"Okay Q, I'm all packed. Lets hit the road!" I yell.

"Not so fast missy, we have to wait for Rachel to get here." Quinn states.

"Ughhhh can't we just leave without her!" I plead as I head to sit down on the coach next to Quinn. I've never fully grown to like Rachel that much, yeah were friends, but id rather hit the road right now than wait for her.

"No Santana we can't." She answers. "Have a little patience will you.

Theres a knock on the door and I immediately jump of the coach and tell Quinn ill get it. I want to give Rachel shit for being three minutes late. I put on my best Lima Height Adjacent gangster voice. "BERRY, I swear ill kill you!" I swing the door open and see the most scared face I have ever seen in my entire friendship with her…I guess you could call it a friendship.

"Whoa hold back the tears I was just messing with you"

I giggle a little and so does she. It always scares her when I scream at her using her last name. She know it means shits gonna go down.

"Listen guys I'm sorry but my Dads thought they had to have this huge celebration for before I left for another state, incase you forgot to Santana we are moving far, so I got about twenty hugs from the both of them before i could make it out the door. "

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" I say.

Quinn get up from the coach and gabs her luggage on the way over to my front door. "listen rach it"s fine! lets just get out of here" Quinn chimes in. "Agreed" I say. The three of us make our way to the car.

We get to the airport pretty quickly and end up being early.

I hate being early for flight you literally just sit there for no reason.

I read my magazine while Quinn and Rachel walked around of rho apparent reason.

The plane ride was as expected. Me in the middle listening to both of them chatting over me about Rachel's broadway show she's going to be in, and Quinn's bar tending job.

They also talked about our rooming situation. Unfortunately, we could only find two, two bedroom apartments so Rachel agreed to go solo and find someone to room with.

At first I was happy that she volunteered but than I felt bad.

She didn't have to offer and she could have just said Quinn should room alone. Thats something I admire about her. And trust me, I don't admire people much.

Im badass. And I don't usually feel bad but I'm learning that Rachel is actually a really nice person.

They kept on talking and talking and I tried to pay attention and keep up. Eventually I just gave up on the conversation and put my headphones in because honestly I had no idea what I was going to do once we got there. Yeah, I'm an okay singer and all, I mean I did go to nationals but I'm not Broadway good. Yet as much as I hate to say it, Rachel is.

I was relieved when we landed because I couldn't feel my butt and I was starting to get a headache. "Finally!" I exclaimed as we exited the plane and walked down the boarding hallway. "I literally though my butt was going to fall off.

"Ohh shut up," Quinn says. "Now lets get our luggage and get to Blaine and Kurt's apartment, I don't want to be late for diner." We walk to the luggage return and collect our things. It takes a wile because service is so god damn hard to find now a days. We finally get everything-well, Rachel and Quinn get everything while I sit and read my magazines-and make our way outside. It's pretty crowded in the city. A flight to lima wouldn't be half as bad as this but in New York you can turn and see people at every corner.

Rachel feels the need to be the one who calls for the cab because she thinks she's already some big New Yorker. It only takes us about Forty minutes to get to blaine and Kurt's house. When we do, you wouldn't believe you're eyes.

They had balloons and everything set up on their front lawn. Oh and boy was their house HUGE. I mean their had to be at least twenty different rooms, I don't know why we can't just live here instead of finding our own apartments.

I find it sappy, and embarrassing that I'm apart of this gay fest. I mean, they set up balloons.

Kurt and blain walk out to meet us and of coarse knowing them, It's this huge deal as if we haven't seen each other in years. Meanwhile it's only been two months. "Kurt!,Blaine!" Rachel and Quinn scream around in unison. Rachel leaps into his arms and he spins her around as the two of them squeal. When he drops her, Quinn and him embrace.

I was never one to hug and be all happy when seeing someone. So i just waited until their happy fest was over and gave them each a short hug.

"How was the flight!?" Kurt asks excitedly. "terrible" I complain. "Oh shut up," Quinn says. "It was fine".

"Speaking of fine!" Rachel chimes in. "this house…..is SO fine. I mean it's amazing! How did you guys afford this?"

"Well you can thanks Blaine's brother" Kurt says.

"Oh hollywood, lucky you"

"Finally someone who understands" Blaine says.

I get it, it must be hard for him to have a brother so self consumed. I never really liked him anyway, or they way he treated Blaine. Which is unusual for me being the fact that I never really care about people's feelings.

'Yeah so you guys can just put your stuff down in the living room and we can go out to diner!" Kurt exclaims.

