimly.

"They are acting in concert, with enough intelligence and precision to take out the alarms but not the cameras. We would have seen sections of the map go dark if they had, but with no alarms we had no reason to look in those areas. And then they take the children, rather then just draining and killing them. And heres the real kicker, would we have ever thought twice about the disappearances, if those kids hadn't woken up and got our attention, however unintentionally, with that flare?" Adriana looked up from the map with a quirked eyebrow. Nicolae sat down heavily, stunned, the headmistress chuckled darkly, before delivering the final hit. "And how many students do you think have also been lost in this manner over the years?" He snapped his eyes up to her, even more alarmed, she just leaned back smiling grimly. "I went back through the records, checking the old recordings, someone else is working on it now to see just how serious of a problem were dealing with here. I found two incidents last year, and another one the year before that."

"Wrysa aren't supposed to be that smart!" Nicolae hissed, she shrugged and picked up and ancient leather bound book that had rested, unnoticed, on the desk and flipped it open before setting it down in front of him.

"This is a copy of the first ever encounter with Black Wrysa, as recorded by Silver Gryphon, Tadrith. He states that both he and his partner Blade observed a high level of intelligence in the Black Wrysa. Going so far as to disassemble traps and adapt there attack strategies on the spot. Its been ten thousand years since the Mage Wars ended, is it really so odd to consider that they may have gotten even smarter?" she finished. Nicolae stared at the book for a long moment not even bothering to read, he believed her, but still...

"This, is bad."

"Understatement of the century little brother." She drawled at his ashen expression. "understatement of the century"


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