1AN- My little Haruka and Michiru story.

Haruka was next to Michiru in the bed. It was early Saturday morning, the two couldn't sleep and just talked to each other.

"Michiru, let's play a small game," Haruka said kissing Michiru's lips.

"Okay, what is the game?" Michiru asked the girl.

"20 questions," Haruka said as Michiru smiled, she loved playing 20 questions with Haruka.

"Let's start," Michiru said.

"Okay, it's a blonde girl," Haruka started.

"Is a senshi?"

"Maybe." Haruka teased.

"She's 20-23?" Michiru guessed.


"She's 21, right?"

"You're correct. She likes what?"

"Sports," Michiru continued.

"You're good at this," Haruka said.

"Can we stop now?" Michiru asked.

"Awww...why?" Haruka asked. "I wanna play."

"You wanna play?" Michiru asked.

"Of course," Haruka sad as Michiru kissed her on the lips and Haruka fell on top of Michiru.

The two kissed and Haruka slid her hands in Michiru's hair as Haruka did.

"You seem very happy," Haruka said giggling.

"Yes, because I'm with you," Michiru said as the two smiled and continued to kiss.

"I have one other question," Haruka said as Michiru looked at her.

"That would be?"

"Who do you love?"

Michiru sat up as Haruka did and Michiru was placed on her lap.

"A girl who pretty, she smells like the wind," the girl said.

"She sounds sexy," Haruka said as Michiru kissed her.

The aqua haired female smiled.

"It's you."

"I know that."



"I love playing 20 questions with you."

"Me too, it leads to more fun," Haruka giggled.

The two kissed each other and embraced each other and eventually closed their eyes...20 questions could be fun.

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