Dear Wonderful followers of my story:

I have slipped into a pretty bad depression. You might have guessed something was wrong, because even with my sloth-turtle updates, I would have updated by now.

Because my health is important, and my stress is skyrocketing (not only from life, but not writing), I am going into a hiatus until April 15th, which by then… I hope I'm in a better place. Maybe without the added stress of "I-have-to-write-or-else" from these fanfics (and the sheer number of them going on at the same time) I'll be able to write chapters in advance… Or just write. I just haven't been able to. I know what I want to write, but every time I sit down… I can't. I'm sorry.

But this note is not going to be a total bust! I hate author's notes, so I'm going to attach a preview of the next chapter(s) so that you will leave satisfied. Or mad. Either way.

"Everybody has baggage; everyone has something they carry, and will continue to carry, for the rest of their lives. There is no helping it- baggage is simply a way with dealing with the past. We cannot let it drag us down. We cannot let it consume us. It is part of us, but it cannot be ALL of us."


The sound wasn't high pitched, nor was it a bass. It was more of a rich tenor, something pleasing to the ear. It was a holy-sounding song, but it seemed as if by accident. It ascended a few scales up, descended, then ascended, hit the middle of the scale, descended, then climbed the scale, then a descent, then ascended a few notes.

It guided his thoughts away from sinking into desperation, sinking into the sadness that consumed his soul, the sadness that would one day consume his being. But today wasn't that day, today wasn't that time, whether Link knew it or not. His head swiped up- not violently or anything, but just in one smooth motion as his conscious mind was distracted by the melody.

It seemed, familiar, but that wasn't possible- he had never heard that song in his life. And the instrument that it was played on, either.

He strolled along the path, guided by the melody, and approached a girl with a bob- a green bob, held in place with a darker green headband, dressed completely in green.

She was sitting on a wooden picnic table, paying him no mind, just playing a so familiar, regal, holy melody that made him shiver. It was like he had heard it in a previous life. For some reason, he associated the melody with three jewels- an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire.

Suddenly, as if she had sensed his presence, she looked up and smiled.

"Hello. My name is Saria." Her voice was like a forest melody, and she cocked her head to the side, as if expecting an answer.

When she didn't get one, she continued. "You look like you're lost. Here, let me show you around."