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"Everybody has baggage; everyone has something they carry, and will continue to carry, for the rest of their lives. There is no helping it- baggage is simply a way with dealing with the past. We cannot let it drag us down. We cannot let it consume us. It is part of us, but it cannot be ALL of us."


The sound wasn't high pitched, nor was it a bass. It was more of a rich tenor, something pleasing to the ear. It was a holy-sounding song, but it seemed as if by accident. It ascended a few scales up, descended, then ascended, hit the middle of the scale, descended, then climbed the scale, then a descent, then ascended a few notes.

It guided his thoughts away from sinking into desperation, sinking into the sadness that consumed his soul, the sadness that would one day consume his being. But today wasn't that day, today wasn't that time, whether Link knew it or not. His head swiped up- not violently or anything, but just in one smooth motion as his conscious mind was distracted by the melody.

It seemed… familiar, but that wasn't possible- he had never heard that song in his life. And the instrument that it was played on, either.

He strolled along the path, guided by the melody, and approached a girl with a bob- a green bob, held in place with a darker green headband, dressed completely in green: a green skirt, a green top, green socks, and green shoes.

She was sitting on a wooden picnic table, paying him no mind, just playing a so familiar, regal, holy melody that made him shiver. It was like he had heard it in a previous life. For some reason, he associated the melody with three jewels- an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire.

Suddenly, as if she had sensed his presence, she looked up and smiled.

"Hello. My name is Saria." Her voice was like a forest melody, and she cocked her head to the side, as if expecting an answer.

When she didn't get one, she continued. "You look like you're lost. Here, let me show you around." She jumped up the bench, and walked in front of him, offering her hand.

Link probably looked like a deer in the headlights, because even though his body had relaxed at the melody, he wasn't really sure whether to follow her or not. She was sort of strange-looking, but they both wore green… Didn't that have to mean something? He wasn't really sure. This school was already weird. But, it wasn't like he could talk. Mute kids aren't exactly the epitome of normal, either. In fact, being mute from birth was a bit short of impossible.

Link didn't really know what to do. Pushing aside his depressing thoughts, he began to question whether or not he should follow this girl.

Was he supposed to wait for Zelda? No, she had some business to do.

Impa had left him, so obviously he wasn't going to wait here.

Really, the best chance he had at seeing his dorm was with the green girl- Saria.

He took her hand, and she smiled. "I don't think I've ever- Ooh. You're wearing hero's clothes!" She giggled to herself as she finally registered what he was wearing. She began to walk, swinging their hands as she practically skipped.

He really didn't get what it was about his clothes that got people so excited. He really didn't. His father had earned them, he inherited them from him, so… what was the deal? Sure, it meant that he joined all the clubs or whatever, but what did that mean in the school culture? Ugh, this place was so confusing…

Wait a second. Link's eyes narrowed as she was practically dragging him in a new direction.

At first, they were walking along the way Zelda was guiding, along the arches of the school… and then, suddenly, Saria hitched a right.

Guiding him away from the towering buildings, and unto a forest path.

Oh god, where was this girl leading him?!


It turned out that Saria seemed to know exactly where she was going, but she kept him in the dark- not purposely, probably. She just stopped talking and instead was humming a very annoying, yet slightly catchy tune. The tune seemed to fit her, being a very upbeat and fast rhythm, like skipping around in the forest. He would probably have it in his head for this entire week.

It's not like he had a problem with nice looking ladies guiding him around a new, unknown place. That wasn't it; any guy could tell you that.

He just wanted to know where he was going. He didn't really like not knowing what was happening or where he was going, but what he really didn't like was when he couldn't communicate his message to people.

He couldn't really raise his voice at her, (not that he wanted to, it was rude, and he was basically incapable) and he couldn't mouth words because she was skipping ahead, practically dragging him around. There was the option of writing on her hand, but every time he tried to get her attention, she seemed preoccupied with her tune.

Then, at long last, they arrived at a landmark.

It couldn't really be called an archway- the word didn't quite do it justice. It was rather strange, actually, like an extremely big log opened up in the middle of the forest.

