So um about the marriage part for penny and sam that will not happen until the sequel comes out. Its unknown at this time when that will happen so make sure you keep reading my page for updates.

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Now onto the final chapter

Chapter fifteen.

Their lips met, this caused their pulses to greatly increase. the sun setted behind them adding that golden glow to penny's hair. The sunlight also revealed a golden tit to sam's eyes as well.

" penny i love you." He whispered.

Something watched them from ontop of the clifface.

So it failed to grab him eh? Thought officer boyce. He held the seal he had used to summon the beast with. You may have won this time samuel jones, but i will have your soul. He crushed the talisment in his hand in bits.

And so with all of the things our heros have gone through,

Their journey has just begun...

To be continued in the next book.

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