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"Hey Pennsylvania!" a boy with short light brown hair said his gold eye's just glancing at his sister. His smile was happy like always.

"O hello Tennessee!" the smaller girl said with her shoulder length blond hair moving as she looked at him. She was different from her sisters and brothers she got along with them but she had something they didn't. You see when America found this cute little girl he saw she had a left eye that was blue and her right eye was green.

"So what are you up to?" Tennessee asked as he looked down the hall way. Pennsylvania smiled and looked at her father's door.

"Father told me to come walk up his friend. You know the British one." Her hand's moved around as she talked. Tennessee nodded his head and looked at her with a smile.

"Well have fun with that." Tennessee then walked past his sister and walked around the corner. Pennsylvania smiled and walked up to the door taking a breath. Although she looked only 13 she really 224 year's old. She took hold of the knob and knocked on the door. When there was no answer she turned the door knob and opened the door slowly.

"Hello?" a half asleep voice asked and Pennsylvania caught her breath but then let it out and straightened up.

"O good morning England father told me to come get you." She smiled lightly and England raised his bushy eye brow. Pennsylvania looked to him and blinked then remembered. "Oh I'm so sorry you don't know about us my name is Pennsylvania I'm the second oldest out of 50!" Her voice sounded scared and England gave a soft laugh.

"It's alright love no need to worry, do tell me about you and every one else." England said sitting up and looking to the time. Wow he overslept but he did stay up until three because America wanted rematch every time he was beat at 'Mortal combat'.

"Oh yes umm ok well you're be able to meet them during breakfast but you do know the states right?" Pennsylvania did feel a little mad her father had kept them a secret from the rest of the world. After all if word got out that America had 50 kids others would want to take them away. They could trust England though after all her father loved him and wanted England to stay with them. America finally thought that maybe it was time to show England his biggest secret of 224 years on December seventh.

"I see well let me get changed and I'll be right out." England got to his feet to stretch and Pennsylvania backed out of the room shutting the door and turning around to run into someone. The young girl fell on her but and her gold eye's looked over at Pennsylvania. Her long dark orange hair fell to her waist from it's bun as she hit the floor.

"Oh sorry Pennsylvania I wanted to see who you were talking to I guess I didn't think you would run into me." the girl smiled and she looked down the hall then back to Pennsylvania.

"Oh it's fine Georgia I should tell you sorry!" Pennsylvania yelled talking with her hands again as her blond hair flew around.

"Well this is out of the normal happy mood, so why so awkward?" Georgia and Pennsylvania looked to the two boys that stood in the hall. The older boy smirked as he ran his hand over top of his short dark blond hair. His light blue eyes looked back and forth between the two girls.

"Connecticut?" Georgia asked as she then looked to the other boy. His short black hair was shining in the light and his light green eyes made him even more handsome.

"O hey there New Hampshire!" Pennsylvania called from the floor. New Hampshire smiled to her and held out a hand to help her up while Connecticut helped up Georgia. At this time England walked out of the room and looked over all four kids.

"Oh England's here! Ok let's see ok this is Georgia, Connecticut, and New Hampshire!" she said pulling all three into a hug.

"I see hello to all of you." England gave a soft smile and Connecticut couldn't let this chance pass by. He took hold of New Hampshire and pulled him into a hug.

"You better stay away from my brother he's all mine and no one else's!" he growled as New Hampshire smiled softly. He then hugged Connecticut back and smiled to England.

"Yes and same goes for Connecticut he's all mine and no one else's." Georgia closed her eyes and sighed while Pennsylvania giggled. England looked to them then back to the girls who were just waving there hand's in a "It's a normal thing so don't worry" way.

"Well any way the food's done so let's all go and eat!" Pennsylvania broke the silence and took hold of England's hand running off down the hall way. They came to a stop out side of the dinning room door and caught their breath before they opened the door. Not many people were there only five others were there waiting for there food. Pennsylvania took England to the seat next to the head of the table and went to her seat.

"Who is he PA?" a young girl with dark brown eyes looked to Pennsylvania then to England. Her long light brown hair moved around her back as she moved her head.

"Oh New York this is England he's papa's boyfriend!" Pennsylvania yelled and England looked up to her with wide eye's.

"What I'm not America's boyfriend! What has that git been telling you!" England yelled as a light pink blush started on his cheek's.

"Oh papa never told us anything I just thought, you were in his room sleeping." Pennsylvania smiled and England looked to her amazed.

"No you see America wanted me over to play his silly video games last night. It lasted at least to three A.M. because he wanted redues every time I beat him. He went to got get something to drink and I just happened to fall asleep." England said crossing his arms over his chest as his light pink blush turned a darker pink.