He felt like an ant- coming upon a colossal doorway into the unknown. It was enormous- it was probably 100 feet wide on both sides of him, and maybe 200 feet high. The log gateway was not just a random, giant log in the middle of the forest- it seemed as if it belonged there and had been there for thousands, if not millions of years. Moss at the top of this gateway danced as it lowered itself past the top and stretched into the gap; the cliffs around the gateway were weathered by age and bugs; but most interestingly enough, it was intricately carved on the top curvature, showing some kind of story.

Saria, who seemed to know these parts very well, stopped.

But Link was no longer paying attention to the girl who had led him here. He was focused on the carving, some sort of school allegory, about a hero.

A hero who seemed to have saved the deity of the forest (that being a large tree) and growing up to save the land. Along the top curvature was his journey- from the melodious forest, to the dangerous mountains, to swimming in rivers and lakes, through scorching deserts, to growing up to fulfilling the prophecy. Along the way, he helped many, and once again met them when he was grown. With new weapons and old friends, the hero made his way through many temples to finally defeat the evil king.

"Every time I pass, I cannot help but stare at the great hero's legacy." Saria's voice was serious here, not quite like her happy demeanor. In fact, though her demeanor was happy, she always seemed down-to-earth.

Hero. Link's lips formed the word, feeling it in his mouth, as his eyes once again roamed the carvings. There was definitely a connection inside him, he could feel it, but it was murky and swift- so swift, he questioned whether he felt anything at all.

"I have a feeling that his legacy will continue on." She continued, which made him blink several times, snapping out of that wistfulness of the carvings.

As he turned to her, his face utterly confused, she chuckled. "The legend, filtered through many mouths over many years prophesizes that if Hyrule, or rather when Hyrule, be in danger, there will be someone… Someone who will rescue it."

She motioned again to the carving, which seemed to shine as she pointed to it.

"Stories are very important in Hyrulian culture. Supposedly, this school was built upon the ruins of the very kingdom it is named after. This, along with many other Hyrulian artifacts, show that a great society did indeed exist on the land of this school- though some are quick to say it is but a meager story and the artifacts are fakes. Of course, the school supposedly sits on a large amount of land mentionedin Hyrule lore- the Dodongo Caverns, the Zora River, the Gerudo Forest, Kokiri Village, the Lost Woods, Hyrule Field, Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, Zora's Domain, Lake Hylia…Even some of the Temples and Fairy Fountains! Quite interesting, no? The school's business and entertainment square is even called 'Castle Town' in a nod to our folklore."

Link nodded, though it went unnoticed. Saria continued speaking anyway, off in her little world, though seeming like she was still talking to him.

"These stories show our past- our legends- the legends that shape our school culture, the legends that we question, even now, whether they are real or fake. But some still believe, you know. Some of us… Some of us still believe in the nameless hero. Some of us… Believe that good will conquer evil." Her eyes met his, and for one second, it seemed as if she were going to say something else.

Something reflected in her eyes; something that looked like a blue flower with piranha teeth and large, pointy thorns down its long stem. His instincts kicked in the moment he thought she was in danger: the moment the thing started slobbering and thought he saw her pale, but it could have been his imagination: because before he had time to think, his body had whipped around to see what it was that had made the noise. He had never seen (if he actually did, and it wasn't his imagination) such a creature before in his life.

His pocket knife was out and at the ready in his left hand, but nothing was there. However, his body didn't relax quite yet. Like an animal looking out for its own safety, he quickly did a 180, then a 360, scanning for any threats. All he could see was the forest itself, the archway, the cliffs that seemed to protect the forest, and lots of grass.

But, a little ways behind his left foot, he saw an unnaturally colored weed.

Curious, he stepped closer.

"Wait-" Saria protested, but Link didn't pay her any heed.

The forest seemed to quiet as the creature jumped out, surprising Link, knocking him back a few inches. Disoriented and confused, he looked at the creature in pure wonder, his instincts quiet, if only for a millisecond.

Saria jumped back, all too aware of the flower, and not wanting to be bitten.

The flower seemed to laugh as it hissed and drooled, locking on to Link's form.

