"This isn't fair!" Usagi wailed, holding another failed test in her hand. "Momma's definitely going to be furious with me…"

"Failed another test, Odango Atama?" She whipped around to see Mamoru peering over her shoulder.

"Mind your own business!" Usagi exclaimed, stuffing the red-marked test back in her messenger bag.

"You should study more."

"I studied this time, demo…" She looked down at her shoes in embarrassment.

"I could help you study if you'd like?"

Usagi's cheeks blushed profusely. "I don't need your help," she mumbled.

"If you say so, Odango. You know where to find me if you happen to change your mind. Ja ne." He waved her good-bye and walked away with his hands in his pockets.

"The nerve of that damn jerk," she huffed as she walked in the opposite direction. "He thinks he's so cool to make fun of my grades… damn him! I have help from my friends; I don't need him!"