Mamoru woke up to the sound of quiet humming. Turning around while rubbing his dry eyes, he realized that his wife wasn't beside him in bed. He realized that the humming was coming from a few feet away from the bed, where Usagi stood with their newborn baby girl. Dark bags resided underneath her eyes and a tired smile crept up her lips as she discovered him awake and staring at her; to him, she was the most beautiful and perfect creature to ever live.

"Mamo-chan, why are you staring at me like that?"

"Just admiring your beauty," Mamoru bluntly replied, making his wife blush.

"You need more sleep if you think me waking up in the middle of the night is beautiful."

"I think you're always beautiful," he whispered in her ear adoringly, as he wrapped his arms around the small waist of his Usako.

As Usagi leaned into her husband's chest, they both watched their daughter sleep contently in her mother's warm arms. Never did they think that they would be so happy with barely two hours of sleep each night. As long as they were all together as one, they were inseparable. Even through important meetings with other officials of different counties, they would make sure their daughter was content. Even if it meant leaving in the middle of the conference. Waking up in the middle of the night stood as a challenge the first week since the royal couple still had their duties to uphold, but as they discovered a new schedule to accommodate their newborn and job, it became easier. Easier in the sense where two hours of sleep felt like heaven compared to when they first brought their baby home and they could barely pick up their feet to change a dirty diaper. They were worried for the future, but for now? The present was more important than worrying about when or if they were to be defend themselves against unwelcome guests.

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