Saria screamed to move, to get away, but Link was on his feet again, knife at the ready, ready to somehow defend himself though he had zero clues on how.

The flower lunged, biting Link, and it drooled on him. The green spit seemed to be some sort of poison, and it definitely sapped some of his energy, as well as leaving him disoriented.

You're going to pay for that, Link thought, as his vision began to clear. He unconsciously put on his fighting face and readied his stance to defend and attack whatever it was that bit him.

Saria neared close to him, but out of range from the flower as she pulled him from behind, trying to get him to run, but Link would have none of it. This thing, whatever the hell it was, was not going to get away with hurting him.

You could say it was some sort of male pride that kept him there instead of running away; as Saria pulled and begged that he should get out of here. Of course, he could have left, it was always an option, but he didn't. He didn't want to; now that the flower-piranha-thing hadattacked him first.

Paying her no mind, he lightly swatted Saria off and gave her the universal sign for "Wait just one second," with his right index finger held vertically in the air. Turning around to face the flower again, it headbutted him.

And despite that it was a flower, it hurt. He was definitely going to kill whatever this was if it was the last thing he did.

He circled around again, to what he thought was a respectable distance, until he figured the range of the flower as it lunged and bit him again- and he tried to cut it with his knife, to no effect.

"Shit," Link mouthed, shrugging off the pain and disorientation to come up with a sub-plan. All right, get away from this thing, and then kill it.

He back flipped just barely out of its range, and watched its pattern. It would lunge, and then stand upright for a few moments, giving him a perfect chance to cut its stem.

Rolling with that strategy, he moved closer, and then sidestepped as the ugly thing went straight to where he was only a second before.

Going back to its base where it could straighten itself out, he lunged, and cut the damn flower- causing it to scream (though he wasn't sure what that sound was called) and evaporate into dust, leaving only a stick behind.

Take that, whatever you are.

Breathing a sigh of relief and feeling safe once again, he turned to Saria, who seemed glued to her place way out of range of the flower.

"You defeated a Deku Baba." She deadpanned, still looking at the spot the flower had been. She seemed surprised, as if no one had done so before.

At first, Link didn't know what the hell a "Deku Baba" was, but using context clues, he assumed she meant the that sort of creature came into existence was beyond him, and how it got its name was even further down that line.

Considering how this school was (though he had probably been there only for a total of twenty to thirty minutes), he just decided to roll with whatever the students told him. Whatever. Hopefully, I won't have to encounter one of those ever again.

He only shrugged in response, picking up the stick, (considering it a prize) and putting it in his pack.

Saria blinked, seemingly out of her trance, and bit her lip. She quickly looked towards the forest without alerting Link that she was looking. Just as she was about to sigh in relief, she saw a little boy with tan skin, mop-like green hair, red eyes, and a slingshot sink into the bushes.

She almost cursed at the sight of the Scrub.

This would definitely be reported to Ganon.

But, as if she was a hummingbird, she grabbed Link's hand and guided him through the archway, one of the places Ganon could never find. "Oh well, into the Kokiri Forest!" In an effort to be perceived as carefree, she began whistling her tune while dragging him with her.

Unfortunately, she knew the boy she was guiding had already caught the attention of one of Ganon's agents.

She was hoping she wouldn't have to hide anyone else from him anymore… But from the way the boy (who she never asked his name, she now realized) defeated the Deku Baba, he had a chance here… If Ganon didn't get to him first.


"Zelda. You know this is bad, really bad." Midna was looking back and forth from the door to Zelda. Usually, nothing really got to her, but when it was about "her people" she got very, very nervous.

Zelda bit her lip, because she really did not have time to deal with this right now. Who knows whether it was Ganon's doing or not, but she had to avoid him at all costs. And damage to the school required a meeting with him, the teachers, and possibly Alfonzo and Gonzo to repair it. Then, they'd have to talk budget, and they all knew everything was already over-budget, so they'd have to ask for money from her father: which meant she had to make up another excuse for notcalling…

She also had to deal with Beedle about more BC pills, and she'd have to pay an ungodly amount of Rupees (again) for him to smuggle it in…

She had to have a discussion with Impa, who was again questioning if she should see a professional about what was happening to her, even though she knew Zelda was embarrassed and didn't like to admit that this was happening to her…

She had to make sure her school was still in tip-top shape for the district inspectors to visit next month…

She had to deal with Navi, Tatl, and their group of preps to again tell them that no, they didn't have money for hot tubs…

She had to make sure that she didn't run into Ganon again for fear of how he would look at her and what he would do.

