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A/N: This story is being redone and being told exclusively from Gale's point of view! The premise of the story will stay the same, but I'm changing it so it flows better and the plot moves along faster :D Enjoy! :)

I sat on the worn couch and watched the Games with Vic and Rory. Posy was outside with Ma hanging up laundry. "They're on the island thing." Vic said watching Katniss and Peeta's allies gather near the cornucopia.

"That's wire, right?" Rory asked as he watched Wiress singing and washing Beetee's spool of wire in the water.

"Yeah." I said. "For her district partner. Beetee, I think his name is." Rory nodded. I looked at Katniss who was sitting with Peeta and listening to Beetee explain the electrical trap he was planning praying to anything that it would work. Vic gasped as Gloss grabbed Wiress around her throat cutting her singing short. Suddenly Katniss loaded an arrow into her bow. "C'mon, Catnip!" I gasped as Katniss fired an arrow into Gloss' hand causing him to release his grip on the knife he was undoutbtably planning on using to slit Wiress' neck. "YEAH!" I cheered. "YEAH, MY CATNIP!" Take THAT CAREER! I cheered in my head. My Catnip could kick their asses any day.

"He's strangling her!" Vic gasped as Gloss tightened his grip on Wiress' neck. Her already blue face turned bluish-purple as her eyes rolled back into her head. That's a horrible way to die. I thought. "Oh no - she can't breathe!" Gloss fell back into the water intending to drown her. However, Finnick plunged his trident into his abdomen. "What's Katniss doing?" Vic asked worriedly as Katniss dove into the water.

"She's going to save her!" Rory gasped perching on the edge of the couch. I put a hand on each of their shoulders to reassure them. My Catnip could do this. District Three was part of the alliance, and I knew my Catnip was loyal to her allies. Katniss jumped into the water as she stabbed at Gloss' arms to release Wiress. After what seemed like an eternity, Wiress floated to the surface. Meanwhile, the island began spinning to break up the fight between the remaining Careers, Peeta, Beetee, and Johanna. We all cheered as Katniss held the small frail woman afloat until the Gamekeepers stopped the spinning of the central island. Finnick pulled her to shore and was able to revive her in the same way he did with Peeta. I gazed into Beetee's face when Finnick lay Wiress in his arms. His love for Wiress was etched in every line of his tired face.

"Wiress - my love -" Beetee gasped cradling his district partner / wife. "Oh honey -" He kissed her tenderly. Her eyes fluttered open. "Baby, it's me. I have you, honey." He held her close as he cried out of relief. I sniffled and realized tears were streaming down my face as well. "I love you. I love you so much, Wiress my dear." Beetee whispered. I love you, Catnip. I want you to make it too.

"Are you ok, Gale?" Hazelle asked. I jumped as she touched my shoulder, not realizing I was crying along with Beetee.

"I want to love my Catnip like that, Ma." I admitted sniffling. Great. I sounded like a sap, but I wanted to love my Catnip the way Beetee loved Wiress.

"Well, if things work out, you can." Ma said smiling. "You just watch, she'll make it out again, son."

"She's strong, Gale. You taught her to be strong. She can do it." Rory said patting me on the back. Vic joined him.

"Thanks." I whispered. "Thanks a lot, you guys." I cleared my throat and went back to being the stoic Gale they knew and needed. Catnip would get out of the arena, and then I would just have to see what happened.