"oooooooo where are we going?!" Rachel asks.

"Oh," Blaine starts. "It's this nice restaurant a couple blocks from here we've been to a couple times, you guys will love it."

"Awesome," Quinn says "lets get going!"

It takes me a while to take in NYC. Its so beautiful here. I can't help myself from looking out the window and seeing all the different people. It was always my favorite thing to do in a car ride when I was younger. Look at someone on the street and try and guess their life story. I do it anywhere really. The streets, restaurants, football games. It just interests me I guess. Especially now in NYC, it's the best place to do it with all the different kinds of people. So I spend my car ride doing that. Rather than listening to Berry and Quinn blabber about pointless things.

When we get to the restaurant its pretty crowded. Luckily, Kurt tells us that he made reservations so we are seated right away.

We order drinks and make small talk until its time to order our food. Kurt of coarse, gets his crab legs while Blaine gets the simple fish platter. Berry feels the need to get a salad because 'it's what all the broadway actresses eat. Me and Quinn stick to out usual Steak, like real women. Well, as much of a women as a 21 year old girl from Lima, Ohio can be.

We talk about school and how much we missed being together everyday. Oh, and Quinn finally tells Kurt and Blaine that her and Puck are dating. Well, their working on it.

Since Puck lives in California it's hard for them to keep a healthy relationship. But he's living with mercedes and she's making sure he's faithful.

I think it's great that they are together.

I mean after all they did have a baby together.

I also find it weird that I'm saying they are good together being the fact that I sleep around with Puckerman billions of times.

He's defiantly not my type though.

They also said they would come down the next week to visit us and out new apartments. Well once we actually move in.

Which makes me think.

"Hey Berry?" I say.


"Are you sure you want to move in with some stranger? I mean I could if you want me too, I know you're not very good with first impressions.

"Wow, Santana Lopez actually wants to do something nice for someone else?, I think I'm witnessing a miracle" Quinn says obnoxiously.

"Shut up Lucy," I snap "I just want to help Berry out"

"As much as I appreciate you're offer Santana, I wouldn't want to intrude on you and Quinn. I know you both have wanted to be roomies forever and I'm not going to take that away. I don't mind anyways. Besides i'll be right in the opposite building, no biggie."

That's what I love about Rachel. She will really do anything for anyone. I hate to say but I actually admire her.

"Okay well in that case, I'm going to head to the ladies room, be back in a sec." I say as i scoot out of the booth.

"You know Rachel that's very generous of you to offer yourself to find a roommate and let them be together" Blaine says.

"Yeah well i understand that they-" Rachel's interrupted by a voice.

"Excuse me?" A young man hops out of the booth behind ours and stand in front of the table.

"I suppose I shouldn't have been eavesdropping but i couldn't not when i heard you needed a roommate, you wouldn't happen to still be looking would you?" He asks.

"Well yes I am but-"

Rachels interrupted again this time by Kurt

"I think she was going for someone with a little less…testosterone. Kurt explains to the muscle toned man in front of him.

"Oh no! not me, my friend Brittany". He points to the girl looking down at her empty plate obviously too shy for comfort.

"Britt come here and stop being so shy its fine."

A blonde Girl makes her way over to the table fiddling with her fingers.

"So I'm moving to Florida tomorrow, and well, Britt needs a place to stay. She's lived with me basically forever and the rent on my apartment is too much for her"

The blonde jumps in. "Well we were listening and hoping that maybe you were still looking and I could maybe move in with you?"

"Of coarse you could interview her and anything you want, I just want her to have a place to stay." Her friend states.

"Okay, yeah." Rachel says. "That would actually be great." She said with a wide smile.

"Oh my gosh really?!" She digs through her purse and pulls out a pen. "Okay well here's my number" She says excitedly as she scribbles on a napkin. "Just give me a call after your diner and we can set up an interview at my place maybe".

"Yeah sounds good!" Rachel says.

"Oh and his is Matthew by the way" The blonde says.

"Well, we will leave you be and talk to you later, thank you so much" Matthew says.

"Oh yeah no it's my pleasure" Rachel exclaims.

There four of them watch the pair walk out the restaurant with interlocked arms.

"Well that…was….amazing!" Quinn states.

"I seriously love her! And thats a lot coming from a gay guy." Kurt joins.

Blaine suddenly kills the mood. " I don't know I mean you did just meet her and like at a restaurant too…"

"So what," Quinn says. "She would have been just meeting any other person she was going to be living with"

"Yeah maybe your right, you know I just want the best for you Rachel" Blaine says.

