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Adorably lethal chapter 10

Grarara POV

Rilulu gave me the puppy eyes as Zero flitted onto her shoulder. "Please," she sniffled, "I swear I'll stitch him back up!"

I sighed "if we're getting them together it has to be real," the black frog pouted.

"Come on Grara- chan. I have to do The green idiots tortu- punishment anyways. " I crossed my arms. Resist the cuteness. Come on, Grarara, you can do it.

It wasn't often Rilulu gave you the puppy eyes. And if you had the will power to resist, in the end you're going to wish you didn't. I winced, remembering some of the people that resisted the cuteness of her puppy eyes. So glad she's on our side. "No."

"B- but just one little bite and-,"

"No! Go dissect that gray haired kid or something instead!"

She sighed in resignation, "Fine."

I smirked smugly, "Now lets get to work." she giggled creepily and revved the chainsaw as we started to plot.


"Helloooooooo peasants!" I said, strutting into Keroro's bedroom slash lounge with Nesasa. Rilulu grinned and dropped from the ceiling beside Keroro.

"DON'T KILL ME!" She put a cloth over his mouth and he immediately blacked out.

"What the hell?" Nesasa mumbled, and I shook my head.

"Do you really want to know?" She thought for a moment then shook her head, chuckling.

"No, not really." I laughed then blushed and turned away when I caught Dororos eye, remembering what Rilulu said to me the day before.

"Oi! Kulu- kun get your yellow ass over here and help me damnit!"

Nesasa snorted at Rylulus antics and Giroro just shook his head while Tamama looked on confused at the whole situation.

Rilulu POV

I turned to the commander, "General Rylulu asking permission to continue on the agreed tor- I mean punishment." She nodded and I grinned, showing my pointed teeth.

"Permission granted," I gave an involuntary squeal of delight and looked to Kululu. "I'm using your lab," Giroro stepped forward.

"Rilulu," I pivoted to face him.


"I would ask if I were you." I raised a would be brow.

"Ah, my dear Giroro, I don't think you've got it through your head yet, we own the place now."

I grinned even wider as he glared, sulking over to a corner to polish his guns.

'Why can't I ever get mine that shiny?' I thought grumpily. 'Its no fair.'

"Um, Rilu- chan?" Nesasa asked. I turned towards her, "Uh, what is the "agreed upon" punishment?"

I grinned even wider, "Remember plan C?"

She thought for a moment, "Oh yeah! You mean the cu-" I slapped a hand over her mouth.

"Yes. No need to tell the world, boss." She mumbled a halfhearted "Sorry," before I took my hand away.

"I don't see why you need to test it though. I mean, shouldn't we have conquered the place by then?"

I shrugged, "Probably. It's always good to have more than one plan though," I said remembering the time when the Angol princess got in our way. And judging by the darkening look on the commanders face, she remembered it too.

"Yeah, Rilu's got a good point there. Besides, who better to test it on than our failed Sergeant?"


I giggled darkly as I hacked into Kululu's files, easily accessing the multiple plans and blueprints. "G- Gero. Where am I?" I hurriedly downloaded the files I needed and shoved my flash drive into my belt.

"Welcome back sleeping beauty, hope you had a nice nap." He struggled against his restraints, "Because you won't be sleeping very well for a quite some time once I'm done with you."

His eyes widened and he started to sweat as I pulled a small phial of green liquid from my belt and he struggled -quite uselessly I may add- even more against the straps binding him to the chair. "Gerooo!"

I uncorked the phial and poured the liquid down his throat. "Bottoms up"


THE SUSPENSE! Lol, Even I don't know what's going to happen. I mean we have a general plot line, but the details are debatable.

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