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The next morning came around and New York jumped up she got dressed and meet her sister's and brother's in the study.

"Ok so every one good with the plan?" New York asked and every one nodded.

"You sure it will work?" West Virginia asked and North Carolina smiled as he patted her back.

"Ya you know New York she wont let us down right PA!" Pennsylvania looked up to her brother and smiled.

"Yes one hundred percent trust her!" she said and every one chuckled or giggled. Ohio then went to put the plan into action.

"Mother! Father!" she called running down the hall. England though open the bed room door and looked down to Ohio.

"What's wrong?" He asked and Ohio pointed to the phone.

"Some guy name France called telling me that the meeting is in New York today!" she called and England's eye's went wide.

"America you lazy but get up the meeting was moved to New York today!" England smiled down to Ohio and closed the door.

"What!" America yelled there was a thump and Ohio held back a laugh as the two started bickering at each other.

"Get dressed you twit!" England yell and America opened the door.

"Ohio get every one dressed where be staying in New York's house for a couple day's." America smiled and pushed Ohio down the hall a little then ran into his room. Ohio smiled and walked to where he sibling's were at.

"Hey dad said get ready were going to New York!" Ohio said and the kid's chaired their plan worked.

Every one was sitting in America's privet plane waiting to land in New York. As it landed New York jumped over to America and England.

"Papa was at my house!" New York called and America smiled.

"Yes we are. It's been month's since we have been here." America smiled and New York ran out as soon as the door opened. She ran though the big garden and to her back door were she took the key of her bracelet and opened the door allowing her sibling's into the house.

"Washington's house is nice but New York's take's the cake." England said as he looked to the red roses. America smiled and patted his back.

"Dude you haven't seen Ohio's or Maryland's yet." America pulled England into a hug. England returned it and America smiled. England gave America a kiss before they walked into New York's house.

"So Ohio where is the meeting being held?" England asked and Ohio smiled at him.

"At this address." she gave England a price of paper and he nodded.

"At what time did he tell you?" Ohio nodded a thought for a second.

"O ya at nine." she smiled and England nodded. He didn't get to say thank you due to America taking his hand and yelling about lady liberty.

"Are they going?" Michigan said and Ohio nodded with a huge smile. Rhode Island came over and took the group to the venue to get phone call's out.

"Hey America where did the kid's go?" England asked looking around the empty house and America shrugged as he put on his tie.

"There probably outside playing hey where be late if we don't hurry." America took off for the door and England felt something was off.

"Wait the conferees wasn't tell next week and France never call's them it's always who ever there moving the meeting to so Germany should have called America." England stopped and looked to the time. "The address is also weard every time we go to New York it's in the un building not some church." England noted every thing and it all came to gather. "No way!" he yelled running out to the car were America was waiting for him.

"Took long enough." America said taking. England sat in silence piecing every thing together.

'the secret's, the date, the church, the mellow ness.' England looked to America. "Hey America have you ever thought of gritting married?" he asked and America looked to him for a second before looking to the road.

"Well duh why would I not." America said and England had a faint blush form on his cheek's.

"Well don't you think it's off the date the time even were the conference is being held. Not to mention were in New York we can be married here." England said and America made a sound that made England jump.

"Wait you don't think that's what they were up to do you?" America asked and England nodded.

"I think so love but I think were find out when we get there." England looked to the road and America nodded.

"Ya I guess." America's heart was beating so fast he thought he would die. The two pulled up to the church and got out of the car.

"Mother this way!" all the girl's took England and pushed and pulled him into a random room off the side. America watched and then he was pulled into a room on the other end of the building.

"This way Father!" the boy's called pushing America though a door and sitting him down.

England was pushed onto a very soft bed and he looked to the girl's who pulled out the wedding dress.

"Here put this on!" New York yelled tossing England the gown and he looked to it. The girl's were in pure white dresses with red and blue roses in their hair. England shrugged and started to undress to put on the white gown. Just as he got done with that the girl's pulled out the wedding dress and his heart skipped a beat at how wonderful it looked.

"Did you make this?" he asked putting on the puffy skirt's to make the bottom bell out. The girl's smiled and nodded. "Wow." they helped his slip on the dress and then went to fixing the hair. They combed it then put a tera on him with a white veil attached to it.

"I look like a bloody queen!" he yelled and the girl's giggled pulling him to his feet.

America was dressed in a tux that looked allot like his flag and he was kinda shocked at how only the kid's did all this without spending more than forty dollars'. He had walked into the hall way and looked down the red carpet to the altar. All the other Country's were there with smiling face's.

