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Okay, I'm not dead. I haven't written anything in like…. *thinks* a long time. So this fic is a collaborative story between me and my two best friends Hikari-Urufu-no-Yami and Kaita the creeper. My character is Commander Nesasa, Hikari-Urufu-no-Yami's is Private 2nd class Grarara, and Kaita's is General Rilulu. We'll take turns writing the chapters. I'll go first, Kaita second, and Hikari third. We'll then repeat the process. Happy reading!


Nesasa's POV:

~Military base on Keron~

I wonder what this could be about? I thought in annoyance. If the retired Demon Sergeant was called in for a meeting with us, then it had to be good. Or bad. We were either about to be promoted or executed. You could never tell with the Keronian Military.

As we walked down the hall I noticed an annoying noise, and found the source was my younger sister. "Rilulu! Keep it down!" The black frog looked at me, turning down the music blaring from her grey headphones and rolling her golden eyes. "Whatever, boss." I was going to object (she's a higher rank than me) when I noticed that Grarara was unusually quiet. I raised an eyebrow questioningly. She looked at me with huge purple puppy eyes. "I hope they have cake at the meeting…." She said quietly. If there's one thing that girl likes to do, it's eat cake. And destroy stuff.

We walked for what seemed like hours until we arrived at the meeting room. I sighed, trying to steady my nerves, and pushed open the door.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" Everyone yelled as we entered the meeting room that was decorated with… pink confetti? Then I looked at the banner above the table. It read '20 planets Conquered'. Oh! We're here for a congratulatory party! I thought beaming and stepping into the room.

3rd Person POV:

Grarara entered next. Where there's a party, there's cake! She looked expectantly towards the table, and her heart dropped. There was just a bowl of oranges, and a bottle of sake. She dove over the table, grabbing the bottle of sake. If she couldn't have her beloved cake, then she could drink away her problems…

Rilulu walked in and looked about. She knew all of these Keronians as she had spied on their personal lives before coming here. She had hacked into the Military's database and knew this party was coming, and she wanted to know all the embarrassing tidbits before interacting with them. It was so much fun to see people squirm!

~Several hours later~

The party had gone on for hours. Rilulu had fun creeping out her superiors, and many of them could be seen muttering to themselves with vacant expressions.

Grarara had quickly become drunk and was now slurring wildly to some poor frog about how much she wanted to %$ # #^%$ #%. He looked thoroughly scared. Nesasa was singing karaoke to the song "Bad Apple" Wow, I never thought my Planet's usually sadistic Military crew could be so fun to work with!

Nesasa's POV:

I thought too soon, for right then the Demon Sergeant started a speech. This either meant I was getting a new assignment, or was about to be killed. "As you know, the Nesasa platoon has been in action for five years now. In this short time, they have conquered 20 planets with only 3 members." It would have been more if the crazy Angol princess hadn't gotten spear-happy in the area we were working on. I thought gloomily before remembering where I was and plastering a smile on my face. "This is a great accomplishment, and this platoon is the jewel of the Keronian army." I sighed in relief, it seems we were getting another assignment! Right! Down to business! I thought, coming out of la-la land and giving the Demon Sergeant my full attention. I hope we get Angol! Then I can get revenge for that spastic girl ruining my mission last time! "It is my pleasure to tell you that you'll be sent to Pekopon to work with my son and the rest of the Keroro platoon."

~Later, on the shuttle to Pekopon~

I still can't believe it. Keroro, Zeroro, and Giroro. I haven't seen them since I was a tadpole. They entered the military before me and Grarara since they were older. We used to be the best of friends. I look over and see Grarara. It seems she's having the same thoughts as me. We share a gleeful grin. It'll be great to see our old friends! I wonder how much they've changed… And Rilulu! I doubt she even remembers them, she was so small. I look over to see her doing the Popipo dance. How could I not hear the blaring music? I sigh and slap her with my weapon of choice: a leek.

"Hey~! She whines, rubbing her cheek." I look over to Grarara. She's laughing her ass off, luckily for her she doesn't have a hangover yet, or we'd all be cowering in fear. She hates loud noise when she's tired…

"Miku!" She screams at me.

"What?" I say, crossing my arms.

"Leek girl! You look like Hatsune Miku!" She doesn't realize that that's totally unrelated. (Except for the music earlier) Then my sister, jumping at the opportunity to tick me of starts yelling it at me as well.

"EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP!" I yell, my eyes glowing red. This only makes them laugh more.

"You're so funny when you're angry~!" Grarara slurs.


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