"Yes, Yes of coarse" Quinn mocks Blaine as Santana walks back to the table,

"What the hell took you so long missy?" Kurt asks.

"I hads to reapply my makeups" Santana replies.

"What did I miss? Let me guess, work, work, Broadway, work, work, and more broadway."

"Hmm let me see," Quinn says. "Nothing really…well besides Rachel finding her new roomie!" She says with a huge grin.

I look around and they all seem to nod in unison.

"You've got to be kidding me right? I Leave for three minutes and you find your roommate? Typical"

"She was sooooooo nice Santana!" Kurt says.

"Oh yeah I'm sure some girl you pick up at of a restaurant to be you new roommate is 'soooooo nice' huh"

"She was!" Rachel adds in.

"Anyway, were probably going to meet up with her at her place later, so lets go get home before then."

They finish their meals rather quickly and make their way home. On the way Rachel receives her awaited phone call from brittany with her address and the time to come over.

"Apartment 4b on 76th street" Rachel hears through the receiver as she gets out of the car and walks towards Kurt and Blaine's mansion of a house.

"Okay great, see you in a half hour, Bye!"

"Guys she's so great!" Rachel squeals.

"Yep I'm sure she is Berry" I reply.

"You know," Kurt says. "You don't always have to be the party pooper."

"Im not I just don't give to shits about this girl who's breaking us three up. I don't get what the big fuss about her is."

"Santana we are not being broken up, nor will we ever." Quinn explains.

"Yeah I will literally be right across in the opposite building, I mean I'm sure i could look out my window and see you." Rachel says.

"Yeah whatever." I mumble as I sit down on the coach.

"Well don't sit down! We have to leave to go to Brittany's" Rachel tell me.

"Are you kidding me? We just got home." I say.

"So what? don't you want to meet her?" Blaine joins.

"Oh yeah Blaine i totally want to meet the girl taking Rachel away from us."

"She's not taking me away" Rachel says.

"Whatever, you guys go I'm staying here" I say as a prop my feet up on the coffee table and turn on the T.v.

"Santana…." Quinn starts.

"Bye!" I say as I shoo them out the door.

Rachel, Quinn, Blaine and Kurt all shuffle into Brittany and Matthews apartment.

It was cluttered with boxes everywhere.

"Sorry about the mess," Brittany started. "We packed up all my things too".

"That's okay" Rachel says.

Kurt and blaine make their way into the kitchen and make small talk with Matt.

"So Brittany we talked it over and I would love to have you move in with me." Rachel said with her award winning smile.

"W-What? Really? Oh my gosh thats so great, than you so much!" Brittany sputtered as she wrapped her arms around Rachel's neck.

"You don't know how much this means to me, with Matt leaving tomorrow night I would have been all alone, thank you so much!"

"Well Brittany you seem to be a lovely girl, and besides I'm probably much better off with you than getting stuck with some psycho New Yorker.

"Matt!," Brittany yells across the apartment. "I'm moving in!" She says with the biggest grin on her face"

Matt appears in the living room with Kurt and Blaine beside him.

"Thats so great Britty!" He exclaims as she gets up and jumps into his arms.

He spins her around and sets her carefully on the floor.

"Im so happy for you Britt." he says.

"So when are you moving in?" Kurt chimes in.

"Well I have dance tomorrow morning at 7, want to go for breakfast after and than do it?" Brittany says.

"Yeah, that sounds great!" Rachel says.

"Okay so ill just text you after class and see you four tomorrow!" Brittany says.

"Yeah sounds good," Quinn says. "Oh! But Santana's going to have to come and meet you too!"

"Oh gosh I almost forgot about her." Rachel says.

"Who's Santana?" Matt and Brittany say in unison.

"She's my roommate," Quinn says. "She was at the bathroom when you two came to the table and she couldn't make it here.

"Okay cool, well than i'll see you guys tomorrow!" Brittany says while Quinn and Rachel get up from the coach and make their way over the boxes to the door.

"Ok, Bye Brittany. Bye Matt." Rachel shouts as she heads out the door.

Once their all completely out Mat turns to Brittany.

"Britt are you sure you want to do this? I just want the best for you."

"Im sure Matty, I mean, I think this is the best for me." Brittany replies.

"So you're doing it?" Matt asks.

"Yeah," Brittany shakes her head. "Im doing this" She says with a smile.

Well guys there is chapter one. Keep in mind this is my first fic so I know its not amazing. I promise you ill work hard on it! Follow my tumblr! .com