Blazing timbers chapter one

His breathe came in quick as he ran. Something was chasing him but he had no idea what it was. Howls rang through the air as his pace suddenly quicken, he could feel them creeping up. Suddenly, fire rose up in front of him blocking his exit, the floor gave out and he plummented torwards the bottom.

Sam woke up very quickly. He looked around in his apartment bedroom, sensing that he was not hurt he layed down again. Thats the 3rd time i have had that dream. He thought. If it keeps it up i wont get much sleep. Just then his phone rang stanging his attention.

" fireman sam." He greeted.

" hello sam is there any chance you could come down to the fire station?" Asked station officer steele.

" sure i'll be on my way." Said sam when he hung up.

He put on his blue fireman jacket and his pants. He ran down the steps and out the door.

At the fire station.

" sorry to wake you guys at this hour but we have an emergency!" Called officer steele.

" what kind of an emergency are we looking at here?" Asked penny.

" there is a fire down at the cafe which is threatening to burn another building if not put out immediately!" Replied steele.

The alarm bell rang as the trio grabbed their gear and climbed inside of jupitier. Penny could tell that sam was troubled by something so she decided to ask them once they got done with the emergency.

Dang! My heart is beating so fast i cant concentrate. Growled sam in his head.

The burning blazes of what looked like the cafe greeted them.

" oh thank god your here sam! Sarah is still trapped in the building!" Cried james.

Elvis began to move but sam stopped him. " whatever it is that you do stay here with penny!" Called sam over is shoulder the minute he left.

" uh...yeah...sure" murmured elvis.

" come on elvis we need to get those firehoses ready to keep the flames down." Murmured penny.

Meanwhile inside of the building...

Sam ducked and dodged every panel that threaten to fall down on him.

" help! Help!" Cried a voice.

Sam axed his way through the door that had sarah trapped.

" sarah where are you?!" Called sam.

Sarah crawled out from underneath the now burning table. " here i am sam."

Sam grabbed her and took of running but when he tryed, the floor gave out.

" sam!" Cried sarah.

" dont worry about me just get out!" He cried.

" dont worry sam i'll get help!" Said sarah.


sarah came running out.

" where's sam?" Asked penny.

" sam is stuck and he needs help." Said sarah.

Penny reached for her stuff and took off into the building.

Sam's feet were dangling helplessly above the flames. It didnt help the fact that the flames were inches away from touching him.

" sam! Sam!" Yelled penny.

" over" he coughed. " here!"

Penny knelt down and grabbed his arms.

" its no use you'll have to go on without me." He murmured.

" no sam! Fireman dont leave fireman behind!" She cried.

His hands were slipping but she tighten her grip on them pulling him out.


Elvis waited worriedly outside for them. Please be ok please be ok. The building exploded rocking everything around it.

Penny came running out with sam in here arms.

" elvis! Get him in the truck now!" Yelled penny as soon as she handed sam off to elvis.