"Ya what ever you say British dude!" New York called from her chair. Another girl giggled and a boy laughed. Her long dark blond hair moved as her side bangs coved her right eye. Her pink eyes were shining with happiness as she giggled. Her brother chuckled as his longer dark blond hair bounced and his side bangs coved his left eye. His red eyes were bright also with happiness. The two almost looked like twin's but there eyes, height, age, and gender were off by just a little

"Oh the girl is South Carolina and the boy is North Carolina they're almost twins but they're off by 6 month's and 29 days." Pennsylvania said as she got to her feet. "Hey New York can you tell him about the other two while I go see if papa needs help!" Pennsylvania called from the door way. New York nodded and looked to England after the door shut.

"Ok so see the boy over there with the longer black hair and dark blue eyes?" New York said pointing to a boy who was playing a hand held game. "That is Vermont he always has his face in video games and his mind on new ones." New York then pointed down the table to a small girl with light blond hair that was in two braids. "Hey bookworm get you're face out of ya book and say hi" New York Called. The girl lifted her gaze and she looked to England her light blue eye's were coved by her glasses.

"Oh hello there nice to meet you my name is Rhode Island." She smiled and went back to her book. New York sighed but her head flew up when two young boys ran into the room. They look alike in every way there hair was longer and black with dark green eyes. They ran around to the other side of New York and took they're seats.

"Hay there Brit my name is North Dakota!" the one on the left called.

"And my name is South Dakota!" The other called from the right. England looked at the two and noticed North Dakota's bangs were to the right well South Dakota's were to the left.

"Nice to meet you I'm England." England smiled and the two laughed as they played with they're spoon's like they were swords.

"Ya there not paying attention don't waste your breath." New York said as she looked around the room. "Well i think that's all that is up right now." she said but then the door opened showing a very tired looking girl. She took the seat next to New York and yawned as she laid her head down.

"Good morning New York." the sleepy girl yawned out.

"Good morning to you to California you look not so made up." New York smiled and California looked up to her. Her tan skin matched her platinum blond hair and her dark blue eye's. She smiled and then noticed England.

"Oh hello there England how are you this morning?" California smiled to England and England smiled back.

"Good morning love." California loved the accent that England had and she woke up and jumped to her feet.

"Oh no I need to get ready!" she yelled running out of the room and up the steps and last though her door which slammed shut.

"Shut up!" a boys voice yelled as another door slammed. New York sighed and then the door opened again. This time it was Pennsylvania who helped her father push in a cart with food on it. America smiled to England who looked away crossing his arms. Pennsylvania handed out the food then England noticed a smaller girl trying to help out by handing people cups.

"Why hello there little one." England smiled softly at the 5 year old and she smiled back.

"Here you go sir." She said handing England a cup. England sat the cup on the table and patted her long light brown hair. she looked up to him with her dark brown eyes that were almost black. Her tan skin looked like she was outside a lot.

"Thank you and what is you're name?" England asked and the young girl looked to America who nodded.

"My name is Hawaii and what is you're name?" she asked. England was taken aback due to the fact she talked so polite.

"My name is England would you like to sit with me?" he asked and Hawaii nodded. England picked her up and sat her on his lap. She giggled as she was able to look over the table. England sat there and started to braid her hair. New York gave him a hair tie to finish the braid and he smiled.

"Dude you sure can make a braid." New York said as she looked over the neat braid. England blushed a little and looked to New York.

"Well this is my fist time really doing one." England said and New York's mouth fell open.

"No way!" She yelled and every one started to laugh. England ate his food happily while helping Hawaii cut her pancakes.

It was late afternoon now and England was in the living room teaching Hawaii and Alaska a new song. Alaska was Hawaii's age but looked way different. Her very long white hair was up in a bun made by England. Her clear blue eye's and her pale white skin fit together perfectly.

"Ok ready let's try this again." England smiled and the girl's nodded. "Ok" England went on teaching the girl's a song while America played video game's with Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania. There were some yells coming from the hall and everyone stopped what they were doing to listen.

"Alabama! Stop calling me that!" the yelling even got Vermont to look away from the game.

"Yankee! Yankee! Yankee!" a boy's voice yelled and another boy started to yell back.

"I'm not a Yankee you idiot!" the other boy called.

"You two need to stop this now!" a third voice called.

"Ya listen to Washington!" a girl's voice called.

"Shut up Oregon!" the first two boy's yelled together.

"Hey don't copy me Illinois!" the boy yelled. America sighed and got to his feet and walked to the door.

"Hey you three stop your fighting!" he yelled and the voices stopped. America sighed as he brought a girl into the room tears running down her cheek's. New York ran to her with Pennsylvania close behind.