She also had to deal with scheduling for Castle Town and events held there, bribe the teachers into staying, talk with all the clubs about school budget (again), the councils of all the buildings, deal with the transfer student, and make sure that her door was triple-locked tonight.

You could say she was a bit stressed.

Her daily life was already suffering, and this made it worse. Another catastrophe to deal with. Well, while some people called this "chaos," Zelda called it "Saturday."

"Midna… How long do you think it would take to repair?" Zelda asked, trying not to tug on her braids in an effort to look put-together. She could smell the bill, and she tried not to groan.

Midna looked at the door again, and looked at Zelda, still evidently pissed off. "Look, pumpkin. It's not the repairs I'm worried about- my people can totally survive staying in the Twili, and you could get this fixed likety-split. No, what I'm worried about is the dark magic. I'm worried about the essence of Twili invading the world of the Light. You could say that's a bit of a problem."

"Do you know when the essence would invade?" Zelda needed some time. She needed five minutes of silence, five minutes of the school not collapsing on itself. She looked at Midna, whose eyes were concentrated, and gave way to her darkened mood.

"Midna?" Her head whipped toward Zelda, who was trying to figure out the best way to deal with this and everything else.

"We have a couple of weeks until it invades the entire school. But there's been a robbery. The Kokiri kids reported the Emerald has gone missing. The Gorons reported the Ruby has gone missing- and the Zoras complain Ruto and the Sapphire have gone missing. With the school on high alert because of the Twili's predicament, the thief will get free."

Zelda didn't know how Midna knew all of this when she didn't, but she didn't question it. Midna had great sources, and always believed that she had to stick her nose into everything, because everything that happened in the Earth and Sky Building usually reflected on the state of the Twili.

Zelda groaned. She really didn't want to do this. If the thieves got away with the three precious artifacts of the school, it would destroy their reputation of being friendly and tight on security. Plus, most of the school's value had been in those stones, and if gone, the school would be destroyed. They were also key evidence linking the land to Hyrulian lore- without those; they'd have almost no evidence. Plus, the damages of the Twili building? They'd go broke in seconds, and her father wouldn't be able to lift a finger.

Zelda touched her waist, where the walkie-talkie rested. Raising it to her lips, she pushed the button and used her most royal tone, "Impa, gather all the guards. We have a thief."

With a crackle, the walkie-talkie came to life, and Impa's clipped answer resounded. "Of course, Princess. Right away."

Once the line went dead, Zelda put it once again on her waist, pondering what strategy she should do next.

Midna, on the other hand, was trying not to growl every time her eyes touched where the door used to be.

An awkward silence manifested itself in the room, and the spirits had once again gone away: it was just Zelda and Midna.

Two people who didn't quite get along, no matter how much they worked with the other. Their personalities clashed far too often for anything of substance to come out of their meetings most times.

Sighing, Zelda asked what she knew she should, "Are we going to have to force a school-wide lockdown?"

Midna looked at her, tapping her thigh. "Call it. I really don't want to deal with Light-world pansies fighting the essence of the Twili- especially if there's a thief with the Spirit Stones on the loose. This has Ganon all over it."

Zelda bit her lip. "We don't have evidence. You know the school doesn't accept accusations if we don't have evidence- no matter how obvious it may be."

Midna smirked. "Not yet. I better do some investigating. See ya, Princess."

And Zelda was left alone in the Temple of the Mirror, trying to gather her grace, and all of her wisdom. Because gods knew she needed it.

Taking a deep breath, she raised the walkie-talkie to her lips, and initiated the lockdown.

Once finished, she stepped into the blue light, which transported her back to the Sky Building.

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