Author Note - I am updating this story (again) to fix a few mess ups.

I am working on writing a story on post Order 66 about Ahsoka, but it will not have much to do with the following, this story is just a short one shot. I hope you enjoy it :)

The Republic

For over a thousand years, the Republic has stood strong. Now, it lays in ruin at my feet.

Gone are the days of the Republic, of the Jedi. Now the Sith rule over the republic, starting a new era, an Empire. I never thought I would see the day when the Republic would fall at the hands of the Sith, but now I watch as the Jedi Temple burn to ashes.

I feel betrayed; my master's hands bear the blood of innocents. He led the troops to the temple, following the orders of his new master. I weep for all who had died. Not even the younglings were spared from this brutal attack executed by Clone Troopers we once called friends/soldiers we fought and died beside.

My old life, and everything I knew are gone. I place a hand on the lightsaber that hangs by my side, knowing that this is only the beginning. I then look to my ally, who is the reason I am alive. A clone, a friend I always knew I could count on. Now he is wanted for betraying the Empire.

We then board our ship and leave Coruscant behind never looking back.

I will never know why my master did what he did, but what I do know is this; we're not alone in this galaxy. We will look for survivors; for allies, to help us oppress the Empire. We will form a band of rebels.

And yet, in spite of all this destruction I can feel a spark of hope in the force, a new hope that will restore the galaxy to a new age of freedom.