"Oh Oregon are you ok?" New York asked as she patted the girl's back. Her long black hair made her yellow eyes brighter then they already where. A boy soon walked in his light blond hair was longer so his bangs covered his sky blue eyes. His tan skin shone nicely in the afternoon sun and he looked upset.

"You ok bro?" Vermont asked taking the boy's hand. "Come on Washington." Vermont took the boy to the couch were he was comforted by Vermont and Rhode Island.

"Father tell Alabama to stop calling me a Yankee!" a boy with short black hair and dark green eyes yelled.

"Hey you started it Illinois!" a boy with short dark brown hair and gold eyes yelled back.

"Did not!" Illinois yelled sticking out his tongue.

"Guys stop this!" America yelled and the boys kept yelling.

"Shut up you're face!" Alabama yelled putting out his hand in a 'Talk to the hand' way.

"Guys!" America yelled but not as strong as the first two time's.

"Stop it!" Illinois yelled.

"Guys?" America asked.

"Stop it you sound like a little girl, you gonna cry Yankee!" Alabama said rubbing his cheek's.

"No I'm not but you will be!" Illinois yelled.

"Guys." America was almost whispering as he looked between the fighting brothers.

"That is enough!" England yelled stomping his foot and glaring at the kids. His green eyes were almost like he was glaring into their very soul.

"England?" America asked as he stepped back a bit.

"Now you two stop this childless and say sorry to each other!" England said not taking his eyes off the two. The boys looked to each other and Alabama spoke first.

"I'm sorry Illinois i was out of hand so sorry for calling you a Yankee bro." Alabama said as he looked to England out of the corner of his eyes before looking back to his brother.

"Ya I'm sorry to Alabama I guess i should forget the past and move on." Illinois said rubbing the back of his head.

"So are we cool?" Alabama asked putting out his fist. Illinois bumped it with his own and smiled.

"Ya we cool bro." Illinois said smiling and Alabama smiled to him.

"Now hug." England said and the boys looked to him but didn't question the all knowing England. The two hugged and smiled to each other then to England. England smiled at the two and then America had to open his mouth.

"Dude for the black sheep of Europe you're pretty cool!" America yelled and England's eye twitched.

"America!" England yelled as he chased the American around the house. America laughed as England chased him around. "Do you even know what you just said you git!" England yelled at America.

"No France called you it so i thought it was cool!" America called back running into a bathroom and slamming the door and locking it. England tried to open the door but failed and started to hit on it.

"America you get out here right now!" England yelled and America laughed from the other end. "Fine then i wont tell you what it means." England said with a smile and the door unlocked.

"Promise you wont hurt me and you'll let me go due to me just repeating France." America said with puppy eyes. England nodded and America opened the door and walked out into the hall way. The two sat on two chairs that were in the hallway outside of America's office.

"Ok first off I'm called the black sheep of Europe because I'm part of Europe but I'm also a Island so since I'm the only Island in Europe I'm the outcast the black sheep in a herd of white sheep." England said looking to America who looked like he wanted to hear more.

"Ok so France makes fun of you because you are an Island in a place that only has country's placed side by side?" America asked.

"Yes because i am only an Island i am the black sheep." England said and America nodded.

"Well if you ask me i think it's awesome that you are a black sheep after all who would want to be plain?" America laughed and England looked to him.

"America?" England asked and America stopped laughing and looked to England. England had a red blush on his face and he looked to the ground.

"Hey England?" America asked setting his head up to the wall and sighing. England looked over to America with wonder and America looked serious.

"England I want you to come and live here with me. You're good with the kids and well they like you. You're a bad cook but who cares you teach them good from bad and that's something i never could do. So even if you need to think about it i want you to come live here with all of us." America said closing his eyes he let out a sigh. England looked to America with wide eyes and a blush that fell on his cheeks.

"America?" he asked just above a whisper. America looked to him out of the corner of his eyes and raised his eye brow.

"You know that's not all England I well, I like you." America said lifting his head and looking away from England. England's eyes went as wide as they could and his blush went as deep red as it could.

"America I..." England couldn't say the words he went red and each time he couldn't say it he knew it hurt America. "America I like you to I guess i never really wanted to say it but..." England stopped when America turned to him. The next thing England knew was America kissing him. England's breath caught and he stayed still as America pulled away to look into England's green eyes.

"England you would not believe how many years I wanted to do that." America smiled and was shocked when England pulled him into another kiss. He soon pulled away and took a moment to look at America's sky blue eyes.

"Well it's getting late so let's get the kids to bed love." England said as he got to his feet. America nodded and followed England. America got the older kids to bed while England read the smaller ones a book. Although he doesn't know most of the kid's he still sees them as his own. Today he has meet 17 out of 50 states or in this case 17 out of 50 kids.

To Be Continued...

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