"Wait you guy's new!" America yelled and every one smiled.

"Ve~ We just found out last night but this morning we got call's saying to be here at this time." Italy smiled and Germany patted his head.

"I think it's good for you and England to finally tie the knot." Germany gave a smirk and America sighed as the boy's pulled him to the altar. The black and white tux's had red white and blue flowers on the right, right on their heart. They all took off telling every one to sit down.

"I can't do this!" England said as he sat on a chair right out in front of the door's where America was dragged into.

"Hey you can no one will judge after all it's us who put this all together for day and you." Pennsylvania smiled.

"Right but.." England didn't finish do to some boy's poping there head's out.

"you all good should Vermont start the song?"Colorado asked looking to England.

"Ya have him start and make every one stand mom's coming down to the altar even if we have to drag him!" Wyoming said fire in her eye's. The boy's nodded and Oklahoma walked out taking a pillow from Alaska and giving her and Hawaii a basket full of peddles'. The rest of the girl's and boy's walked in leaving Alaska, Hawaii, and Oklahoma alone with England.

"I'll be going first then you two go and England you go last." Oklahoma smiled and England nodded.

"Well this is a sight to see." England's eye's widened at the voice that cold voice he hated so much.

"Scotland?" England said looking back to his oldest brother who was smiling.

"Well brother I knew you were head over heal's for America but never thought you'd cross dress for the man." Scotland gave a smirk and England looked to the ground.

"I don't want you to ruin this Scotland so please just go away." England couldn't look his brother in the eye's and Scotland sighed.

"I know we haven't had that much good thing's happen to us but I want to be here on your wedding day and walk you down to that altar!" Scotland took his brother's arm and looked down to him. "I spent the whole day with out a beer so I could do this so take it." he said standing straight.

"Thank you Scotland." England blushed and looked to the ground.

"Over one hundred year's and finally we make up. Ya sorry for the rough childhood brother." England looked up to him. He hasn't seen that smile in so long it felt nice to see his brother was stall the same and not some crazed hater.

"Ya sorry." England smiled and the door's opened. Oklahoma started to walk and the girl's smiled taking the flower's out and throwing them. England looked up to his brother and Scotland gave him a smile. That smile made England feel safe like every thing that was happening was meant to happen. They started to walk and he couldn't look at all the shocked face's of the other's. They didn't mind him cross dressing but Scotland was there his older evil brother he hated so much.

"England." Scotland said low so no one could hear them.

"Ya?" England asked and Scotland gave him a smile.

"If that guy ever lay's a hand on you tell me cause he wont ever hit you again when I'm done with him." Scotland had a killer look in his eye's.

"It must have been week's since you had a beer." England said and Scotland gave him a smirk.

"Only about three week's." he said and England smiled.

"Good." they reach the altar and Scotland gave England to America. England stopped as he was about to take America's hand and gave his brother a hug which made every one gasp. "Thank you." he said and Scotland nodded before taking his seat. England looked to America and he smiled as big as he could.

"Well then shall we start?" the old guy asked and America nodded. "All right America do you take England to be your wife to care for and love tell death do you part?" The priest asked and America smiled.

"dude how could i even say no to this!" he said and England rolled his eye's. The priest gave a look to England.

"That would be a yes." he said and the priest smiled.

"Do you England take America to be you husband to care for and love tell death do you part?" England gave a smile.

"I do." he said and the man nodded.

"I now pronounce you..." the man stopped and looked to the note that he had in his hand. "The hero and the British dude?" he asked and the kid's started to giggle. England rolled his eye's but then America kissed him and he kissed America back. Then the next thing he knew America picked him up bride style and was laughing.

"You twit put me down now I can walk thank you very much!" the blush on England's face got a deep red and America laughed.

"Dude I'm the hero! I can do this if I want to!" he called before walking to the venue were every thing was set up for the after party. Every one was dancing and having a good time well England caught up with his brother. After every one left America smiled and took England to the hotel that the kid's picked out. Yes what a honey moon this will be with out wild kid's running around.

"O uncle Scotland!" the girl's called as the walked down the hall's holding rope and a sock. Scotland swallowed hard as he turned the corner. He need to stay and watch the kid's but that wont happen when they want to play 'lets-tie-up-uncle-and-make-him-suffer' Ireland smiled as he helped the kid's find Scotland. Whales was reading in the study with Rhode Island well they hired the yelling of help from the hall way.

The End~

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